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    Battery specs for PT-425

    Looking for a new battery for PT-425. Anyone know what the cold cranking amps, size etc... should be. And a good source for purchasing one. Thank you, Frank
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    PT Boom Mower / Mounted String Trimmer

    Looking to see if anyone has ever made their own boom mower or a mounted string trimmer to fit their Power Trac. I have a 1000' foot of ditch that I try to maintain. Weed whacking is absolutely killing my back. Thanks
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    Robin Subaru 22hp question

    I have a 22hp Robin Subaru from my PT-422. It was rebuilt before I bought it several years ago. Do you think this motor is good for any other application? I know when I replaced it with a 25hp Kohler I had to cut the shaft on the Kohler. My guess the Robin Subaru was cut as well. The 22 hp...
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    How many buckets equal one yard

    I have a PT-422 with I believe is the regular dirt bucket. How many of these full buckets is equivalent to one yard? Thanks Frank
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    Black Widow Spiders

    While moving firewood into my basement yesterday, I came across some healthy Black Widows living in my wood pile. Any known way to get rid of these unwanted spiders? Thanks Frank Happy Thanksgiving to All!
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    Loose wheel / hub on PT-422

    I was moving a couple cords of wood yesterday and noticed my front left wheel with a wobble. It appears the hub is loose. I just replaced the hubs less than 20 hours ago. Any idea what I may have done wrong the last time I changed them to have one go again. Thanks Frank
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    Tubes vs Tubeless

    What are the pros and cons to using innertubes in your tires versus tubeless? I put a new tire on an old wheel and now have a slow leak. I have taken it off and clean and light sanded the wheel. Looks like I will put a tube in it and be done with it. Frank
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    Stump Grinder for PT-425

    Hi, I have read oodles of posts on various stump grinder threads. Was hoping to see a video of one in action. The problem I am having with mine is that if I put the least amount of pressure on the blade to the stump it (the blade) will stop immediately. The rotation on the blade is spinning...
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    Wheel Hubs

    Less than a year ago, I replaced all my wheel hubs. The other day, while driving in reverse I noticed a clunking noise. No noise while driving forward. Brought it in the garage and jacked the rear end up. Wiggled the left rear wheel, unbelievable amount of play. Took off the wheel. I...
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    Saw a Power Trac PT-425 today

    While driving through Woodstown NJ today, I saw someone trailering a PT-425. It is the first time I have seen one other than my 422 and another I looked at in Maryland. I wish they were more common.
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    Lifting height 422 vs 425

    The 425 has eight more inches in lifting height than the 422. What is different between the two? Is it in the cylinders? Do they have the same FEL? I could use a few more inches on my 422. Thanks Frank
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    Question about bolts from engine to engine stand

    I noticed a vibration coming from my engine. Shut it down. Let it cool off. Shook the engine and noticed it was loose. Checked the four bolts from the engine to the stand and all four were loose. I retighten all four, but am not sure if they are the right bolts. Called Terry at Power Trac...
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    Mounting weight to back end of 422

    Looking to mount weight to the back end of my PT-422 to help keep it grounded when lifting with the bucket or forks. Have any of you did this before? Pictures please! Thanks Frank
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    Gas in my oil

    Couple months ago I installed new 25hp Kohler in my 422. My Dad was in a very serious car accident 2 months ago so the tractor has been parked since then. I leave the hood up when I am not using the tractor. I noticed gas level dropping a little. I have a valve under the gas tank and before...
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    Lubing 422

    Not all of the areas that call for lubing on my 422 have grease fittings. What is the best way to lube with out fittings?
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    Swapping Robin out with Kohler today

    Getting ready to pull the 22hp Robin and install 25 actually 23.5hp Kohler in 422. So far I have the muffler off, battery out, gas tank and bracket out, throttle and choke cables disconnected, battery cables disconnected. Terry had said to loosen the bolt engine bolts. Then I can slide the...
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    Thoughts on PT-422 Changing out Subaru 22hp to Kohler 25hp

    What are your thoughts on this? Since Power Trac will not sell a new PT-425 with a Kohler engine, I was playing with the idea of changing out my 22hp Subaru to a 25hp Kohler. I have seen online a few sites where 25hp Kohlers are under $2000. With the current setup on my 1999 PT-422, I have...
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    PT-425 at auction today

    I went to the auction in Denver, Pa that had the PT-425. It was a clean machine, low hours many attachments and trailer. It had the 25 hp Kohler. It started right up every time. I did bid on it up to $12,500, however there was a low reserve at $17,000 that we didn't know about until the...
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    Ignition Switch

