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    Mower operation

    If you are going for a manicure finish you need a finish mower. Brush hog is a very good name for a mower with a single rear wheel.
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    Need to replace altenator on 1986 1210

    DB electrical. Amazon or Ebay. I have had excellent luck with them.
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    Jinma gland nut removal wtf

    Europeans love slipper seals. I detest them to the core. Back in the day I had a 16' bench with drain rails made from a 12" wide and 1/2" thick I-beam. 2 8" vises and a 6 to 1 multiplier. Still found a few I couldn't get off.
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    Look for advice on tractor purchase

    I elected to buy a 1974/MF 40 construction tractor with a front end loader. I went through the rear end and resealed everything and rebuilt the shaky puddin hydraulic pump.I then rebuilt the front end and gave it a tuneup. 12 years of abuse with round bales and endless hours of mowing and...
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    Buying Advice First tractor for small family farm. Branson or something else?

    My first patriot guard mission began on a balmy 6 degree morning. I have ridden year round in Kansas and I find that by the time my core gets unbearably cold my hands and feet are more than ready for a coffee break!
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    Buying Advice First tractor for small family farm. Branson or something else?

    My new tractor (1974 model) has a canopy. The other four have umbrellas. On those -15 degree days with a 30 mph wind I have questioned the wisdom of not having a cab. But in the end having a 20 pair cow calf herd and 320 acres of ground with a full line of equipment debt free is a bigger...
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    Really, really dumb question about difference between off road and on road diesel fuel.

    I still have my grandfathers records from the days when farmers had to do just that. They were issued books to track and report excise taxes on fuels.
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    Why so much tongue weight on 22' car hauler trailers?

    The best tools for towing may well be knowledge and common sense. If you lack either it could be a problem.
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    Pull down a high widow maker.

    My dad could tell you all about hooking rope and chain together. 35 stitches in the head and $12000 in repairs on his tractor. Yes you should pray that the rope is what lets go.
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    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    In the future I will have side doors. The end doors create too many problems but 1 end door would allow longer vehicles. I have made a pledge that no shop of mine will ever again have more shelves than is absolutely necessary to store my tools. Shelving in a workshop is an invitation to a...
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    400lbs of Lucas red n tacky?

    Make a whole lot of Ben's red. Best bullet lube around!!
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    Lubrication additives for Diesel Fuel in older tractor

    The only reason I ever wanted to go back to San Clemente!! LOL
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    Lubrication additives for Diesel Fuel in older tractor

    I have used atf for years. It will help clean the system as well as a great lubricant. In my old (50 + years) systems I use a quart for 100 gallons. In my pickup it gets two to three ounces per fill. I literally have never rebuilt a fuel system for fuel issues.
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    Really, really dumb question about difference between off road and on road diesel fuel.

    Hauled in on a semi and it was a tagged vehicle but he ran into a little problem by just walking onto the lot with no notification. I put the paste in stock and made all my delivery and service trucks keep it on hand across the state. The whole incident seemed like a setup. It was the only time...
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    Mess with the bull, sometimes gets the horns.

    Moisture or temps would be my guess. The solvent evaporation can sometimes cool the surface enough to create condensation.
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    Mess with the bull, sometimes gets the horns.

    Presses and torque multipliers are two of the most unforgiving training tools known to man!!
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    Really, really dumb question about difference between off road and on road diesel fuel.

    Around the Kansas law enforcement training center the training regimen apparently includes sticking fuel tanks at farm auctions. I once had a $5000 fine levied for a water truck one of my drivers picked up from a job site. Within 45 minutes of him unloading it in the yard DOT walked onto the...
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    Really, really dumb question about difference between off road and on road diesel fuel.

    I buy non-tax diesel with cash money. I use ATF as my fuel treatment because of the excellent lube and solvent properties. For 50¢ a gallon my summer fuel bill is much easier to digest. I also have some 75 year old diesel engines that have never had the fuel systems touched.
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    Why so much tongue weight on 22' car hauler trailers?

    Most car trailers are designed on a 60/40 weight distribution. As you move into equipment trailers that changes. I have a 16' 10k rated trailer with the axles mounted closer to a 70/30 design. The equipment trailer is designed to be loaded in a manner that distributes the weight according to...
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    Hydraulic fluid

    I ran hundreds of skid steers for years with 10w30 engine oil in the hydraulic systems. Replaced a couple of charge pumps but had extremely good results considering the thousands of hours of machine time. The big challenge is the wet brakes.
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    Road transport of 10-12' disk?

