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    6110 hood hinge pic request

    I picked up my neighbors 6110 that痴 atleast 4-5 years old with 80 hrs. It痴 been neglected and just sitting. I brought it home to pressure wash and fix up for him. He痴 an older guy and comes up on the weekends and I try to help him out however we can. The hood won稚 sit flush after his SIL...
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    Honda pump keeps dying

    I rebuilt a roll off Trailer with a Honda engine for the hyd pump. It had sat for about two years. I drained out the old gas, got it to run off starting fluid to confirm the carb was bad. Ordered new carb and it seemed to run fine. Now sometimes it will run great for 20 mins. Other times it acts...
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    Rebuilding a trailer

    I had a dump trailer that I ended up selling cheap to a buddy that was in a bad bind. I had just done a ton of work to it and added a Honda hyd pump along with new tires/wheels etc. finally had it where I wanted it. Well that痴 gone and I was still needing something to haul rock for my road and...
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    Why are there so few rear discharge F Kubota mowers around?

    Not a great pic but you can zoom in and see the suspension base. It’s taller than I thought too Brett
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    Much faster

    Tractor was finally ready to come home after being at the shop since the 1st. Normally I will hook up my trailer, drive to the dealer, load and chain everything down and drive home. The dealer is only about 16 miles away. I was getting it and the batwing that had a wing cylinder seal replaced. I...
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    Kubota RTV-X1100 Hydroseeder

    I知 considering adding a Hydroseeder to my buggy for small touch ups, smaller areas and things the bigger outfits don稚 want to mess with. I知 considering the 100 or 200 gallon options from vsi. Can do approx 1k and 2k sq ft respectively. Would this be a service you think would be useful? I need it...
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    Thinking about something new to me

    I have been off injured for a month so far and have had way to much time on my hands. I currently have a 2017 f450 that痴 loaded and stickered at 80k. Has 15k miles and is great, pulls my tractor perfect and has all the bells and whistles I could ask for. That said, I haven稚 been having to...
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    Everything Attachments

    I believe they set the depth of the cut and give you more control so you don’t accidentlh gouge your road up Brett
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    ATV/UTV Pictures!

    Got the led light bar and rear lights done today. Switches came today but were the wrong ones, factory kubota ones will be in tomorrow. Ready to see better at night. Brett
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    ATV/UTV Pictures!

    Re: ATV at work Here is our new kubota. Love it so far. Pulls doube duty as workhorse and also sprayer. Has a 2 lift, 4500 lb winch, 27 tires and a raven cr7 gps Brett
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    Everything Attachments

    If y'all haven't been following this thread for very long than there is a history you have missed. Travis is the main guy from EA we deal with. Trolls have come on this thread and the wicked grapple thread and rant and rave and really run the company and more directly, Travis down. He tries to...
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    Everything Attachments

    Not my fault you decided to live 85 miles from a freight terminal. I live about 60 miles and it's not a bad drive at all but then again I don't expect everything at my inconvenient door step. I know where I live and accept it's out of most people way Brett
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    Everything Attachments

    You're griping about 9mpg when you only drive 2000 miles a year? That's hilarious. My 97 454 k3500 would get 5mpg pulling my stock trailer. I didn't gripe. When the mpg issue became a concern, I got a more modern truck. Now I have an $80k truck that gets driven 12k a year and maybe does 10 mpg...
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    Everything Attachments

    Normally I'm a big cat driver supporter but you are off base here. The item you posted is free shipping in the cont us to a business address or freight terminal. It clearly states cont us or 1000 mile on they website. Different products have different shipping options. Just call them next time...
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    RTV-X1100C Sprayer with GPS

    Finally got this put together. Ordered the rtv in July or aug. Ended up getting caught in the seat belt recall and delayed for a while. Ordered it so it would never had sat on the lot for more than a day. Options we went with were 4K winch, BT radio, 2" lift and had 4 27x11x12 itp black waters...
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    Buying my husband a new Kubota RTV 1100 and looking for input

    We just got ours in a few weeks ago and love it. They aren't speed demons but plenty fast for us. We had the dealer add a 4K winch, radio, 2" lift kit and we had 27x11x12 itp blackwater tires sent to them for mounting. Haven't had a chance to try the heater but the ac works great. Brett
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    Buying Advice Fleet Manager

    I have a engine drive Deere compressor. Made by mi-t-m. It is 29 cfm at 175psi. Puts out a ton of air. 30 gallon tank. I think it would be more than enough for your needs. Has a great Honda too. Elec start gets it going quick. Brett
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    How much UTV do you need?

    We got this a week or two ago. Recommend it however, it's not very sporty. Brett
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    The WICKED Root & Debris GRAPPLE!!!!!!!

    I enjoy seeing all the pictures too! The grapples make short work of moving logs around too. It's kind of like people posting pictures of their tractors on this site. We all know what they look like but yet we constantly ask for pics or say it didn't happen if you don't post a photo. I learned...
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    Dump trailer batteries )(*&^%&*()(*&^%&*()(*&^

    Got the pump mounted and plumbing ran yesterday. Real happy with it so far. Will run all day and no batteries to worry about! Brett
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    Buying Advice Kubota ZD1211 or Exmark Lazer Z X series

    Finally got the mower yesterday. Love it so far but only made about 3 trips around the yard. Brett
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    Cowboy bumper/ grill guard

    Ranch hand on 2017 F450 Brett
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    Considering a UTV spray rig

    I've been considering a new utv for a while. Miss the old rhino and have been seriously considering a new Polaris ranger 6x6. I keep hoping they would get the new 900 but they are staying true with the anemic 40 hp still. We have one at work and it's been great, but I've only run it down the...
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    Everything Attachments

    Travis/ted Will you make me a pull behind or semi-mount 8/10' HD rotary cutter? I'll give updates and product reviews! Brett
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    Titan impliment HD rotary cutter?

