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    Got a deal today, i think…..

    Brush deck mostly,pm if preferred
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    RK21H Brake Stuck

    No specific help to share but the tym or general subcompact forum might have more eyeballs on your problem most will have a similar brake setups A few have a connecting rod and 3-5 holes to attach the through bolt to you may be looking at just moving to the next hole once you get eyes on the...
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    Got a deal today, i think…..

    Got a ballpark # in mind?
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    I broke it again.

    The 242x has significantly higher COG than the 425. I use my 425 uneven terrain all the time never flipped.
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    Does Power Trac advertise at all anymore?

    As far as I'm aware, they do continue to advertise in some trade publications to utilities, municipal buyers etc.
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    RK37 vs TYM/Branson 3515

    That is continuous flow but will just rotate a bit slower. These tractors are not throwing skid steer, or even mini skidsteer class flow at an implement... So you're able run things like broom, auger, grapple more so than say a hydraulic trencher or power rake... Fwiw, I've had nothing but good...
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    RK55HC No Power from Pedal

    Low hydraulic oil can absolutely do that. Check to be sure you don't have a hydraulic lever stuck in detent on the rear... You get weird hydraulic results in general like that. Reverse too? Parking brake hung?
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    Power trac PT418 Kubota conversion $1500, not mine

    Lol. I don't Facebook. Where's it located?
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    RK55 Oil leak at hydraulic rear end plate

    Thanks for the update and pics. Good luck with it. 🤞
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    Looking for specs on pump motor

    They used the Parker MGG series for that. 0.6 displacement is what I used to convert a chipper. 0.58 is available now at surplus center. Close enough. There are compatible knock offs for the Parker. Assuming the yazoo was gas, direct drive you're looking for up to 3600rpm. If diesel more like...
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    Heres a solution to one of my problems

    Did the same and welded notched pipe on the outer stems....then filled with ultra-seal from gempler's ...not a flat in years on 2 425s and an 1850.
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    PT 425 - repower options (Kohler 25hp)

    I've posted them in the past. I'll try to get more while servicing it this month.
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    Hillside brush cutting power and stability 425/1430/1445

    Factory wheel motors. It's the larger series pt started using. Literally runs circles around our cuts.... For utility jobs. Will get some more pics while apart for end of season service.
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    PT 425 - repower options (Kohler 25hp)

    Lol heard, it'll be an estate sale.
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    PT 425 - repower options (Kohler 25hp)

    Several years ago, I replaced the Robin in my 425 w a Kubota 25hp.the weight, torque and fuel economy are fantastic. Added a couple of inches to the rear of the pt. Fuel tank went to the top of the engine cover. Can't stall the engine. My setup was all pumps on once side of the engine, so found...
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    Hillside brush cutting power and stability 425/1430/1445

    Wider stance and the flexibility of the 4ply tire will improve, ride, tip over risk, and only compromise traction at the extremes. Chain, or non metal versions can replace the traction. I've had great luck with gemplers ultraseal for ballast and puncture prevention. I run a 425 convertered...
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    Anyone in Pacific NW purchasing from Power Trac?

    Fwiw, Any hydraulic sweeper of compatible width 4' ish for the 425 will do. The standard mini skidsteer flow is 10gpm, I've converted a few tools w no issues. power-trac will sell you the qa plate Just an idea that might expand options.
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    Rk55 forestry hardening

    Lol. Check the dates... It's been longer. I put some expanded metal to back the grapple. And we made a simple guard for the filters under the cab. Those extra hydraulic ports allow me to use the loader control for the top/tilt cylinders on the rear.
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    Chaffing hose guard at center pivot, big problems if unattended?

    I've actually gotten a magical stick poke to a hose through there. Sleeve it this winter or when ever your bigger maintenance window is and forget about it.
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    Steering cylindar leaking oil

    If this one had a nick to the rod, and the other doesn't, I wouldn't mess with it. If it was just leaking due to age worn seals... Probably do both... It's one of those things where you're gonna be wrong either way lol.
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    PT 1850 mower stopped suddenly.

    The couple times I had this issue on different equipment, I never saw the suspect. But checking the relief valve and cleaning it solved the problem. So don't necessarily expect a gotcha moment. +1 on the brake fluid. It's gone by the time you reassemble.
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    PT 1850 mower stopped suddenly.

    Stuck relief valve?
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    PT 1850 mower stopped suddenly.

    If the coupling looks OK externally... Could be the set screw/key on the coupler.
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    RK25 fuel shut off solenoid won't allow engine start

    Sounds like a flaky relay bill. See if you can find a worrying diagram for the equivalent tym. The engine is different, not much else is. I keep a spare 'known good relay' handy to swap and test . If it is a relay the numbers on top will lead you to a replacement one.
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    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    After 2 dead gas engines.... I have a honda in one and a Kubota in another 425. Not drop in, but not especially complex. Swaps are covered in the forum
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    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I had similar issues with my 1850 until filling with gemplers ultra seal. No more issues.
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    LOUD in the cab. Can you hear the radio??

