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    CD player and radio for the shop

    A friend moved into a new home that came prewired with sound system and gave me his old equipment. He gave me 8 speakers but no cable or wire. I will buy cables for connecting equipment together. Speakers will be spread throughout a 30 x50 building so will require several feet of wire. Amp...
  2. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    I bought a Kubota B series with bad rattle when clutch is used and here's what I found. Propeller shaft worn in slight taper. I haven't removed pressure plate and clutch disk for a better look but I expect piolet bushing is gone and end of crankshaft where bushing was likly worn to match...
  3. J

    Paint source/brand/type

    Ok today is two-fer day so here's my first. Do you feel it's worth the added effort to paint nuts,bolts and washers before reassembling the tractor/equipment following repair? Second question is where,what and how do I find paint that mimics gold shade of many new fasteners?
  4. J

    Mosquitos are out for blood

    That's just what mosquitos do and the fewer we have the less blood we involuntarily donate. For those with open containers like rain barrels,water features and such I believe you will like this method of organic control. Where there's a valve at bottom of barrel 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil...
  5. J

    Why did Mfgrs redesign dispensers?

    I have contacted half dozen companies to ask why salad dressing,sauce and spice containers make it impossible to avoid dumping too much on my food and not a one has answered. Seriously, salt and pepper shakers have worked well for centuries, why all the sudden increase holes 20x in size?
  6. J

    Mourning Dove population

    Have you noticed Mourning Doves being displaced by other type dove in your area? Until 2019 Mourning was the only dove seen in North Central Texas. There has been a steady decrease in Mourning Dove and increased population of Collard and another that resembles White Winged. There has been a...
  7. J

    Home made plywood

    So yea,I plan to buy a log peeler and,,,,,,:giggle: not really but I can buy used 1/8" plywood 50 sheets for $50 and endless availability. Have you glued up multiple layers to make thicker sheets (I'm thinking 4 to 6 layers) and how did it work out? I'm thinking of sand bags for clamping. If...
  8. J

    Dry cracked ground

    Black clay around here shrinks when dry causing cracks up to 3" wide. Summer 2020 I did an experiment that has surpassed my expectations. In about half the fruit and nut orchard and beneath shade trees in the yard I dumped compost then drug it with a box blade so that compost fell into cracks...
  9. J

    Who doesn't despise trolls?

    Amongst the worst of trolls are those who post then edit after responses have been posted and even worse are OPs that delete their original post and wipe out entire thread along with all replies. How long do you feel is reasonable for editing a post before it can't be edited? Same question...
  10. J

    Growing plants during drought condition

    Since a large portion of USA is hot and dry right now,I figure it's a good time to see various ways people handle it. 8 years ago I enclosed two 20'x20' areas with logs stacked 2 high as if building a cabin. A layer of 8-10 inch logs laid then limbs through chipper filled voids then topped with...
  11. J

    How safe would you like your tractor to be?

    More to the point,do you appreciate features that prevent pto operating while tractor is in reverse? IMO tractors,mowers,Z-Turns,backhoes,dozers and other machines are inherently dangerous for operator and anyone in the vecenity while machine is in operation. If one is struck by machine...
  12. J

    Where can I find good paint brushes?

    I have a confession,I know where to buy brushes and which to buy. Lets talk about choosing the right brush for the job and how to use it for each type paint and surface. Save your u-tube links,we've already seen them. I'd like to start with this and ask others to share knowledge aquired from...
  13. J

    Sewer line root invasion

    While probing,2 quarter size holes were made in 3" pvc pipe within 20 feet of two large trees. I don't have couplings,glue and means of splitting couplings so I laid 4x6 pieces of plastic over holes and held in place with soil. Will copper sulfate sprinkled in hole around patch presist long...
  14. J

    Website problem or computor problem?????????

    I have never got this message before on this laptop and don't have it now with my smart phone nor wife's laptop (all running on same wireless). Only on this one laptop,when I try going to "Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum", I get this message Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server...
  15. J

    Question about CraigsList

    Most scams I can see through but I can't figure out why all the "Is it still available" responses to everything posted. Wouldn't be a problem if you didn't have several items posted. They often just say "still got it" or the like. Tell them yes and fewer than 1 out of 20 follow's up and that's...
  16. J

    23/8ths pipe drops for construction projects

    I need practice welding so I picked up 200 pounds of pipe drops for $6. After running a few beads with various wire and rods I thought I might as well build something while burning filler. AaaaHAaa,storage rack for angle iron, square tube and such. I clamped pieces of 2&3/8ths pipe end to end...
  17. J

    Your Windows 10 has been corrupted

    and all files will erase in 10 seconds. Click recover and update my files to prevent loseing your files and programs. That's what the pop-up said when my computer froze and an ear piercing squeal started. Happened last week and again last evening. Fortunately,I have a friend that was able...
  18. J

    YM1700 3 point not working

    I have never owned nor wrenched on a Yanmar but have done all my NH,MF,IH and Ford maintenance including engine rebuilds. I'm about to make a 2 hour drive to look at buying a YM1700 and have a couple of questions. I would liken my years of experience with the big four then buying a grey market...
  19. J

    Should a person be able to cause a motorest to recive a traffic ticket?

    Most of us witness flagerant and dangerous violations almost daily. "IF"one has video "AND"is willing to appear at hearing and court,should there be provisions by law inforcement to review complaints and issue a ticket if case is good enough? Should compailant be required to pay a filing fee to...
  20. J

    800 Ford won't stay running more than a few secounds

    My question; is there a way to tell for certain wherther problem is with fuel or is it with spark? I have owned propane tractors of all colors for over 50 years and worked on this type ignition even longer. I know my way around a vom so I have never thrown many electrical or ignition parts at...