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    Stupid money question....IRA

    If the 401k is still adminstered by a former employer or the company they hire to do that, it's often worth while to move it to an account that you control. Company adminstered 401ks often have additional fees an account with an investment company doesn't have. Sometimes those fees are in the 1%...
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    Cleaning vs. Poking holes in DPF filter

    I haven't had any problem with my 3725. But it doesn't get very cold here, I run it hard when I'm using the chipper, and I don't let it idle much. I try to keep the tach in the green zone but sometimes I mow in epto or use fewer revs for loader work. When I bought the 3725 the dealer told me...
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    Real estate General topic

    The well we had drilled in Oregon recently cost about $18k. It was to 500'. The cost is highly dependent on the depth. The pump and pipe to the surface was about $8k. A good part of that depends on depth too. Still need to run the pipe to the house site and run wiring to the pump. Then there's...
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    Cleaning vs. Poking holes in DPF filter

    It doesn't show as a separate part on my 3725 parts diagram but there are V band clamps on the cannister. So you should be able to take it apart and get at the DPF to clean it, or leave it out if cleaning doesn't work.
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    Question for those who live in California

    The dealer handled the registration like with a regular street going vehicle and registered it as an OHV. I've kept getting the green sticker even though I don't use it. I benefited a lot from the state parks that are funded by the OHV registration so I don't mind paying it. Using the state...
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    New garage - looking for ideas, need to make some design decisions

    Pole barn style buildings can be made with significant insulation. There's also a lot less thermal bridging through the framing than with stick frame. Unless ICF is really common in your area and pole frame is not, the pole barn is probably cheaper. I agree with the comments about 8' ceilings...
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    Question for those who live in California

    You only need the OHV registration if you want to ride on public land. I've needed them for federal, state and county riding areas. On private land you don't need the sticker or the registration. I used to do off road motorcycle competition so I've dealt with the OHV registration system a lot...
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    I didn't know where to post this so here goes

    Man I hate the design for that site. It's all marketing fluff with no actual info that's readily apparent. And the name sucks too. The current trend in names is to use a common name for something that's totally unrelated to the product. Which makes it hard to search for or know what it is when...
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    Question for those who live in California

    I just non oped another motorcycle that I'm not riding. So far it's always been a one time fee. At least for off road motorcycles its about half of the normal registration. (Off road vehicles need registration to ride on public land, which California has a lot of. The money is supposed to go to...
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    Cleaning out parent's stuff

    That's great! It often goes the other way.
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    Question for those who live in California

    Oregon does that. EVs pay more for annual registration than cars of the same size.
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    Question for those who live in California

    They're going to run a pilot for charging by mileage: About Road Charge | California Road Charge Gas taxes fund a lot of the road budget so they need to do something. Fuel taxes are a great way to fund roads because not only do people who drive more pay more, but people with heavier vehicles...
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    Brush Hog blade replacement

    I have a 1200ft lb air impact wrench on order because the three I have are for automotive use and are not heavy duty enough. I need to get some Kroil penetrating oil too.
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    Cleaning out parent's stuff

    I probably should have gotten a dumpster for both my moms and my dad's houses but I did a lot of goodwill and dump runs instead. I think being a spouse (or friend) of the children helps since you're less emotional about the objects. There were a couple pieces of mom's furniture that I grew up...
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    Nearly died yesterday

    This is the second way way near head on I've had. The first was in the 1980s on a remote two lane highway in California at night. The other driver was in my lane. They must have thought it was two lanes in each direction. That highway has a lot of that, just not in that part. The paved shoulder...
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    Brush Hog blade replacement

    The Brush Hog SQ172 I got with a piece of property has extremely worn blades. I ordered some blades and bolts. Does anyone know the wrench size of the nut (part number 252BH)?
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    Nearly died yesterday

    My wife and I were driving back from Oregon yesterday on I-5 in Northern California's central valley. That part of I-5 is two lanes each direction. I went to pass a semi truck and looked up the road to see a wrong way pickup truck headed my way in the fast lane at full speed. I slammed on the...
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    Truck shopping

    It's just a theory I have that Ram prices are down due to the recall. Not because of a practical issue. 2020+ Rams aren't even subject to recall, they just paid an EPA fine for incorrect documentation or something like that. But not many people know the details and will assume the worst. And the...
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    Truck shopping

    I think the Ram diesels have taken an especially large hit. Possibly the recall and fine have something to do with that.
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    How many Amps to charge an EV?

    It depends on your usage, but at least for us if we ever have two EVs it's going to be extremely unlikely that we'll need to change both up from near zero to full charge overnight at the same time. If we do need to charge two at once, one can be at a low rate.
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    How many Amps to charge an EV?

    This brings up a good point- EV charger circuits need to have derated breakers- the breaker is smaller than the wire capacity. Where welders can have uprated breakers. It's because the charger's demands are continuous but the welder is intermittent. I didn't understand this when I had...
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    JD's new parts site??

    It took more steps but I was able to get the same model specific parts pages as before. Getting there is a lot more confusing though.
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    Diesel fuel additives for bulk tanks

    A roof over the tank should make it's temperature change less over the day. That means is pulls in less water laden air through the vent when it cools down at night. Being in a building would be even better.
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    Solar + Batteries = refrigerator use????

    1amp @ 12v? That's so small that it will go a long time on fully charged batteries.
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    3 point Chipper ????

    It's similar to a Woodmaxx 8M, not 8H. The infeed power is mechanical not hydraulic. So it's only one feed rate and the engage/disengage mechanism might be a little funky. I have not used one so I don't know for sure. I have a 8H on a 37hp tractor and I can easily bog it down. 23hp is not...
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    Farmers impacted by solar storms

    Farmers planting with super accurate GPS systems have been idled by the recent solar storms:
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    Welding on 55 Gal Drum

    I would just make a stand that holds a drum up off the ground rather than welding the stand to the drum.
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    geared tractor operation question

    From the owners manual and the parts diagram it looks like the 5105's independent PTO does not have an overrun clutch or a brake. I'll keep that in mind while operating it.
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    5105 throttle tension adjustment?

