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    Help Mounting a Curtis Cab on JD 970

    I purchased a cab that was described to have come off a John Deere 1250. I am looking to mount it onto a John Deere 970. I can already tell I will have to fabricate front posts from to connect from floor boards or loader mount to bottom windshield. The width in read puts it about over the...
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    Need Help replacing Wheel on Drop Spreader

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Gandy 10T, 10' drop spreader. I purchased it from a farm that quit using it years ago, as they started hiring out a private company to do lime applications. I purchased it without wheels, they were taken off years ago for another application and the...
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    New Hampshire  Turf Tires Wanted

    Front: 27x8.50-15 Rear44x18.00-20 I am looking to use an aerator with my John Deere 970 and need to install turf tires. I am in southern NH. I can travel. Please email or call me at 603- three 21- nine 500. Thank you
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    Buying Advice  Wanted: Turf Tires in the New England area

    Hello everyone, I have a John Deere 970 and looking to purchase a set of turf tires for it. I own a three point hitch aerator which I would like to use but my Ag tires will tear up the grass. Please call me at 603-three 21 -nine 500. Thank you
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    Oil Filter Help

    Hello Everyone, I replaced the filter on the hydraulic reverser transmission on my Massey Ferguson MF200. The gasket / o-ring blew out and deformed. I need to replace it but can't find the exact one in parts stores. I was wondering if I can use Ultra Black Permetex to make my own seal. If...
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    Third Function Needed to Run Grapple

    Attached are some photos of the grapple bucket and the hoses on my tractor where the multiplier would connect [ATTACH]
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    Third Function Needed to Run Grapple

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I recently purchased a grapple bucket for my 1998 John Deere 970. I do not have rear remotes on tractor; the only hydraulic outputs I have are running the lift and curl functions on my loader. To add a third function, I have considered a Fasse valve multiplier...