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    Solar Generators - any members on site share experience and knowledge on what to purchase what run away from

    Seems like they’re is a lot of advertisement on Solar generators. I have gas unit but my son believes we need solar generator. I ask fellow members to share thoughts on what is worthy of purchase.
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    IH 504 governor operation- response time

    My turn to seek knowledge on governor operation. On idle from high rpm how fast is the governor supposed to idle the engine. How long to drop down to normal slow idle. Second question what constitutes bad governor on these tractors. I have also noticed linkage to carburetor has sticking point at...
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    MT225S using 54” Grapple

    Who can share pictures of the diverter valve on MT225S for Grapple. Just bought Grapple dealership gave up on diverter from LS sold Grapple near cost. Need advice on diverter valve setup. Members on this site are usually good with sound advice, I am listening for best solution for diverter valve.
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    MT 122-125 optional cab feature

    Just came from LS dealership here In Montpelier OH had ordered a factory LS cab for customer to be put on MT125-122. Granted the cab is not setup for A/c however it has all other luxuries as my LS XR3135C equipped with. My first look at the cab was not aware MT122-125 could be optioned with cab...
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    LS MT225S with 5 foot tiller impressive results

    Started new thread on MT225S regarding tillers - I was skeptical of running 60” tiller on the tractor. After 8 hours of tilling yard in for my son. I was impressed the tractor powered the tiller better than my previous kioti LK 3054. tractor lifted tiller with ease and had more than enough pto...
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    Grading  LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    Starting new thread for MT225S on owning and using. Just purchased 4 ft Rural King box blade use behind tractor. Found tractor handled box blade well. Now need hydraulic third link for faster adjustment on the fly. No issues with tractor with full box of gravel handles it quite well With no...
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    Trustworthy Dealers Any Brand Tractor - where are they located

    We hear much about Brand loyalty on this site- which is great to understand everyone has had positive experience with one Brand or another. What I don稚 see is listing of dealers members prefer either in USA or other countries of interest. Where would you tell new member to go for trustworthy...
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    MT225S 4wd drive characteristics

    Now have 16 hrs on MT225S just used 4wd in wet area and experienced it fighting itself on left and right turns. Running it Straight you can feel drive shaft movement- feels like shaft riding loose in mating yoke. So you MT225S owners tell me what you are experiencing on your machines. If I had...
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    Dealer  2019 LS XR3135C New Tractor and Excellent Dealer

    After looking for over 3 months reviewing all colors from green, orange and blue tractors. Looking at all the different specifications essentially finding that all compact tractors are close in performance and quality. What I have found that made the difference is the dealer - essentially I...
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    Rotary Cutter sized for NH TC26DA

    Need to understand if NH TC26DA can handle 5 rotary Cutter over 4 any one share insight from first hand experience. Any specifications on rotary cutter would be recommended.
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    Comparison  LS XR 3135C 2019 loader changed part number

    Buying new 2019 XR 3135C tractor w/FEL and BH and have noticed loader is now LL 3116 over LL3106 does anyone know what has changed to require new part number scheme. Also noticed LS blue is getting closer to the New Holland color tone at least for 2019. Anyone else looked at 2019 LS Tractors...
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    Kioti LK3054 Run time Hours

    Ok, who has the maximum number hours on their LK3054. I currently have 1364 hours of good uptime. Unit has had new clutch at 650 hours.