    Lately when I go to start my PT-422, it will click two or three times like a dead battery then it will start to turn over and start. Is that a sign that the ignition switch is starting to go bad. If so does anyone have a part number and source for a new one. Thank you, Frank
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    Source for hydraulic cooler fan

    I need to replace my hydraulic cooler fan for my pt-422. Anyone know a good source for replacement? thanks, Frank
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    Really dislike Robin Subaru engines

    All winter with the new silicon heater my PT-422 would start right up. Lately in 70 to 90 degree weather forget it. I refuse to use starting fluid, tired of setting valves and changing plugs. Decided not to buy a new PT-425 for the sole reason I do not like these Robin Subaru engines. Put a...
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    Poll. Subaru vs Kohler

    If Power-Trac offered a Kohler engine along with their Robin Subaru, what motor would you choose?
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    Adding weight to the back end

    Have any of you found a good way to add weight to the back end of a 422 or 425?
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    New 425 question

    Curious, PT is offering a 28hp Robin/Subaru Fuel Injected motor for $500 more. Would you do it or stick with the 25hp carb R/S engine? What are the pros and cons to going FI? Thanks Frank
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    Sold my Steiner 420, now looking to sell my PT-422

    I sold my Steiner 420 with FEL yesterday. Bitter sweet feeling. I really like that tractor and didn't get the money I had hoped to get for it. Now I am trying to sell my PT-422. My goal is to eventually by a PT-425. If anyone is interested in a 1999 PT-422. I have one. 22 hp Robin Subaru...
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    Developing Treadle Problem

    Today while plowing snow my treadle started making a slight noise. The noise has gotten worse. It is a clanking noise and only does it while moving forward or reverse. Not familiar with treadles. What should I be looking for? has far as being broken or maintenance. thanks Frank
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    Using your PT to make money

    Looking for ways to use my PT to help generate more income while getting more seat time. Any ideas?
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    Power Trac is now on Facebook. They have put up a few cool pictures and an old TV spot. Check them out.
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    I want to buy a new 425 this year but ...

    I am leery about the Subaru engines. I haven't seen many posts from later model PT-425 users. Maybe that is a good thing because they aren't having problems with their machines. I wish there were late model users on here to gauge how satisfied the owners are with their machines. I bought my...
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    Engine backfiring

    Yesterday I was mowing lawn with my old Dixie Chopper. I got stuck in some mud. Grabbed a chain and my 422. When I started to pull the Dixie out, my 422 started rapidly backfiring. It has done this before. I thought maybe it was running on one cylinder so I pulled a plug wire to see if it...
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    Looking to replace the lights on my 422. I have looked on Surplus Center. Have any of you changed out your lights? Anyone using LEDs?
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    New Starter for 422

    I have a 1999 PT-422 with a rebuilt Robin 22hp engine. Engine has been running good and strong. Just starting seems to be its biggest problem, even in the warmer temperatures. How difficult is it to change out the starter? I am not sure I can fit my hands into the tub where the starter is to...
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    Best way to sell a tractor on eBay

    I want to sell my Steiner tractor on eBay, but am not sure what is the best way to list it. If I start it with no reserve, I have the risk of selling too cheap. What do you think the best way to list it?
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    Attachment Carts

    Looking to make some carts for my attachments. I have some of the smaller ones on moving carts. It makes it real nice to move them around my garage with out using the tractor. Trying to figure out a way to make one for the wheel trencher. It is too tall and top heavy. any suggestions
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    Adjusting Idle

    The idle on my 22hp Robin seems to be running fast at its lowest setting. I backed the set screw all the way out and with the throttle decreased all the way, the engine still seems like it is running fast. I have not messed with the springs. I looked on YouTube for a video on how to adjust...
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    1568 International Harvester

    Looking for an exhaust manifold for a 1568 International Harvester. Any information where I can locate one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Frank
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    Vibratory Plow

    My uncle has helped me make a pretty nice vibratory plow for my PT-422. It will bury wire at about eight inches. We are still looking for more speed for the vibratory plow. I talked to Terry on Friday. On my 422 I have a two section pump. He said one section runs the PTO, the other section...
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    Compression Test on PT-422

    I checked the compression on my PT-422 22hp Robin. On the left side I got 135psi. On the right side I got 145 psi. I couldn't find the specs for the compression on Robin's website. Does anyone know or have any information on where the compression for this engine should be? Thanks Frank
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    Several years ago there was a 422 owner that swapped out his 22hp Robin with a 29hp liquid cooled Kawasaki. I remember reading after seven hours on the machine the tran pump went and he just gave up on it. I remember he said it would start right up in zero degree weather and had much more...
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    Late model PT-425 users out there?

