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    MF65 dipstick markings

    Hi all. Have a question for anyone with a MK1 65. Could anyone please tell me the measurements on where the high and low oil marks should be? My dipstick is a bit corroded and I can only see 1 mark on it. Not sure if it only has 1 or is meant to have an add and full? Not sure whether to trust an...
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    MF65 hydraulic pump control valve

    Hi all, I have just resealed my hydraulic pump, and the control valve has me stumped. I didn’t pay as much attention to it as I should have. I have a new control valve and it comes with 3 sealing washers, but watching a video on a rebuild the girl in the clip says you only need 1 washer? I can’t...
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    Horse power vs tiller width

    This is about it. Max. Trying to use a 12 foot tiller on something this small is just playing with it. We’ve always worked on an inch per hp minimum when you’re working heavy ground. Some of the bigger hoes and tillers use a 250hp tractor to run a 160 inch hoe. At 2 miles an hour. At the end...
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    Horse power vs tiller width

    Over here we work on 1 inch per hp. That’s heavy tilling though. Our 100” hoe runs well on the 100hp 4wd JD. I wouldn’t like to be using anything less. 60” is used by a JD2130. That’s not for big tasks though.
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    NEW! / old Massey Ferguson M35 diesel.. Could use a little help. Rear rims rusted out and other fun things

    Gday Gulkana. Earlier in your posts you mentioned your pto clutch clearance on the studs was 91 thou. Don’t have any literature with me but I remember you had to aim for 40 thou clearance but could go out to max 60 thou if the clutch was old and playing up. In regards to the cap sizes to fit jic...
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    Wiring chart for JD 3350

    Just changed the title. That certainly makes sense with so many models referred to as 50 series. I think they were all the same through 2140, 1650, 3050, 3350, 3650. Among many others I guess.
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    Wiring chart for JD 3350

    Sorry. It’s a 3350 which is an agricultural size. Around 105hp I believe. Still haven’t found a wiring schematic yet but did find out for anyone interested that the transmission pressure switch wire is green with white stripe. And yes it took quite some time with a head lamp and multi meter...
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    Wiring chart for JD 3350

    Hi. Would anyone possibly have a wiring chart for a 50 series. My 3350 has some swapped wires and I’m looking to get all the dash warning lights working again. My TM doesn’t show the colours or area the sensors are. Thanks.
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    rebuild selective control valve, JD 750 with 67 loader

    I saw that variation there in parts with iso written there. Here it has been substituted with AL174797. $64. Not worth the time fixing for that price.
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    rebuild selective control valve, JD 750 with 67 loader

    Hey Jim just checked, would you believe part #7 is only $171 aud? Cheap as chips, I’ll get a dozen!
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    rebuild selective control valve, JD 750 with 67 loader

    One can only imagine what the $aud will be then. They do look like they just sit in the block so I wonder if I can get a couple of iso ones that fit. That way I could do away with adapters as all my other gear is iso bar the 2130. I see a seal and snap ring on the back of the #7, maybe that’s...
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    rebuild selective control valve, JD 750 with 67 loader

    Looking at your parts drawing Jim, mine look like part #7 rather than part #10. Haven’t checked closely enough on what sort of sealing arrangement inside but mine have the knurled outer which pulls back.
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    rebuild selective control valve, JD 750 with 67 loader

    Sure have Zebra. This is what I found. Also shows this one in my tech manual. I never knew there was an economy component option. I guess it will be easier to rebuild as reading shows people have lots of trouble with the small o rings top and bottom of the locking shaft. Jim, do these...
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    rebuild selective control valve, JD 750 with 67 loader

    Not to hijack a thread but my 2130 scv is leaking a small amount. In parts it shows the lever but mine doesn’t have levers. You just push the receptacle rearward through the block and connect the male hose. Not sure if it was meant to have the locking clips/levers? They look genuine and are...
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    3130 vs 4430

    So in the midst of the 4430, a 4250 has come up for the same price in the same location. Power shift has been fully rebuilt and has brand new tyres, cab overhaul, one owner. Think I may go this tractor instead. The 50 series read to be better than the 30 series by a long shot. The difference is...
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    3130 vs 4430

    Well Jim i think you’ve sold me on choice. Sounds like it’s definitely worth the extra money. Also the cab on the 4430 looks much nicer than the square box bolted on the 3130’s.
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    3130 vs 4430

    Thanks Jim. Yes I have been reading about the iron horse tractors and they are very reputable. Not sure if the 4430 is included in them though? The 4440 definitely sounds like the money if I could find one. Some say the best model ever built. I wasn’t sure I could justify the extra price between...
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    3130 vs 4430

    Hi all, has probably been covered somewhere but I can’t find a comparison for looking, wondering is there a lot of difference between the European 3130 and a 4430. Apart from the increase in hp is there a lot of size difference? Looking at a bigger tractor for my disc mower and doing a small...
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    John Deere 2020 Swept back axle pivot pins

    When I did this last year on the 2130 I cut it with a hacksaw blade and then pushed it out by hand. Mine was stuck in there tough and I couldn’t punch it out not matter how hard I tried. You couldn’t use a piece of threaded rod with a nut and washer on the back and a piece of pipe on the front...
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    MF188 reduced lift capacity

    Hi all. My favourite old tractor is having problems lifting to the capacity specified. I think the lift capacity is 4550lb (2063kg). It it gets to about 1000lb now and relieves. Not exact but around that. Where should I start looking? I think the relief valve bleeds at 2900psi. I have put a...
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    Jd 2040 vs 2040s

