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  1. wild bill

    Bx plastic Engine side panel nightmares.

    On my BX2360, there is a plastic strap that can pulled out from the dash wall that will hold the hood partially open.
  2. wild bill

    Kubota BX2200 Grass Catcher for 60" deck (RCK60B-22BX) Boot Mounting setup

    Here's the pdf. Post #8 in has a photo of a boot on a 60" deck
  3. wild bill

    Kubota BX2200 Grass Catcher for 60" deck (RCK60B-22BX) Boot Mounting setup

    I found a pdf file of the Operator's & Parts Manual. Page 7 details the size and location of holes that need to be drilled in the deck.
  4. wild bill

    Changing the oil filter on my BX2360

    I now use this on all our vehicles. Works great in tight quarters.
  5. wild bill

    BX2750 snowblower rebuild

    Here is a copy of the parts list and diagram
  6. wild bill

    Any ideas what this is? BX 2360

    After mowing the lawn for the first time this season, my wife found this. It is a block of hard rubber, 2x1 1/2x1 inches. There are no mounting holes, paint or signs of wear. I showed it to my dealer and no one had a clue. I was using a BX 2360, RCK 54-23 deck and a GCK60-23 grass catcher...
  7. wild bill

    Snowblower Height

    I used a set of fixed wheel casters.
  8. wild bill

    Chipping willow branches

    We have a dozen weeping willow trees and I am constantly picking up debris from these trees. Several times each year, I have to rake the branches and whips into windrows and then move them to the burn pile. I have been looking at chippers/shredders and am concerned that the flexible whips might...