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    Splitter Wars 2020

    Splitter Wars is a collaboration between 8 YouTubers. There are 7 different types of splitters and a maul. This is not a competition. It is a demonstration of different types of splitters. Hopefully this will help people figure out what kind of splitter they need. Here is the line up: Splitting...
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    Video: The Importance of Ballasting Your Tractor

    Here is a little video I made on ballasting your tractor. I show that it is important to ballast for use with the loader or 3 point hitch.
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    Video: How to shift in and out of 4WD on the fly

    Here is a video I made on how to shift in and out of 4WD on the fly.
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    SS Harley Rake on CUT

    Would a CUT with 9.9GPM run a skidsteer harley rake? It looks like they require a minimum of 13 GPM. I assume it would just turn it slow but would it function right at a lower speed? Nobody here has a rental for a 3PH.
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    400hr service time

    I got everything to do the 400hr service on the BX. I started on it tonight and I will finish it tomorrow, I'm letting the fluids drain over night.
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    Peerless Tire Chains Review

    I recently purchased 2 set of peerless tire chains. I purchased #10165 for a 10-16.5 tire, the front of the L4240. The other set was a 1062256 which was for a 18x8.50-10, the front of the BX2360. Snow Chains for Tires, Best Tire Chains, Truck Tire Chains Snow Chains for Tires, Best Tire...
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    Tire chains for front axle

    I am looking for a set of tire chains for the front of the L4240. It has 10-16.5 tires. I would like to get something that is going to have lateral grip and make steering easier. I don't want studded/ v-bar chains or duo grips. I would like to find have net style tire chain. The only place I...
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    British Flat Face to NPTF

    I am looking for a couple of adapter fittings. I need one that is male #8 British flat face to 3/4 male NPT and another one that is female #8 British flat face to 3/4 male NPT. Anybody know where I can find them? Thanks for any help.
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    Weight Distribution Hitch Setup

    Does it look like I have the WDH setup right? I'm setting on completely level ground in the pic. The jack was not supporting anything.
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    Foot Pedal for TIG

    I have a snap on mig with a tig conversion for it. I have had it 3 years but have not used it much. I tried welding some 20 gauge on the lowest setting (50amps) and it burned through it. If I get a foot pedal will that allow me to lower the amperage for welding thinner metals like 22 or 24 gauge?
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    How to Easily Remove Grease and Diesel Smoke From Your Tractors Loader (Video)

    I figured out an easy way to remove grease and diesel smoke from your tractors loader. I made a video so you can see how it works.
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    Who wishes their BX had mirrors?

    The BX's in Europe have mirrors as an option. It would be nice if Kubota offered that option for North America. I thought I would start this thread and see how much interest there is. If it looks like there is some interest in mirrors for the BX I was going to email the link to this thread to...
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    RTV Brake lights

    Does a Kubota RTV have brake lights?
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    Could you measure your B or L filter assembly for me?

    Could someone with a B2330, 2620, 2920 or L3200 or 3800 measure the overall height of the fuel filter assembly? This is the filter assembly I am talking about. Kubota Fuel Filter Assy Part #6A320-58862
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    7 pin extension

    What do you guys do for a 7 pin extension? I have seen 7 pin harnesses in varying lengths with the male end but no female end. Do you guys just buy one of these and put the female end on it and would that be the best way to go? I need an extension for the the tractor. Conntek ROJ...
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    Kubota Combine

    Here is a video I found of a Kubota combine in Korea.
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    Weight Distribution Hitch

    Is this a good weight distribution hitch? CURT Manufacturing - CURT Long Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitch #17302 CURT It will be used on a 10k car trailer and maybe a dump trailer.
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    BX 4 in 1 Bucket

    I remember a thread a while back that someone had a video of a 4 in 1 bucket on BX. I think it was offered as an option through Kubota in Australia. I remember somebody wanted a 4 in 1 for a BX. I was looking at craigslist tonight and I came across a 4 in 1 bucket for a BX. It is made by W.R...
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    BX 25 in 10ft dump trailer??