    I recently acquired a 5105. The hand throttle is super stiff. My Branson's hand throttle has a tension adjustment under the instrument panel. Does the 5105 have something similar? Is it easy to get to?
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    geared tractor operation question

    This property I bought came with a Deere 5105, which has a pretty basic gear transmission- sycnros only between low range and reverse. I'm going to do some mowing with a rotary cutter. I've driven manual transmission motorcycles, cars and trucks quite a bit but my tractors have been HST. So I...
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    Rear Remotes for Kubota with Backhoe and 3rd Function

    If you also have a Power Beyond port, the T port on the valve gets plumbed into the tank. You can tee it into the tank line from the loader valves. Often there is a plug to enable/disable the PB port. ("P" is usually the designator for the input pressure port).
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    Gad! House buying today

    Covid had a big impact on the housing market. Suddenly a lot of people wanted to live somewhere else. Usually out of the city, which would affect rural and suburban markets. A lot of people I know in tech bought rural places and worked from home. Another factor is large private equity firms...
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    Rear Remotes for Kubota with Backhoe and 3rd Function

    Option 3 looks correct except that it's the power beyond port of the rear remotes that goes into backhoe loop. Unless your rear remotes valve block does not have PB or the option to install it, and it's tank port is rated for full system pressure. The one I have is one of those. But they're not...
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    Rear Remotes + 3rd Function Option

    The factory Branson rear remotes are decent, and a decent price. I use mine to run my top and tilt. Mine do not have float or detent, which is fine for my use with top and tilt. They hold position well so I don't think they leak as much as some valves. I have a 3rd rear remote added by the...
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    Ram vs Dodge/Chrysler - how complete is the separation?

    I think they're keeping the 6.4L v8 as the gas engine in the HD RAM trucks. Turbo sixes have done really well in Ford's 1/2 ton line. The Hurricane six sounds pretty good on paper. And of course straight sixes have a long history in American trucks.
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    Chipper Do I need a chipper?

    The OP is in Western Oregon and like here, they can't burn during fire season. My fire season is half the year. The time it's actually safe to burn is a few months in winter. I don't want to leave piles that long. Power feed chippers aren't hard on the hands and for the noise I have good...
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    Chipper Do I need a chipper?

    Very roughly a yard depending on the material and how densely and high it was piled. The chips I make with my PTO chipper are a lot smaller than the ones that come out of a big tree service chipper. They disappear faster.
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    Help me identify this fitting.

    Pretty much all ag (ISO 5675) couplers these days are NPT threaded. So you want adapters from the hose ends to NPT. 1/2" NPT for 1/2" couplers which are the common size for implements. Best bet is to bring the flat face couplers with adapters attached to your local hydraulics part store and let...
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    What do you all do to be prepared for long term power loss?

    I think an extended outage like you are describing is very unlikely unless you're very remote. If it does happen it'll be part of a much larger collapse. At some point it becomes too much to prepare for. We have outages of a week or 10 days pretty often. The terrain here is not easy for power...
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    These people ( have a number of videos about assembling/disassembling loader joystick cables and also sell parts.
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    Long term planning of selling your home?

    Ignoring the value of the upgrades as EddieWalker covered very well already, it also depends on how you're getting the $70k. If you're selling stock or other investments you'll be paying tax on that. Maybe long term capital gain, maybe straight income tax depending on the circumstances. Where...
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    Basic Question on Return and Return to Tank on Open Center Systems

    Are you sure the single return from the BH can see full pressure? On my backhoe the valve stack has only one output and it's not a full pressure output. It's only good for about 750 psi. Since the backhoe loop is between the loader valve and the three point hitch, you're not supposed to operate...
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    Woodland Mills WC68 Chipper

    My Woodmaxx 8H was like that. I posted here and got advice that maybe the flow control valve was oversized. Hydraulics texts also said the same thing. I searched for the model number of the no name made in China valve and found it was a 20 gpm model. I talked to Woodmaxx and they told me that...
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    Branson locking up

    My 3725 can be difficult to shift out of 4wd. It feels like the gear clearance is tight and any amount of driveline windup will make the shifting bind. Sometimes I have to raise the front tires off the ground to do it. Usually driving backwards a few feet is enough.
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    Woodland Mills WC68 Chipper

    Try sharpening or replacing the knives and bed knife, and also setting the knife to bed knife gap. I think a powered chipper is much better than a self feeding one (I have both) but the self feeder should be able to be returned to it's original level with a tuneup. I have a Woodmaxx 8H which...
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    Chicken in solitary confinement

    There's some chicken people here who take birds like that.
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    Hydraulic Fluid Choices

    I think the one situation where synthetics may be better is lower viscosity at low temps while keeping good viscosity at working temps. It doesn't matter for me much as it rarely gets much below freezing here but in other places it would. The semi-synthetic I put in last time seemed to make the...
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    Kodiak 4’ Bush Hog

    I have a Mahindra branded Kodiak standard duty. Where the deck is folded down in the back it's easy to grab partially buried rocks and pull them out.It also bends the deck a little. I've done it a few times. I was going to weld reinforcement there and make it less of a corner, but I found all...
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    What water bottle do you have?