    Thanks Jim. It is a German model, similar hp numbers to my 2130. I have seen a few 2140 around but never a 2040s. Is the motor similar to a 2140 without the turbo?
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    Jd 2040 vs 2040s

    Hi all. Looking at a 2040s with a loader as we are now requiring a loader on the farm. What is the difference between these machines other than hp and age?
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    MF188 relief valve issues

    I don’t have a loader, could I use the remotes instead?
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    MF188 relief valve issues

    Hi all. So I am going to attempt to test the pressure of the hydraulic system before I race out and buy a new relief valve. Is the plug on top of the housing with the flats on it the correct place to test? Also, what thread is it? A 3/8 bsp fitting won’t go in but looks to be the same thread...
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    MF188 relief valve issues

    Hi all, I recently lifted a heavy load, or medium load on a job way out from the arms and while moving the trailer under the load the pump or relief valve started squealing and the load dropped a bit. Have I ruined the relief valve? Now it seems to be noisy with even a light load on the lift...
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    Oil & Fuel  Oil capacity 2130 different

    Hi all. Just changed a lift pump out on the 2130 and dropped the oil as it had been taking on diesel. The book says 9 quarts oil capacity. Can anyone tell me why mine only took 6.5 quarts? I did not change the filter and verified the dipstick is correct AT21534 stamped on. Also verified the oil...
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    Cav injector pump numbers

    Hi, I have a Massey 188 which has a badly leaking injection pump. I think I have found a kit to reseal it. Cav DPA pump. I also have noticed a slight leak on my JD2130 tractor. It has a cav pump also. Will this be the same kit/ part number? I figure I may as well save on freight and get two kits...
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    MF188 charging amps

    Hi all. Just installed a new ammeter in the 188. Does anyone know what sort of amps I should be seeing? Looks to be about 12 on a 30 amp gauge. Is this correct? I am getting about 15.2 volts from the generator at the regulator. I adjusted this regulator some time ago when it was not charging and...
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    Oil & Fuel  2130 fuel pickup problem

    Hey guys. Have not pestered for a couple weeks so I have another question. 2130 has been going well, then stopped today. Thought it was out of fuel. Put 4 gallons in, primed it and it ran for about half a minute. Checked the tank it was about half full. Primed it and ran all the way home about...
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    3-Point Hitch  JD 2130 load control arm fouling load shaft install

    Hi all. Originally had a thread running from purchase of my new JD 2130. I am currently working on 3 point hitch problems so will continue thread in correct place. My load shaft seals are leaking. I have managed to find what I think are the correct seals after Tech told me there have been 16...
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    John Deere 2140

    Got the new iron home. Looks pretty straight for its age. Barely an oil leak but it handled like a rogue bull when driving. Less than a day old at a new home and this is what it looks like. I知 sure there are meant to be needle bearings in that bell crank but there痴 lucky to be a race left!
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    John Deere 2140

    Umm. Sorry to bother, but got an uneasy feeling. Have I been scammed buying my tractor??? Advertised as a 2140. Have spoken via phone and text all about the 2140. Have just noticed (during night shift) that the picture that I have has a different bonnet to all the 2140s I have ever been near...
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    John Deere 2140

    Hi everyone. Have just purchased a JD2140 after being a red tractor man for years. Haven稚 had it freighted to home yet. Good, bad, ugly? Anything to keep an eye out for? Will need to find a manual for servicing. Cheers.
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    Forks  mounting a forklift frame to front of tractor.

    Hey guys. My old forklift has finally packed it in. Have been limping it for the last year. Old jigger is not worth an engine rebuild so I was toying with the idea of mounting the fork frame on the front of an old 65hp fiat. Heavy tractor should handle it and won稚 be lifting excessive weight...
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    Fiat 650 3pl arms raise with no weight

    Hey guys. Have a problem with my fiat 650. Not sure how many people have these tractors. Not the greatest model made but it runs well. The lift circuit is really pretty average truthfully but I can put up with that. What is driving me mad is the fact that the 3pl arms lift up to max position...
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    MF188 wiring diagram

    Hi guys. Long time follower but haven稚 posted much. I am chasing a wiring diagram for the lighting circuit of a Massey 188. Mine has been cut to pieces by a previous owner so there痴 a lot of wires connected to nothing. I recently got a new generator and got the regulator sorted out so it has...
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    Mf188 wiring diagram

    Hi. Would anyone be able to help with a wiring diagram of 100 series tractors? When I bought mine it had been cut and shut and bypassed in every place possible. I will get a new loom I think but it would be good to know what colours are meant to go where before I start. Cheers all.
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    MF188 headlight upgrade

    Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone has found an led light that will fit the original headlamp shrouds of a 188 tractor. Have been looking online but haven稚 found anything yet. Surely someone has made an update to the candles they burned???
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    MF188 generator regulator issue

    Hi guys, first post, hopefully it痴 in the right spot.... I have a MF188 that has been very reliable over the last two years. However now I need to get it registered so I have to get the lights etc working. A while ago I replaced the generator but still have no battery charging input. Not sure...
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    New member from Australia

    Hi everyone, just putting a post up to let you know I have joined the forum. I知 from Australia and have a small farm with hay and cattle. Lots of old implements and a Massey 188 & Fiat 650 special. Have done many a job on the fiat but very little on the 188. Will be putting a post up shortly in...