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    tractor pics from last fall

    Was looking at some pictures on the computer and ran across these that the wife took last fall.
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    tractor pix

    Had the tractors out today doing a little cleaning and rearranging so I thought I would snap a picture of them setting in a row. I am getting spring fever but old man winter could still give us more cold weather before spring.
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    Case 2090

    I bought a 2090 Case last week with a fresh new engine. I was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with them? Anything i should know about them?
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    My last John Deere tractor is for sale

    My last for now anyway. I am sure some day I will own another one. I am selling my 4700. I bought a larger farm tractor and I told momma that I would sell the 4700. I tried to back out of that after buying the new one but got some resistance so its gone for now. Anyone interested can send me a PM.
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    Wanted Harrow

    I have been to auctions, craigslist, and ebay trying to find 15 foot of the old flex drag harrow we used to use behind a disk or field cultivator and then load on the tool when we went down the road. Any ideas on where I can find some. I have also contacted some equipment junk yards trying to...
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    Miss my old 755

    I borrowed a 955 with a loader from a friend of mine this past weekend to spread about 50 ton of rock I had delivered. The 55 series John Deeres are still in my opinion one of the most handy little tractors ever built. I had that rock spread in no time used very little fuel and it is so quick...
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    Spring planting

    Here are some pictures that my wife took of me planting the last field of soybeans here at my house
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    stress test tomorrow

    I have been feeling tired all the time so my heart Dr. wants me to do a stress test. Last time I had one I felt fine and ended up having a quadruple bi pass. This time I am a little nervous since I have symptoms. Its been about 2 and half years since that day. Not the best timing for this as I...
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    Massey is my color

    I have always been green but last spring I bought my 1st Massey. I had never been around one but they made me a great deal so I thought I would give it a try. My Dad was less then thrilled but now he loves running it. I was thinking of trading my 4700 John Deere off but have decided not to right...
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    I am afraid new planter damaged my hydralic pump

    After using my 4 row mounted planter for a day and a half I started noticing the relief valve kicking in all the time with the planter in the air. It got so bad it was jerking up and down. I stopped using it but I may have waited to late. I notice now when the tractor is shut off the 3pt leaks...
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    what house hold chore do you hate doing

    Mine is taking out the garbage. My wife gets very upset with me for letting it get so full before I take it out. I just hate doing it for some reason and I do put it off as long as I can. Its the only thing I didn't mind not being able to do when I had surgery a few years back. She flat out...
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    Did a little planting today

    I planted a little corn today with the new to me deere planter. The 4700 is maxed out on lifting it full of seed. I have put a full rack of weights on and it is still plenty light on the front end and I think the hydralics are maxed out too. I will continue planting again Friday if it doesn't...
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    Amana heat pumps /ac

    Our central air went bad at the end of the cooling season last year. We are looking to replace it with a heat pump/ac. We have inquired about an Amana brand. Anyone know anything about them? Is Amana any good? We got shot a pretty good price on it. 10 year warranty. I want to look at maybe a...
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    4700 question

    I did a full service on my 4700 this evening. Oil, oil filter, both air filters, transmition filter, lube and fuel filter. After I was finished I started it up and let it run for a bit. I noticed a lot of blue grey looking smoke. The tractor has sat all winter with the exception of starting it a...
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    New planter pictures

    Got my John Deere 7100 planter home today. Here are some pictures. I am really ready for spring now.
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    Spring Fever

    Anyone else besides me getting spring fever? It was very nice here today for it still being Feburary. There was a lot of fertlizer being spread on the fields, tile work, burning of ditches etc. I took the dogs out and walked some of my fields to see if all the tiles were working. I have got...
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    traded equipment today

    I traded a 2 row John Deere 71 planter for a 4 row John Deere 7100. I have been wanting one for awhile now and we seem to be doing more work all the time so I decided it was time to trade up. It will give us some room to grow. I will have pix when it gets here.
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    4 row planter

    Would my 4700 4wd pick up a 4 row 7000 Deere planter with no markers ok? I have 4 front weights but can ad 4 more I believe.
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    Altenator question

    I went to start my tractor Saturday and it had to be jumped. I tested the Batteries and they both tested bad. I replaced them and it started like always. Tonite I had it running at a idle for a few minutes and when I went to shut it off the Battery light was on real dim. Hooked my meter up to...
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    New purchase

    or should I say new to me. I was wanting a 8 ft. rear blade to plow a little snow with. I will probably use it 2 or 3 times all year long. I found a Massey 8 footer for $350. It doesn't have alot of paint but it is straight and no welds. Good enough for what I need it for. I must say I was a...
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    house boat fire video

    This happened just on the lake near where I live a week or so ago. I just got the chance to watch the video for the 1st time.
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    Harvest pictures

    that my wife took this fall when I was picking corn across the road from our house and around our house.
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    Harvest is now complete

    I finished up harvest yesterday. I think this be the worst crop I have ever raised. I thought last year was bad but it looks pretty good compared to this year. I can atleast relax a little and get some fall tillage done. Maybe next year will be better. Wife snuck a few pix along the way. i will...
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    Todays fire call

    I wasn't able to make this call today as I was away when it happened. This is about the 5th John Deere combine fire we have had in 2 years. I was amazed at how bad it burnt up. September 2011 News Photos - - Photo Albums - Powered by Phanfare
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    Blow by

    This is gonna sound bad but explain to me what blow by is and what is acceptable. I noticed on my 4233 Massey that there is a little oil coming out of the tube that hangs down under neath the engine. It is not dripping but if you touch it you will get oil on your fingers. I notice when you pull...
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    Prayers for my Father in law

    My 82 year old father in law decided to install new siding on his 2 story farm house. We all thought it was a bad idea but what do you do. He is very active for his age. My step son was helping him Tuesday afternoon when he fell off of a ladder 15 feet in the air head first. I got a call at work...
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    1st of the sweet corn sales