    Don't most aluminum cans have a plastic liner? That usually contains BPA? We should go back to glass. It's not got a liner and it's easily recyclable.
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    Attached GARAGE (homeowner) thoughts

    Ours smallest possible 3 car garage came with workbenches and cabinets on three sides of the garage. Since the barn's no good for working on cars, motorcycles or bikes, the garage became a garage/shop and the parking went from three small spaces to one. My ideal would be an attached garage for...
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    Attached GARAGE (homeowner) thoughts

    Yep. Workbench or cabinets. Our 24' garage has both, which makes it impossible to park anything larger than a mid sized car/SUV in there. They're already there. See Electric Car Fires: What You Should Know | Edmunds...
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    It takes a lot longer to clear out the air than it seems like it should.
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    Looking for ideas and experience with Video Security Cameras on the Farm

    There's no guarantee that anything is secure but wifi cams have been notorious for bad security. Put them on your wifi network's DMZ, don't let that network initiate connections to your internal network, and restrict its connections to the outside network as well, allowing only outbound to the...
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    Real estate General topic

    There are a lot of funny shaped lots out in Calfornia's gold country. They're not rectangular and they don't follow the terrain. I assume it's due to legacy from mining claims. It must be extra fun being a surveyor there. There are some lots in my area that look ok on a map, in that they're...
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    Looking for ideas and experience with Video Security Cameras on the Farm

    I bought a cellular based camera recently. I picked a Reolink Go PT because it doesn't store the data on their servers ("in the cloud") unless you add that feature and pay for it. And it seemed to have good reviews. I've only had it set up for a few weeks but it seems to work well. It needs to...
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    Real estate General topic

    In some states ag zoning comes with a break on property taxes.
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    Do You Have a Tractor Shed/Barn?

    I have a 120 year old barn. The tractor part of the barn is about 17' wide and 30' long. I can fit the tractor and implements except for the backhoe in there.
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    What water bottle do you have?

    My tractor has two cup holders. I usually put a 20oz water bottle made for cycling in one. I have a stash of those bottles from when I was doing a lot of riding. The important thing is to have a bottle that fits the cup holder and won't go flying out when you hit a bump. Some of the insulated...
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    What do you drive for a truck?

    They let you order the Z71 package on 2wd trucks for a while. Shocks, skid plates and sometimes a rear locker.
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    Question for those who live in California

    Not only that but those cities problems are wildly exaggerated by the media and even their own politicians. I don't like going to SF because it's crowded but when I do I'm not worried about crime. It's actually pretty nice for a city.
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    Rebuilding your Tractor ?

    You're talking modify more than rebuild. I'm pretty sure it's already got the typical for modern tractors separate steering pump. The specs list steering flow separate from regular flow. Sometimes the two pumps are mounted ganged together so it looks like one long pump. Larger cylinders will...
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    Question for those who live in California

    Texas has more solar than California:
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    Part number or name?

    It's also the vent for the tank. The rubber question mark thing is a tube with a small hole in the end for air to get in/out. Sometimes they get plugged up. If it's plugged up and the tank gets hot the air will expand and that might push the plug out.
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    Headlight update

    The grill marker lights aren't bright enough to blind anyone. They do make the vehicle more noticeable under some conditions. LEDs in halogen headlight housings can have bad light patterns like a cutoff that's poor so the lights blind on coming drivers or poor coverage of the road. If they're...
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    Small farm hay project?!

    Are people so bad off that they're getting rid of their animals? Or was last year a bumper year for hay and there's too much for the market? What do you do with hay that doesn't sell?
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    1 tractor rest of forever -- what brand?

    The electric over hydraulic PTO on my Branson had a soft start feature. It slips the PTO wet clutch just a little when engaging it. It will start up my Woodmaxx chipper with a 200lb flywheel that's geared up 2x (so it has the inertia of a 400 lb flywheel) at idle without even slowing down.
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    L3940 Engine Valve Lifter adjustment

    I've adjusted valves on a lot of different engines. It's not difficult if you take your time and think it through. You will need to remove the fuel injectors or glow plugs in order to turn the engine by hand to the correct positions. I suggest removing the glow plugs so you don't get air into...
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    Need a recommendation: log splitters

    Once you have placed a giant round on the splitter, you still have to wrestle with it as part of the splitting process. If it splits cleanly then you have two giant chunks to deal with. I have gotten good at pulling the closer one off and letting it fall on the ground. But a lot of times a...
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    Need a recommendation: log splitters

    My Oregon splitter has one serious drawback that I think a lot of H/V splitters share. Tree debris falls off the rounds on to the splitter. When retracting the ram the back of the wedge pushes them up the beam where they fall off and land on the hot muffler. I once quit a splitting session and...
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    Cost to add rear remote to tn55

    Summit and WR Long make 3rd function kits. There are generic ones and ones specific to some tractor models. You'll have to search to see if there is a specific kit for this tractor. You should try calling a NH dealer and asking about the kit for adding a factory 2nd remote. You may need the...
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    Need a recommendation: log splitters

    The cheaper units are all horizontal/vertical models. Some people love vertical mode but many including me hate it. I much prefer working with the wood at waist height than on the ground. Moving a round on its end on the ground uses mostly upper body strength. I'm tall and thin so I don't have a...
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    Priced a backhoe at the dealer yesterday...

    You might ask what installing the backhoe means. I bought my BH used and the only installation that was needed was some very minor hydraulic changes to add the backhoe loop, and then attaching the backhoe. Unless you plan to leave it attached all the time, you'll have to do that to put the...
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    no Questions?

    Yea, there's a lot of cheap stuff. To be fair there's a lot of shoddily built gas equipment out there too. And some better built battery stuff. The battery Deere ZT that someone posted earlier looks like it's well made, at least from the pics. Cub Cadet looks like they have some halfway decent...
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    Where to locate replacement Joyang pumps?

    It might be easier to find a replacement pump that uses the same mounting flange, shaft, ports and displacement. SurplusCenter would be the first place I'd look.
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    no Questions?

    If you're a homeowner mowing your own property, you don't need to be able to mow all day. The batteries only need to last long enough to mow your own place, plus some added capacity for tough mowing conditions and battery aging. Then they can charge all week until its time to mow again. It's a...
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    Do you personally go to a farmer's market?

    There's a local farmers market that we go to often when things are in season. The ag here is vinyards and christmas trees. Those don't make for much of a farmers market, so the vendors are from at least an hour away, often farther. They're still more local than what's in the grocery stores...
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    Do you ever get it all figured out or mostly figured out?