    What you need is something like this to keep the loader from leaking down. OMT166698 K0: 310G Backhoe Loader, Block File: CED_OUO1079_422_19_10JUL00.htm There are also cylinder locks that slip over the rod end of the cylinder...
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    Kubota BX Plowing Snow Video

    Here is a little video of me plowing snow with the BX earlier this week.
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    How to Install the Mower on a Kubota BX Video

    A while back I made a video on how to remove the mower on a BX and a video showing how fast it can be removed. I finally got around to making a video on how to install it and one on how fast it can be installed. Here is how to install the mower Here is a video on...
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    Plowing Snow in VA

    I know some of you remember my posts about FEL snow plows and how they don't work well on a gravel driveway. Here Monday it was over 70 degrees and the weather man said we were going to get snow on Wednesday. Well Wednesday it did snow and it was in the mid to high 30's throughout the day. Of...
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    GM test cars

    A few times I have mentioned that GM test cars travel through my area. I don't think anyone believes me so I finally got some proof. Check out the Nurburgring decal on the back. I wonder if this cars has been there?
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    best way to treat wood truck and trailer floors?

    What is the best way to treat a wood truck or trailer floor? I remember something about ATF and diesel but I don't remember the ratio.
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    Running a wood splitter on a Kubota L4240

    I'm thinking about running a hydraulic wood splitter on the 4240. What would be the best way for me to do this, Just hook into a remote? The tractor does not have a detent on the remotes for it to be always on so I guess I would have to use a rope to tie it on?
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    Ditch Witch 350SX Specs

    Does anybody know where I can find the specs for a Ditch Witch 350SX Diesel? I am curious how much power it is, how much it weighs and the GPM.
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    Stihl MS 170 timing advance

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    A backup camera for $50!!!!!!!!!!!

    At first I was against a backup camera in a tractor but after seeing how nice they are in vehicles I thought it would be nice to have in the tractor. There is not a good place to put a rear view mirror in the tractor. I keep my mirrors adjusted down low so I can watch my tires for maneuvering...
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    What is this aircraft?

    I saw 3 fly over tonight. I have seen them fly over 4 times previously too. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, I just want someone to confirm it.
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    94BULLITT's Home Built 3 Point Hitch Dethatcher

    I bought a 10' piece of 2x2x3/16 angle. I cut it in half for the front and rear of the frame. The frame after drilling the holes for the teeth Here is what the tine spacing looks like I notched 2 pieces of 2x2 angle for the ends Uprights for the 3 point hitch Crossmember for the...
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    Need Recommendation for Good Chop Saw Blades

    I have a 14'' chop saw and I wanted to see what kind of blades you guys like and dislike. I currently have a Forney blade on it and I don't think it works too good.
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    Broken Magnets on Winch Motor

    Is it possible to just buy magnets for a electric motor?
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    How do baler teeth attach to the baler???????????

    I am working on a project and I am going to be using hay baler teeth on it. I was wondering how the teeth attached to the baler and what kept them from turning.
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    94Bullitt's Attachment Restoration Thread

    I made this thread to show that you can take something that does not look that good and make it look like new. I also have a couple of broken attachments that I repaired. The first is a Woods RB60 Blade. I showed pictures of this one in another thread. These are the only before pictures I...
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    iMATCH Craigslist Find

    I found an iMATCH on Craiglist. Like everything I find on craigslist it was over an hour away. I called the guy and asked him if he was going to me in my area anytime soon. He said he was going to be in my area today at the Bobcat dealer. The Bobcat dealer is 10 minutes away from my house. I met...
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    Carry All for Pallet Forks

    About 3 years ago I built a set of forks for the 3 points hitch. I also bought a set for the front. I built a carry all out of a old pallet so I can use it with the front or rear forks. I used saw mill...
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    Estimate the Weight of this log

    It is a Pin Oak log 29' long, 24'' on the big end, and 12'' on the small end.
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    Tomato Cages

    What kind of tomato cages do you use? I want to make something that will last for years. I would also like something that is easy to store.
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    Netwrapping Firewood on Pallets

    I got the idea to use netwrap to help secure the firewood to the pallet and help keep leaves out so it should dry better. I tie the netwrap to the pallet. Stack the wood on the pallet and then wrap it. I go about 1.5 wraps then tie the net wrap back to the pallet. Here is the finished...
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    Stihl MS 441 C M vs MS 660 video

