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    Making a Mill

    Good evening all, I have been looking to see if how I can use every part of the Black Walnut, got stupid amounts of the darn things, and can always get more for free. I have my initial process to hull, wash, and crack them. The parts I have not gotten a handle on what to do with is the shells...
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    Looking for guidance on a craftsman RER 1000

    Good afternoon, I am reaching out to see if anyone could help me glean where this came off of the mower deck? or did this come from another part of the mower? Looked through the parts manual and came up with nothing. I speculate it has something to do with tightening the mower deck belt as...
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    Closed foundry

    Looking for some help from the internets, As I am trying to help find some answers to some cope and drag patterns that were picked up at an auction a few years back. The Foundry Went by the name Taylor Winfield in Warren, Ohio. I wanted to figure out what they were for? I was told it may have...
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    Best used tiller for the price

    Good Afternoon, I am looking for the best option for a tiller, I understand this will very from person to person. The tillers I have found so far in my area is as follows: Note: All options are in Clean, well running/operational condition. -A used BCS 716 with 18” tiller. 6.5 hp. 18” tiller...
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    Question on BCS 2 wheel tractor cost

    Good morning, I found a BCS 716 with 18” tiller. Very good condition, runs great. Has A 18” tiller on it and the owner wants $1,650.00 for it. Looking at the BCS Site I cant find this version on their site, Just looking for thoughts on the price? I know these types of 2 wheel tractors are...
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    new member

    Good evening all, New here trying to learn new things regarding the various tractors offered on the market, repairing them, and everything in between.