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    JD 835E or 835M

    It was almost 6 months but the 865 has arrived! Love the Diesel engine and cab
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    JD 835E or 835M

    JDGREEN4ME, Has your new Gator arrived? Ii ordered a diesel gator last January and dealer says it might come in July but he can't promise. Looks to me like Covid has really messed things up.
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    300 Series Loader - will 400 Series attachments work?

    I have a chance to purchase a John Deere Pallet fork attachment that is built for a 400 series FEL. I'm wondering if that will fit on the brackets of my 300CX loader? Thanks in advance for the advice
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    Collectible Tractors and farm equipment for sale.

    I posted this over in the Farmall Vintage tractor area, but thought it would be a good idea to put it here as well. I haven't seen any of the equipment, but some of these items sound interesting to me. The father of a friend of mine is moving to town and will be selling a number of collectible...
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    Several Collectibles Coming Up for Private Sale

    The father of a friend of mine is moving to town and will be selling a number of collectible tractors and other equipment. The list includes: Farmall Super M (has power steering and was one of the few of this model). 656 Farmall tractor pre 1950?? 2 Case from the early 1950s 1 John Deere...
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    50 Hour Service

    Last November I purchased a new Deere 3720 from Holland and Sons in Geneseo, IL. I have owned 2 other Deere which were purchased from a different dealer and I was pleased with the initial attention I received from the new dealer. Thanks to our severe winter, the tractor turned up 50 hours in...
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    Buying Advice  Depreciation of 3520

    I have a 5 year old 3520 that has always been shedded. Of course everyone is convinced their machine is in perfect condition and has always been well treated. In my case that is actually true, but probably won't have much bearing on the potential trade. I am currently talking with a dealer...
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    Cab on 3720

    I am looking at a new 3720 with cab to replace my 3520 open station. Before the dealer and I get into serious negotiations I need to come up with an answer that I forgot to check on this afternoon. One of the implements I use frequently is a Wallenstein Logging Winch. The implement uses a...
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    3rd Party Cab for Tractor

    I have a 3520 without a cab and am giving some consideration to adding a cab. So far a Curtis Cab seems to be the most likely option, although I would be open to any quality offerings. It looks to me like the cost will be north of $4,000 to purchase from dealer and have them install. Some...
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    Hummingbird Migration

    I thought it might be good to start a new thread about the hummingbirds this fall. Yesterday we had between 40 and 50 feeding heavily at our feeders. Tonight maybe 10 at the most. We are in northern Illinois (where I-80 crosses the Mississippi) and it looks like they are starting to head...
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    CR9040 Combine Problem

    Just wondering if anyone on the board can provide any experience or knowledge about a problem. I was riding in the combine this afternoon when everything started to go bad. First the fan tail at the back clogged and we took out a chunk of steel about the size of your thumb and nearly a foot...
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    Rotary Cutter  Which brush cutter to buy

    I priced a 60" (5 ft) brush mower from the local Deere dealer. His price was $2300. At the local Farm and Fleet store I can buy a 5 ft King Kutter for about $900. Can anyone give me a comparison of quality - especially why the one is more than twice the other? Green paint can't be that...
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    3520 Winter Break

    I hope I'm calling this by the correct name - a winter break. Years ago we had a canvas and plastic cover that went up around the engine of our tractor and back to the driver seat. It had a windshield and not only kept the operator out of the winter wind, but also directed some of the engine...
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    Exmark vs John Deere ZTR

    I'm hoping some of you have experience with ZTR mowers. I used an Exmark LZ27KC605 mower today and was very impressed. It has a 27hp Kohler engine and a 60" Triton deck. They tell me I can ask for a Kohler or Kawaski engine with no diffence in cost. So if I go with the Examark, which engine...
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    300 CX FEL not detaching

    I decided to remove the FEL from my 4310 today. Everyone has told me it was about a 1 minute job. Well, after about 30 minutes - it never came off completely and I had a bit of trouble even getting it back on. I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out what is wrong. Here is a link...
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    Which Grand L Series?

    I stopped at the local Kubota dealer today and talked about possibly purchasing a new tractor. I had done some research on the Kubota web site and thought I was interested in either the GL3430 or GL3830. I don't want a hydrostatic drive but would like something like the ePower Reverser that...
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    Apple cider press

    I hope this is the right place to post this question. This year, many of us have a bumper crop of apples. While mowing under the apple tree yesterday, I began to wonder if it would be feasible to build a cider press which would use the hydraulics of a tractor. Has anyone done this? Any ideas...
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    Montana Dump Wagon

    I was searching the interent and found a link to the Montana Dump Wagons. This is a new product to me and I'm wondering if anyone knows details about them. I'm not looking to buy a dump wagon in the very near future, but this might become a purchase if I can't repair the wagon I currently...
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    Posthole Digger  Post Hole Digger Questions

    I'm looking to buy a 3 pt Cat 1 post hole digger this week or early next. Nearby is a Farm and Fleet that has a Leinbach priced at $500 without auger. Not too far away (20 miles more) is a TSC that has a Dale Phillips made in Georgia. Their price for what looks to be a similar digger is...
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    Different Pole Barn system?

    I'm looking to build a pole barn type structure in the spring and ran across the Socet System. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has experience with this company. Any constructive comments would be appreciated. From the looks of their website, a person can build a barn that has...
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    Tractor gets smaller home

    Currently I house my tractor in a large machine shed. However, that should all change this fall when it gets to move into a new home. This is the site before anything started.
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    Tires  Foam in Tires

    I'm working in a lot of hedge, multiflora rose, and locust. As a result, I've had 3 flats in 6 months. I wasn't sure how to proceed at this point and read here on TBN hoping to find the answer. Blue (or any other color) Slime seemed to be the cheapest route, but when I took the tires to the...
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    Blitz No-Spill Fuel Can Update

    I have been out of town for the past several days, but wanted to update eveyone on the Blitz Fuel Can. I sent an e-mail to consumer service at the Blitz site. They responded in a very quick fashion with the following: "Sorry to hear that you had trouble with our products... Can you...
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    Blitz Non-spill Fuel Can

    I had read some good things about the no-spill diesel containers. Did a search and found the maker Blitz. Purchased a 5 gallon container this past weekend and used it today. I put the pour spout on the edge of my tank, just as they instructed and must say it impressed me. Fuel didn't spill...
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    Have Tractor.. Have Work...again

    Re: Have Practor.. Have`in Nice work and pictures. And qome people thoucht the 2210 was a littla tractor <img qrc="/forums/imaces/graemlins/cogl.gif" `lt="" /6 Lioks to me like you have things vell under contrgl.
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    Complain or Brag??

    I have run my 4310 for 12 hours( on the meter) in the past few days. The fuel indicator said I was down to about 20% left in the tank. I took a 5 gallon can full of diesel put a funnel into the tank and began pouring. You guessed it - the tank overflowed! I wasn't too happy about getting...
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    Assessment of Deere 4310

    I hope this belongs in Owning and Operating and not Buying and Pricing. Currently I have a little over 28 hours of seat time on my new 4310 and would like to share some of my experience. Overall, I am very impressed with this tractor. The fuel consumption has been impressive. With 24 hours...
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    New 4310

    Although I've had most of the tractor since December 16, the loader and imatach were just delivered today. Finally got a chance to do some work the way I had planned. Here is a photo of the tractor in front of the machine shed.
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    Problems with purchase of 4310

    I have been holding off posting this in hopes that the post would be some nice photos and satisfaction on my part. Unfortunately that is not the case. I’ll try to be brief. BTW – I live not far from the Deere International headquarters. On November 30, 2004 I ordered a 4310 E power...