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  1. JLH4

    RK24 300 hour maint.

    Just took my RK24 in for 300 hr. maint. plus some repair. 1. The muffler and tail (front) pipe broke off at the exhaust manifold and both brackets that hold it on.:( Dealer ordered new part, came in about a week.:) 2. Stuck in four wheel drive and hard to shift between H - N - L.:censored: It...
  2. JLH4

    Tires  RK 24 wheel spacers

    Has anyone put wheel spacers on a RK 24? Can the rims be reversed and would that make any difference? Thanks, Joe
  3. JLH4

    Grapple Hydraulic Fluid

    I just installed a new grapple on my FEL and it uses AW32 fluid which I got at Lowes, of all places. My problem is that the fluid is clear and I can't see the level on the dip stick :confused3:. Is there anything I can put into the fluid to give it some color and not mess up the fluid?:confused2:
  4. JLH4

    Grapple Hydraulic Fluid

    Wrong thread, sorry!
  5. JLH4

    Poulan Zero Turn

    Hi all I'm usually up in the tractor section but now I have a problem with my zero turn mower. When I take off the parking brake the engine stops. The brake must be on to start the mower. Is there a switch some place that could be bad? This mower ran fine not long ago but I can't even move it...
  6. JLH4

    Tires  RK 24 tire pressures

    :confused:Where can I find the tire pressures for R4 tires on the RK24. All the operators manual has is the tire size.:(
  7. JLH4

    This is a test.

    Testing to see if I can upload pics from Windows 10 Paint 3D. There may be 2 pics here. It worked, I'll now post to the regular forum threads.
  8. JLH4

    Front Tire Chains

    :confused:Has anyone put tire chains on the front tires of a RK24 with r4 tires. I'm looking at 2link ladder chains for mud and snow on a muddy Kentucky hill. I spun all four tires on a 50 foot slope and left 4 in. deep ruts. At the top I had 4 racing slicks on the corners. Thanks for any...
  9. JLH4

    LED lights on an RK24

    I am putting LED light bars(2) on the ROPS. Has anyone done this and is there a wiring diagram for the RK24 anywhere online? The owners manual says the wiring is in section 8 but there is no section 8, it goes from 7 to 9. I want the lights to go thru a switch so I can turn them on as needed.
  10. JLH4

    Ammo box additions

    I needed a bigger toolbox and some way to carry chains on my RK24 so I added these two ammo boxes.
  11. JLH4

    MMM for RK24

    I didn't get a mower with my RK24 because I didn't want to haul it around all the time. But now I'm rethinking that decision. How easy is it to mount and remove it. I know nothing about MMM so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks:)