    Here is a video of the MS 441 C M against the MS 660. I think the 441 does so well against the 660 because the of the wood and the 441 turns more RPMs. The 660 has way more power/ torque, you can really dog it in. I added a dual port muffler and tuned the 600 to 13,000 RPM and tested it again. I...
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    I got a new saw today

    I have been looking for months for a 70cc Stihl. There are very few locally forsale. Most of them are rough looking or way over priced or a 20'' bar. I found a MS 441 CM and emailed the guy a back and forth a couple of times then he quit replying. I found a 046 and sent the guy a text asked him...
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    Wheel Chocks

    Has anybody used these wheel chocks? Camco 44412 Wheel Chock : : Automotive The guy I bought my trailer from gave me one. I had seen them at Walmart and thought they were junk. I usually use blocks of wood. One day I went to move the trailer with the BX and forgot to move the wheel...
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    Trailer Tongue Box

    I bought this trailer tongue box and it is was made with extremely poor quality. Tradesman TAL16TTBBK Black 16" Aluminum Trailer Tongue Box: Automotive I am not sure right now if I want to return it or exchange it for one like it and hope it is better. What kind of tongue box do...
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    My first Muffler Mod

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    Trailer hub covers

    I want to do something to make my trailer wheels look better. What do you guys do? I found these covers.QuickTrim® Chrome Trailer Hub Cover, 6 on 5-1/2" #QT655CHN Right now they look like the best bang for the buck. In the past I did chrome lug nuts and chrome center caps but they rust up...
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    Dehumidifier Recall, they can catch on fire

    I think there are 10 brands involved. The affected model were sold between January 2005- August 2013. Check here to see if yours is recalled.
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    Any ideas for cleaning out a rusty gas can?????

    I have a older pre-EPA gas can. It has some rust in the bottom. Does anybody have a idea on how to make it a usable can again?
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    Dump trailer with removable sides

    Who all makes a dump trailer with removeable sides? All I can find is Appalachian trailers. Utility Dump Trailers I know there are some with fold down sides but they all seem to be real expensive.
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    How long does it take to remove the deck from a BX?????????????????

    I made a little video to see how long it really takes.
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    Cat vs Squirrel

    I have a stray cat and 3 kittens outside. The mother cat has caught a lot of chipmunks and some mice and moles. Sunday morning there was a full grown squirrel on the deck she had caught. I thought she must have got lucky. Then Tuesday she caught another one. This morning she caught another fully...
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    Who is your ISP?

    I currently have Verizon DSL and I am happy with it. It is fast enough for me, reliable and reasonably priced. I would like to do away with my phone line so the DSL would have to go. Right now I am exploring my options. So who is your ISP?
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    Trailer Mover Build

    I started with a $3 hitch. I cut the hitch down, added clevis hookups and a piece of 2x2 for the upright. I added some gussets, a piece of 2.5x2.5 on top so I can move a gooseneck and can use it for future attachments. I need to make my mind up on how I am going to add the chain to...
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    My solution for that excess strap

    I found these "stretch locks" at Home Depot and thought they would be good for securing the excess strap. They come in 24" and 40" lenghts. They should work on a small strap on up to a big strap. *at The Home Depot They also work good for holding the strap together when it is not in use.
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    Trailer Tires

    1. Why does everyone recommend radial trailer tires? 2. What are some good brands to go with? 3. What brands should I stay away from? 4. Anyone heard of Trailer King tires?
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    What is this trailer worth?

    My great uncle has a deck over trailer he wants to sell. It is 18' long, no dove tail, 12k gross, like new, kept under a roof its whole life, and has ramps of course. Since it does not have a dove tail is that going to hurt the value? I am thinking start out at $3500 on it. What do you guys think?
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    How many implements/ attachments do you own?

    How many implements and attachments do you own. Don't count the ones that are broken, only the ones that are in working condition. Those junk lawn mower attachments like Lowes sells don't count either.
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    Bluetooth Camera

    Is there such thing a camera that I could mount somewhere and watch on my phone or tablet through bluetooth?
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    Is the Mahindra Max really a SCUT

    It has nothing to do with the capabilities of the tractor. It is the size of the tractor. It is bigger than the competition. Mahindra used to make a tractor, the 1816. It was sold as a compact tractor. Now that they sell the Max it no longer sold. The max is even more than the "comparable" Deere.
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    Float for curl function

    Would it be possible to add float to the curl function?
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    How tight should a ball be on a coupler?

