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    Brush Hog blade replacement

    The Brush Hog SQ172 I got with a piece of property has extremely worn blades. I ordered some blades and bolts. Does anyone know the wrench size of the nut (part number 252BH)?
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    Nearly died yesterday

    My wife and I were driving back from Oregon yesterday on I-5 in Northern California's central valley. That part of I-5 is two lanes each direction. I went to pass a semi truck and looked up the road to see a wrong way pickup truck headed my way in the fast lane at full speed. I slammed on the...
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    Farmers impacted by solar storms

    Farmers planting with super accurate GPS systems have been idled by the recent solar storms:
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    5105 throttle tension adjustment?

    I recently acquired a 5105. The hand throttle is super stiff. My Branson's hand throttle has a tension adjustment under the instrument panel. Does the 5105 have something similar? Is it easy to get to?
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    geared tractor operation question

    This property I bought came with a Deere 5105, which has a pretty basic gear transmission- sycnros only between low range and reverse. I'm going to do some mowing with a rotary cutter. I've driven manual transmission motorcycles, cars and trucks quite a bit but my tractors have been HST. So I...
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    Hay newbie questions

    I'm considering buying property in a place where a lot of the rural properties grow hay. While I grew up in a ranching area where there was a lot of hay grown, my experience is on the consuming end. The farm land in the place I'm looking at usually has irrigation. It looks to me that they...
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    trailer hitch hard to get on and off the ball

    The hitch on my wood splitter has always been hard to get on and off the ball on my UTV's hitch. I have to stand on the tongue to get the ball to seat and crank up the jack and push down on the frame of the UTV to get it to release. I have checked about 20 times that they're both 2". I've...
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    Weather apps

    The weather app I have used for the last couple years, Dark Sky, got bought and is shutting down tomorrow. I like it for a number of reasons. Many weather apps default you to the nearest town. Because of geography the weather down there is way different from the weather up here at home. DS let...
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    Something died in my truck

    A few weeks ago I didn't drive the Tundra for a couple weeks. That coincided with a heat wave. When I got in, it smelled like dead animal. I found one dead mouse that had been squished by the accelerator pedal. Removing it lessened the smell but it didn't go away. I've since removed the front...
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    Draining new style fuel filter

    Hi guys, m 3725 has the newer clear plastic bowl type fuel filter with the priming pump. I see a bit of gunk in the bottom of the bowl and I'd like to drain it. There's a drain knob on the bottom of the bowl with a hose nipple. When I put a hose on it and loosen the knob air is sucked in...
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    Front axle vent fix for slopes

    The front axle vent on my ~4 year old 3725 leaked whenever I parked on even a slight rightward side slope. The vent is on the right axle knuckle. On newer 20 series it's in the center of the axle like it should be and none of this applies. My axle vent looks like this: When I complained to...
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    Equipment that's left out in the rain

    My backhoe attachment won't fit into the barn with the tractor and other attachments. Lately one of the joysticks has been getting sticky and not traveling as far in one direction as it used to. Today I took the valve stack off and looked under the rubber covers on the joysticks. Water must have...
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    Half ton pickup tires

    The factory tires on my Tundra are getting close to worn out. They're P-metric tires. Looking at tires I see P-metric, metric and LT tires. This is a 2wd truck which sees some dirt roads but not a lot and nothing difficult. Which type should I go with? The factory Bridgestone Dueler H/Ts are...
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    My grapple came with what's supposed to be hydraulic swivels on the hoses where they attach to the grapple. They don't look like what I have used elsewhere as live swivels: They're NPT male non-live (dead?) male swivels into female tees. The kind of swivels that are used to keep from twisting...
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    Forestry Winch question

    I have a Uniforest 35M forestry winch coming soon. I know I have to wind the cable under tension before using it. The manual recommends tying the end and having the winch pull the tractor up a gentle slope. My land is steep and the only suitable place to do that is a dirt road that's narrow...
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    Log splitter question

    I have an Oregon log splitter, 28 ton, one of those horizontal/vertical types. At full extension there's about 2" between the end of the wedge and the plate on the end of the beam that holds the round in place. Many times that's not enough to fully split the round. Sometimes I can pull it...
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    Husqvarna TS348XD questions

    I'm looking to replace my old Deere Sabre for mowing my .4ac lawn. The TS348XD looks good from the specs and there's a good local dealer. I have a few questions that people who run them would know: 1. when you switch the ignition into the "mows in reverse" position, does it let you mow...
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    Tool to unscrew glass bowl fuel filter?