    There's a J&J carrier or a Donahue drop deck in every weed row around here. A guy down the road has pushing a 25' J&J for a couple of months at $400 but it is still sitting there. I've pulled 24' drills for miles but it takes patience and courtesy.
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    Discount tires?

    After shopping all of the normal online stores for a set of 15.5-38's for my old 730 I remembered an out of the way local that had helped me out in the past. Cash or check only guy and he put me on a set of Firestones for $730 mounted and test drove. Couldn't touch it anywhere else.
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    stuck pin

    Heat the pin until it is very hot. Concentrate the heat on the pin and then spray it with cold water. If it is a corrosion problem that will often shock them loose. If you use a rejuvenator make sure it is filled with quality penetrant and not oil or a water disperser. I have hit them with my...
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    International Harvester Comparisons

    I have an old Massey MF 40 construction tractor that I likely would not own except it was dirt cheap. I went completely through the rear end and hydraulics and still only had $2500 in it. For many reasons it has turned out to be the best mower/loader tractor I have ever owned. It is built much...
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    Tractor smoking

    I use ATF in my diesel fuel. My older 2 cyl tractors get a heavier dose than the newer tractors and my pickup. It cleans the system and provides lubrication. My old 7.3 Powerstroke seemed to be getting worse mileage around 100k so that is what started it. It now is approaching 300k and the...
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    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    Whatever you scrub it with throw the floor dry on before it dries and work it in.
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    Now I'm paranoid

    I find that imagining the last 2 hours of my life pinned beneath a 12000# tractor goes a long way toward my safety regimen.
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    Keeping mice out of your tractors engine bay over the winter and summer too.

    Light and sound. The universal rat deterrent. 2 legged and 4 legged.
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    Ever break a tap?

    My wife discourages the use of my paying someone else tool!!
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    Keeping mice out of your tractors engine bay over the winter and summer too.

    Old CD's/DVD's hung on weed eater twine are excellent bird deterrents.
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    Rotella T6 gallons

    I use the best oil there ever was. It is called clean oil!! Ok for real I have used Rotella T2 15w40 for about 30 years. I have never in that time replaced or overhauled an engine. I use it in everything I own unless I'm mixing for 2 stroke. I am thoroughly convinced of the superior...
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    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    I have 5 but my favorite gets used the most.
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    Grease around fittings. . .

    The only grease I use is 5% molybdenum. 20 years in the rental business convinced me it is superior to lithium and does not wash out in the presence of moisture. There are a few instances where it can become a nuisance but my main concern is lubrication and for that it's hard to beat. I admit...
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    Grease around fittings. . .

    I assure you none of my tractors are in any danger of rusting!!!!
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    Will cutting brass with steel cause a spark?

    I always filled them with water then cut the top off with a cutoff wheel .
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    Will cutting brass with steel cause a spark?

    I make vacuum pumps from pipe fittings and weld a 1" bung off to the side. Put a dip tube in one hole and the vacuum pump in the other. Makes an excellent oil change container and with a couple of valves you can extract oil from an engine and blow it back out into the waste barrel. I have made...
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    Loaded tires filled with....antifreeze?

    Foam installed correctly is fantastic. It is two part and cures inside the tire. I had approximately 80 machines using it in my district at one time and had very few problems and never had a rim unusable. It is expensive and we eventually moved to airsoft style tires. I have a personal tractor...
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    Looking for a log splitter

    I went with a 37 ton Northern Tool over 10 years ago. The only issue I have had with it is the cylinder being mounted too close to the beam creating a problem with getting plugged up with chips. Rated at 37 tons it has no problem bending things as it continues to pack chips under the nose of the...
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    99 problems and my tractor is every one of them

    This is why all my tractors have 2 cylinders that point in the direction of travel. Eliminates all kinds of confusion.
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    How much trailer weight can my tractor tow?

