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    Rear finish mower options

    So a quick backstory on why I'm here... Few weeks ago my current rear finish mower gearbox decided to blow up on me and quit working. It's an older Bobcat branded one. Parts and gearbox no longer available. A correct replacement with the proper gear ratio and direction is $1100 best I could...
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    Finish mower gearbox

    I've got a gearbox from an 84" 3 point finish mower that decided to eat gears. It's a bobcat branded mower that's from around 2012. Parts NLA lucky me. I'm trying to find either gears to repair myself, or a whole be gearbox (prefer the cheaper option whichever that may be). What I know... The...
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    Threads not opening

    I get this once in a while, but never think to ask. The only way it'll let me read some threads is open it in a browser. Here's a screenshot of the error I get... Edit to add the thread... Warning signs we are not going to make it.
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    Bobcat finish mower gearbox help

    I bought a used bobcat 84 inch rear finish mower this year. I think they were a rebranded rhino? Made in 2011 according to the bobcat dealer. When I got it, the output shaft was leaking, so I replaced the seal since it was cheap and simple. Mowed with it and no leaks. Fantastic I thought. Let...