    This is our 1st year to raise sweet corn and sell it. This was my boys project and I felt like he has done well so far. We planted an acre total and a 1/2 acre at a time. He made $750 off of the the 1st half. There was few rows that didn't get picked but that was due to his Grandfather passing...
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    starter problems

    My Dad owns a Craftsman riding lawn more with a kohler 15 hp motor. I replaced the battery, the starter, and the selinoid and it still will not roll over. It gets to a point like there is dead spot in the starter and stops. I am not sure what else to try. Any ideas?
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    Milorganite as deer deterrent

    The deer are getting to be a real pain in the butt eating up crops around here especially soybeans. I was talking to a guy the other day who swears by Milorganite fertlizer as deer deterrent. I am thinking of spreading it over a couple small problem fields. He said 5 lb to the acre is enough. I...
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    Attachment for the Ladies

    Below is a link for an attachment no Lady should be with out. I would be handy for all men to have an extra place to plug in your gadgets. Solar Bikini Charges Your Gadgets On The Beach (PHOTOS, POLL)
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    planter plates

    I have been planting plots and replant areas with a model 71 planter for 3 years now. This is the 1st year I ever bought brand new plates and man what a difference it makes in the way the planter spaces out the corn. It was bad about dropping doubles from time to time but not with the new...
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    Getting upset with dealer service

    I bought my 1st ever Massey in April. I must say I am suprised at how much I like the tractor. I have an issue with the A/C. I called the local dealer and explained that I had just purchased a new to me tractor and would like to do business with him for parts and repairs. He said they would be...
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    4233 A/C switch

    I got this tractor in april and I am getting ready to put the 2nd A/C switch in the cab. Is this a weakness or is there something else I should be looking at?
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    How far along are you

    I am curious how far along with planting most of the farmers on here are. I have 30 acres of soybeans left to plant unless the rain we got the past couple of days forces me to replant some of my crops. I would say as a whole we 98% done with all planting in my area. I am hearing stories that...
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    what size bush hog

    I was thinking I would buy a 6 ft bush hog for my 4700 4wd but after looking at them I am leaning towards a 5 ft. What do most of you use behind a 4700? I don't think mowing will be as big of an issue as lifting a 6 ft mower.
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    New to me tractor pix

    I got this last Monday. Its a 2001 model 4233 that seems to be in good shape. If it ever dries up we will know more about it. I have never owned a Massey before but I am impressed with it so far.
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    I did 2 things today I never dreamed I would do

    I bought a Massey tractor and I traded my 755 John Deere off for it. I am not to sad about buying the Massey but I am sad about seeing the 755 go. It has been real good to me for a lot of years. I swore just a few months ago I would never trade it. I think I will enjoy the 4233 I bought though...
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    4233 pros and cons

    I am going to look at the 4233 I was talking about a few weeks back tomorrow. I am always slow about pulling the trigger on anything. I know nothing about Massey tractors. I really like the looks of this tractor and my Dad has looked at it and drove it and was very impressed, this coming from a...
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    getting everything ready to go

    I started my JD riding lawn mower up about 2 weeks ago after it sat all winter with out being started. I fired right up with no problems. I let it run for around 30 minutes got the oil good and hot, drained it, changed the oil , oil filter, air filter, fuel filter,spark plugs, sharpened the...
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    4700 hydralic oil capacity

    I was wondering how much oil a 4700 power reverser holds. My book said a gear transmission holds 6.9 gal. a hydro model holds 8.8 gal. I put in 7 gal. and it never even touched the dipstick so I called the dealer. He said a gear transmission is different from a power reverser but couldn't tell...
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    Liver biopsy

    I am going in this morning for a liver biopsy to see if some spots are cancer. I have been healthy for a little over a year now, I wasn't ready for something like this all ready. Keep me in your prayers if you would. One positive thing is my blood work looked all ok, so I am hopeful that...
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    JD 71 disc opener

    Has anyone replaced the disc openers on a 71 planter? If so what all is involved in getting them off. I took the little bolts off the outside of the disc but they didn't seem to want to move at all. I decided there must more to do then remove the bolts.
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    Massey 4233

    I have never owned or even driven a Massey in my life so I know nothing about them. I farm and my son and I have a food plot business. I stumbled on to a 4233 with a cab on it tonight and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little about them. I looked on tractor and saw that it is...
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    JD 4000 series vs 5000

    I have been doing a little looking at new tractors and I don't understand why a basic 4520 or a 4320 is 9 to 10 thousand more then a 5045 or a 5055. Are the 5000 series tractors not built as well as the 4000 series? I get to looking and the 5055 seems like a lot of tractor for the money. It...
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    hour meter

    I noticed that my hour meter has quit working on my 755. I am assuming the only way to fix it is replace the tach. Does anyone know what a new tach runs for them. It appears they built the tractor around it.
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    Ran over my dog today

    When my son was 3 (he is 17 now) a stray cocker spanial showed up at our house. I didn't want to keep him because we all ready had a dog but my son just fell in love with him and his mom had just left us so I thought it would be good for him. We have now had him for 14 years and he is almost...
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    Plowing 3 to 4 inches of flurries

    The last forecast I saw was a chance of snow flurries. Got up this morning to heavy snow. I am guessing we got between 3 to 4 inches. Gotta love them weather men they get paid if they get it right or wrong.
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    Just me doing some snow removal

    I got out today and did a little snow removal. Just had a couple of drifts in front of the garage doors. Had some deeper snow over by the barn that is not in these pictures. We got mostly sleet which set up over night like concrete.
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    E Bay starter

    Anyone bought a new starter for your tractor on E Bay? It cost me $140 to get the one on my 755 rebuilt last time, I can buy a new one on E Bay for $86. I was just wondering if they are any good.
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    In ground dog fence

    I have a golden retriever that is my best friend in the whole world. He goes everywhere with me that I can possibly take him. A few months back we learned that a lady walking by here everyday while we were at work was coaxing our dog with treats to go on her walk with her. She wold get the dog...
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    Ever own a tractor you can't part with

