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    Bad Boy 28hp Perkins (Cat) diesel won’t start

    My mower was surging the last time I used it. Time for new fuel filters so I removed pre-filter(screen) and cartridge filter. Pre-filter screen was plugged up. Cleaned it. The screen is in a metal housing with plastic bowl. It has a drain and two vent plugs in the top. I took all three out prior...
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    12 volt fence charger life span

    Tried to find a category that fits. This was my best guess. I have a Zareba 1 joule charger that is 12 years old or so. Been used sparingly. On a full battery charge the output checked at the terminals has dropped by 65-70%. Was wondering if this was normal failure mode and if anyone had seen...
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    JD CT322 Hydaulic leak

    I am trying to locate a major hyd leak on this machine. It dumped all the hyd fluid out in the belly pan and after raising cab I can’t find a busted hose or fitting. Any suggestions on how to t-shoot? The only thing I know to do is fill reservoir and lower cab in order to spin the motor hoping...
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    Woods BB60 gearbox rebuild

    I have a older Woods rotary mower. My gearbox is toast. Anyone rebuilt one of these? I need gears, seals and bearings. My gearbox assy has been superseded with a new one from Woods. I have to buy a new gearbox, crossbar and blade pins in order to replace it. It also has slower blade speed than...
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    Brush Cutter

    I have a CT322 Deere. It doesn’t have an enclosed cab. Wanting to get a brush cutter to take care of the wooded area of my property. Was thinking about using expanded mesh with 1/8” lexan for a front shield while using the brush cutter. Thoughts??
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    Farmtrac 60 Stabilizing chain

    Unfortunately I have lost the original equipment stabilizing chain and turnbuckle off one side of my 60. I would like an original to replace it or one of the same design. I have searched the web but the resources I have found that gave one that appears to look the same as mine are all out of...
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    Rear axle/hydraulic oil for FarmTrac 60

    I have gone brain dead and just wanted to make sure I was remembering correctly. The rear axle and hydraulics share the same fluid? It uses regular 90w gear oil?
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    Farmtrac 60 Power Steering leak

    Just finished rebuilding the power steering cylinder on my 2000 Farmtrac 60. Not an easy job but doable in one day. I got my parts from Robbie at Joe's tractor parts in N.C. Fast service. For anyone attempting the job when you get the rod out of the cylinder look at the parts kit and do not...