    The tree up in the northwest corner of Kansas is pretty innocuous. LOL. My part of the state. Is pretty flat with occasional surprises.
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    New member tractor advice

    Depends on where you are. I baled mine the last three years of the contract due to drought.
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    New member tractor advice

    I mow with a Massey MF 40 construction tractor. It has it's problems but it does the job every time I ask it to. It has a loader and is built like a Sherman tank. I assure you mowing 30 acres with a 6' mower is like a lifetime commitment though! Luck me I also have a 12' swather that more than...
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    Wire Rope

    Chains tend to collapse after failure. Ropes and cables become deadly.
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    Wire Rope

    After having a wire rope break pulling trees I would not recommend it. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by full rops and brush guards but the damage was phenomenal. Not to mention nearly needing spare pants. I actually had to convince myself I was ok after the noise and dust settled!!
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    How much trailer weight can my tractor tow?

    12 x 65 mobile home.
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    How much trailer weight can my tractor tow?

    I pulled a @2 x 65 mobile home 60 miles with a JD 4430. Yes this is redneck country. It did just fine but I have towed trailers of all sizes my whole life.
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    JD 25A Flail Mower Rotor/Drum Bearings Replacement

    It looks like a removable side plate. Seems pretty straight forward but may require heat and puller to get the race off.
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    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    I also run white power service in the winter for gelling and carry power service 911 for the odd chance of bad fuel. This has worked quite well for me.
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    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    I use atf in all my diesels from my pickup to my 1956 820 John Deere. They love me for it.. I add a quart to 40 gallons of fuel for my older tractors. My2000 F-250 gets 3 to 4 oz per fill-up. I have no way to prove anything except none of them has ever had fuel system work done on them. I...
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    Exposed Aggregate concrete help

    You need a terrazzo grinder. They should be available at a rental store. I have done small areas with a cup grinder an area that large needs the terrazzo grinder..
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    Help Me Design/ Build a Shop

    I put up a 69x30x14 red iron building. I had the concrete poured and erected the building with the help of friends and family. I sub fed from my house and elected to use my SA259 Lincoln as my only welder to keep power requirements manageable. Kept the cost down and still got just what I wanted...
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    Weak brakes & battery box confusion.

    Make sure you have the full 12+ volts on the brake wire from your tow vehicle. My bet is wiring. I have never purchased a trailer that I didn't rewire. The factory wiring on any utility trailer I ever owned was atrocious. Just bought a 25k# gooseneck trailer and when I checked the wiring it was...
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    All thread rod as rebar

    Use it. Concrete will adhere to it just fine. I am known as captain overkill and I would not hesitate a second. Most people would be shocked to see what my Great grandfather used for reinforcement in some of the 100 year old concrete around here!!
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    Welder / Wiring for Small Garage

    I would run awg 6. You won't regret it when you buy the next toy and find out you need a little more power. I ran #2 to my shop but it is 130' from the house and I have added numerous circuits since I originally wired it.
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    Have you ever sold a tractor due to no dealer support?

    When you get that kind of service from an employee it reflects heavily on management and basically you should hear "here's your sign" echoing in your head. I oversaw 10 shops at one point and would have fired any employee I heard treating customers that way. Customers signed my paycheck for 39...
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    TruFuel 50-1or Stihl 50-1 or Red Armor 50-1??

    I have used Opti 2 for longer than I can remember. It has a stabilizer that seems to work excellent. Since I have started using premium fuel and Opti I don't work on 2 stroke engines any more. My 1993 vintage Stihl chainsaw is still running great on the original spark plug.
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    Backhoe problem

    My first assumption by your description would be a restriction or air entering the system. I have never had a relief valve fail that would cause a hesitation like you describe. The swing function is like an amplifier because the boom and stick are moving much farther than the pivot. I can't...
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    Marvel Mystery Oil

    I have used MMO as an air tool oil for 30+ years. I do not use it in nail guns because it can lead to failure of their seals. I spent 15 years on a service truck in the construction rental industry. Using MMO in my air tools I have never had to rebuild a single tool I also used plugged...
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    Cigarette Lighter

    My 1958 730 has one. If not shed kept they are prone to corrosion but easily repaired.
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    Tractor Causing Stress on Neck

    Better mirrors.
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    MF 1835M loader support collapsed on tractor

    I've worked on a lot of loader valves that have load checks. A load check is to combat settling but it also effectively isolated the down circuit from the relief. At any rate the material in those towers is so minimal that a cold weld is very possible because the slightest amount of undercutting...
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    MF 1835M loader support collapsed on tractor

    And free advertising would be in order.
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    Wrong hydraulic oil causing too much resistance in hydraulic pump?

    Air in the system. Open freewheel valves and work the sticks forward to reverse a half dozen times. Close the valves and try it again. Repeat until it runs smoothly. I would definitely put the 20w50 back in it. When you get it heated up the hydraulic oil will be like water.
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    Gooseneck or bumper pull?

