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  1. goeduck

    Bolens G154 (Iseki TX2140F)

    My G154/TX2140F is grinding gears when I need to change gears. Same thing when changing from high to low on the transmission. I can quickly change gears from one to another, but beyond that, I shut down the engine when shifting. I adjusted the pedal travel with no change and am thinking I...
  2. goeduck

    Roosevelt Elk

    Two of my properties are in Roosevelt Elk territory and they have started decimating our fruit trees there. Roosevelt Elk are the largest of the elk species and can reach at least up to nearly 9 feet (measured tree damage at 8-3/4'). We have fruit trees scattered around and for decades only...
  3. goeduck

    Iseki Tx2140 Bolens G154 Tires

    The best that I can tell is that the stock rear 16-inch wheels are approx. 5.5 inches (140mm) wide and the 12-inch front wheels are approx. 3.14 inches (80mm) wide. The tractor comes with 8-16 and 5-12 tires. Does anyone know if 9.5-16 tires would fit the rear rims and 6-12 tires the front...
  4. goeduck

    Breaker Panel Question

    Recently my circuit breaker to my septic tank discharge pump tripped. I am not sure why, but we had some weird power outages/flickers lately. I never had a reason to do anything with the circuit until the pump lost power and the tank went into high alarm. I always thought the breaker pair in...
  5. goeduck

    Florida Condo Collapse

    My money is on the bet that the home owners association itself will be at fault. Early reports are that the repair their consultant recommended was in the $15M range and some owners ponied up, but others did not. Likely this story will fade from the news before we know, but I sure would be...
  6. goeduck

    Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs, How do you do it?

    Curious of the best ways to peel a hard boiled egg and not have the shell stick to the egg.
  7. goeduck

    Battery Tester Analyzer

    It seems cars and trucks are not as tolerant of a battery on its way out which makes complete sense but it can also leave you stranded with little to no warning. Which is what happened to me for the second time in a little over a year (different vehicles). Our mild climate allows our batteries...
  8. goeduck

    Kitchen & Pocket Knife Sharpening, what do you use?

    Curious what everyone is using to sharpen their kitchen and pocket knives.
  9. goeduck

    Christmas Lights, any outdoor ones that last?

    Last year I pitched my cheap outdoor Christmas lights when half the strings quit working by the time I took them down and thought this year I would inve$t in some commercial brand LED lights. I want to go with a screw in type with wiring such that when one build goes, just that bulb goes. Part...
  10. goeduck

    Heat Pump to Hot Water Baseboards.

    I have a rental house with an old oil furnace and hot water baseboard heaters that needs upgrading. Has anyone done an air to water heat pump or geo to water heat pump and then pumped the water to hot water baseboards?
  11. goeduck

    Sauerkraut Recipes

    That time of year. I have traditionally made cabbage and salt sauerkraut and this year want to start adding carrots, apples, garlic or whatever. I mostly use red cabbage since I like it a bit better than green. Any good recipes out there anyone wants to post?
  12. goeduck

    How do you Dry your Nuts?

    I have been using stainless bowls on the hearth in front of the wood stove but I want air flow underneath which the bowls do not allow. This year I ordered some used donut trays on eBay and will make an oak rack to hold them a few inches apart and up higher for better heat. How does everyone...
  13. goeduck

    Bat Box, Bat House What is a Good Design and Mounting Location?

    I searched and found some threads on Bat Boxes (bat houses?) but not as much information as I hoped for. Has anyone tried different designs and have a preference? Also post where you have had the best luck mounting them. I read at least 10 feet up on a south, southeast or east facing location...
  14. goeduck

    Subaru Robin Engines. Any good?

    I saw a post on nextdoor giving away a pressure washer. I set up a time and picked it up yesterday. The guy tells me the recoil is stuck and if someone did not take it he will take it to the transfer station and junk it. Well, the recoil mechanism was fine, I could hand rotate the engine...
  15. goeduck

    Annoying Add Banner on Right Side of Page

    Is anyone else getting an annoying add banner on the right side of the TBN page? I am using an IPad. I have Addblocker Plus installed but it still comes in. It crowds the page to the left, sometimes half the screen.
  16. goeduck

    Big cities are dying. This should shock you.

    This is not intended to be a political thread but if you have an hour to watch this, look at what is happening to our big cities. This is Seattle but the same goes for many cities these days. KOMO News Special: Seattle is Dying | KOMO
  17. goeduck

    ATV Trailer, any good ones?

    I am looking at getting a Polar ATV trailer HD1200 or more likely HD1500. Anyone have one or something better?
  18. goeduck

    Compost Tumbler

    Anyone have opinions on compost tumblers? I am looking at something specifically for kitchen vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, etc. for compost to be used in potted plants and raised gardens. I think that I would want a reasonably heavy duty, at least two sided tumbler. While I fill the one...
  19. goeduck

    Eagle vs Fox Who takes home the Rabbit?

    This was up here on one of our islands Fox vs eagle vs rabbit. Who will win? - YouTube Not a big fan of bald eagles, I have them on two properties. They are not a bird that always works for a living.
  20. goeduck

    Big Old Shade Tree - what is your favorite species?

    What shade trees do you like? I understand the varieties would be somewhat region specific. I am in need of planting a shade tree to the west of my house and am curious what trees people like all things considered. ie typical health, if they are always messy, appearance.... I always thought...
  21. goeduck

    Kubota B21 Hydraulic Hose Replacement

    Dos anyone have an inventory of the hydraulic hoses on a B21 or know where I can get such a list? Mine are getting tired and rather than replace them as they go bad I would rather do the whole enchilada. I am not looking for factory $$$ hose part numbers, I am looking for a list with length...
  22. goeduck

    Socks, I need new socks. Where do you buy good socks?

    Years back my SIL worked at a place that had good quality socks. She gave me socks for Christmas every year for years. Well, she retired and I have no idea what brand she got me. What brand socks do you use? Long wear is important more than comfort. Not that I want iron socks but I can稚...
  23. goeduck

    Oven, do you use self clean cycle or do you use easy off?

    I was told once that the self clean cycle was very hard on an ovens wiring and electronics due to temperature. I recall replacing my mothers early self cleaning wall oven and finding charred wires in the oven and scorched side walls on the oven cabinet. I was surprised it did not start a fire...
  24. goeduck

    Infrared Thermometer will it read a corrugated flue pipe

    Flue pipe on my wood burning fireplace insert is corrugated SS and barely visible through the cut out heatilator tube. I would like to know the temp of the liner at this location which is about 18” above the insert. I have read that stainless is hard to read due to its emissivity and I can’t...
  25. goeduck

    Food Dehydrator, advice?

    I am looking at getting a food (mostly for apples, pears and bananas) dehydrator. Any advice on the brand? I am seeing excalibur as a locally offered brand but I am not adverse to shipment to save money. Any input?