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    Coolant leak

    Ok diesel gurus, seeing a bit of steam and residue at the bottom of the thermostat housing, guessing the thermostat went bad, stuck shut and blew the gasket. Not seeing any reason I should see steam coming from there? (That’s the question) I’m competent with gas motors, not as much with...
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    My take on driveway gates

    We had a theft a few months ago, old patio set, so the 4 families on our road all agreed to gates on the “big driveway/private road. Of course I combed the threads here and went with JSJ Protech E8 openers. It’s all solar powered. Wanted it to be visually unobtrusive. The side that has the...
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    Dirt Moving  Pretty things

    From Mark! With a crappy picture, lol
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    Dirt Moving  Added to the attachment fleet

    Wanted one of these for lawn prep jobs, they were $995 last year, $1450 or so this year….
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    New (er) truck time, tell me what you think of this one. Currently having it delivered to my local store. Price is right in the middle of blue book private party sale. Replacing an 06’ Chevy k2500 with 233k miles. I’ll sell the Chevrolet privately.
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    Snow  2360 cutting edge reversible?

    Title says it, does anyone know if the the cutting edge on the blower is reversible? I’m at the end of life for the way it is currently attached.
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    Tiller  King kutter pto shaft cover bearings

    Have a damaged bearing/bushing on my TG48” tiller, for the safety cover. The book that came with tiller, for the PTO shaft, leads me to believe that it was made by RPM Transmissions. I just need the bearing/bushing, any thoughts?
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    New hitch!

    So the factory GM hitch on my 06’ 2500HD was showing signs of wear. The pin hole was starting to wallow. Replaced it with a class V Draw Tite from, as well as a new receiver from Fastway. It pulls a lot nicer now. No idea what the class was on the factory set up, I used a 10k...
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    Tilt trailers

    Looking to add a manual tilt, 6.6’x16’ 10k trailer to my fleet. Just looking for input on functionality, recent cost, etc. Main use will be hauling my SCUT and extra implements to jobs. I currently do this with a 6’x12’ dump trailer. I have got one quote so far, $5799 for Bri-Mar.
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    Dirt Moving  Thoughts on running a pulverizor instead of a power rake.

    Tractor Pulverizer, Yard Tool 48" Southern, Single Roller Big Tooth This one in particular I am aware of what the shortcomings will be. (I think) but I have never run one. Would be used on my GC1723e. About $6k difference in price, lol I’m already going to add a tilt deck trailer next year.
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    Price Check  Massey 300, industrial TLB

    Need an idea on what it’s worth, what year it might be? Runs, drives, hydraulics work but needs brake work (likely a master/slave cylinder)
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    Snow  Front bx blower

    For anyone looking, good deal, in PA (Not mine, not affiliated) Kubota BX275C Snow Blower - Snow Blowers - Quakertown, Pennsylvania | Facebook Marketplace
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    Snow  Front blower for GCs

    Anyone looking, this is a screaming deal, it’ll fit our GCs. In PA Kubota BX275C Snow Blower - Snow Blowers - Quakertown, Pennsylvania | Facebook Marketplace
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    26x12x12 4 ladder chains.

    Used, good condition. $50 plus shipping.
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    48” snow edge.

    Good used condition. With new cutting edge. $200 plus shipping. Pennsylvania
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    Snow  2360 manual chute on a GC1723e

    Anyone do it? Trying to determine which rotation handle prop/holder support I need. I have the one for older machines that came with the blower. Had the dealer get a second different one, that could work but would have to be made to. Both of these are about 3’ long, there is a third in the parts...
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    Snow  Drove 680 miles in 9 hours to pick up a....