    Thinking about selling my 1999 PT-422 and buying a new PT-425. Would like to get some feedback from owners that have 2010 tractors and newer. Are they any better starting in the cold? Things you like and things you don't like. Thanks, Frank
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    Magnetic Tank Heaters

    I have 2 Kat 300 watt magnetic tank heaters on either side of my hydraulic tank. Is it bad to leave them on for long periods of time and or over night. My pole barn is about 20 degrees f right now. Any thoughts? Thanks Frank
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    Finding Top Dead Center

    Hopefully I am going to adjust the valves again on my 22hp Robin. Do any of you have tips for finding top dead center? Does it matter which cylinder is worked on first? Thanks Frank
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    Why 5W30?

    Was wondering why Power Trac uses 5W30 motor oil in the hydraulics. Why wouldn't you use hydraulic fluid for hydraulic pumps, motors etc... Wouldn't the Robin engine start easier in cold weather with a load using hydraulic fluid vs motor oil. Thanks Frank
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    422 OIl Filter Removal

    Is there an easy way to take off and on the oil filter. Can't get hand between tub and filter. Thanks Frank
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    Wheel Trencher Help

    I purchased a new wheel trencher this past month without the blade. I had a custom blade made. It is a 25" x 3/8"plate with about 40 carbide shark teeth on it. It is a larger version of the one I have on my Janick trencher. I put it on yesterday to try it out. It will cut about 5 or 6...
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    Cold Weather Starting

    My PT-422 doesn't want to start today. It is 39f and sunny. I just put two Kat 300 watt magnetic heaters on the hydraulic tank and a battery charger on the battery. It is in an uninsulated barn. All spring, summer and fall up she would start with no problem. She doesn't like cold weather...
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    Would you buy another PT?

    Having owned a 1999 PT-422 for 8 months now, my biggest regret is not buying a new PT-425. I bought a neglected machine in February. I have given it a lot of TLC. It is in much better shape now. There are some things on it I don't like. i.e. the Subaru engine hard starting in the cold, not...
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    Weld on carbide teeth

    Looking for a source for weld on carbide teeth. Thanks Frank
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    Wheel Trencher

    For those that have or have used a wheel trencher, can you turn while trenching? If so what is about the tightest turn you can make while operating? Thanks Frank
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    Core Aerator

    I purchased a core aerator (used) this summer. I tried it today. It isn't throwing plugs. I cleaned all of the holes and tried again. It just plugs and stays plugged. I tried it at different speeds and different heights with same results. Ground is soft and loamy.
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    Installing a remote control to 12v hydraulic pump tilt bed trailer

    I have a tilt bed trailer with a KTI 12v dc hydraulic pump. I purchased a remote control off of ebay but it is lacking instructions. The receiver has 4 wires with end terminals( One red, one black, one white and one yellow) and a green antenna. I am guessing the red wire is the positive, the...
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    Throttle Cable

    How hard is it to replace the throttle cable on a PT 422? And is there an aftermarket one vs Power Trac? Thanks Frank
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    PT-422 and Forks

    Is there a way to add counter weight to the back of the 422 so that I can pick up more weight with the forks and not have the back wheels lifted off the ground. I couldn't lift a pallet with 600 pounds off the ground more than a couple inches with out the back end lifting off the ground...
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    Search help

    Is there a way to search this forum for only Power Trac photos? Thanks Frank
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    More troubles....and this time its my fault

    I had been working on my tractor in my barn the last few months, trying to get it 'work ready'. I have a punch list that I had been working on with some things more important than others. Last night a friend asked if he could borrow my pt-422 to move some dirt with the FEL. No problem. I...
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    Rotation on Auger

    What direction should the auger rotate for drilling holes? I just tested my 8" auger in some very soft ground. The auger only went down about a foot. I tried a little down pressure and it would just lift the machine. I believe it is rotating counter clockwise.
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    PT-422 Hydraulics not working

    I bought a used PT auger power unit with my PT 422, but couldn't test it at the time of the sale because the hoses were dry rotted and cracked. I took the unit to a hydraulic shop. They put new hoses and fittings on the power unit. They also checked it on a bench and said it was working fine...
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    Idles great but...