    Does anyone know the specs for the tool to unscrew the glass bowl on the newer style fuel filters? I managed to cobble up something to remove it last time but I need a real tool.
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    No hydraulic strainer

    I'm changing hydraulic oil and filters and removed the feed pipe to take out the strainer to clean it. There's no strainer! Should there be one or did Branson delete it in the 25 series?
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    front axle vent

    My Branson has it's front axle vent on the right steering knuckle. If you work or park on a slope to the right, it leaks oil out the vent. The dealer sent me a fix they had made up which is a ~2" extension. It helps but it's still not enough for me. Land is too sloped here. So I am thinking...
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    Hydraulic filter change

    The maintenance schedule for my 3725 says to change the hydraulic and HST filters at 200 hours. (I'm at 230, I forgot to check the schedule). I was going to do it yesterday but it looks like the hydraulic filter, the large one, is down below the level of the fluid in the transmission. If I...
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    Finally ran out of garden tomatoes

    Garden tomato season has ended. Even the end of season ones that were picked green and left to ripen inside are gone. We're down to having to eat store bought tomatoes until next summer. Compared to garden tomatoes they're flavorless, like tomato shaped packing peanuts. There's still home...
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    posting URL gets shady looking inclusion

    I just tried posting a URL (to </title> <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="180x180" href="/static/apple-touch-icon.png"> <link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="32x32" href="/static/favicon-32x32.png"> <link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="16x16" href="/static/favicon-16x16.p) When I hit...
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    Your property's average slope

    Ours is 32%. Yes it's steep here. I found it on [url=] find your parcel and click on it for the detailed info.
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    TYMs with Kukje engines

    It looks like TYM has a few "value" models now that use the A2300 Kukje engine instead of the Yanmars they typically use in the US: t474_1 | TYM Tractors t494_1 | TYM Tractors t574_1 | TYM Tractors
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    How many times a day do you change the front attachment?

    Today was a record five changes. I swapped the grapple for the bucket so I could fill in a hole I'd dug while practicing with the backhoe. I needed to fill it in to get to a down tree I wanted to cut up and move to a pile. For that I needed the grapple back on. The reason to fill the hole...
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    The Games People Play with THF

    Very interesting article on THF certifications. It's from 2003 but I don't think things have changed much since then.
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    Backhoe- which size?

    I'm thinking about getting a backhoe for my 3725. Looks like I can use either the 7.5' or 8.5' models. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two sizes? Also does the BL series have a significant improvement over the older 760/860? thanks
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    does open center take constant HP?

    In an open center system, does running the pump take a constant amount of power whether there's working being done by a cylinder or not? Or does the power requirement on the pump go up when the hydraulic system is doing work? Or is it somewhere in between? (that's my guess) The reason I'm...
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    Reasonably priced sub-soiler on the west coast

    Hi all, I'm looking for a single tine sub-soiler to loosen up some compacted ground for a garden. I'm not going to use it a lot so I don't need a really nice one but I don't want it to bend right away either. Agri-supply makes one that looks to be well made and is reasonably priced (under...
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    Loader squeaking during curl

    The last few hours of operation I hear a squeak when I curl the loader. Not during dump just curl. Greasing the pivots (as I do every 5-10 hours) didn't help. I got deep into a couple of the grease threads here and started thinking that maybe the stuff I've been using is not up to the task...
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    wood stove wall clearance

    I'm looking to replace my prefab fireplace with a stove. It'll be in a shallow alcove which will be lined with tile or something similar. The docs for stoves I'm looking at have specs for wall clearance. Is that to a combustable wall and clearance to a non combustable wall is less, or is it...
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    What type of 220v outlet?