    I missed out on the deal of the year for a like new mx8 yesterday. I'll be needing a new shredder by the end of the month to accompany my mx15. I was considering the howse, but apparently they suddenly closed their doors at the first of the year. I called the dealer I was going to buy the howse...
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    Hydraulic dovetail trailer questions

    I have a 25+5 tandem dual GN. Had it several years and has been great. I have ordered a new truck (F-450) and new tractor and mower (JD 5100E H260 and MX-15). With my current trailer I'll have to load the tractor way forward and have the loader over the neck. This will result in a bunch of pin...
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    Gas air compressor

    Do tractor work on the side. Mainly shredding pastures, grapple work and box blading. Ordered a new tractor that'll come in February. Getting serious about getting a gas powered air compressor for my trailer to blow out radiators, filters and screens with and also make changing flat tires on he...
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    Need help deciding. Deere is being replaced again

    My dealer is buying my 2014 deere 5055e cab tractor back after lots of issues and months in the shop. They are giving me what I paid for it. My options are stay with deere and get a 5085 or 5100. Both will have the 3rd function, instructor seat and loader. For ease of math they are 60k and 65k...
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    If I was a barn builder

    I have recently had a 52x84 (40x60 enclosed) built. The entire process was a nightmare and terrible in nearly every way. This has me considering starting a pole barn or metal barn construction company. I loved the crew that came out and built the building and have started a relationship with the...
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    EA Wicked Grapple Carnage!

    Well I finally found the limit of my grapple! Looks like I'll be needing atleast one cylinder unless I can get a replacement rod and maybe a second one. It's only 1/2" or so from closing all the way. I shoved over a pine tree while the ground was soft from all the rain. Come down easy enough...
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    Stump grinder needs a new shaft

    I bought a new to me Ashland sc-21 and the main shaft that spins the cutting wheel was twisted when I got it. I have it torn apart but need to locate a 4' section of what appears to be 1 1/8 solid square tubing. It has a hole drilled thru on one end. So far I haven't been able to locate anything...
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    Getting Ridiculous

    This pop-up issue has been going on long enough. It's ruining the forum experience. This is the only site I have problems on. I'm sure it's only about the almighty dollar to the owners but I'd be willing to pay. I'm sick of it. Other issue is I can't paste here. It's not my devises, it's this...
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    EA 72" Wicked Grapple on Utility Tractor Installed

    I have been wanting a grapple for a while and with the recent storms blowing down or snapping off a bunch of trees I figured nows a great time. I looked all over and kept returning to the EA line. Every time I had questions id call Travis and he would give me great feedback and answered all...
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    Adding grapple. Plumbing questions

    I have got the diverter fittings figured out I think along with the hose. Using 3/8 hose and 3/8-1/2" adapters for use with 1/2 ag quick connects on the loader end. What I'm trying to figure out is the stock size and fitting type. I have sae on the factory quick connects. I'll be modifying the...
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    30" LED Lightbar install on 5 series cab tractor

    I haven't seen a light bar installed on the front of a new 5 series deere cab tractor and I can see why. It was a pain to design a backet that would fit in the stock mounting holes and give plenty of clearance for the light bar. Took a couple hrs but it's done and I love it! One of the best mods...
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    Our Pasture Project

    Going to be starting my pasture project hopefully this week! Brandi (bindian) who is awesome by the way will be coming by and running that big disc of hers across our place. I need to fertilize and then spread seed. Would it be better to fertilize before discing so it gets mixed in better? More...
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    New Bobcat on its way

    Just got off the phone and ordered a new welding machine. Have lots of projects around the new house and sold it to the bride by educating her on the benefits of it being a generator also! Should be here end of the week but I won't be able to get it until Monday I believe. I haven't stick...
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    Well shoot...

    We have had our new 5055E cab tractor for about two weeks now. We had a few small issues since day one and was finally able to be home for the mechanic to come take care of them. However, we found some more problems than we thought. Radiator reservoir was empty. Problem was the radiator is...
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    New 5055E

    We need a new tractor for our home that we closed on at the beginning of the month. I was going to wait till spring but with these great interest rates it's hard to wait. My son and I went looking at the following package. 2014 5055E R4 H240 loader Pallet forks 6' BB 6' frontier shredder 20'...
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    Which high dollar welding machine is right for me?

    Looking to build a shop in the next year or so and will begin gathering supplies soon. I have about talked myself into using oil field pipe to build it out of instead of 6"x6" wood. My thinking is that I will be able to move at my own pace without worrying about the wood warping before I get the...
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    Our Home In The Woods!

    This is finally happening! After lots of headaches and emails we have actually made progress in building our home. We started back in Oct '12. We bought 12.86 acres in gods country. I had my wife on board with moving to the country and raise our son and wanting to get away from all the headaches...
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    Y'all's opinion on some truck choices

    I currently have a 2012 ram 3500 longhorn. Pretty much every option and 20k miles. I owe 30k on it and its worth $46 trade in. I woke up the other day upset about always having a truck note. At $710 per month it's no fun. I do not receive 8k a year in enjoyment from a vehicle. I have needed it...
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    Grimes County (TX) Neighors

    We are working on clearing our place in preparation of building our new home and shop. Is anyone is the area interested in discing a few acres. Maybe 4-5. I have underbrushed it and removed all the pines and just have some roots that need discing before I plant some Texas tough Bermuda. I can...