    It's not especially loud but the speakers are not very good. I use the radio occasionally, but generally wear bluetooth noise canceling headphones that offer about 30nrr
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    Back Hoes for RK tractors

    I have an rk55 and bh. If not compatible, the mod should be very basic. There's not a lot to the frame, it's meaty.... Just not complicated.
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    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I put a marguard (bullet proof polycarbonate) on my 1850 when I mated a 5.5ft flail mulcher to it. Keeps me from getting whacked.
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    Changing my 425’s Hydraulic fluid.

    Change it. You'll sleep better. Lol. If it's clear the mossroad method should be fine. If it's low, milky at all find/fix where the leak or water is coming from and change (or process) the fluid. The mods recommended like adding a tank magnet etc are good advice
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    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I have a similar array of machines and attachments. I think the OP is likely in need of a rental mini ex w thumb if that's a one time job. A 425 just doesn't have the mass to anchor a winch well IMO. The pt is the primary machine on some jobs and sites and the 2nd machine on pretty much all...
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    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions
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    Pt 425 stump grinder

    Terry will probably answer the rpm question.
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    RK24H Dead?

    Ask them for pics of the fuel-water. It's bs.
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    PT422 at online auction

    Agreed also has the ribbon eh72. Pt425
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    pt1430 wont go forward or backward basically stuck in front yard

    A set of purpose made hydraulic wrenches is a worthwhile investment.
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    RK24H Dead?

    Hope they answer fix and get it back quickly.... Update us pls
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    RK24H Dead?

    I don't have the same tractor but I had a fuel shut off solenoid go bad and shut down 2 out of 4 cylinders... The result was exactly what you describe. Run on (dieseling) and white smoke Dramatic but am easy fix and no lasting issues. Good luck .
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    RK55 Oil leak at hydraulic rear end plate

    Thanks for the detailed post. Sorry for your find, hope you're trouble free a while.
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    RK55 with 8.5 backhoe -- very weak

    I'm sure that's frustrating. Tractor has been great. Good luck .
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    RK55 with 8.5 backhoe -- very weak

    Absolutely normal, just didn't want you tripped up on something simple but hard to see. I think you'll be happier with the smaller bucket. The one that came with the bh is, let's say ambitious for my soil too. Swapped to a smaller bucket, it's a competent digger and truck loader. We use a v...
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    RK55 with 8.5 backhoe -- very weak

    How many remotes do you have on the rear of the tractor? Check they are in the neutral position. Mine are touchy and rear lift/bh act as you describe on my 55 when one of the remotes is accidentally in detent position.
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    PT1850 Tilt Seat Issues

    In a similar scenario one of the wire ends in the black box did not survive being disturbed after 20 years in place.
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    RK 24 parts

    Tym/Mahindra distribution is high speed in my experience (rk is rebadged tym) . Both dealers have been happy to help w parts.
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    Replacement tires

    My standards are low....did I get back on the truck? If yes, then win.
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    Replacement tires

    I've pulled crazy sticks, rebar, glass and other tire killers out of my 1850 tires without a flat since....ultraseal from Gempler's
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    1845 Smoking Bad

    Also check the tubes that move oil to the oil cooler. Mine (1850)have gotten loose and let dripping oil hit the exhaust.
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    1850 Coming up for sale

    Hi gang, I'll likely be parting with my 2000-ish Power-Trac TSM Slope mower 1850 this spring, likely on the market in April, looking for input on price or interest. About 1700h, well maintained ready for work. No mower will accompany this machine since I'll be keeping the converted flail mower...
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    pt425 not starting, lights won't turn on either, thinking it's electrical

    I've had a lot of terminal cables go bad in the last few years and am unsurprised by your find. I've started resealing the terminations with heat shrink and the problem seems to be better....keep the moisture out.
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    FYI: 2445 in TN for sale
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    Looking for Sweeper for my PT-425

    There's one once eBay rn. It's in Virginia... But ask. Pallet shipping is reasonable again.
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    425 - model year changes and price check

    My 425, purchased new in 2013 had them and I was told model was unchanged in the few years prior. I also have an older 4xx and it did not have the larger motors. Definitely a difference.
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    R4 versus R14 tires on RK37

    Fwiw, on my rk55, I got r4 instead of the preferred r14 or r1, due to availability... Pleasantly surprised, the tractor is very sure footed and pretty easy on the ground.
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    Hydraulic tank leaks

    My cap stopped breathing and I was getting the issue you described. New cap, cleaned everything. Any heat tolerant, non fouling thread sealer is fine. I switched to a synthetic seal.
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    425 PTO GPM mad PSI?