    Time speeds up when you get old.
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    Trailer brakes and bearings replaced question

    If the wind wasn't a straight head or tail wind then the wheels on the windward side of the trailer would be getting cool air while the lee side would be getting air warmed by the pavement or engine or both.
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    Moving 2,000-pound feed tote on a pallet with Massey 1759

    A few inches really does matter. I regularly move IBC totes full of hardwood firewood. They're about 2000lbs when the wood is green. If I don't slide the forks all the way in, the loader may fail to pick them up. When this happens the relief valve trips and the loader just doesn't move. With my...
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    Moving 2,000-pound feed tote on a pallet with Massey 1759

    Tractordata says the loader has a breakout force at 800mm of 2860 lbs and lift at full height at 800mm of 1760 lbs. Breakout force is what the loader can lift from the ground (actually slightly below it for many loaders). The higher the lift the less weight capacity. The farther out the center...
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    HPR Renewable Diesel

    So far I've been pleased with the R99 renewable diesel. The tractor starts easier and runs smoother. When I leave it idling in the barn while changing implements there's less stink. I think the high cetane is responsible for the easier starts and smoother running. Supposedly it make less soot...
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    Chipper Knives

    With my Woodmaxx 8H I know the knives are getting dull when I get long stringy bits in with the chips. It depends on the wood that I'm chipping- some species are more prone to this than others.
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    pto clutch parts

    The usual PTO parts sources don't show any springs. If you know the dimensions and wire thickness of the springs you can look for similar ones in a spring catalog. The springs would depend on the make and model of the PTO clutch. Many implement makers shipped different PTO shafts or clutches...
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    Mower operation

    The green rotary cutter has a toggle in the bars from the top of the hitch to the back of the mower. That is supposed to pivot to allow the mower to pivot on the lower pins and tilt up in the back. This is good when you back into a hill or drive forwards into a dip. Sometimes the bolts are too...
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    Releasing pressure on QA.

    That's a reasonable theory. Mine are Pioneer 4250.
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    Releasing pressure on QA.

    I used to think connecting the grapple hoses would work, but then it didn't: after the grapple sat in the sun I couldn't disconnect the grapple hoses! I made some devices with a tee, quick connects and a valve. If the grapple's going to be sitting for a while or it's hot in the sun, I connect...
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    Iseki tu1600 4wd out after loud bang

    With the front end off the ground and not in 4wd, one wheel should turn backwards when you turn the other front wheel. If you turn a wheel while the other side is held in place the driveshaft should turn. The shaft may be inside a cover and not visible. Sometimes there's a mechanical "fuse" in...
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    Look for advice on tractor purchase

    Don't get a tractor without a ROPS. Don't get one without a loader, or power steering. Since you mention steep slopes, don't get one without four wheel drive. Tractors only have brakes on the rear wheels. In 4wd the brakes will slow the front wheels too.
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    For Our Next Trick....... Expect "Collecting Rainwater" permits !

    I didn't look at the video but I bet its that one woman in Salem. Oregon law says that you can't pump water from a well for a commercial garden over 1/2 acre. A lot of the farm parts of western Oregon has irrigation, including most of the Willamette valley where Salem is. Irrigation rights are...
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    Tax Question

    We do! But only on a hobby basis. We looked into doing it commercially, just out of curiosity, and were quickly scared off by the alcoholic beverage control board and commercial kitchen/food production requirements. Between startup costs and paperwork it looked like a lot of effort and money. I...
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    Hard starting 2400H - lift pump failing?

    Is the stop solenoid always either all on or all off, or can it be partially closed/open?
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    John Deere or Kubota?

    You might consider a three point forestry winch. With chains you need to have a space for the tractor to run to make the pull, and it has to be in line with the direction you want to pull. With a winch you park the tractor and pull the log towards it. With a snatch block you can redirect the...
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    Question for those who live in California

    Solar panels have been required on new construction in CA for a few years. They're not required on existing buildings. Whatever this is, it's not to find people with older houses to make them install solar. I don't know how much solar is required on new houses but from the new subdivisions I...
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    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    With the power feed chipper, once the feed wheels have caught the material, I can let go and let it feed. Once I understood the sounds the chipper makes I could get material started and then go fetch the next piece off the pile while the chipper eats the last one. I don't like to have the...
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    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    People in the rest of the country may not know that in most of California there's at least six months over the summer where there is no rain at all. In some places the dry season is longer. If you want to burn you have to wait until it's dry enough for the piles to burn but not too dry that you...
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    Modern tractor to replace mf135

    A BX isn't going to compare to a 45hp utility tractor. All the major compact tractor makers have at least one model in the 45hp range.
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    25 Acres worth buying hay equipment?

    There should be government support for recycling all sorts of plastics, and other things too. It's one of those things like road building and fire fighting that just is not practical to leave to individuals. If we actually recycled stuff and stopped using un-recycleable materials we'd use a lot...
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    25 Acres worth buying hay equipment?

    It is recycleable but someone has to set up a special program to do it: Plastic has made farming easier, but what happens to the material after it’s used?
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    Can I turn over a Kubota diesel engine by hand?

    I've had nuts that a rodent stored shoot out of a motorcycle's exhaust pipe when I started it. But I think this one wins an award of some kind. Glad you found the problem.That's going to be a challenge to remove. You could try taping a small fuel hose to a shop vac and sticking it down the...
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    Newbie with many questions

    My tractor's loader is rated for 2200 lbs at full lift. The grapple is surprisingly not all that useful for pulling plants out of the ground. It's hard to get a good grip on them, and if you manage to do that, it often takes a LOT of force to pull even a small tree out of the ground. More than...
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    Question for those who live in California

    When we rebuilt the outside of our house with fire proof siding and more fire resistant decking, I called the insurance agent. He congratulated me and said that the premiums would not change. I asked about the fire clearing I'd done, that didn't make a difference either. I can understand why...
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    Wanting to run grapple hydraulics off rear valve

    I'm running my grapple off a rear remote. I ran hoses from a rear remote to the loader for a grapple. I got the hydraulic fittings from surpluscenter and the hoses from I used old garden hose to mock up the hose path to get the length. I used JIC ends on the hoses...
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    Question for those who live in California

    Someone in my area talked to their agent who told them that 2/3 of the policies in my zip code (all rural in the mountains) will be non renewed. Agents have the info now.
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    Can I turn over a Kubota diesel engine by hand?