    I have kicked around the idea of trading off my 755 several times now and I just can't seem to part with it. I started having trouble with it last fall running warm and the 3ph not wanting to lower. It has 3500 hours on it now but uses no oil and really doesn't owe me anything. I looked at a...
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    flat tires or dead batteries

    I swear around here its either bad batteries or flat tires. It seemed like last spring everything I had needed a new battery, which is better to find out before you start using it. This coming spring I can all ready tell it is going to be flat tires. I walked in the shed the other day down the...
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    teenage tragedy

    My son just learned late last night that 3 of his classmates were in a car wreck and one was killed. All 3 were 16 year old girls. It was a real shock to him and it sends cold chills down my spine. I can't imagine finding out you just lost a child. My prayers are with the family right now. We...
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    I need your advice

    A week or so ago my neighbor fell over dead of a heart attack. I was listening to the scanner and heard the call so I went to try and help but there was nothing I could do. I have tried to help his widow out as much as I can and was even a pall bearer. I have not been going down there unless she...
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    Sweet corn

    Do any of you raise sweet corn and sell it. We had a neighbor that used to sell it down the road but has quit doing it about 2 years ago. His son is off to college and he gave it up when his son left. We plowed up an old pasture and there is an area of it that is too small to really get into...
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    I went on this call

    It happened around 5 pm yesterday. I was afraid we would not find him before dark. I found out today that he is doing real well for what he has been through. I will post a link to the story. Rural Middlesworth man injured when his lawn mower rolls into deep ravine near Findlay
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    Rural Volunteer Fire Dept.

    Our town is hurting for volunteer firemen and women. There has been 3 TV stations do a story on our situation and one on line news source. We have put up flyers and asked everyone we know about volunteering. The other day we had a small field fire, one person answered the call, he asked for...
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    over heating 755

    Does anyone else have problems with the radiator getting plugged up on their 55 series. I washed out my radiator real good, front grill, oil cooler and cleaned the screen out. In 3 hours time of mowing tall fescue I was over heating. Radiator looked like it had not been cleaned in days. Today...
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    Damaging storm hit our area Monday afternoon

    Straight line winds/ tornadoes hit our area Monday afternoon. The towns of Findlay and Sullivan had a lot of damage. I live in between them. I was pretty lucky just some damage to my shingles on the house and some soffit. I also had a few tree limbs down. It took the cover off of our boat and...
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    organic farming

    I was approached by my neighbor about planting something organic on a 7 acre field she owns. I mentioned just farming it as it joins another farm of mine. She said she doesn't want any chemical used on her place. I mow it for her every year with a bush hog a couple of times. This year a guy...
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    still having 3ph issues on the 755

    I have talked to the dealer and he tells me that I must have a heating problem with the hydralic oil. I have checked the cooler and it is clean. Just to be sure I blew it out and washed it out. I checked the loader lever to make sure that it was in neutral and it is. I changed the hydralic oil...
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    3-Point Hitch  3 point hitch is slow lowering

    My 755 all the sudden is slow to lower the 3 ph. I have looked in the book and it does not mention anything about a valve to control the speed of drop like my 4700 has. Anyone have any ideas at what it could be?
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    electrical problems

    Over the years I have owned several different John Deere tractors from farm to lawn and garden. It seems the one problem I have had with most of them not all of them is electrical. Today it was my 755. I started it up and headed to the fuel pump when all the sudden it died and was completely...
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    John Deere oil

    Who Makes John Deere oil? Is it by chance Shell?
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    Is this true

    I have been hearing rumors that in Pennsylvania farmers have to fill out a pretrip inspection form on their tractors each morning and have to log their hours of operation. I was also told that they are limited to 10 hour shifts almost like a truck driver. I can't really believe that would be...
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    Collecting unpaid debt

    How many of you business owners have had trouble collecting for work you have done. We did some spraying and mowing for a guy at the end of last summer and have yet to collect the bill of around $4,000. I have only been able to reach him one time and he told me I would have my money in 10 days...
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    Someone was in my shop Friday night

    I was awakened by my dog barking friday night around 11:30 and he would not shut up. I finally got up and went out to see what he was barking at and thats when I found my shop door open and a small night light on I have near my tool box. I went on out and looked around but found nothing missing...
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    2009 a year I won't forget

    I am definately ready for this year to be over. It was a wet spring and we had a terrible time getting everything planted, then I had my stroke followed by 2 surgeries one being a quadruple bi pass. Fall has been fun getting all the crops in with the high moisture content and wet field...
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    Has anyone came up with a cure for

    the throttle on the 4000 series working loose. My 4700 in 200 hours has came loose 3 times. I was thinking of trying a low grade Loc Tite on it. It is getting to be a pain taking the dash apart all the time to tighten the throttle linkage. I know this was a problem with most all of the 4000...
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    Does John Deere have weak starters

    It seems we have alot of starter problems with our 755. Today my Dad tried to start the 4700 and it would not even click. He cleaned the battery posts and it fired right up, problem solved so we thought. He shut it off and when he tried to restart it same thing. This time he noticed a little...
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    Health insurance help please

    As most of you probably know I had a TIA back in July. After many tests they found out I had some blockages in my heart also. September the 3rd I had a Quadruple by pass surgery. I am recovering great according to all my Doctors and will probably have a second surgery the first week in October...
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    What a year this has been

    Spring rolled around and it rained and it rained and then it rained some more. We finally got in the field around Memorial day and then it rained some more, so we got to replant a good portion of what we all ready planted and then it rained some more. Then we planted beans and replanted beans. I...
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    sprayer problems

    I own a Fimco 3pt 55 gal sprayer. I can not get any pressure to the boom. It just trickles out in a straight stream. If I shut the boom off I get all kinds of pressure on the return line and I can regulate it with the regulater so I know it is working. I have taken it apart and all looks good. I...
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    Make sure you tie down your tractor on your trailer