    I'm going to get a 220 line run to the garage with the idea of being able to run an electric car charger some time in the future, and also to allow using a 220v welder. What kind of outlet do I need? I looked at a random Everlast welder and it looks like a 6-50 plug (from the pic and I'm not...
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    GPS app for locating property lines

    Does anyone know of an iphone app that will show your position on a map with property lines? Google maps has the property lines but they are so faint as to be essentially unuseable. I understand that both the map data and GPS location are approximate. I'm trying to find the remnants of old...
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    How tight do you hitch your rotary?

    I saw something somewhere recently that suggested connecting the 3pt stabilizers loose (or in the slots on telescoping stabiliers) so the rotary cutter can move around if you hit something. I've always hitched it tight so it won't move around. Sometimes I mow close to fences or tree cages and I...
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    What slip clutch is this?

    My Kodiak rotary cutter's manual says to set the slip clutch spring length to 1.27" if it's an EG/Comer or 1.15" if it's a Bondolini & Pavesi. The pics I can find of those units look nothing like this one (the springs are evenly set around the clutch instead of in pairs). The springs were at...
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    The future of transportation

    A futurist's take on the near future of transportation (i.e. self-driving cars) and the impacts to society: Impacts of a driverless future I realize that 30,000 people die each year on US roadways and self-driving cars could reduce that, but a lot of what this guy describes sounds like a sci...
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    Branson air cleaner

    You guys who have been operating equipment forever may know all this but it might help someone. I've been wondering why my air filter's often dirty when I check it. I found that the "vacuator" rubber nipple thingie is torn. Vacuator is Donaldson's trade name for it. My Kubota had something...
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    how do I get my NPT connections to not leak

    How do you make NPT connections that don't leak? Too many of the ones I added recently leak. I have been using permatex liquid PTFE sealer.
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    Hand sprayer for garlon + diesel

    I've been using a cheap 1 gallon sprayer to spray Garlon in diesel. It's good for killing cut stumps of species that resprout, and basal applications on poison oak. But it killed my sprayer. Anyone know of a sprayer that can handle it?
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    curing bucket flop

    I got a grapple and it's extra weight (and CG farther out) makes the bucket flop on dump problem much more noticeable. I see that LS owners have had good results adding an adjustable restriction in the curl line to slow the dump down a little so the inflow from the dump line can keep up. I...
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    flat face couplers

    Will all flat face couplers connect under residual pressure, or do only some of them do it?
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    Home brew 3rd function questions

    I'm going to get a grapple for my Branson 3725 and will probably make the 3rd function setup myself. It's looking like the loader's torque tube may be the best bet for locating the solenoid valve. The other possible locations are under oil filters or block access to the fuel filter and engine...
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    Third function

    I'm going to buy a grapple and need a third function hydraulic valve. I'm considering making my own. The one thing that's up in the air is where to locate the valve. You guys with 20s or 25s and third function, where's your valve mounted?
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    Deadly drunken tractor ride

    CHP: Deadly drunken tractor ride ends in Gilroy man's arrest
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    What's the gunk in my fuel can?

    The plastic can I use for diesel has this reddish gunk in the bottom. It's a new can this year. The gunk started appearing right away. I treat all my fuel with Stabil diesel formula and for the last couple fillings, a biocide. The gunk looks biological. Any idea what it is and if I should...
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    Three point position control friction adjustment

    The position control lever for my three point has too much friction. That makes it difficult to move the lever a small amount. I finally got around to adjusting it. If you look where the lever goes into the case there is a friction mechanism there. On the end is a spring and a retainer plate...
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    PTO shear bolt: tractor end or implement end?