    I have a coupler with the trigger style latch. How tight should the ball be? Is there a specification for adjusting it?
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    13 months and 135 Hours Later

    It looks better than new. Yesterday and today I sharpened the blades, greased the deck, cleaned the under side of the deck, checked the deck adjustment and washed it while the deck was off. I really like the little BX. I would be lost with out it. It is so much fun to operate.
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    How not to load a truck on to a trailer

    This is pretty funny:laughing: It looks like the ramps hold up well.
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    How much do you pay to have your ride detailed?

    How much do you pay to have your vehicle detailed? What all do they do to it? Please be as descriptive as you can like hand wash, machine applied wax etc.
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    I checked the BX's fuel consupmtion

    I checked the fuel consumption on the BX and it used .61 gallons a hour. 90% of the hours this fill up were mowing @ 3100RPM.
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    Ford says no to Diesel F-150

    Ford Says "No" to F-150 Diesel, but Chrysler Says Ram 1500 Diesel Makes Sense | I don't think a diesel 1/2 ton is practical either.
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    Built Ford Tough

    The dealership caught on fire and fell on the truck I guess.
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    What is this bird?????

    I know it is a young bird. It has grown quite a a lot in the past week. It is very friendly. You can come within 2 or 3 feet of it. It bobs it's head like a Dove
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    I almost made some scrap metal today

    I was pulling out some small trees this evening. I had a couple that would not come out with it hook the draw bar on the tractor. I got the draw bar for the 3PH and bent the thing. I never really gave it any thought. I know my neighbor uses a cat 1 draw bar his on his New Holland TL90 and t5040...
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    .72 gals a hour on a Grand L

    I topped of the L4240 today. It had 11.1 hours on it since it had been filled the last time. I put about 8 gallons of fuel in it which means it consumed .72 a hour.
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    SMV Sign on Trailer

    Why do people put a SMV sign on their trailer? It drives me nuts plus it is illegal if they drive faster than 25MPH. They do make things called reflectors to make it more visible.
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    Rope for pulling trees over

    I have a few trees that I want to take down. They need a little help to fall in the right direction. What kind of rope would be good to use to pull them in the right direction while they are being cut?
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Next time you see someone towing or hauling something wrong take a picture and post. If they over loaded, hauling a 20' board on a 6' bed, towing a 10k trailer with a Ranger, hauling a tractor not chained down or what ever share it. I saw this little S-10 Saturday with a few bags of concrete on...
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    Best Spray on Bed liner

    Who has the best spray on bed liner? We have Linex, Rhino Linings, and Vortex that I know of close to me.
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    New S-10 concept

    Not really. I actually found this listed under motorcycles on craigslist.
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    Used Chain Saw Parts

    I am looking for a MS260 cylinder that is 44.7mm. Does anybody know of any sources for used parts. I have checked ebay, keep it running, and chainsawr. If I can't find a used cylinder I am going with a new Meteor 44mm cylinder.
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    Zero turn at gas pumps

    I saw this guy filling up his zero turn a couple of weeks ago when I wen to get a pizza. Yes he drove it it there.
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    What is Driveway Repair Work Worth a Hour?

    I have somebody that wants me to give them a estimate on cutting some drainage ditches along their driveway and grading it up. What is a tractor like the L4240 worth a hour doing this kind of work?
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    Cleaning the Tractors

    Saturday I started cleaning the tractors. They were both filthy. Here is what they looked like before I started. I pressure washed them both off followed up with hand washing them. Here is what they looked like after I finished washing them. After I washed them I focused on...
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    Mowing  How to take a MMM of a BX Video

    I made a video to show how easy it is to take a deck of a BX.
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    How much can you tilt can you get out of your 3PH?

