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    Reset torque limiter?

    The torque limiter coupling (photo below) on the PTO extension on my snowblower activated yesterday when I hit a large rock. Now it just spins freely, is there any way to reset it or does it have to be replaced?
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    Coupler broken?

    Picture below shows the coupler on the PTO extension that drives the chain sprocket on my snowblower. Yesterday I caught a big rock in the blower and now this coupler spins freely as if there was a snapped shear pin but I can't find any. Main PTO shear pin and extension pin are fine. Zerk makes...
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    New Shoule toys for my 4720

    The new and improved Shoule 172 commercial snowblower: New Shoule reversible snow blade. Push: Pull: Only one thing missing: snow!
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    4720 won't turn over

    My 4720, which was working great last time I used it about a month ago, won't turn over. When I turn the ignition there's a buzzer like sound (not just a click) but engine won't turn over. Could be the battery but all electrical equipment works so obviously it's not dead, however if I push the...
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    Tires  What are those front tires?

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    Ever seen these?

    Deuce, sorry. Please see thread here:
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    4720 keeps blowing ignition fuse

    This is a follow-up to this thread here: Now that I have pinned down the issue as an ignition problem rather than PTO safety switch failure or computer glitch I thought it would be simpler...
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    4720 won't crank - both PTO indicators lit...

    I was driving my tractor down my driveway with garbage bags in the bucket, I stopped and hopped out at the end of the driveway to throw the trash in the bin when all of a sudden my tractor just stopped. It stopped the same way it does when I inadvertently get off the seat while PTO is engaged...
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    4720 SCV Float mode?

    Hi, new guy here :) A month ago I purchased a 2005 4720 with 600 hours for snow removal purposes, used it to this effect for the first time today. I have a question about the float mode, the manual says that pushing the SCV full forward will engage float mode however when I do that the bucket...