    My Dad and I were mowing roadsides this past weekend. We were using the 6200 and the 755 with a 4 ft bushhog on the back. We were driving the 6200 from one location to another but loading the 755 on the trailer. I sometimes get lazy about tieing the tractor down on a short trip especailly when...
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    Trying to find a 3 bottom plow

    is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I found one at a neighbors but after thinking it over he decided to keep it. I found one on Craigs list and it sold the same day it listed. While on vacation I spotted two at a guys house so we stopped by and asked if he was interested in selling...
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    755 like a new tractor

    I have owned my 755 for several years now and it has never performed the way it does now. The mechanic told me it should be putting out more power that the pump was not set right. I told him to do what ever it needed. Man what a difference. I had the chance to use it for the first time since I...
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    Oil & Fuel  fuel gauge on 4700

    My fuel gauge on my 4700 was stuck under the little peg on the empty side of the gauge so I took it apart and moved it back where it belonged. Then it was stuck on full for a while. Now I noticed it is back under the little peg again. Is this just a sending unit problem or do I need a new gauge?
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    I think I may have had a mini stroke

    I was sitting with my family and all the sudden I could not talk, it was as if my tongue would not work right. I tried to stand up and almost fell. It only lasted about a minute but it scared my wife to death as well as my son and Dad. I got them calmed down took some asprin and felt fine after...
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    Deer are getting to be a pain

    in the rear around here. I don't want to offend anyone but as far as I am concerned we could kill all the deer around here and I would not miss them. They destroy our trees, shrubs, and crops. I rented a small piece of land surrounded by woods this spring and I would say that the crop is a total...
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    Whats a fair price for a plow

    My Dad is wanting to do some plowing this fall so I am looking for a IH model 16 3-14 plow that he liked so well. What is a fair price for one in good shape? I found one but the guy wants me to make an offer and I want to be fair as he is an old friend.
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    755 went down on me

    after 3400 hours of use, she is going to cost me some money. It developed a fuel leak where the fuel lines come out of the pump and go to the injectors. I fixed the leak and she would only run on 2 cylinders. I took the line loose on the number 3 line and it was getting fuel but it did not...
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    starter and battery problems

    My 755 seems to be going threw batteries and starters all the sudden. The last 2 batteries have only lasted a year and my starter was rebuilt last fall. The starter all ready has a dead spot in it in less then a 100 hours of use. I don't have any problems starting the tractor so I know I am not...
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    renting a barn

    I just rented a 50 x 80 pole barn tonight by mowing a 6 acre pasture does that sound fair. The pasture has been mowed once a year for the last 2 years by me. The lady asked me if I was in need of some more storage which I am. She said I could use her barn if I would mow her pasture this year for...
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    Throttle won't stay in place

    The throttle on my 4700 wont stay wide open. As the day progressed it got worse. I have not had a chance to look at it but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what you did to fix it.
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    plot planting

    Some pictures of plot planting that my wife took. This plot is being planted in corn.
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    Running a grain auger with 4000 series

    I was planning on putting the 4700 on a grain auger this fall but the only way I know to do it is by pass the seat saftey switch as the pto won't run unless you are in the seat. Is that most of you have done or is there another way.
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    I guess I will share my stupidity

    I was using my 4x4 pickup truck this evening to pull a water tank to feed the sprayer. I was just finishing up the field and it started sprinkling so I figure I should get the truck out of the field before it starts pouring down. Before I could get to it, it started pouring down rain. I had...
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    New tractor pix

    Here are some pix of the new 4700 and the old 755. I wish the R1 tires and rims were here.
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    Planters  I really like my JD 71 planter

    We planted a wildlife plot last weekend and the best I could tell the 71 was planting as accurate as any new style planter. Plate planters always scare me because I am not used to them, but everywhere I dug the seed seemed to evenly spaced. We set our population and we knew we would be close on...
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    Well I did it

    I said I was not going to buy anything this year until the economy turned around, but it was a good deal and we have never been this busy with work before. I bought a used but well maintained 4700 4WD. We have enough contracts lined up to pay for the tractor this year and we have been asked to...
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    4700 another whats it worth post

    We had decided against buying anything this year but after pricing renting a tractor and buying we are leaning toward buying. We have signed a 5 year contract for some work so I can pay for a tractor. We found a 2000 4700 with a little over 1400 hours on it. 12 speed power reverser tranny, 4wd...
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    Jury duty

    I have been summonds for jury duty begining May 4th thru the 15th. This could not be any worse timing except during harvest. We will still be planting and I will also be planting wildlife plots. Does anyone know if there is a way to get out of serving. I could always serve later in the summer. I...
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    Does lower fuel mean lower rates

    Well in our area as in most diesel and gas are lower then a year ago. Last fall I bought off road diesel for $3.56 and this spring they filled my tank for $1.50. Gas is around $2.00 here. We have been putting some bids together for wildlife plots and I am trying to decide whether to lower them...
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    International field cultivator

    I bought a old vibra shank International field cultivator last summer. It was cut down to 6 foot for a CUT. The problem we are having is some of the shovels are running on there point and some are almost running with the point in the air. We have looked it over and all the shanks are on the...
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    Planters  J D 71 planter gears

    Can anyone tell me how many gears in a full set for a model 71 planter. Mine has 4 per row unit. I would think there should be more then that. I am trying to find something in my owners manual but I think it is missing a few pages. Thanks for any help on this in advance.
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    John Deere 855 and 856

    I was looking around on Tractor and noticed there was some John Deere 856's listed. Best I could tell the only difference in it and a 855 was the number. Does anyone know anything about them. Are they identical to the 855 or are they different.
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    Chickens aren't laying

    We have 20 hens and all the sudden we are getting about 3 eggs a day. I have talked with our feed dealer and we have changed our feed to a blend that is supposed to help but has not. Any ideas on what we could do to help this.
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    Talk about a Christmas suprise