    I'd hate to see the hose!
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    425 PTO GPM mad PSI? I use this calculator to determine hydraulic motor. If you need 540rpm (to convert a farm implement) you want about a 3.4 cubic inch displacement 55cc. Post a new thread if you need input on a specific setup.
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    Grapple Options

    It's pretty light, maybe 200#. For brush you'd still have decent capacity They're more likely to sell you one w no plate and the plate separately... It is bolt on anyway...
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    Grapple Options

    If you're looking to move a lot of brush, some trunk parts, I find the grapple bucket limiting bit adequate for occasional yard/property chores. For work, a dedicated brush grapple is worth investing in. On my 1850 I use the 34" one from pallet forks. Com. On the 425 the power trac made...
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    Where to find PT425 48" Mower Deck Blades

    The pricing helps make me nostalgic. Lol
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    1978 Terramite 4 Hydrulic problem

    Does it tram well even if it's a hill or over an obstacle that requires pressure? If you're only losing curl/cylinder function you might have a sticky relief though you should be able to hear it squealing. It sounds like you're building up heat in the fluid maybe. Open all the access panels...
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    Near new Deutz diesel Power Trac 1430 and attachments for sale in NC

    If you have ongoing auger needs... That one is easy mod for excavator use. Judging by the type of rock, you may be talking about a big excavator tho.
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    RK19 Has this happened to you

    I hope he gets some help but... It's a dead end unless the dealer also set up the shaft and implement. Matched and appropriate setup aren't the same.
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    422 fan thermostat / fuse

    The thermal switch in mine went bad and the pto switch was on its last... I replaced them with a 3 position switch on the dash. Now I control the fan. Off, on (fan only), on fan+pto
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    Bora spacer mounting bolt thread

    Looks like a single offset to aid in traversing slope.
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    Predator yay or nay

    Got the pm delete/edit this.
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    Predator yay or nay

    The gx630 is a 21. Never noticed a significant power loss except with the trencher. Thrifty, reliable engine. The seller is a maintenance/service Mgr for united rentals. Not a lemon dealer. If you're interested in them pm. Happy to help. Nothing in it for me... The predators are OK....don't...
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    rk25 bucket not level

    Thx for the update. Everybody else waiting for the mobile service guy appreciates your patience!
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    5' King Kutter bent bush hog Lift Arm Brace

    Good eye ruff dog. These bend so other things don't, resist the temptation to reinforce that stay. Replace it with a new one. Keep the olds as spares. Also if you're unfamiliar with running a brush deck, mind that when you turn sharply the leading edge wants to dive. Lift a bit, turn, lower...
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    RK24 Hydraulic failure

    There are often multiple reliefs in the system. Under that nut is either a relief or an adjustment for the divider. I think you're on the right track. That lil plug w oring could be a bleeder. It's possible that air was introduced to the system during filter change and pushed out at the oring...
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    Predator yay or nay

    Give your gf the Honda gx series the predator is based on. I've used both in several repowers and way better service from the Honda. A guy near me has 2 gx630 engines for 700. Brand new and one w 10h for 600. From an abandoned project. Near Burlington NC. I could get them as close to you as...
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    RK24 Hydraulic failure

    I suggest posting this in the hydraulics forum for a wider range of eyeballs on the question. It sounds like excess pressure. You may have a relief valve stuck. You can buy, make or get a shop to use a pressure test gage to verify the spike in pressure. Could be the result of a collapsed or...
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    Bolt on blade for buckets

    Same happens to mine. I repaired it and braced it with a steel 'x' across the bottom.... Helps. We tend to use a mini skidsteer land plane now. Built to backdrag and works on the same cheese slicer concept. Easy to fab or relatively low cost purchase. has them..
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    FEL joy stick.

    Teflon tape will do the same for you if you have that handy and not the loctite.
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

    Well pulling it w a truck is definitely not helping the wheel motors unless you are also finding the patience to deal with the tow instructions. The cylinders are made by pt in house, unless something there changed. You can get like size one elsewhere I guess but the should match... So that's...
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    1430 Duetz starting issues

    We're screwed when Terry retires. Unless maybe MR is looking to relocate. :unsure:
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    TYM T25/RK25 attachment compatibility

    Great question. Definitely a gray area. See if you can get a manual or parts diagram emailed by each seller. The fit up at the tractor is likely the same the rest could be different. Fwiw, the local Mahindra dealer has been helpful in finding parts for my rk55 in the tym database. They knew...
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    FEL joy stick.

    I have done so on other machines. There's no reason it would hurt. Anything to dampen the vibration getting telegraphed to that handle should help.
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    425 60" mower motor

    There's adequate hp. I've converted 540rpm attachments for hydraulic use by selecting a hydraulic motor that has a bearing for side loads to produce near 540 at the pt's rated flow. Then we coupled the hydraulic motor to the gearbox using chain. That leaves all the implement engineering in...
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    Older better than newer?

