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  1. J

    Stuck in the pond

    I have R4's for the same reasons - less damage to the grass. I mostly do brush hogging, loader work with rock and gravel, box blade on rocky driveways, and very little work in loose dirt. I do have places I could get stuck (and had some close calls), but for the most part I wanted the extra...
  2. J

    Stuff you find while mowing tall vegetation

    I've got one of those behind an old shed. Apparently they thought the best use for the old car was erosion control.
  3. J

    Stuff you find while mowing tall vegetation

    Those things are awful! We had a guy leasing our place for years that left piles and piles of those things and I've run over several with the brush hog. Even when I know where they are they are near impossible to root out of the ground. I've broken most of the rippers off my box blade trying.
  4. J

    Trimmer with terrible vibrations

    I will check on that - Thanks!
  5. J

    Trimmer with terrible vibrations

    Sometimes grass does wrap around it, but I always clear that. The string head on this machine is very smooth, so when grass does wrap around it, the grass isn't moving with the head - it binds up and rubs on the rotating head but doesn't affect the vibration either way.
  6. J

    Trimmer with terrible vibrations

    I have a nice string trimmer - Husqvarna 525L professional - that I bought new a couple of years ago. It is a great tool, but sometimes it gets into a mode where it vibrates horribly and just about shakes my hands off. this happens for many minutes at a time, then self-corrects, then comes back...
  7. J

    Clearing 154 acres of woods in west Tennessee

    It looks like this thread has gotten popular and thus turned into a flame war, so my reply probably won't matter. But, here goes.... First, think hard about that 150 acres of woods and get some testing done on the soil. Here in the ozarks, most of the decent crop land is already clear and the...
  8. J

    Barndominium/Shop or "real" House?

    Wow, what a thread. I haven't had time to read all the entries, so forgive me if I am repeating something. I agree with the concerns about noise, smells, fumes, and fire issues with a residence in the shop building, but if the construction is well done and well sealed, it shouldn't be a huge...
  9. J

    really need your advice if you have ever had an insect infestation !!!

    We've had a few flea outbreaks over the years, but I've learned DO NOT use the hormone based flea foggers. They sort of worked to get rid of the fleas, but they messed with my wife's hormone balance and significantly changed her personality. She really never recovered to the same as before the...
  10. J

    Burn piles

    I love the look of the cat: "Thisss is what happens to my enemies!!! Beware world - I will dominate you!"
  11. J

    MX6000 water separator light coming on

    I can't find anything about a recall on this tractor, or any tractor's water separator. If you have seen something, please post a link!
  12. J

    MX6000 water separator light coming on

    I have a 2020 MX6000 with about 175 hours and the water separator light is coming on intermittently - usually just a few seconds and then goes off for several minutes. I've heard the beeper only once, just for a couple of seconds. The engine is running fine - no missing or bogging down at all...
  13. J

    What implement for creating furrows?

    Years ago I did this with a middle buster (I think it was about 12 or 14 inch wide) on about an acre of strawberry patch. I just kept the tires in the furrows and let the hills pile up either side of the buster. After that, I used the tiller held high to break up and smooth the tops of the...
  14. J

    Pasture into hayfield

    I don't know about your area, but here the county extension office has certain equipment like no till seeders that they loan out to farmers. It is a great program to work with small farmers who can't afford the expense of a big piece of equipment they would use once every few years. And the...
  15. J

    MX series tires

    I got the "standard" industrial tires on my MX6000 and have had no issues with traction. I looked at getting the Ag tires, but they were thinner (fewer plies) and thus not as puncture resistant as the industrial tires. I do a lot of brush hogging and work in rocky areas, so the extra tough is...
  16. J

    Fix'n to get a Tiller

    I have a 72" Long brand tiller - very well made and it does amazing job for loosening and aerating the soil. It was a strain on the old Farmall (27 HP) but my new Kubota MX6000 (53 PTO HP) doesn't even notice it. I've never had a problem with Ozark mountain rocks (a few dings in the cover is...
  17. J

    Filling a ditch question

    I know this is a very old thread now, but I should post and update. Reading back over it I realize I didn't do a good job of describing the whole situation. This 100 ft. section of "ditch" is through the barn lot. It is a wet weather stream that comes in behind an old shed, makes a turn to...
  18. J

    Is it used

    I know tractors aren't titled the way cars are, but I think the same rule would apply. It is "new" until the dealer sells it to someone - then it is used, without even being delivered. I would also think that if the dealer uses it for work around their property they should offer some kind of...
  19. J

    Traction  Wondering about actual pulling force.

    I've been wondering about how much pull force my Kubota MX6000 can produce. I have done several searches and found lots of equations about Horsepower and torque and such, and being an engineer, I understand the equations and also understand that I don't have the data needed to substitute for...
  20. J

    Filling a ditch question

    I've tried searching for this and can't find anything - my search skills are definitely not up to snuff! Anyway, here goes: We've had huge amounts of rain and several floods on my farm, and a dry wash that used to be a gentle swale has been transformed to a ditch about 3 ft deep and 3 to 4 ft...
  21. J

    Stepping up from 1950 Farmall H to Kubota MX6000

    Hi, I'm John. I don't know what to say. I grew up on the farm and moved off to the professional life for a while. The farm is basically a rock farm in northwest Arkansas (rocks don't sell for much, thus the city job to keep the farm going). My wife and I just bought a new Kubota MX6000 to...