    My wifes cousin lives in a small town of about 2500 people here in central Illinois. Her and her husband woke up Christmas morning to find someone had stole all the Christmas presents from under the tree while they were sleeping in the next room. They found all the wrapping paper in the alley...
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    Dealers how are sales during this tough time

    I have spoken with a friend who owns a couple of convience stores and a friend who has a car dealership and they both say sales are down as every other business right now. The friend in the car business says used sales are stonger then new sales but still down from normal. So my question is for...
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    Just when I thought I had seen it all

    I have been a volunteer fireman for all most 23 years now and been on every type call you can think of or at least I thought I had. I was just getting ready to walk out the door for work this morning at around 4 am when I was paged out for a train engine fire. Dispatch said that the train engine...
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    laid an old H.S. friend to rest today

    I was looking through the paper to find that an old High School buddy had died over the weekend. Acually we went back to grade school. He had a massive heart attack at the age of 43, way to young to die. All though we had went our seperate ways after High School and lost touch it was still hard...
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    Gear drive vs hydro

    We are considering buying a new or like new tractor and keeping the 755. My son is using the 755 a lot for some pretty heavy loads like the middle buster, disking, plowing etc. I love using the hydrostat for mowing, tilling, and plowing snow. Would a gear drive hold up better for heavy tillage...
  103. D

    4310 loader capacity

    My BIL is looking at a 4310 with a loader to move around 1000 LB bales of hay. I don't think it is a big enough tractor for the job. What is the lift capacity of a loader on a 4310? If the 4310 will not handle them then what would be a good model tractor and loader for the job?
  104. D

    Trying to buy a middle buster

    I went to Farm and Fleet Saturday evening to buy a KK middle buster they were sold out. The lady said that they had sold the last one earlier in the day and that thay had sold 4 this week. I drive across town to Rural King, they are sold out. Turns out they had sold 2 this week, but the lady...
  105. D

    755 John Deere what are they worth

    A guy I work with just put a 755 in a farm consignment auction. He asked me before the sale what I thought it would bring. This was a 1 owner 2wd with a 60 inch mower deck and 1400 hours. I would rate the appearence as excellent. My guess was $5500. I asked him today what it brought and he told...
  106. D

    Illinois farm land

    This past week 2 tracts of land totaling 305 acres I believe sold at auction for $8800 per acre and $9000 per acre. This is some prime farm land in Moultrie county but in the middle of no where. I can see it if it were near an area where it could be sold off to a developer but it is a long way...
  107. D

    Planters  71 J D Planter

    I was at an auction this past weekend and picked up a 2 row John Deere 71 planter. It was in boxes. It was not on the list of items for sale. I started putting it together last night I hope to have some pictures soon. I was really shocked to see it there and figured it would go high, but no one...
  108. D

    crops in your area

    The crop report that came out last week says we are going to have the second largest corn crop in history and the 4th largest soybean crop in history. Problem is everyone I have talked too and from what I have seen with my own eyes I don't think that will happen in most of Illinois. There are a...
  109. D

    High fuel prices hit home

    I work for a small trucking company. We have 15 trucks and about 15 lease trucks Monday of this week our boss announced that because of high fuel prices he was going to cut back to 5 trucks and lay off 10 drivers effective July 31st. He is also cutting out all lease trucks. He said he kept...
  110. D

    finished planting but not before the law was called on me

    I Finally finished planting this week and replanting. We are about 30 days behind on planting this year on beans because of the wet weather so this week when it finally got dry enough to go we ran hard, harder then normal. I rented a new piece of land this year near the lake with a lot of homes...
  111. D

    Planters  John deere 80 planter

    I saw a owners manual listed on e-bay for a 80 planter unit and now there is a 71 planter on an 80 frame listed. Was this a newer version of the 70 and 71 planters? I have yet to see an actual unit.
  112. D

    Planters  John deere 70 and 71 planters

    What is the major difference in the 2 planters? Do both have different population settings? Do they use the same plates as the 494's do? I am thinking about buying a 70 model. I would like to be able to change planting populations and have settings I can trust. My 494 is just guess work, I have...
  113. D

    Planters  White air planter

    I was offered up to 8 White air planter units this week. I can buy them right or I feel I can. I am told the air is ran off of electricity so that would be no problem to hook up to my 755 but I am not sure how to drive the planter unless these units have a press wheel like the deere 71's do. I...
  114. D

    do you loan your trailer out

    I posted some time back about loaning my truck and trailer to my stepdaughter and it coming home with a dent in the tail gate and some damage done to the fender on the trailer. She wanted to borrow it again and I suggested she get a uhaul and I pay for it. This seemed fair to me but she threw a...
  115. D

    Foster's in Texas

    Has anyone on here dealt with Foster's John Deere. My BIL is considering one of there package deals. I was wondereing if anyone has dealt with them how the service is and were you happy with the deal. Our local JD dealer is not even close in price with them. My BIL is going to be in Texas next...
  116. D

    New dog doesn't like neighbor

    We got a new dog from the pound back in January of this year. He is a 3 year old golden retriever. He has been the best behaved dog I have ever owned. In a couple of days he learned the boundries of our place I trained him to ride in the back of the truck, he will not get out unless he is told...
  117. D

    Plenty of water in the well

    We have an old well we use for watering our garden trees etc. on our place. It is not used for our home we have rural water for that. Most of the time if we do alot of watering we pump it dry. Thursday night I saw something I have never seen before in my life. Water was bubbling up through the...
  118. D

    Plenty of water in the well

    We have an old well we use fro watering our garden trees etc. on our place. It is not used for our home we have rural water for that. Most of the time if we do alot of watering we pump it dry. Thursday night I saw something I have never seen before in my life. Water was bubbling up through the...
  119. D