    The compression ratio is roughly double that of a gas engine. So there will be a lot of resistance. I'd say there little chance of doing it by hand, and its marginal with hand tools. It'll depend on how much leverage you have and how strong you are. If you think it's hydro locked then remove...
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    Buying Advice First tractor for small family farm. Branson or something else?

    I have 32db ear muffs sitting on the joystick of the tractor. They go on my head before I start the engine. My hearing is still good after 4+ decades of motorcycles, chainsaws, guns and loud music because I wore hearing protection most of the time.
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    Car Insurance skyrocketing

    We have State Farm for all our cars. It hasn't gone up appreciably. Yet. If you got a ticket or had an accident they'll jack your rates up for years.
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    Hard starting 2400H - lift pump failing?

    Did you change fuel brand or type recently? I ask because I switched to "renewable" diesel recently and I notice that it starts easily on all cylinders when it's < 50 degrees like it used to when it was new. The last few years it's often started on a couple with the rest joining in within a...
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    Buying Advice First tractor for small family farm. Branson or something else?

    Get an electric vest. They make them for motorcyclists and likely for snowmobilers too.
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    Challenger Replacement for Magnum

    That must be a huge mower to need 300hp!
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    Fuel tank

    Yea sealant isn't going to cover a fist sized hole. You'd need to find the serial number and then find which tank goes with it. Or go with one like this: Ford 3000 Fuel Tank - C5NN9002AC and deal with the minor differences. The folks at yesterdaystractors can probably tell you if it will fit...
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    Question for those who live in California

    The city where I have seen the Claw used for yard trimmings lets people put piles out once a week on specific days.
  112. E

    JD 5045e warning beeps when under load with full throttle

    It's 50hp, so it's unlikely to have DEF. The DPF warning symbol usually looks like this:
  113. E

    Question for those who live in California

    More like the leaves are too thick for a street sweeper.
  114. E

    Question for those who live in California

    I've seen the same kind of equipment picking up piles on the street in San Jose. I think the garbage company has a yard debris pick up day each year.
  115. E

    death of regular cab pickups

    There's still manufacturers offering single cab pickups in the US. They're not outlawed or unavailable. Ford, Chevy and Ram/Fiat all offer single cab 3/4 ton trucks. You might need to find a dealer that sells fleet trucks to businesses instead of just the fancy expensive trucks. I see them...
  116. E

    CLANGING in the front diff of brand new T494....what the heck

    If it's the pump I'd think that it would be louder when the pump is doing work like raising the loader. The pump is on the left side of the engine. It's attached to the front gear case, pointing backwards along the block. I'm assuming that since its a Kukje engine, it's in the same place as it...
  117. E

    What is this tool...

    I think it's a vertical crows foot. For situations where you can't get a socket on it but there's not enough clearance for a regular crows foot. Probably one of those things that's rarely used but super useful when it's needed.
  118. E

    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    The 10hp or so homestore chipper/shredder we started out with was nearly useless, and my wife couldn't start it. It was too hard to pull start. She could run the PTO chipper if it was on the tractor. Mounting it is probably more than she can do. But it's so fast that the amount of chipping she...
  119. E

    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    I've chipped a lot of brush with my Woodmaxx 8H. It does fine even on stuff that's under 1/2". It's only when the stem is down to 1/8" that the rollers may not grab. Having an 8" throat means less trimming is needed to get the brush to feed.
  120. E

    Engcon USA, a ________ company to do business with!

    Sounds like a good company. When it's on we need pics of it in action!
  121. E

    25 Acres worth buying hay equipment?

    My understanding of self employed taxes comes from being a consultant. Farms get different rules which are way more complex. I got the IRS's guide for farmers and even that simplified version made my brain hurt. I'm trying to understand how haying 15 acres would get you into a lower tax bracket...
  122. E

    Woodchippers: PTO vs gasoline driven

    Yes both are powered on the hydraulic models. The lower one is smooth, the upper has teeth.
  123. E

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    Having a door on each end with the idea of driving through means keeping all the floor space between the doors clear all the time. That's a lot of space that's not getting used for much. Having a single door means you need to use up space in the building to position vehicles, like parking them...
  124. E

    CP3 & CP4 pumps

    This article kind of implies that the lack of lift pumps might be a cause of failure: Also its interesting that there are replacement pumps and kits that keep the pump from circulating debris through the entire fuel system.
  125. E

    Woodchippers: PTO vs gasoline driven

    Chippers need lots of power. You could buy a used self-powered chipper but when I looked a few years ago manual feeding 25hp models that were totally beat up were going for $10k. You can get a good hydraulic feed PTO chipper for under $4k new from Woodmaxx or Woodland Mills. If you maintain...
  126. E

    Future electric oil

    Only four times in three years! That would be so nice. Ours goes out 10-20 times per year. The utility is corrupt, the mountains are steep, the trees are large and fall over a lot. We were out for over three weeks the winter before last. This winter it's only been a week or so. The power goes...
  127. E

    US General Tool Chest

    Is there a way to remove the plastic sliding drawer lock?
  128. E

    Going down the Apple Worm Hole

    There's no guarantee of success in anything involving plants. But a lot of people get apples of some quantity from their trees, so its not that hard. We have some trees that were here when we moved in and were too old to have been planted by the previous owners, so they must have been planted...
  129. E

    Going down the Apple Worm Hole

    We had just one tree that survived from about 24 planted. It's sickening when you're watering the trees and a hole opens up in the ground, and then you touch the tree and it falls over. We didn't know about gopher cages and the little bastards ate all the roots. If you look around there are...
  130. E

    90hp tractor 5ft rotary mower

    You're right. I should have said that you'll run over the stuff you want to mow twice instead of once.
  131. E

    90hp tractor 5ft rotary mower

    Your tractor is a lot wider than the mower so you will be sometimes mowing ground that you just drove over. That will smash down the vegetation which means it may not mow as well. A 5' mower probably has a 40hp gearbox or thereabout. So you can destroy it if you really abuse it. You can get PTO...
  132. E

    Deciding between HST & Power-Reverser

    My HST Branson has a big oil cooler mounted in front of the radiator. I do nearly everything in middle range even climbing steep roads. It's not been a problem. The ability to change ground speed without changing engine speed or stopping to shift gears has been very useful on my steep mostly...
  133. E

    Air Cleaner parts
  134. E

    Buying Advice First tractor for small family farm. Branson or something else?

