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    Oil & Fuel  Boomer with LS Mtron premature turbo failure in cold weather

    For those that have not been following the discussion regarding LS engine issues I wanted to make everyone aware of something. You can read the thread to get all the details but the bottom line is this...if you have a Boomer with the LS Mtron 1.9 turbo do not follow the owner's manual...
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    Montana 5740C intermittent no crank

    I have a Montana 5740C with Mitsubishi engine that intermittently will not crank. When it gets into the event it seems that cycling the key completely off and back to crank will make it work after 8-12 key cycles. Cleaned both battery connections pos and neg, cleaned neg ground by battery...
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    4.0 inch to 5.25 speaker upgrade LS/New Holland cab

    When I purchased my 2018 Boomer 40 Cab the dealer was nice enough to install a basic am/fm/usb radio head in it with the standard factory 4" speakers. The distortion on those factory speakers was so bad you couldn't listern to the radio with the engine running and understand the words...
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    Got our 2018 New Holland Boomer 40 cab home!

    Got our new baby home this weekend after 21 years with a JD 1070 open station. Looking forward to snowplowing with a heated cab:) First observations are that the cab is very quiet even at 2000 rpm when driving. Hydrostat seems pretty quiet unless in high range driving on a grade. Telescoping...
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    Buying Advice  40 hp Cab Tractor shopping experience

    New to the forum but used it extensively and thought I would share my tractor shopping experience. Was looking to replace my 1997 John Deere 1070 that I bought new in 1997 with a newer cab tractor. Models I compared closely with advice from this forum were John Deere 3039R, Mahindra 2538, New...