    JD shop foreman says no bio diesel

    Was at my local John Deere dealer today and we got on the subject of bio diesel and my mechanic (shop foreman) said I hope you are not using that in your 755. I have been for some time now and had no problems. He claims I will in time and is suprised I have not had any yet. He claims it is bad...
  120. D

    Planters  Another planter question

    I have a john deere 494 1 row planter. It was made with a 2 speed sprocket on what I call the driven sprocket. One is a 10 tooth and the other is a 12 tooth sprocket. The driver sprocket off of the press wheel is a 18 tooth sprocket. I am wondering what kind of populations I will get with those...
  121. D

    Planter plates

    Does anyone know how to cross reference Lustrian brand plate numbers with John Deere plate numbers? What I am looking for is a medium flat 24 cell and a medium round 24 cell plate.
  122. D

    King Kutter Disc

    I am looking at a king kutter disc. I wonder if anyone can tell me if they are any good. I am not needing a top of the line disc for what I am doing with it, but I want a decent one. I was hoping to find a used one but that is like finding a needle in a hay stack.
  123. D

    small field cultivator

    Anyone own a small field cultivator for a compact tractor. I am considering buying one for wildlife plots. The area for our wildlife plots is very hard to get to with larger equipment. I saw one on e-bay last spring and wished I would have bought it now. What is a fair price for one? And where...
  124. D

    Carpet cleaner

    My wife went with me to our local John Deere dealer and spotted their carpet cleaner. She bought a can of it and used on a spot of our carpet where my son spilled some paint when we painted his room and it brought it out. We took to her mothers house and tried it on a spot that had been there...
  125. D


    Anyone know anything about these. My neighbor has one that looks like new and would like for me to buy it. I am not sure what cat. 3 pt it has, or the HP. I am not sure what I would do with it but I would like to have it. If I could sneak it home with out the wife seeing it for a while. That is...
  126. D

    Illinois weather

    There is an old saying in Illinois that if you don't like the weather just wait because it will change tomorrow. That was the almost the case today only it changed all day long. This morning temps were in the mid to upper 40's not bad for January 29th, sun even came out for a while. Light jacket...
  127. D

    how many still own a 55 series deere

    I have thought about trading in my 755 lately but I have no problems with the one I own, and I really don't put that many hours on it anymore. My son says it is a dinosaur and that we need a new cab tractor. I am just curious how many of you still own a 6,7,8, or 955 and how many hours do you...
  128. D

    glow plugs on a 755

    Has anyone changed glow plugs on a 755 Deere? Mine are not working. I checked them out and the are getting power the light come on and goes out but they are not heating. I was wondering how hard they are to change. Is there anything else I should look at before changing them?
  129. D

    Fire wood

    What is seasoned split firewood bringing in your area. I just bought some yesterday for $80. I have not bought any for a few years because my BIL bought a place that had a lot of dead trees on it so He kept me in wood for the last 3 years. We don't burn alot of wood we only use it in our fire...
  130. D

    Plow Day a neat idea for TBNers

    I saw this in my local newspaper this morning and I wished I would have known about it sooner as it was just a few miles from my house. A group simular to TBN put on a plow day where members get together for a day of plowing with their garden tractors. This would be fun for us to do also. I...
  131. D

    go carts

    Anyone on here know anything about go cart/ dune buggy type atv's. I am looking at one from Best price ATV'S in Dallas Texas. I am having trouble finding one local with all the features they have to offer. I have looked at Rural King and I am not as impressed with theirs as I am the one in...
  132. D

    tractor salvage

    I am trying to find a salvage yard online that would have rims and tires for my 755 john deere. I am wanting to go to ag tires and I need to change rims to do so. Everywhere I have looked I have came up empty any ideas.
  133. D

    Ideas for a speciality crop

    I am needing ideas for a specialty crop on a 5 to 10 acre plot. The wife says it can not be real time consuming as we are very busy with the kids sports and she says it can not interfear with our boating time. Any ideas on what would be a good crop for a small tract in central Illinois. All that...
  134. D

    boat question

    We got our boat out for the seccond time this year and before we got out of the marina the alarm went off to let me know the motor was not getting any water and that the temp was 200. I immediately shut off the motor. My wife went and got the trailer and I tought that once the motor completely...
  135. D

    1 row planter makes lots of friends

    I got out my 1 row planter the other evening and planted in a spot that the planter had skipped for a good friend. Now I have had 3 people ask me if I could come over and do the same for them. You never know how many friends you have until you have something that is real handy like a 1 row...
  136. D

    big loads require big trucks

    I was headed home today on the interstate when a Dodge Dakota passed me pulling a big boat. I would say the boat was 24 to 26 foot long and the truck was really setting down in the back end. I noticed he was all over the road, just as he got past me he got to whipping real bad and he had both...
  137. D

    trailer wiring

    I took my truck to be serviced a couple of weeks ago and while it was there a salesman for the dealership backed into my truck and bent the bumper up and also destroyed the plugin for my trailer wiring. It was no big deal these things happen and they were more than happy to take care of the...
  138. D

    septic tank in the middle of nowhere

    Today it was so nice I decided to trim back some trees along the back side of the field and it was dry enough I just decided to drive back in my pickup. The field is a half mile back to the tree line and I would say that at the 1/4 mile line give or take a few feet I dropped the front of my...
  139. D

    Is anything made in the U.S.A.

    I want to start by saying I am not condemning anyone for buying foreign made items. I know that Kubota, Toyota, etc. have very good products as well as many other foreign companies. I have always chosen to buy American when I can to support my country and American workers just my way. My John...
  140. D

    How many of you own generators and what size?