    I move my side links around today and lengthened the one and shortened the other. Just to see how much it would tilt. This one I have the blade tilted 15* I could not go to the 30* position on the blade because the 3PH would not go high enough even with the top link shortened.
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    I took the loader off

    I took the loader off the L4240 for the first time yesterday. I took the weights off the BX and put them on it to see what it would look like. The tractor is some much more manuverable without the FEL.
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    Baja Designs Light Install

    I made the brackets and mounted the lights a couple of weeks ago but I can't find a switch like I want. I temporarily hooked the lights up for some pictures. I have some night shots of the the Baja Designs Squadron lights that I won. Thanks Baja Designs. Here are some shots of just the...
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    Baja Designs Light Comparison

    I took some pictures show the difference between 1 Baja deigns Squadron LED light and the lights on the Kubota BX2360 and the L4240. For the comparison I temporarily hooked the light to a 12v power port adapter so I could hook it into the 12v power port on the tractors. Both of tractors were...
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    Baby squirrels

    I was transferring firewood to pallets and I was almost done and I found 3 baby squirrels in the wood pile. Their eyes were not open yet. Here is 2 of them under a pallet. I took a peice of bark and put the 3rd one under there.
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    Ecoboost 4 cyl coming to Mustang
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    What is this for the on the BX?

    I found this on the BX. It is in the hood latch. It fits on the hood:confused3:
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    Planting Grass on a Steep Hill

    Does anyone have any advice on how to plant grass on a steep hill side? I am think seed it and aerate it to help keep the seeds from washing away.
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    I need to eventually some kind of spread for the BX to spread lime and fertilizer. I really want something that is 3PH mounted. I am not sure if a broadcast spreader would work for me because I have some smaller areas I need to use it in. I have looked for a 3PH drop spreader but they are...
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    Cutting Edges

    Is there a difference in performance from a straight cutting edge to a curved cutting edge on a grading implement?
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    a god start

    You could a piece running up and down like this and second toplink hook up down lower and it would dump as you raise the 3PH. Here is a video of one on youtube. 1953 John Deere Model 40 - Homemade TPH Hauler - YouTube
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    Anyone gonna buy a new Cub Cadet, Save $100

    I have a coupon from Cub Cadet for $100 off of a new riding mower or Volunteer. I also have a coupon for $30 off a Cub Cadet tiller. If you are going to buy new Cub Cadet and could use either of these coupons let me know what model you are going to buy and I will make sure it is on the coupon...
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    Not getting notifications for subscribed threads

    I have noticed on a few threads that I am subscribed to I am not getting email notifications and it also does not pop up in "My Home." Hard to tell how many threads may have been replied to that I am unaware of. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Everything Attachments Wicked Grapple Build

    I thought I would go ahead and start a thread for the Wicked Grapple I won in the Everything Attachments Build It Yourself Contest. Here are the links to previous threads so you can see how this came about...
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    John Deere iMatch and Harbor Freight Quick Hitch video comparision

    Comparision Between a John Deere iMatch and a Harbor Freight Quick Hitch - YouTube
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    Real Dirty Air filter

    Here is a picture of a air filter out of a customers Durango.
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    Bad Boy ZT Mowers?

    I would stay away from anything with a briggs. The Kohler Command is also a good engine.
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    Imatch V2 with adjustable tophook

    I am thinking about getting a imatch. I wanted one with the fixed tophook. A dealer said yes we have one and I got there and was the adjustable tophook. Has anyone had problems with the imatch with the adjustable tophook not working on any implements? I am concerned that the bolts and where the...
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    Another Grapple Sizing Thread

    As many of you may know I won the Everything Attachment build it yourself contest. We agreed upon a grapple for the L4240, it has a 3rd function. I know the grapple sizing always seems to be a big debate on here, some guys prefer a 48" while other prefer a larger. What do you guys recommend and...
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    A short snow blowing video with a not so conventional blower

    We got a little snow Friday night so Saturday morning I used the Stihl BR600 leaf blower to clear the sidewalk and clean off vehilces. If filmed it with my phone in my left hand.
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    Suitcase Weights for a BX

    Has anyone purchased suitcase weights for their BX? How much were they? I know weights are usually a $1 a pound but sometimes small weights are more.
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    How to Install a Work Light Mounted Switch

    After looking everywhere and not being able to find a LED work light with a integrated switch I decided to make my own. The light has a rubber housing. I am not sure if you will be able to do this to a lot of the LED lights with a aluminum housing since most of them have a heat sync on the back...
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    I sold a blade today and bought a blade today