    Also, Pt is a very fair priced shop. I've taken two machines to them and was very pleased with the rate and turnaround time. Worth considering the to overhaul. They'll sell you that qa plate or any parts you need...
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    425 60" mower motor

    Good info. Thx for sharing. I'm putting those numbers here, so search engines can see them... : SER X0411 04478 BUILD INFO : MGG20025 BB1A3 Surplus center is a good source of these if you need. But power-trac does a pretty good job of fair parts pricing and I buy from them when I can.
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    Power Trac help

    That number is your serial number. Give it to Terry and Keith, they'll help you sort out parts.
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    PT-184 engine swap

    They'll absolutely sell you what you want to upgrade. I've converted several machines from different manufacturers to run pt equipment. And many implements for skid steer and tractor to use on pt. It's worth upgrading to hydraulic quick attach while you're at it.
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    Rk55 hydraulic side link

    Brand: Agristore USA Category 1 Hydraulic Top Link 20 7/8" - 31 7/8" Category 1 Hydraulic Top Link 20... Category 1 Hydraulic Top Link 20 7/8" - 31 7/8" : Industrial & Scientific Hose kit Hydraulic Top Link Valve Type Hose Kit Hydraulic Top Link Valve Type Hose Kit ...
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    Rk55 hydraulic side link

    I'll get you the details asap. Side and top link.
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    New gas cap for PT-425

    Any vented cap that fits should be fine. I've had no leakage w the original cap since I replaced the cork-like gasket w a gas tolerant sealant. I have the plastic tank.
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    1997 T5C hydraulics Problem

    You may have a sticky, stuck relief valve. Cross your fingers, that's cheap. If your machine will lift its rear on the stabilizers, check that the pedal is in complete control of the tram lever on the pump body. I had a broken roll pin that was causing the lever the pedal controls to judder...
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    Rk55 chains?

    Hi Anyone running chains on a 55? Looking for size and brand recommendations. Thx
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    Skid Steer Quick Connect On Terramite

    I made this mod and I think posted pics of you search my posts in this forum. The biggest single piece of advice... Switch to 2 loader tilt cylinders. When I first put on my tilt tach plate from titan, I had just one cylinder and quickly pretzled it. The lowest cost path to skidsteer...
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    Terramite Tires

    You might want to check out the turf tires available for fairway mowers. I found a pair of fronts from a ransomes 250 fit my needs.
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    Buying Advice Belly mower and rear pto question

    Thanks, that's what I'm looking for. Last one in that class I had was a PITA to switch. It was old...the mid was clearly an after thought.
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    Buying Advice  Belly mower and rear pto question

    Hi all Lots of equipment and experience but I'm newly in the market for a 20-30 hp (engine) property maintenance tractor and have a usability question. The terrain is suitable for 2wd and belly mower. The tractor is likely to see 3-400h/year. Used or new is fine. I'm after a hydro trans...
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    1430 good deal or no

    When I lose climbing power in my 1850, oil temp is usually the culprit. Specifically, the fins of the oil coolers have become clogged w mowing debris.
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    RK25 and skid steer compatibility

    If you ever need them for repair or adaptation the ssqa plates from titan are good.
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    Anyone have 300+ hours on their RK55?

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm around 250 and no tractor issues to speak of. Generally good interactions with rk, tho their staffing struggles are apparent. If your rk store is a problem, try the nearest tym and Mahindra dealers. I had a problem (self inflicted) they knew the...
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    RK25 and skid steer compatibility

    Universal is a moving target in the ss world. It's getting closer. I've modded several to fit by enlarging, adding holes. Never had a problem, but none of my machines are at the upper end of the ssqa capacity. The 25 is pretty low on the capacity scale for ss attachments so you should have a...
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    PT425 ran great yesterday, won't start today and backfiring through the carb

    Same except then mine blew and I replaced it with a Kubota. Runs like a top, even in cold weather. Haven't stalled it in several years...not even sure I can. :)
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    1430 good deal or no

    I'm definitely +1 on m5040's approach. PT is very reasonable and efficient for servicing.
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    Power Trac Maximum Slope Capability Questions

    I've converted several tool carriers to remote control. On a power trac both the steering and drive present expensive problems due to the variability of the flow. On/off controls are relatively easy to deal with and affordable. Fine control and proportional flow are expensive and relatively...
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    Real world RK ownership Experience

    My experience with the tractor (rk55) 200h now, and store, Martinsville, VA has been great. The store, like a lot of places, has struggled with staffing during covid. But the few needs I have had were met and felt like a priority. Idk about the rk37, but the local Mahindra dealer is...
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    Got a 1430, looking for pallet fork recommendations

    The machine/carrier (pt1430) in question is rated to lift 1200#, so power trac would not label them any higher regardless of the capacity.
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    Got a 1430, looking for pallet fork recommendations

    I 2nd the 3pt to ssqa approach. I've been happy enough with the forks I have from (check their scratch and dent) If I bought again, I'd get adjustable width ones.
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    Front window for mini-x Polycarbonate or Acrylic?