    Getting yourself to wear hearing protection consistently is a lot cheaper than a cab. I leave earmuffs on the tractor and put them on while the glow plugs are going. But there are other reasons for a cab.
  135. E

    Shuttle lever doesn't stay in forward or reverse position

    This looks sort of similar to a common motorcycle wet clutch except for the springs. Part 020 would be the clutch basket on a motorcycle. Going slow except in low gears sounds like the clutch is slipping. I'm not sure but I think part 160 is a big bellville spring and 150 would be the pressure...
  136. E

    Another tractor manufacturer out of business?

    Having been in a number of companies that failed, I can say that there are a lot of reasons why a company can go under besides flaws in the technology. Being undercapitalized is a common cause. Even super rich investors are cheap and want companies to succeed with minimal investment. Lack of or...
  137. E

    Why so much tongue weight on 22' car hauler trailers?

    A lot of cars and trucks have a dial on the dash that you can use to lower the headlights. Most of the ones I've owned for the last 15 years have had them. And we do have automatically adjusting (up and down) headlights here. My wife's 2008 model VW has them so its not just on expensive cars.
  138. E

    Coffee scoops and coffee makers

    When I was in college I worked in the kitchen of a local nice restaurant. One of my friends came in for a nice date with his girlfriend. When I ran into him afterwards he raved about the coffee, saying that it wasn't that usual Farmer's swill that most places served. It actually was regular...
  139. E

    Poison Oak Everywhere!

    I guess you missed my post on Nov 30 where I said that I was mistaken about 2,4d and had been thinking about Roundup.
  140. E

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    With that second design you can only get one vehicle in the building, and that will be on the lift. Which is more difficult to park on than just a bare space of floor, but you can park on it. If you're only going to be working on one vehicle at a time then that's ok. But I think most people end...
  141. E

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    Seems like the roll up door at the top of the drawing will be blocked by the lift or by a vehicle in what looks like the main work bay. You can get rolling jacks for the four post lift so you can work on suspension. One reason for four post lifts that I don't see mentioned yet is that with a...
  142. E

    Determining Acceptable Value of Inherited Real Estate?

    This web site will censor the word I originally used in this reply. Here's the toned down version: Your siblings should be bending over backwards to make you happy after all that you did. It sounds like they have enough money that an extra $100k each or whatever additional the place MIGHT bring...
  143. E

    Buying Advice Tier V emission standards soon for new diesel engine tractors?

    We're also finding out through research that diesel exhaust pollutants are worse for health than we though. PM2.5s are particularly bad. (sorry for the pun). It makes me wonder about wildland fire fighters and what health problems they may have as they get old. We used to cough up lots of black...
  144. E

    Help with ROPS on Branson 4220i

    If there's someone locally who welds roll cages for race cars they might be willing to do the welding for you.
  145. E

    first time in the USA where should I go ?

    Even the south rim of the grand canyon is at pretty good altitude. It's not that hot in the summer and gets snow in the winter. It does get hotter down in the canyon. North rim is higher and therefore cooler but it's a long trip to get there from the south. The area around the south rim...
  146. E

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    This is already happening. Scammers use AI to enhance their family emergency schemes A few months ago a contractor for the utility was installing a free transfer meter and I was hanging around chatting with him as he did it. He told me his grandson had texted him asking for money and said that...
  147. E

    VW To Resurrect the IH Scout as an Electric Vehicle.

    Audi ran some cars like that in this year's Dakar rally. The batteries powered the electric motors that drove the car while the engine (a small turbocharged gas engine) ran most of the time to charge the batteries. It was unnerving to hear the engine running at a constant high rpm that didn't...
  148. E

    New Diesel Truck-- Buy Now, or Wait?

    CA's current laws will stop sales of new internal combustion cars and light trucks (what CA calls a pickup) in 2035. Medium and heavy trucks in 2026. There's no mention of taking existing IC cars and light trucks off the road in the current law. Things can change but once they make laws like...
  149. E

    what on earth does electricity cost near you?

    I wish we had a government run utility here! All the people I know who are on city run electric coops pay a fraction of what PG&E charges us. And they get better service too. Removing the profit motive makes stuff cost less, what a surprise. Our last bill, all in, was 44 cents per KWh. The...
  150. E

    Branson 4815H 3 point "Jerk"

    The 20 series and 15 series might have a different valve. You'd need to get the parts diagrams and check. I think they're all available in the manuals thread in the Branson section here. Of course its possible that something is wrong. The position control is more complex than the old style...
  151. E

    Branson 4815H 3 point "Jerk"

    My 3725 (basically a 20 series) doesn't do that. I can move the level in small increments and the implement does not jerk up. Reducing the tension on the friction clutch on the lever makes it easier to move the lever in small increments. It's double nutted I think 12mm on the pivot of the...
  152. E

    Tractor Winch Weight

    It depends on the terrain. Not only uphlll vs downhill but how even it is. When the butt digs in to a rise the resistance goes up. I've had the clutch on my Uniforest 30m squealing because the log's stuck. (It helps to have a spotter for logs that are out of sight but sometimes I'm working...
  153. E

    Looking to pull the trigger on a 4820H but...