    I sold the Wood RBC60 I had for the BX today.:cool2: I was beginning to think no one was going to buy it. I bought the blade new back in June, it was some old stock and the paint was faded. I wanted to get something with a taller moldboard. Here are some pics of the old blade. I saw a...
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    I found a B6000E on craigslist with a Woods MMM for a good price but it needs a block. The guys says it had water in the oil and the block is cracked. Before I check into it more where would I find an engine or block for it? I think it has a ZL600 engine. I found some B6000's on auction time...
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    Oil Filter Comparison

    Feel free to add your favorite brand of automotive oil filter to the thread. Here are some pictures of a Fram PH8A and a Napa Gold (made by Wix) 1515 oil filter, this is a popular filter for Ford. In the pictures the Fram is on the left and the Napa Gold is on the right. Here is a picture of...
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    I have been wanting a core aerator for quite sometime. I have been thinking about making my own but I found a Woods PL60 that I may be able to get at a decent price. Would my BX handle it fine? It has 96 spoons. If they are dull can I sharpen them to get some more life out of them? Everything...
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    12v Rocker Switch

    Does anyone have a good source for a double pole 12v rocker switch? I check with Napa, Pep boys, Dorman, Summit racing, and JC Whitney. I can't find exactly what I am looking for.
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    Plowing on gravel

    I have a loader mounted blade on the Kubota L4240. It does fine on the black top and you can run the loader in float. I am having trouble from keeping it from digging in on gravel. I can work the loader up and down myself but my driveway is not very level and it is hard and I can only run 2.1...
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    Does this blade look bent?

    What do you think?
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    Cat 1 to Cat 0 lift arm pin

    I have a implement that I am trying to sell. I have a nibble on it but the guy has a cat 0 3PH. It is cat 1 implement but you can get a special lift arm pin through woods to make it cat 0. So I would like to be able to tell him were he can get the pins for it instead of going through woods and...
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    Kubota VS Mahindra Max

    I saw Kubota has a new video on their site. Tractors | BX Series| BX1860/BX2360/BX2660/BX25
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    Gannon Ek42 box blade

    How much does a gannon ek42 weigh?
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    BX 50 Hour Hydro Pedal Adjustment

    What do I need to do to the hydro pedal for the 50 hour service on the BX2360?
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    Check out this truck

    Grand Prairie Ford | New Ford dealership in Grand Prairie, TX 75050:drool::drool:
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    wahsboarding driveway

    What causes a driveway to washboard?
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    rope on coil wire

    I had a guy tell me the other day that he knew a guy that had a few farmall h and m's back in the 40's. He had a few young kids that could not reach the pedals. The kids really liked running the tractors. He would let them run tractors. They could not reach far enough to shut it off. He would...
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    Kubota History Video

    Kubota 40 Year History Video - YouTube
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    BX mowing video

    I have a really steep hill at the end of my driveway I mow with the BX. I made a video of me going up on down it today. The video and pictures do no make it look as steep as what it really is. Here is the video. (Click on it to Play) Here are the pictures. I have no idea why each picture gets...
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    Check out this chipper. Vandaele Wood Chipper FC400 - YouTube
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    Storage Shed Restoration

    I have a 10x12 storage shed that I am redoing. The one side beam was rottening and I replaced it. The floor joist were originally on 2' centers. I went back and added beams for it to be on 1' centers. I forgot to take pictures of the underside before i let it back down. I have 3 4x4 runners...
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    Offsetting Scraper Blade

    What is the best way to offset a scraper blade, with a screw jack, a sliding linkage? I know the screw jack is slower but it is infinitely adjustable. I don't want a hydraulic cylinder.
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    Trailer questions

    I have a couple of trailer questions. What is the difference between a car trailer and equipment trailer? What is the advantage of a trailer with a tilting deck, a better load angle?
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    BX2360 Upgrades

    I am making a thread for some stuff I want to do to the BX. So far I got a grille guard of ebay and a Harbor Freight qh. One thing I always did not like about the bx was the hood rattled when you start or shut the tractor off. It was annoying and embarrassing. I got a set of furniture bumpers...
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    Skidsteer vs Compact tractor

    What will push more snow? A skidsteer that weighs 6000 or 7000lbs or a compact 4wd tractor that weighs the same, both with industrial tires?
  124. 9

    V blade

    How does a v blade operate on a bobcat? Does it have 2 hoses that you connect or 4?
  125. 9