    I'm building my 3rd 'windshield' for a piece of equipment. Mainly to protect from mowing/mulching w front mount attachments. My preferred material is lexan w margard, impact and abrasion resistant. Lots of brush and limb contact, very little wear. I use .375 thickness...
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    Replacement TC5 Steering wheel.

    I found the Jacobsen/ransomes fairway mowers to fit.
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    Terramite T5, are they really that bad?

    Any pics of that setup?
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    Rk55 backhoe 8.5

    If any rk55 owners have an interest in a backhoe attachment, I'm planning to let an unused one go soon. I bought it with my rk55 in January and have only used it to test getting it on and off the tractor. I added an excavator to my lineup and the bh is just going to be idle. PM me. Can load...
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    Backhoe control valve replacement T5B

    IMHO you're on the right track. I've had great service and support from hydraulic-master which is based in Poland and provides great service. Summit also does well. I added a hydraulic thumb to mine. I don't know how old your unit is but consider replacing any hoses. Adapters add up fast and...
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    Oil & Fuel RK37 Shuttle shift 50 hour service

    +1 on the dye. I've learned this on other machines w tricky sight glasses... Trouble saver.
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    Powertrac Service on my PT 2425

    I've had good service experience too. About as stand up a group of people as you'll encounter.
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    Tym has also made some of the Mahindra models.
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    I've had very positive experiences with and feedback from the Mahindra and tym dealers in my area. When I had a need arise far from an rk. Self inflicted... Not a tractor failure. Rk was helpful in the phone and the others in person. Both said they'd work on the tractor if needed. Mahindra guys...
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    Chain hooks and tooth bar for RK37 bucket?

    Nothing about the Bolt-on hooks prevents you from using a back plate.
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    Chaining down a Power Trac

    I have d-rings on the 425 & trailer jack mounts welded to the 1850. The jack mounts allow me to raise the rear using a trailer jack for tire/wheel changes or to insert a traction aid if I get bogged. The jack mounts with a pin through them are easy to strap into.
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    Chain hooks and tooth bar for RK37 bucket?

    If the grapple itself seems like a reach, maybe consider an add-a grapple type setup, and the front Hydraulics, you'll never regret having the hydraulic option in the front. You can have rk add the hyd and do the grapple later when $ allows. A grapple is an indispensable part of my bushogging...
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    Pto rpm question

    The mechanical pto of a tractor provides a shaft you connect to a gear box on an implement. In the US the shaft is generally rotating at 540, sometimes 1000 rpm. The gear box determines the implement rotation speed. Slow with high torque for an auger, fast with less torque for a
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    Overgrown Hilly clearing with RK37 Hydro Cab

    Consider hiring a forestry mulcher for a day or two. Watch a few vids on their capabilities and see if they match your need. They can open things up and let you focus your equipment on its best uses.
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    2015-2017 PT-425 Battery

    Batteries plus stores are very helpful in this scenario... Tell them you'd like as many cranking amps as you can get in that form factor. Their warranty is also fantastic.
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    Value of 2008 PT-425 With Seized Motor

    My Robin died w 325h on it and my Kubota repower has given great service.... But was a lot of work. I understand the hesitation. Have you looked into shipping it to Tazewell? If you can load it on your end, they can lift it off on their end. Confirm, but they got my 1850 off when I broke it in...
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    Repower or Sell PT-425...?

    It's easy to catastrophize silly stuff when recovering from a breakdown!
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    RK55 Hydrostatic 50-hour Service: My first big RK post

    There's no problem with warranty if you do the service. I was told that by the local rk. The reason I took mine to the store was to get their experience on initial service and things to check... Sure enough they tightened up a couple things and reseated the engine cover panels to solve an...
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    Love it but regret it

    The shop at my local rk is nearly in visible from the retail area.
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    Love it but regret it

    Try your nearest Mahindra or tym dealer.
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    Love it but regret it

    It's a common tire size. Throw your money elsewhere.
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    Love it but regret it

    It is hit or miss between covid, staffing and locations, but my VA store has been pretty solid. FYI I did discover that the local Mahindra dealer had me covered on filters, fluid and general knowledge for the 55 since they have a tym built version they sell.
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    If it's a bolt on plate, usually remove and clean the piece and it's place. Good chance to flush out the old fluid, replace. Gasket maker and reinstall.
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    Automatic pto kicking on and off rk 55