    Yesterday, I noticed something might be wrong with one of the cylinders. It appeared to be a loose plug wire. Today, I noticed I don't have much power. She idles nice. Sounds very strong. However when I step on the treadle she doesn't move too fast and the engine bogs down.
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    Bad Wheel

    Anyone have the specs on the wheels for the PT-422 or know where to buy them other than Power Trac? I need to replace one. Tire size is I believe 23 x 12.5 x 10. 5 lug Thanks Frank
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    Robin Subaru Engine ID

    I need to order rocker cover gaskets for my 1999 pt 422. On Robin's website there is an old type and a new type 22hp engine. How do you determine which engine type you have through the serial number? My serial number is 4531 1003376. Thanks Frank
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    Oil cooler fan

    I am now in the process of trying to get the oil cooler fan to work. I don't have a diagram of the wiring for the PT-422. Does anyone know where the relay to the oil cooler fan is? I have to broken coming off the fan to a toggle switch, from the toggle switch I am not sure where they go...
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    Cleaning Your Power Trac

    My next step, with my 422 is to clean it. It is literally caked with oil and dirt throughout, especially by the foot pedals. I don't think spraying degreaser all over it and hosing it off will cut it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Frank
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    How to check if starter is weak

    How do you check if your starter is bad or going bad? My 1999 422 when trying to start with a fully charged battery sounds like a dying walrus. I called Robin Subaru a few weeks back about possibly putting in a bigger starter. The engineer said the engine I have, I am limited to the starter...
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    So, if you had to replace your engine.....

    I think I am going to replace the 22hp Robin in my recently purchased PT-422. My question to you, is if you had to replace the engine on your PT-422 or 425 -what would you replace it with? and why? I am leaning toward the 28hp efi Robin or maybe a Kohler.
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    Wheel Trencher

    Hi, looking for a used wheel trencher for my PT-422. Also if anyone has any any closeup photos of one, or knows where I can view photos of one, please let me know. Thanks Frank
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    Steiner / Ventrac attachments quick plate?

    Was wondering if any Power Trac owner has ever made a quick attach plate that adapts to Steiner and Ventrac attachments, or if it is even possible.
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    Circulating Pump / Heater

    I was thinking about how hard starting this Robin is, especially with the hydraulic load that it carries. Is it possible to install an electric circulating pump with a heater into the hydraulic tank. Thanks Frank
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    What to look for when testing a used machine

    I test drove a 1999 PT-422 yesterday. Owner bought it used. Said the motor was rebuilt in the fall. It was very hard starting. Took quite a few shots of starting fluid. It has been out in the weather, not garaged. The fan on the oil cooler isn't working. I noticed a couple hoses needing...
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    Robin Subaru Engines

    I believe I have read most of the threads and posts on the Power Trac forum in the last several months. I am sitting on the fence as to wether purchase one or not in the near future. Maybe it is just me, but it seems there are more negative posts about the Robin Subaru engine than I would care...
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    Comparison  422 VS 425

    Other than having more horsepower, larger wheel size, and a higher lift, is the 422 pretty much the same machine as the 425? The 425 is considered to be a commercial tractor according to Power Trac's web site and the 422 is more home owner. Would you have any reservations about purchasing the...
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    Where to find a good used PT-425

    Looking to buy a good used PT-425. If you know anyone that is looking to sell, I am definitely interested. Thanks, Frank
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    Looking to fabricate a vibratory plow for a pt-425

    do you think it is possible to make a vibratory plow attachment for a pt-425? Would like to hear your ideas. Thanks
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    Comparison of a PT to a Steiner or Ventrac

    For those of you that have been fortunate to have owned both a Steiner/Ventrac and a Power-Trac, how would you compare the different tractors and their attachments?
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    Steiner Loader

    Looking for some help or a standard operating procedure for safely hooking up and hooking the front end loader to my Steiner 420. Are there any secrets or tricks to doing this by myself with out getting hurt. Thanks, Frank
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    Steiner 420 Hydraulic Information

    Where can I find information on the Steiner 420 tractors hydraulics. I am in the process of trying to make an attachment using the auxiliary hydros on the side of the tractor. I need to know flow rate, pressure etc... Thanks Frank
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    Steiner 420 Hydraulic Information

    Where can I find information on the Steiner 420 tractors hydraulics. I am in the process of trying to make an attachment using the auxiliary hydros on the side of the tractor. I need to know flow rate, pressure etc... Thanks Frank
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    Steiner 420 leaky axle seal

    My uncle has a Steiner 420. It has an oil leak out of the front right axle. Is this a hard fix for someone with a limited mechanical experience? Is there a Steiner Service Manual I can purchase to repair this myself? I don't have the money to take it to shop to get repaired and I would like...