    I lost drive to my Woodmaxx chipper today because the shear bolt went missing. I think it fell out; there was only small stuff in the chipper at that moment and the chipper spun down rather than stopping. I turned it by hand to check that it wasn't jammed. Re-reading the manual I see that...
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    truck advice

    We haven't had a truck for a while but increasingly need one. We'll most likely get a late model used truck, no larger than a "half ton". My wife wants to drive it, we live on a narrow road and parking spaces in town are small. I had a GMC C3 (first year of the Denali) for a while and I was...
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    Historical air photos

    While looking for better air photos of my land I found this site that has historical air photos and lets you search them by location. NETRonline: Historic Aerials I already knew some about the history of our place from printed accounts but that didn't say what they'd done to the land or where...
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    Front axle fluid leaks on side hills

    I've noticed gear oil leaking from my 3725's front axle filler a couple times. The last time I had it parked on a side hill with the right side lower than the left for about an hour while running the chipper. There was oil all over the tire. It's coming from the vent hole in the filler cap on...
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    Operating on leach field?

    Our leach field has 20 years' worth of brush and small trees on it. I want to clear it and keep it cleared. Is it safe to operate a tractor on it? It's on a slope but not too steep and after I finish making a road I could get the tractor on it. My Branson with loader and loaded tires weighs...
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    Woodmaxx WM-8H feed problem

    My new Woodmaxx WM-8H has only two feed speeds. As I move the lever from '1' to '10' on the dial the speed is zero until '3' where it jumps to 17 rpm (28 fpm) then right after that it jumps to 45 rpm (75 fpm) for the rest of the lever travel. I measured with a contact tachometer. It took a...
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    Hydraulic motor flow valve

    I have a new Woodmaxx wood chipper, with hydraulic feed. It's got a control valve on it, looks similar to this: hydraulic flow control from Northern Tool + Equipment As I move the lever the motor does not turn until about '3' on the scale. It turns at 17 rpm right at '3'. Above that it's 45...
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    cheapest female 1 3/8 PTO coupler

    I need to make a tool to turn my Woodmaxx chipper's flywheel by hand for working on the blades. I can't turn it using the pulley. I can weld a 1/2" socket to a female PTO adaptor but I'd rather not buy a $40+ coupler. So far the cheapest I have found is this Pto Adapter Quick Release , pto...
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    Poison Oak

    We have a lot of poison oak. Many large stands, some up to 20' diameter, plus oak in trees that I want to take down. I'm very allergic to it. So far I have been attacking it while suited up in overalls and old clothes, using an electric pole pruner to cut the stems low down. I apply Technu...
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    Shop manual?

    I have a 3725 on order. I usually get the shop manual for vehicles I buy. But the Branson one is expensive, and to be honest the owner's manual (found on line) is not that great. Is the shop manual worth buying?
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    B7100HST loader hydraulic hoses

    I need to replace some hoses on the 1630 loader on my '92 B7100HST. The ones from the loader valve to the hard lines. Does anyone know the size and thread? Last time I replaced hoses I took the old ones to a hydraulic store and said "match this". The result was expensive. I'd like to order...
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    Live Vs independent PTO

    The only tractor I've operated has a live PTO. Some of the tractors in the 30-40hp class I'm contemplating have independent PTOs. Though I've not used it, it seems like it'd be convenient. Rather than stopping and clutching to start or stop the PTO you can just hit a button or move a lever...
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    L3301 HST stationary PTO mode

    I was at the tractor dealer today checking out small Ls and large Bs. The salesman and I could not get the L3301's PTO to stay running when I stood up. The web site says it's got stationary PTO mode. How is it enabled? It's weird that the B3350's throttle lever works backwards from the one...
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    New tractor advice sought

    Hi, I have been reading for a while but first post. We have 20 acres in the California coastal mountains. The land's pretty hilly. Half was cleared a long time ago, the other half is second growth doug fir with some redwoods and (mostly dead) tan oaks. The "cleared" part is brush except for...