    Check that the spring behind the top link mount is not jammed up. It activates the switch. If it can move when you expect it to...Great. I'm not near my tractor atm but there may be different holes for different actuation positions. Mine acted like this with one mower, that has a very short pto...
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    I might have a t5 bucket. I definitely have a T6 bucket (60" wide). I'm in NC. Pm me your contact and I'll check on the t5 bucket this weekend. Any competent fabricator can adapt something for you. I highly recommend converting to skidsteer quick attach.
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    PowerTrac Specific Modifications

    I use yellow led work lights on my trucks and equipment... Makes a big difference on the bugs.
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    Fuel Line size for the 1850

    Ah. As long as it's German you're good right? Lol
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    Fuel Line size for the 1850

    I think I just have plain vanilla 1/4 and 5/16 on mine.
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    Oil & Fuel RK37 Cab Fuel Gauge

    It might have a bad ground or contact. As a back up, You can replace the cap with a cap with a gage built in. Just have to determine what depth.
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    Side mounted fire starter. Red Hot exhaust

    There's also excess heat in the tub. I added a fan (like the cooler fan) to the side. Helps.
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    PT 425 Kohler 25 HP Engine

    Maybe you're ready to sit on my 1850. It might fit you just right.
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    PT 425 Kohler 25 HP Engine

    Traveling in a straight line is overrated.
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    Rk55 ignition switch

    No. All good. It's ground might not be making good contact. Likely a wiring harness, sometimes those need a nudge. If the whole ignition is loose and turning a bit something could easily have wiggled loose on the back.
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    PT1850 Tilt Seat Mercury Switch Adjustment

    Pretty much
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    PT1850 Tilt Seat Mercury Switch Adjustment

    I upgraded my seat to a suspension seat and it works well together. The little motion as the seat absorbs bumps seems to improve the response of the tilt switch. I've also learned to kind of reflexively twitch the steering wheel a bit that motion wiggles the machine and me and the tilt catches up.
  137. A

    PT1850 Tilt Seat Mercury Switch Adjustment

    Mine mercury bulbs are mounted on a pinch bolt that you can turn. I'm not near it or I'd send a pic... They'll be oriented in something like a 'V' but they're more tinker than science. Put some one in the seat, adjust (carefully), have them wiggle if the seat doesn't respond. Mine are not...
  138. A

    t5b jerks up hill and runs away down hill

    Yeah it's one of those things that never breaks or doesn't look broken when it does so none of us considered it. It's not a spring it's a roll pin. Some people call them spring pins. It goes through the shaft that connect the pedal to the hydraulic Trans pump. (tram) the kind of thing that you...
  139. A

    t5b jerks up hill and runs away down hill

    I had a similar problem on my T6 and it was driving me crazy. After ruling out the basics:fluid, levels etc... We pulled out the trans assembly and I took it for service they found nothing charged me an hour for looking. We fiddled around a bit before we put it back in and out fell half a...
  140. A

    PT 422 fuel tank

    Somewhere as far as possible from the engine compartment. ;-)
  141. A

    Interesting attachment

    Keep an eye on ebay etc for hydraulic chainsaw or polesaw or brush cutter. I have one of each they run well at low idle on the 425. They're rated for 4-8gpm at 2000 psi so our 4xx system is close. Seals are usually the cause of any leaks, stanley and Greenlee are largely the same products and...
  142. A

    HELP! PTO quit mid-job!

    Great forum, great people.
  143. A

    HELP! PTO quit mid-job!

    +1 on the voltage. Great info above. I've definitely been through a few switches for the pto. And once, the wire running between the two halves of the machine shorted... But I've stuffed more in that sleeve (extra hydraulic circuit) than the factory so that's not likely your issue.
  144. A

    In search of

    Can you rent them for a mini skidsteer in your area? An adapter plate isn't hard to make up.
  145. A

    Trans-Hydraulic fluid

    The rk55 is intended to use any fluid meeting the John Deere J-20C standard. I was told this in a June 2021 phone call by the mechanic in the rk shop who was helping me source fluid and filter after puncturing mine. He'd confirmed it with their next tier. NAPA didn't happen to have a...
  146. A

    45 degrees is steep

    The one I have, an earlier model, is two wheel hydraulic drive. One wheel steering. It's very capable but meant for grass mowing, not a brush mower.
  147. A

    45 degrees is steep

    My 1850 is more ambitious than me by about 10 degrees.
  148. A

    Rk55 radiator screens

    I put all the little foam pieces back where they belong and made sure the side panels were seated properly and the debris is really collected more on the hood grill (like it should) now. So it seems a lot of my issue was the gappy fit of unseated side panels and foam. I didn't realize the side...
  149. A

    RK37HC A/C belt adjustment

    It might be more than torque. Given the likelihood of vibration and heat there may be thread lock on the bolt. Heat it.
  150. A

    Hooks and Forks

    Looks like a great build. I got a great deal on a skidsteer tilt plate a few years ago and replaced my T6 bucket with it. Now not only can I pickup any skidsteer attachments like buckets or forks, I can also tilt side to side... Very useful. There's pics on another thread.
  151. A