    They must have improved that then. The range shift on my 3725 is balky and sometimes hard to get fully into gear. It feels like the gear clearances are tight which is good for reducing backlash but bad for shifting. Where is the tension spring for the HST pedals? Mine are pretty stiff. No creep...
  154. E

    Water in fuel causes $10,000 damage to my Kubota Grand L6060

    If your storage tank is tilted a bit any water below the fuel will run down to the low end. If that end also has the intake for the pump and hose, the water will go into the tractor. But if it's tilted backwards the water will run to the other end, and if you have a drain there you can drain...
  155. E


    That looks really well designed and built. Thanks for posting the pics.
  156. E

    Question for those who live in California

    As others answered, the 40% state estate tax thing is wrong. All the people I know who moved out of CA did so because the greater SF bay area (where I have lived most of my life) got too expensive for them. It's a huge long standing problem and there's little movement on fixing it. Too many...
  157. E

    Tractor Winch Weight

    You need to pick up half the log's weight to drag it with the winch. You can calculate log weight here: Timber and Lumber Calculators at WOODWEB You could use the winch to pull logs to a landing and then drag them off with a log arch. But that's an extra piece of equipment. Some winches come...
  158. E

    Shop build and heating in 2024

    Unless it's wilderness area, USFS land is generally open to vehicles and chain saws. Except under red flag conditions when fire danger is very high. Then they might shut down the forest and keep people out. It varies some but personal use firewood permits are usually a nominal fee like...
  159. E

    3pt question

    Yes. I always use the holes in the telescoping stabilizers, not the slots. There must be a use for the play the slots provide but I have not run into it for my uses.
  160. E

    Car - what if engine suddenly quits

    One of our cars has a similar problem. On road trips I give a second fob to my wife so she can get in/out without me.
  161. E

    Concrete Chairs

    I have a dumb question: if the rebar is supposed to be in the lower 1/3 of the slab why are the chairs or dobies 2.5-3" high when most slabs for non industrial use are in the 4-5" range?
  162. E

    Stihl 036 Hard Starting

    When I was riding big bore two stroke dirt bikes I learned to gently turn the engine over until it stopped from compression, then give it a healthy kick on the starter. That way you get a full rotation of the crank. The same trick works on saws.
  163. E

    L3901 Hydraulic Leak

    Often the hydraulic pump is driven off the gear train at the front of the engine that also drives the cam. It will be a cylindrical structure that attaches to the back of the front engine cover and lays alongside the engine. There will be two or three hoses attached to it. One will run from the...
  164. E

    Gas Zero Turn Ran on Diesel

    Or the diesel caused a lot of pre ignition which damaged the pistons. They make inexpensive bore scopes that can use laptops or phones as displays. Maye you could use one to get a look into a combustion chamber.
  165. E

    Stihl 036 Hard Starting

    The Stihl Elastostart handle also makes pulling a little easier. The D handle may have an Elastostsart insert too, I haven't used one. My small Echo starts extremely easily. I think it has a small passage from the cylinder above the exhaust port into the port to bleed off pressure. Some two...
  166. E

    OK, how much gas did you spill in 2023?

    Yes but there's only 7 million people in washington state where this is being proposed. It's not very clear in the article that it's the state not federal. 17 million gallons spilled annually in washington state sounds like a lot and could well be an exaggeration. The California politicians who...
  167. E

    Squeaking noise on a New Holland TC29D

    Grease the front axle center pivot. There may be two grease fittings, one in front and one on the back of the axle. If that turns out to be the source of the squeak then check that its not worn.
  168. E

    Attachment Storage Ideas/Experience

    I took an idea from others here and built dollies for many of my implements. I can stack them in the barn and move them around by hand to get to the ones behind them.
  169. E

    Post your Branson at work. Picture thread

    When I took dendrology (tree taxonomy) in college in the '80s we were told they are all scotch broom. I thought the leafless variety was just growing under different conditions. My wife's gotten super into gardening and native plants and told me a few years ago that they're actually not only...
  170. E

    Post your Branson at work. Picture thread

    That looks like a good trick for pulling brush. Better than the spring loaded jaws thing I bought that slips off the brush half the time. That looks like spanish broom. I think it's the worst of the three brooms for flammability but at least it grows slower than the other two. Also isn't that...
  171. E

    International Harvester Comparisons

    1960s vehicles can be pretty beat up and need a lot of work. Many can be hard to find parts for. Compact tractors did not start getting electronic engine controls until 2015 or so. Newer ones are more likely to have useful features like four wheel assist, power steering and hydrostatic...
  172. E

    Banning a member

    Then there's a meta-argument about the ban. That can be even more annoying and distuptive than the posts that caused the ban. One large forum I was a member of had a dedicated topic that reported mod actions. You wern't allowed to whinge about mod actions in the rest of the topics and the mod...
  173. E

    Need some home heating feedback: Wood boiler or fireplace insert?

    Our old fireplace looked similar but did not have outside air, so maybe it was older and not as good. It would make the house colder since it pulled lots of air from inside the house and cold air would leak in to replace it. Not much heat produced either. I stopped using it because it was so...
  174. E

    Need some home heating feedback: Wood boiler or fireplace insert?

    At my propane price ($2.75/gallon), 1 cord of Madrone hardwood is worth about $900 in propane, taking the efficiencies of my stove and furnace into account. Of course there are multiple costs involved with processing firewood while the propane just shows up on a truck. If you account for all...
  175. E

    Stihl 036 Hard Starting

    Carbon build up on the piston and combustion chamber can increase the compression ratio, making it harder to pull through.
  176. E

    Oil leak from "main gallery access port" in New Holland 1725

    It looks like its a slightly oversize cylinder thats driven into the bore. I have seen that in a few engines. Sometimes its a ball and the case is peened over to lock it in. You could make your own plug and seal it with a small amount of good case sealant like Dirko or Yamabond #4. One concern...
  177. E

    Buying Advice Tractor Flail mower/Mulcher 25 Acres

    The MF is probably heavy and powerful enough to run a mower larger than 6'. But at least in the USA, mowers get much more expensive above 6'. Rotary cutters will generally cost less than flails, and are probably easier to find used. If you're operating on slopes get the 4 wheel drive. Without...
  178. E

    Need some home heating feedback: Wood boiler or fireplace insert?