    I was wondering how many of you own generators for an emergency power outage. I always thought that I did not need one. I always thought that I could heat my house with my fire place and a gas stove to keep the pipes from freezing and keep my family warm which I can. We have oil lamps for lights...
  141. D

    lucked out on the 1st big storm of the year

    Well Illinois was hit with its first big winter storm of the year and we were just on the edge of getting the bad stuff. We were at the hopital in Decatur this morning and I could not believe all the down trees and power lines. Decatur is about 30 mile from our home. The hospital was running on...
  142. D

    Bio diesel

    Is anyone using bio diesel? Are you having any problems with it. We have been using it in our trucks and we have had some real problems with plugged fuel filters. I have used it in my tractor with no problems so far. I have talked to 3 mechanics about the filter issue and they all ask the same...
  143. D

    Duramax and Allison tranny

    I posted a while back about getting a Chevy Duramax. I think I am ready to take the plunge and buy one. I looked at one today and have made the deal but I was wondering if all Duramax trucks have the Allison as standard equipment. I looked at the truck on the net when I got home and there is no...
  144. D

    Unusual row of bird nests

    This is a picture taken from our boat looking up at an old railroad trestle here on Lake Shelbyville (Illinois). My wife first noticed this odd formation of bird nests - it blends in with the architecture of the bridge. We didn't know what to make of it at first and had many suggestions on...
  145. D

    You have never seen a tator like this

    This was a sweet potatoe grown in my Father-in-laws garden. If you are easily offended you may not want to look.
  146. D

    You might be a redneck if

    you look forward to going to a national out house festival. Today the wife and I are going to a National out house festival in Greenville Illinois. I have no clue what to expect but we are looking forward to it. There is supposed to be some antique farm equipment there along with an outhouse...
  147. D

    What will keep snakes away

    We have been finding snakes up near our foundation all summer in our land scape. This morning was the final straw for me when I found one coming up the front porch steps as I was going down. They all have been garter snakes so far. I don't want to kill them as much as I hate them I know they are...
  148. D

    new critter

    I was working in the yard the other evening with my wife and all the sudden she lets out a scream. I turned around and thought what I was seeing was a snake but after a closer look it had legs. It was about 5 inches long and had a bright blue tail. She went to get the camera but by the time she...
  149. D

    towing a large boat

    I know this is a tractor web site but I always get good advice on here so here is my question. We are thinking about buying a boat that weighs about 5800 lbs. I have a 2004 Chevy 1500 4x4 with the towing package. We live roughly 7 mile from the ramp we always use on the lake. Is my truck enough...
  150. D


    Has anyone had any expierence using a gill? Will they help level up the ground or would a box blade be better? Are they good for preparing a seed bed for grass? I helped out a friend yesterday with his yard he has new constrution and he had big chunks of dirt all over the place. the ground was...
  151. D

    leveling attachment for tiller

    I never liked the way my tiller left a rut where the depth runners ran through the soil so here is what I did to fix it. I wish I would have used heavier pipe but it works real well in fine soil.
  152. D

    small town fun

    I just got home from our annual spores and more festival. This year they decided to have a bed race and our Fire dept. entered a team and I was one of the team members. I had never heard of such an event and had no clue what to expect. The bed looked like a normal bed but with caster wheels. 4...
  153. D

    How many plug ins is too many

    I am just getting around to wiring my pole barn I put up in the fall of 2004. I made up my mind that I wanted plenty of electrical outlets and lights. I have been catching alot of slack over the amount of outlets I wired in. I went with a plug in every 8 foot (one on every pole) and in the 16...
  154. D

    24D question

    I used up all my 24D last summer so I went to Farm and Fleet to get some more and I couldn't remember if I used amine or the LV400 on our lawn for weeds. I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference. What do most of you use and what is the difference?
  155. D

    New neighbor

    I just learned this evening that our neighbor across the road is going to sell his house and move to the city. They have been perfect neighbors, always willing to lend a hand when you need one but not in your business all the time. I look at all the horror stories on here about bad neighbors and...
  156. D

    About to lose a loyal friend

    My old dog that I have had for the last 16 years is about to die. She won't eat and is getting weaker all the time. I watched her today and she can't walk, her back legs just don't work. She seems to be in no pain. I don't hear her whine or wimper. I have thought about having her put down but I...
  157. D

    Newsweek story

    Has anyone read the the story about compact tractors in the March 13th edition of Newsweek. I tried to scan in the article but I was unsuccessful I will try it again later. It says a growing number of hobby farmers and even people with normal lawns are buying CUT's Last year 900,000 garden...
  158. D

    Spring fever

    Has anyone else got spring fever besides me? I did get out and do some plowing in the pasture where we are going to plant some sweet corn this spring. It was really nice to spend some time on the tractor, the weather was pretty nice for it. Today we are having rain, sleet, and snow. Like they...
  159. D

    new toy

    I bought a 1 row John Deere planter on ebay and picked it up over the weekend. I met a real good guy and hope to buy some other items from him in the future. I talked to my neighbor a week ago and was telling him that I was bidding on one and he wants me to plant some wild life plots and a sweet...
  160. D

    What a sleepless night

    Last night at a quarter after 12 the phone rang. I answer thinking it can only be bad news at this hour. Some one on the other end of the starts slurring out how he knows that his wife is in bed with me. I tell him the only wife in bed with me is mine and he must have the wrong number and hang...
  161. D

    wild life plots

    I have been approached about planting some wild life plots for my neighbor and his son. They also want me to plant some sweet corn for them about an acre. These plots are about an acre a piece but I can't get to them with the big tractor and planter so I will be forced to use my 755 and one row...
  162. D

    Deck design

    I would like to start by saying Merry Christmas to all of you. I am going to build a roof over our hot tub on our deck, but I am wanting to put some sort of sky lights in the roof. I don't want to use sky lights like you would use in a pole barn and I am not sure if I want ones like I have in...
  163. D

    First good snow of the year

    Well we got our first good snow of the year in central Illinois. I went out and plowed out our driveways and a couple of our neighbors and then about an hour later the wind picked up and blew it all back in. I guess I can go out tomorrow and do it all over again. I don't know what it is about...
  164. D