    The longer the wheelbase the farther forward the ball needs to be. (Think of a lever.) 1" makes a big difference. I moved mine back 3/4" on my 6.5' bed and it was a little to much in the end so I have a little rear end sag.
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    Gooseneck or bumper pull?

    I have front mounts on both my UTV's for that very reason.
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    Gooseneck or bumper pull?

    I would choose gooseneck. I have a 26 + 6 which gives me room to balance the load by moving it back or forward. It is a 25k trailer and I pull it with my 3/4 ton. More stable towing and easier to back are the bonuses.
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    If you see a Pony Grader for sale - Buy It!

    I use a box blade with rippers to loosen shoulders then tilt it 15 degrees and roll it back to make it cut. This rolls the material off of the shoulder so I can pull it to the center with a road drag. The secret is a good crown. I have no spots where water stands and as a result my half mile...
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    First time buyer 35-50 hp and implements

    My new tractor is a 1974 MF 40 construction tractor. I have owned it for 15 years of hard use. I have done very little to it and most repairs were damage from moving felled trees. I have worked circles around everyone I know who has bought new tractors for similar work because they seem to have...
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    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Doesn't ones rights begin to fade as they encroach into others. Damage to property values is no different than physical damage.
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    Kubota 1140 CPX Overheating

    Yes it has a shroud but gets almost zero airflow. I clean the radiator and get nothing but fine dirt out of it. Once I do that it will cool fine but starts degrading in about a week. The radiator core is simply so tight that it plugs almost instantly.
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    Backing up a Gen Trailer

    I have ball mounts on my loader tractor and both SxS's. Pushing a trailer into storage allows a much better option and I can squeeze them in tight when they are fully visible in front of me.
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    trying to price a trailer before the auction

    The trailer drought is over in my area. Lots are over full in reaction to not being available. With that said a good used dump trailer is still in very high demand. Just make sure it has at least 7000 lb axles or it won't be good for much except hauling off gras clippings.
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    Learning how to drive with a trailer..

    I use a large pot magnet with a flag mounted on it. Stick it on the rear of the trailer when backing. It helps a whole lot on trailers that are not visible in your mirrors.
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    Learning how to drive with a trailer..

    My advice is hook the trailer up then check the lights. After the lights check the hitch to make sure you didn't overlook something. Che ck the tires. Check the hitch to make sure nothing was overlooked. Once you have the hitch connected and latched, jack the trailer up high enough to nearly...
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    Side by Side or 4x4

    #1 for me is accessibility. Getting in and out of my side by sides is a winning feature. The other is visibility and the ability to get into so many places a pickup will not go. I put front hitches on all of them and I can place trailers into tight areas that would not be possible with a pickup...
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    What kind of box blade did I just buy?

    My dad ran the county maintainer for years. I recently discovered 4 forgotten blades he had stacked outside the shed. I cut one to length clamped and tacked it to my Gannon. 30 minutes and will be able to remove it in 10. Screw them bolts.
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    Keeping mice out of your tractors engine bay over the winter and summer too.

    Evil can't stand the light or noise. I have an LED light and a radio playing in all my outbuildings. Works on 4 and 2 legged critters. Still use cinnamon cotton balls for the crafty mice though
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    Keeping mice out of your tractors engine bay over the winter and summer too.

    I use cinnamon oil on a cotton ball. Forgot to do my combine last fall but the residual from the year before seems to be doing the job. A couple of them in the cab does the trick.
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    Kubota 1140 CPX Overheating

    I realize this is an old post but I couldn't resist. I acquired an 1140 cox from my father-in-laws estate. We had it at the lake in paved roads for 3 years with no problems. As soon as I brought it to the farm the overheating began. I eventually took the thermostat out and in -10 weather it...
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    Sad and Tragic Recovery Accident in AZ.

    Every recovery accident I have ever been acquainted with involved a tow rope. I quit using them 30 years ago when one came apart on my father and put him in the hospital with head injuries and did $5500 dollars of damage to his tractor cab.
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    Bad Day for Pole Barn

    Had the same thing happen . Trimmed the branches and then installed a brace 5' from the gutter. Notched the top and sawed up from the bottom until as you say it started to move. Took some bumping at the base but it finally parted and came down. The top was manageable at that point . In the end...
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    What size earth auger bit do you use for a 4x4 fence post?