    PT-425 Tree Auger Tips

    Agreed. I've battled my share too. What we all commonly call Poplars are actually a lot of different trees. He may have been planting tulip trees, called yellow poplar frequently... often planted w dogwoods. Certain varieties of true poplar are often used in the landscape. There are modern...
  152. A

    New Member, New Owner of a 425

    That's a great place to start a fire
  153. A

    Who manufactures the oil cooler on the PT1850

    I was thinking the same thing. Fins look squished but OK otherwise.
  154. A

    Who manufactures the oil cooler on the PT1850

    Gotcha, I'll check mine for #s this weekend
  155. A

    Who manufactures the oil cooler on the PT1850

    Did you try to source it at pt? I've so far been surprised pleasantly by their parts pricing.
  156. A

    A look inside the Terramite plant

    There's a local to them machine/fab shop that's been working with them for a while now. I don't remember the name but it's popped up in searches in the past
  157. A

    Rk55 radiator screens

    Yeah, my Mitsubishi is like you described. I like the hood bra idea, and I'm going to try to find some adhesive weatherstripping type stuff to cut the gaps down. I notice some of the foam is out of place on mine. Maybe I'll bend up an end for the blow gun/comp I keep on the truck.
  158. A

    A look inside the Terramite plant

    They do such a poor job of responding to parts inquiries I wonder why they bother.
  159. A

    Rk55 radiator screens

    @circled throw a bra pic up if it's not too racy. ;-) Yeah the blower does ok, but it's pretty dense in that engine compartment. I'm really surprised how gappy and hard to remove the screens are. Minor overall.
  160. A

    Interesting attachment

    I definitely see the weight of the 425 as a problem matched to lane shark.
  161. A

    Interesting attachment

    Didn't mean to imply that the blackberries won't come back. My point about them was lane shark does nothing the less costly pt mower won't accomplish. But pulverize an unruly patch w a brush mower and it's mowable in the future... And no longer a thicket. Agreed chemistry or shading it out w...
  162. A

    Interesting attachment

    The pt brush mower or a hydraulic converted flail mower will destroy the blackberry patch. Other than blackberries... If you trim trees back at the trunk or major branch they will take a long time to regenerate in the space you just cleared. If you mow the ends of lesser branches the tree will...
  163. A

    Rk55 radiator screens

    Loving this tractor so far. 60h Is it just me or is it really a pain to get to the screens that protect the radiator? Lots of grass fluff from mowing went to clean out and the pre-screens are hard to get out of the way and also tons of debris made it between the screens and radiator...
  164. A

    Interesting attachment

    I've seen a couple of these, but not operated one. I do a lot of the work this thing is made for and I haven't seen a place in my lineup for it. Two things : There's a lot of linkages to bend and the height of work necessitates some polycarbonate between the tool and operator A power pole...
  165. A

    RK24 3rd function valve hose routing question

    I don't have a rk24, mine is the 55, if you don't have this solved I can post pics this weekend
  166. A

    Mod for hydraulic pump?

    Great info thx for the depth.
  167. A

    Mod for hydraulic pump?

    Sounds good. Smart to add cooling capacity, especially in Georgia! Increased flow on that circuit is faster tool speed (work), your force remains limited to 2500 psi.
  168. A

    Mod for hydraulic pump?

    You may have considered /some any of the following already... For baseline comparison, you might want to check w Terry the cost to rebuild/swap the existing pump. Confirm that the 2001 22hp version used 2500psi as the working pressure. 2000psi is also possible. In general, you seem on the...
  169. A

    Any PT Tiller Users here?

    I use mine quite often and have been happy with the results. I use a similar forward/reverse method as Peter mentioned. Or occasionally use the wheel tracks to create a hill and furrow pattern. It will break very hard ground. It's easy enough to get a rock out of it gets stuck. The...
  170. A

    Re-powered Terramite

    Titan attachments at has decent buckets. Haven't tried one on a terramite yet but use them on two others... Fine. The teeth are removable for cleanup work. I also use their Ditch bucket... Great. Check the scratch and dent section.
  171. A

    New RK37 owner question

    The radio is fine, audible over tractor at work rpms... But I only use it when my noise cancelling earbuds are charging... Protect those ears.
  172. A

    Help: Lower Link Telescope Pin RK55h

    I find texting directly with the tractor Mgr at the local store useful... Parts manual : Diagram 612 or 613, like p150 or so.
  173. A

    Re-powered Terramite

    That engine is a great match for the machine. And very fuel efficient. I have repowered a couple of machines with them. Change the filters all around. To answer your question, a switch to diesel would gain more bite before a stall but the Hydraulics limit the power by the relief valve that...
  174. A