    L4240 upgrades

    I have been wanting to start a thread for a while for the 4240 but I have not had a chance to do anything to it. I had a chance this week to put some grab hooks on the bucket. I looked around for a while a fire extinguisher and found these at home depot. It fits nicely in the cup holder. I...
  126. 9

    Dr chipper

    I would really like to have a Wallenstein but I found a used dr chipper. It is a older unit. Are they self feeding like the Wallenstein or do you have to push it through? I attached a picture.
  127. 9

    Skid steer on a single axle

    Today I saw a guy hauling a Bobcat S175 skid steer on a single axle trailer!! The axle sure was bowed down on it. The trailer could not have been more than a 3K gross weight. Bobcats website says it weighs 6290. I wish I could have taken a picture of it.
  128. 9

    First time using rough cut behind l4240

    Saturday I used the my old 5ft king kutter rough cut behind the L4240. It really has good power. I could rev it 540pto and go through anything and it would never drop below 537rpm. I thought that the Bobcat I had handled it really well in comparison to the 8n, but you can't even tell that it is...
  129. 9

    Quick Hitches  quick hitch problems

    Well I got a quick hitch from harbor freight and was that a mistake. I read the owners manual online before I made the purchase. It said nothing about needing bushings for the lift arms which I am 99% sure I need (look at my pics and tell me for sure). From what I read a quick hitch goes from...
  130. 9

    CT225 alternator capacity

    Here are some pics of the bracket and switch. I think this is the switch I used. Be sure however you hook it up it is fused. If you don't go with leds you will need a relay. For a fuse you can use a fuse tap or get a switch with a built in fuse.
  131. 9

    QA Snow plow

    I want to get a ss quick attach for my kubota l4240. The tractor is 44hp and weights close to 7000lbs. I think I want to got a a 7' or a 7'6'' blade. I have looked online at every brand i can think of, HLA, Meyer, Curtis, bobcat, edge, ebay plows, virnig, landpride and probably more that I can't...
  132. 9

    Got the L4240

    I got the L4240 yesterday. :cool2: I was to busy playing with it to post a picture yesterday. It has a loader with ss quick attach, rear work lights, radio, rear wiper, tnt, 2 remotes (1 with float), loaded r 4's, and a 3rd function. When you put a 3rd function on you lose your right step. The...
  133. 9

    Kubota orange paint

    I have some implements that I want to paint to match the tractor. I did a search and found some people are using allis chalmer orange, chevy engine orange, and valspar autumn crush. How close is the valspar tsc kubota orange? I think tsc is phasing out the valspar and going to majic paint, is it...
  134. 9

    toolbox and worklight for bx2360

    This is my second time trying to post. I was ready to hit the button to post and lost my electricity again so now I am on my phone. I have a bx2360 and I want to put a toolbox on it. Has anyone added one to theirs? Where does the dealer installed light go and is the wiring on the tractor?
  135. 9

    New BX owner

    Yes a 4240 I cant wait for it to come. The bx seem like it will make a real nice mower. It goes up and down hills very well.
  136. 9

    New BX owner

    I got the BX2360 Friday. It has a 54'' deck. After I got it I went and got a king kutter xb box blade I saw on craigslist for it. On the way home I ran into a really bad wind storm and it felt like it was going to blow the truck and trailer off of the road. I came home to no electricity and just...
  137. 9

    Scraper blade for bx

    My bx 2360 is inline a the dealer to be assembled. I want to get a scraper blade for it. I am thinking a 4' or 5' blade. I can see advantages of the 4' blade cause you can get into tighter spaces. Will one of these tractors handle a 5' blade? How heavy-duty of a blade do I need? Will a cheap...
  138. 9

    BX price

    I looked at a BX1860 with turf tires and a 48" deck for $9990 and a BX2360 with industrial tires and a regular 54'' deck for $11490. Both of the prices are financed but I may see if I can get a "cash" price. Do these prices sound good? I was buying a grand l and he was trying to make a deal on a...
  139. 9

    Grand L

    I have been thinking about buying a Grand L. I had a few questions about them and I may think of more. 1. From the video on kubota website it looks like the hydro dual speed is a second stage on the motor. It does not actually change gears. Is this correct? 2. Is the auto throttle mechanically...
  140. 9