    My standard is 9". I have a 24" for corners.
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    TruFuel 50-1or Stihl 50-1 or Red Armor 50-1??

    20 years ago I switched to Opti 2 oil. I have not worked on a single 2 stroke engine since. I even ran 87 E10 with no problems. After experiencing issues with the 87 E10 in some of my older 4 stroke engines I switched to 91 octane but still have no luck finding it in E0. I have had good results...
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    New Pasture Saplings

    On the stumps drill a hole and pour some powdered pool shock in them. I use that trick on elms that are close to my water well and it seems to stop them dead in their tracks.
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    Tractor Sizing Tractor for small hobby farm

    In my opinion the only tractor that is to big is the one that is to long to fit on your property. That may be a tad excessive but I have a 40hp construction tractor that is a tank. I was shocked how quickly I found tasks that it was not hefty enough to perform.
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    Dewalt Grease Gun - How to know tube is empty?

    I use to get quite rough when I found someone running a hand down a leaking hydraulic line. All of my shops had a box that was full of flaps cut from cardboard boxes. Great way to find a leak. I consider myself lucky that in 15 years I didn't have to deal with an injection injury.
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    Dewalt Grease Gun - How to know tube is empty?

    I also own a DeWalt and will never be without one. I charge it when I service my pickup along with my impact wrench and have never had either one die on me.
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    Dewalt Grease Gun - How to know tube is empty?

    Every grease gun I have ever owned would show you the level of grease left by simply pulling the plunger handle. If it doesn't pull out that's your sign.
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    Now who is the salesman? I'm quite happy and I find your methods quite irritating. I can not argue with a man that has nothing else to learn.
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    Physics class tells me different. I would not toss the Dole, csv type valve out of the equation but I wanted the soft start feature plus if lightning sends my freq drive blasting out of the well house in flames there is still a chance the pump could survive. My guidance counselor sold me nothing...
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    I would advise talking to a few well drillers and water engineers before choosing a csv. If my well was shallow enough to manage a pump change myself I might consider it. My guide in my deepwell adventure has been making a living as a troubleshooter for years. He warned me away from them. As the...
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    Digging 400' Trench for cable

    I maintain a $65 a month connection from my phone company to allow me to use my computer for accounting purposes but allows us to stream from Prime. I also maintain an Amazon prime account for shipping reasons. If my cable connection is increased any more I will dump it. I have enough to do that...
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    The VFD is sold by Franklin specifically for well pumps. It has monitor points set up for that use. Someone smarter than I could probably make a generic freq drive work but that's above my pay grade!!
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    I have another well with the pressure tank and standard setup. It doesn't negate the freq drive at all. The freq drive soft starts the pump and only runs it fast enough to maintain the 50 lb pressure. It uses 3 wires to basically turn the pump into variable speed. Even though I am in love with...
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    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    Farmers do that daily. DOT told me they don't mess with farmers unless they get dangerous. Not sure how far that would go in traffic court! LOL
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    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    One other recommendation is the max ramps. They are wide and form a deck on the tail for hauling hay. It was all I could find in a moment of need but I have never regretted having the length and the ramps. It makes load placement a breeze.
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    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    I pull a Loadtrail 26'+6' rated at 25k. I have hauled equipment from all over Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Arkansas back to the hacienda in Western Kansas. I pull it with a 2000 F-250 7.3 liter pickup. I'm typically a back road poky driver but if weather or other circumstances require I will...
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    What size/width driveway for truck and gooseneck trailer?

    I was required to put in 30' drives. They are not wide enough.
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    The head starts at water level.
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    I had to chlorinate due to iron reducing bacteria which creates sulphur gas when it attacks the anode in the water heater. The freq drive turns the pump into a variable speed that allows soft starts and maintains a constant 50 pounds of pressure. This setup is like a Cadillac compared to the old...
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    I had to drill a well 4 years ago because my 100 year old hand dug was not keeping up. At 740' the expense is astronomical. I was waffling on cost but the driller convinced me to go with a freq drive. I have not regretted it one bit and when you observe it in operation it is understandable how...
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    Lights connection water greif

    Clean it well. Take dielectric grease and throw it in the trash. Dielectric grease is and insulator that provides corrosion a fine home. Search Amazon for No-ox_ide A. Apply it very sparingly to each individual connector. If all goes well you will be as impressed with the product as I have been...