    3320 with comfort guard cab

    Has anyone priced the new 3320 with a cab? I was wondering how much the cab added to the price.
  165. D

    another question about engine oil

    A friend of mine is going to start selling Archer oil and wants me to give it a try. Do any of you know anything about it or better yet use it? I am happy with what I am using but if it is good I am willing to try it.
  166. D

    creating more storage

    I need to make more storage in my pole barn. I am thinking about adding a loft and some shelving that i can store some smaller implements under like the the ones for my CUT. Anyone have some ideas or pictures of ideas that you may have added to your pole barns.
  167. D

    Getting ready for winter

    Well its that time of year I hate. I have been washing and greasing equipment to put away for the winter. I think I am about done. The worst part about winter is there isn't much to do on a tractor except plow snow and I don't want any of it. I am trying something different this year with my...
  168. D

    fair price for a plow

    I bought a cat. 1 3pt 1 bottom plow in very good shape this weekend at a sale for $100. Does this sound like a fair price. I brought it home and started plowing with it, it does a real nice job. I also thought about buying a Big Ox brand bush hog but I don't know of any dealers for them in my...
  169. D

    head versus 3ph =stitches

    Yesterday I decided to revamp a case sleve hitch to fit on the 3ph on my 755. My father in law said it was a waste of time, but I thought it was Saturday and it would be a fun project. After looking at one of the posts on here about another plow that had been modified to work on a Kubota I was...
  170. D

    Duramax and diesel prices

    I was thinking seriously about buying a Duramax as I posted a few months a go, but we got busy with harvest and I haven't had time to look around for awhile. Last night I noticed in town diesel was 80 cents higher then regular unleaded. I don't know if this a passing thing or is it going to stay...
  171. D

    Planters  1 row planter

    My neighbor has a 1 row Allis Chalmers planter with a cat, 1 3ph. He asked me to make an offer on it. The planter is weathered but some paint would fix that. It is in good working condition and he has a corn and bean plate for it. What would be a fair price for it?
  172. D

    corn harvest off to a good start

    We started harvesting corn Tuesday and it is hard to believe how the corn has dried. Last week we checked some and it was 22% and by Tuesday it was 18 to 19%. Everything is going smooth so far. Our fuel man says he may not be able to get us enough fuel to do any fall tillage. Our forecast is hot...
  173. D

    propane contract

    I got my propane contract today. I can lock it in at 1.459. That is better then I thought it would be but .17 higher then last year. Has anyone else priced propane in their area?
  174. D

    duramax diesels

    I figure this question has been asked before and from what I have read some people are ready to go back to a gas burner, but for me I thought it might be cheaper to go diesel. I am spending a lot on gas these days as most people are. I considered a small pickup but it won't handle the work I do...
  175. D

    new grass

    Everyone says fall is the best time to sew new grass seed. I was wondering what the window would be here in central Illinois. When would be latest to do it. I am planning on running a new electric line the first part of October so I wanted to wait until it was finished. Would that be to late?
  176. D

    new gate in the fence

    We have been so busy with little league that our yard was starting to look really bad. We have had a game everyday for the last 11 days. We got home the last night at 8:30 so I decided to take advantage of what day light we had left. I was mowing and it got dark so I turned on the head lights...
  177. D

    Why do people do this?

    The other day I was mowing the a road side ditch that I have mowed for 20 plus years. The bank is not to steep but a little bit of an angle you want to be cautious on it. I was mowing along and all the sudden I felt the lean way over there was a new tile hole there that I couldn't see for the...
  178. D

    what brand of oil

    I am sure this has been talked about before but I was wondering what weight and brand oil do most of you use in your small diesel tractors? I just switched to Shell rotella 15w40. Do any of you use this?
  179. D

    small balers

    I thought a while back I ran across a small baler that would work behind a 20 to 30 hp tractor but now I can not find it. Was I dreaming or is there such an animal.
  180. D

    tractor over heats

    I have a 755. After using it an hour or so it gets hot if you are pulling it. I don't me over pulling it just normal use like mowing or tilling. The first thing I did was check the coolant and then washed the radiator out real good. I went back out and tried it and the same story after about an...
  181. D

    How much should I charge

    I had a guy approach me about bush hogging some empty lots he owns about 4 times a year. These are all good flat level areas that are commercial for sale. The total acres is about 3.75. I figure he would have to spend about $50 an acre to have them mowed on a weekly basis and we mow her about 30...
  182. D

    Tiller  Tiller is all most paid for

    I got my new Caroni tiller 3 or 4 weeks ago and my neighbers started asking me to till their gardens. My wife suggested I run an ad in the newspaper. If I can stay as busy as I have been I will probably pay for it this weekend. Maybe I should have bought it a long time ago.
  183. D

    Heat pumps

    I hope this is the right thread for this question. We are considering a heat pump for next winter. We can get a rate of 4 cents per kw from our power company for switching and this would also apply for our cooling plus a $250 rebate from the power company for switching over. We live in central...
  184. D

    modifing tiller

    My tiller seems to leave ridges where the skid plates run. I am thinking about widening the leveling board. Does anyone else have this problem with their tiller or has anybody widened the leveler?
  185. D

    Garden problem

    We have lived here for about 4 years now. Our garden spot has a lot of clay in it from where we tore down the old house that use to be here. We have had good luck growing every thing except green beans. They seem to be plentiful but lack flavor. We have tried every brand out there Top Crop, Blue...
  186. D

    Turbo charger

    I have noticed that some of the new models have a turbo charger. Is it possible to add a turbo to older diesel models like a 755 Deere?
  187. D

    Tiller  Caroni tiller

    Does anyone know much about Caroni tillers? I will only be tilling my garden and about a half acre for our sweet corn patch. I can't see spending a lot of money on one for no more then I will be using it. Our local farm store has these for around $900. Is this wise or should I spend more money...
  188. D

    lawn roller

    Does anyone know where you can buy a lawn roller that ways around 1500 pounds and if so what they would cost?