    A lot of prefab fireplaces specifically disallow inserts. Check your manual. You may well have the wrong flue for a modern insert. They need high temp insulated flues. Our prefab disallowed inserts and we had the wrong flue. We replaced it with an EPA zero clearance fireplace which is basically...
  179. E

    Streaming services versus Direct TV

    We have both directTV and streaming from an apple tv device. I watch mostly weird sports like bicycle and motorcycle racing where some events are only on streaming. There are some real drawbacks to streaming. You probably need to sign up with more than one streaming service to get all the...
  180. E

    Something's eating my birds

    Maybe we have been lucky but 6' high woven wire fencing has kept coyotes out of the chicken yard. We added a chicken wire skirt along the bottom and out on the ground because foxes kept digging under the fencing. And added fencing overhead to keep bobcats out. They went in over an electric wire.
  181. E

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    The problem is the wind drag if the helmet is tipped up or back or the rider turns their head. And you have to turn your head to check traffic when changing lanes. My neck hurts just looking at that.
  182. E

    Something's eating my birds

    Yea it's not a problem that you can shoot your way out of unless you can guard your birds 24/7. There will always be coyotes. You need fencing to keep them out.
  183. E

    Clear cutting half arsed, why?

    Or they are broke, got taken advantage of by the loggers and don't have the ability to do the clean up themselves.
  184. E

    TYM T 574 Has Tier Four Emissions

    All new tractors sold in the US have to meet tier IV emissions. For engines under 25.5 hp, the requirements are easier to meet and can be done with combustion chamber shape and injection timing with mechanical injection. Engines over 25.5 hp generally need DOC + DPF systems or DOC + EGR. Most...
  185. E

    Buying Advice - Kioti, LS, TYM Compact Tractors

    That's not always true. It depends on where the zero percent financing comes from. If it's from the manufacturer, they may be offering it as an incentive. There may also be a cash incentive, or there may not be. When I was looking to buy about six years ago Kubota was doing that. They had a...
  186. E


    They stopped selling the 25 series (3725 and 4425) after only a few years. They were not all that different from the 20 series, just a few more features. The 3520 (now 3620) was the most different from the 3725 since the 3725 is a 2.1 liter four cylinder and the 3520 is a 1.7 liter three. But...
  187. E

    How much transmission fluid to add??

    If the sight glass is at the back of the transmission like many are, make sure the tractor is level when adding fluid. Also if the 3pt is raised there's some fluid in those cylinders. The loader cylinders might hold a gallon or more but since they are double acting rather than the 3pt's single...
  188. E


    I have the open station of the tractor Slim has. It's been fine. Ours are from before Brason added the ability to do a regen. Instead it's a low temp continual regen deal with a lot of catalyst in the DOC. Or something like that, they don't really come out and say it but there have been some...
  189. E

    Custom hydraulic backhoe thumb

    I did the research for this a while ago and then didn't get around to doing it. I don't think its possible to get a cylinder that's 18" closed and 32" open. I couldn't find one anyhow. But you could get something like (for example) 19.5" closed and 31.5 open. (2x12x1.25 Double-Acting Hydraulic...
  190. E

    Tire Pressure for Rears with Ballast

    I'd use the same pressure as without ballast. I run the rear tires on my tractor at 15 psi.
  191. E

    Water heater recs please

    If you have 120v near the water heater location there are heat pump water heaters that can run off 120v 20a (maybe even 15a) circuits. They're made especially for replacing gas heaters.
  192. E

    Gas/Oil Mixture

    I use 50:1 with high quality synthetic oil. Not Red Armor but I'll probably switch to that when I'm done with the stuff I have. The old 20:1 ratios were because the oil was poor. Chainsaws are low power industrial engines. They don't need a lot of oil like a highly tuned motorcycle race engine...
  193. E

    Marijuana Harvester???

    The requirements in CA vary by county but what I've seen in NorCal and southern Oregon for outdoor grown is mostly just tall fencing with opaque panels to block the view. Of course with any lease there will be people coming and going. And the fence still looks like its hiding an industrial...
  194. E

    Colorado wolf reintroduction

    Being the USA's oldest national park, Yellowstone is also the place where there's been professional wildlife management for the longest. Pretty much everything has been tried there at one time or another. At times there has been a lot of hunting, at other times none. Hunting has always been...
  195. E

    Colorado wolf reintroduction

    Poland's a pretty different environment than the high country of Colorado or Wyoming. I was working on grizzly bear studies when they were working on introducing wolves to Yellowstone. Since then there's been a lot of good effects on the environment. For example the wolves keep the elk and...
  196. E

    Need help identifying hydraulic fittings/hoses for powering backhoe.

    The BH loop connects to the 90 degree fitting that goes into the top of the transmission or the top of the valve block if you have rear remotes. It's actually a 90 degree fitting and a hose end attached to it. You undo the hose end, loosen the 90 and spin it around to point to the rear. The...
  197. E

    Need help identifying hydraulic fittings/hoses for powering backhoe.

    There is a Branson kit for the "backhoe loop". It's easy to install. Call Dave's Tractor in Red Bluff CA to order one. Or your dealer. When the BH is not installed, the two ends of the loop connect to each other and make, well, a loop. One end goes into that 90 degree fitting on the top of the...
  198. E

    Warranty misleading

    I think its ok if you keep the bucket bottom just off level rather than curling it all the way down.
  199. E

    Barndominium/Shop or "real" House?

    They make jackshaft style openers that mount on the wall rather than hanging from the ceiling and getting in the way. Make sure the power outlet is on the wall instead of in the ceiling. You can get the door tracks closer to the ceiling than is typically done- less than a foot. It may require...
  200. E

    school of shifting :-)

    Tractors don't dig very well. Tractor loaders are more for scooping up loose material from a pile than digging. The suggestion to use a box blade to dig is a good one. Tractors are a lot better at pulling implements than pushing them. When you're using the loader to scoop up material, drive...