    Rebuilding hyd cylinders

    Great, that must be the machine shop that has been filling parts orders for a while. Thanks for the update
  175. A

    Deutz 4 cyl. diesel start, stall, run slow, stop, repeat

    @m5040 Then is one on each side of the filter better?
  176. A

    Deutz 4 cyl. diesel start, stall, run slow, stop, repeat

    Don't know the size, but the ring may have cracks when compressed or debris in the threads etc. Order the new one, clean and replace when it arrives. My two cents...
  177. A

    PT 422 finish mower rear wheels damage turf

    If you slow down and it helps, sharper blades and a higher cut should also help .
  178. A

    RK 24 out of fuel

    If that is the yanmar engine just find instructions on bleeding fuel lines for a similar size /age unit. Any chance there's a priming bulb in line? If not... Usually involves a wrench often 17 or 19mm to open the hard line where it meets each cylinder. Do them in order from nearest the...
  179. A

    RK21 Backhoe

    Hey, welcome to TBN and congrats on the new tractor. I can't answer the question of why. But I can tell you that if tym/rk decided not to match a backhoe to that platform, they certainly would not cover any damage to your tractor caused by a backhoe. Do you have any hydraulic remotes in the...
  180. A

    Re-powered Terramite

    A 24hp Kubota would be a great fit...
  181. A

    Leaking 4x4 shaft seal on RK55

    Crappy problem in a new machine. Great write up and pics thx for posting.
  182. A

    425 Emergency Brake

    You just gotta learn to stick the landing
  183. A

    RK 24 3rd Hydraulic Line purpose

    Most often an odd line is for a case drain. Usually smaller than the others. That would be unusual for a backhoe since a case drain is relieves excess pressure in a rotating implement like a wheel motor or auger head. I attached a page from your bh manual w the hydraulic diagram. It shows a 3rd...
  184. A

    Hard starts

    I had something similar going on and it turned out to be corrosion in the main pos cable. Couldn't see it from the outside. The multi meter showed a ridiculous amount of resistance. Cut it open and it was a green crusty mess. Replaced it. Good to go.
  185. A

    Rebuilding hyd cylinders

    Terry's terramites in Alabama.
  186. A

    T6 FEL Question

    That looks great! When can I drop mine off?
  187. A

    PT1850 Tire Pressure - 10 Ply Tires

    I use 4 ply. Loaded with Ultraseal. Around 10psi. Pipe welded around the valve stems. Great traction, ground conforming and reasonable ride. Ag lug (r1). I think they are Deestone or some other bargain brand from eBay. Several hundred hours, lots of trash, glass, roots, rocks, slopes and...
  188. A

    Third Function / Grapple Operation

    Good troubleshooting. Hope you are done.
  189. A

    Clearing some land. PT lurking with grapple to stoke the FIRE

    It's an old, but data driven, policy that's regionally accurate and has been effective. "After 4 p.m., winds usually calm down and the relative humidity levels are on the increase, both of which reduce the potential for a debris fire or any outdoor open air fire to escape your control."...
  190. A

    T6 FEL Question

    Just so it is out there....replacing the valve altogether is not that bad an operation. I can share some sources when needed.
  191. A

    T6 FEL Question

    Ball stud? Not sure. There's plenty to bind on in there!
  192. A

    T6 FEL Question

    It's normal in float to lose a function since you're essentially locking one oil path open. When not in float it depends on the valve. I'll check my T6 this week, but I think both fel functions at the same time. It's not likely a linkage problem if you can otherwise operate both spools.
  193. A

    Options instead of PRINCE PTO pump

    Right here in Hydraulics. On the Hydraulics forum page, look for Post Thread it's a blue button at the top.
  194. A

    T6 Info wanted ?

    So many variables, hard to know if it was a deal. I got mine for 5500 work ready. It was a great deal. I think the last year or so of the T6 had the dual cylinders.
  195. A

    Rk24 Side Hustle

    If you are considering the rk24, definitely consider the rk37 instead. It's added weight and power are significant while the width only increases from just under 4' to less than 4.5. I specialize in narrow access situations and it's rare to find a situation that 4.5 feet won't work and 4 will...
  196. A

    Rk55 forestry hardening

    That looks like a good solution. I think we're going to do something for the back of the grapple and a different something for the grill guard... Might just add mesh to the existing one. A forum member posted that he's selling a solution too, even tho I barked at them for pretending to 'find'...
  197. A

    Rk55 forestry hardening

    Thx gang! We're considering bagging the rear of the truck. The service body definitely lends to the illusion... It rides and handles well... Even though it looks out of trim all the time. On the tractor here's what I'm doing...will post pics. -Skid plate mounted below to protect the loader...
  198. A

    9K lb winch mounted to 2 inch forklift receiver

    If you have a receiver in the rear frame, I'd use it instead of the arms. +1 on the battery drain.