    3540 and 3940

    What should I expect to pay for a 3540, 3940, and 4240 with a cab, loader, ss quick attach, and r4 tires?
  141. 9

    Worksaver fel snow blade

    Does anyone have a worksaver fel snow blade? How do you like it? What size tractor do you have it on? Can you post some pics (Their website only show the front of it)? If I go with one I will probably run it off of a 3rd function.
  142. 9

    Rear discharge finish mower

    I currently have a Cub Cadet 2206? It does a good job. I have been kicking around the idea of getting rid of the Cub Cadet and getting a rear discharge finish mower. How good of a job do rear discharge finish mowers do? Do they stripe the yard nicely? What are the pros and cons of have a rear...
  143. 9

    Tractor Keys

    What keys did you get with your tractor? Mine came with the big one (like a gm car key). I got tangled up the other day getting off of the tractor and bent one. I went to the dealer to get another key and the little one was the one that they listed at the parts counter. I like it better because...
  144. 9


    I have some implements that need painted. I have previously painted some with the bobcat spray cans but that starts to run in to some money. Is there anything close to the bobcat charcoal I could use that I could buy in a quart? My dealer does not have the bobcat paint in the quart.
  145. 9

    Re-graveling driveway

    I am going to regravel my driveway and I have a few low spots that need filled in. I was thinking of going with 21a's for the fill in. Would they work well for the top coat also?
  146. 9

    Sticking hydro pedal

    I have a bobcat ct235 with a sticking hydro pedal. I was wondering how many of you kioti guys have had this problem on a Ck27hst, CK30hst, or a Ck35hst? If you had it was the fix?
  147. 9

    Land plane/ grading scraper

    Currently I use a rake to spruce up the driveway. I have been wondering how well a land plane would work. How well do they work in comparison to a box blade or a rake for maintaining a driveway? Will it to some degree pull gravel out of the ground to make the driveway look like it was...
  148. 9

    Adding a remote

    I have a ct235 and I would like to add at least 1 remote so I could use a grapple or a hydraulic toplink. How much would it cost for the parts so I could do it my self? Would it effect the warranty if I did it myself?
  149. 9

    Paint for Trailer

    My trailer needs painted. It is a car trailer with diamond plate runways. What wound be a good type of paint to use as far as durability and something that the uv rays will hold up to. I am thinking of painting it gloss black.
  150. 9

    1882 Service Manual

    Does anyone have a service manual in pdf for a 1882?
  151. 9

    Tuffline scraper blade

    I went to look at a box blade today and the dealer also had a 6ft tuffline scraper blade. I think it was a gb4. What do they normally retail for? Do you like your tuffline blade? Is it durable?
  152. 9

    Box Blade

    I want to get a box blade for my bobcat ct235. I have looked online at every brand I can think of, woods, land pride, bush hog, king kutter, rhino, united, and countryline by tsc. I know I do not want a rhino because there are no local dealers, I do not want the country line because the united...
  153. 9

    200 series fel bucket

    What size is the bucket on your 200 series? My tractor has a 68" bucket. Last night I was looking though the manual and they only list a 60" and 62" bucket.
  154. 9

    3 point hitch pallet mover

    I have been working on this the past couple of days. It is made out of 2x4 box .250 wall and the 3 point hitch mounts are 1/2''. I had all of the metal. The only thing I had to buy was 1 hitch pin. I still need to add some gussets, cap of the ends, and a few small things then I will clean and...
  155. 9

    pallet fork frame

    Does anybody sell just the frame for pallet forks for a fel?
  156. 9

    62'' Front mount snowblower on CT235

    Does anyone have a Bobcat 62'' snowblower on their 200 series tractor. When bobcat shipped the blower the shaft from the mid mount pto foward was 10'' to long( the collapsible shaft at the blower is fine). Yesterday the guy that put the blower on the tractor came up with a new shaft and it was...
  157. 9

    Rear Scraper Blade

    Back in december my old blade broke. I bought a woods RB72. At the time the only tractor I had was a 8n Ford, I had no idea I was going to buy a new tractor in just a few months or I would have stepped up to a hbl72. This rb72 blade is rated for tractors 12-40hp. It seems really light duty...
  158. 9

    Woods Hbl72 blade

    Does anyone know what a woods HBL72 blade cost?