    2360 snow blower! Very happy to have found a used one. When I bought my gc 1723e I almost choked when they said $5k for one. Found one for half that in good shape. The hitch was the 9 hour run. I did find one that would have been a 5 hour run but they wouldn’t separate the blower.
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    Bro-Tek mechanical thumb

    From a Massey CB05. $300 plus shipping.
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    Loader  New GC1723e

    Stoked! Sold my 2014 GC1710, yesterday, picked this one up today. Didn’t have much time to screw around with it but feels more refined from the operator seat. The 1710 gave me good service and left with 595 hours on it with zero breakdowns, hopefully the new one will perform the same. Got it...
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    2014 Massey Ferguson GC1710 & 54” MMM

    580 hours, $13,750 Clamp on pallet forks included. Always serviced and garage kept. Small farm used. Loaded rears. Front/rear led work lights. No known issues. Possibly other attachments included.
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    Backhoe  Cb 95, leaking hydra fluid.

    Any experience? It looks like it’s leaking above the manifold at the bottom of the controls, I haven’t pulled the cover off yet.
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    3-Point Hitch  GC1710 and TSC PHD.

    I searched, and searched and couldn’t find a definitive answer so to answer my own question.... the regular Tractor Supply post hole digger will work with the GC series tractor. Although I did buy a RanchEx 9” auger in “small” instead of the regular TSC (Speeco) auger.
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    New dump trailer!

    Pick up a brand new Bri Mar 6x12 tomorrow. Pics to follow. My old one: Bought this one used in 2013 for $1300, sold It last week for $1850. My requirements were 3 way gate, tarp kit, big enough for my MF GC1710. The Bri Mar should for the bill.
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    GC1710 hydro pedals stiff.

    Having an issue with very stiff hydro pedals. I think it is a lubrication issue as the zerk will not take grease easily. I checked the zerk itself and it is good, I did attempt minimal heat but because of the location (close to the floorboards) it is not easy. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Oil & Fuel  SAE80W 90, suitable ?

    Gents, is 80W90 a suitable replacement for SAE 80, in my mower deck gear box? TIA
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    Cat 0 rear blade, on Cat 1 hitch?

    As the title states, I have a Massey GC1710. I was given a woods RB-5, rear blade. The blades 3PH mount is 19" between the pins, making it a cat 0 I beleive. Can I use this on my cat 1 hitch for snow removal?
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    Water line trench

    Looking for input... Will be trenching for a water line to the barn, 170 feet or so for the run, 2-3 feet deep. Will be burying Pex 1/2 line and running to a frost free hydrant. So this being the first actual trench project I am taking on what do I need to know, what should I look out for? My...
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    used 4", County Line tiller

    Found a somewhat local used tiller. Owner states 1 year old with 5 or so hours of use. Original price was $1600. is $1000 a fair offer? TIA
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    50 hour service

    Completed the service yesterday, good opportunity to crawl around the machine and get to know it. I switched everything over to Amsoil and the whole machine, HST and engine seem to run a little quieter. :thumbsup:
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    Massey 3, stumps 0

    The largest
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    Adding LED work lights

    Hi all, after 2 weeks and 17 hours and only breaking one turn/tail light on a tree branch:ashamed:, I have moved the lights to the inside of the ROPS. I ordered 2 tuff light LEDs and plan on mounting them to the ROPS, using the bolt that holds the left side light on. I will use light angle iron...
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    what's it worth?

    Hi all, I stepped up to a Massey Furgueson SCUT, and am selling a 4 year old GT5000 HST, 54" deck with an extra set of blades and deck belt to a co worker. It has 105 Hrs on it was stored inside and serviced yearly (oil, plugs, all filters). I told him $1100. Is that fair? Thanks in advance.
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    gc1710 PRICE CHECK

    Wondering if anyone could offer insight, GC1710 TLB with 54" MMM, sound about right? Thanks in advance:thumbsup:
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    max 22, price check

    found a new, 2012 (leftover) max 22, dealer is asking $15,500 with loader and 60"MMM. Sound about right? The dealer swears between $2-3k to add a back hoe later, is he blowing smoke, or being honest? Thanks
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    Hello all, hobby farmer here from PA, ready to pull the trigger on a subcompact and figured I would register after enjoying the knowledge here. Thanks