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    Hey, you Vermonters with 'current use' forests, question on monetizing junk wood

    I'm working at filing my next 10 year plan. I've got all this wood that isn't really good for anything that would need to be thinned for better trees. I'm just wondering if any of you have experience on extracting such wood firewood and selling it to others in Vermont. Is it worth the effort...
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    Deleted. Can't seem to find any other way to delete.
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    Titan Subsoiler height: can my 3PH keep it above ground?

    Looking at this: The user manual doesn't specify dimensions in the parts list, and the only photo with dimensions just says the top to bottom height is 52.25 inches...
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    Dear Santa: mini-ex with breaker for ditch work?

    A few months back I posted some questions about trying to solve washout problems in a ditch along my driveway (about 3/10 of a mile). Many excellent suggestions were made, it's a work in progress. However I keep thinking the real problem is just that the ditch is too narrow and two shallow...
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    Excavators, you know you want one...

    Naturally it's just for digging up trees and ditches.
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    Washout-proofing a ditch

    See attached photo, which unfortunately doesn't show the 10-12 vertical inch drop from driveway surface to water very well. I have this drainage ditch along my gravel driveway feeding multiple culverts all in the hope it will keep my driveway from washing away. Mostly it works. Most of the...
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    Quickconnect hydraulic coupler issue (and not from too much pressure)

    I have third function hydraulics on my Kubota for my grapple. Last year I didn't have any issues with it. This year is another matter. In the first use of the spring I couldn't get the couplers to mate. FIgured it was pressure, took the usual measures, no lock. Tried again the next day when...
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    "Distance from pin" math

    When using pallet forks or other attachments where one end of the attachment is far from the other, what are the equations to calculate effective load? (Whether it's loader or 3ph) For example, the rear of my rotary cutter is 8-9 feet from the 3PH, and the front edge of my new bucket is over 4...
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    Titan Attachments 84" High Capacity Skid Steer Bucket

    I just took delivery of one, and after pestering multiple topics for information on this bucket (largely unsuccessful) and scouring the web for information (also unsuccessfully), I'll post my (ongoing) review here. Head's up: this was potentially a fool's errand on my part, but so far no blame...
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    myjohndeere website security failure

    We don't really have a "computer security meets tractors" topic/forum, but I thought this might be of interest to some here.
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    Is this what a tire plug looks like?

    This is just a little 20-psi tire on a leaf blower. It's supposed to be a new blower, but it has a slow leak and this really odd ... extrusion? ... coming from the tire between the treads. I'm wondering if my "new" blower, which had several other problems, was sold to me with a patched tire.
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    96" buckets with inner width enough to carry plywood?

    Anybody got such a bucket? Not interested in 108" buckets. Yeah, I've got pallet forks, but since I'm thinking about big buckets, it'd be nice if they could haul a few sheets of plywood, perhaps with more stability than I'm likely to achieve on my pallet forks.
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    Tractor assisted tree felling.

    I have this shed... Scenic, no? I've always enjoyed the way it's nestled into the trees. Or I did until trees started falling on it. Time to clear them. There is a hill behind the shed. Most of the trees that grow there lean a bit toward the shed. To the left of the shed just behind...
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    High capacity skid steer bucket for my FEL?

    I've read the threads where people constructed various things to haul light materials in bulk. For example, what is essentially a plywood box that sits on the loader. And I'm considering the same thing. However I'd really prefer something off the shelf and robust, as opposed to a...
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    Looking for tips on how to deal with frozen gravel piles

    So I had a big driveway washout. Ordered a truck of 1.5" crushed with fines. Not high quality stuff, the fines were more like moist dirt. Anyway, it was warm enough when delivered but I knew cold weather (as in, in the teens) was coming the next night. Did what I could. Two days later I...
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    Rotary cutter blade pics, advice?

    I've read the various threads. I know we don't want them too sharp, that dull blades are arguably fine. After my first field clearing I thought I'd just touch up some rough spots with a file, but man, these look more like they need to be put on the anvil and hammered out. Normal? Just leave...
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    How to lift/service rotary cutter blades?

    I want to get under my rotary cutter and file/shape my blades a bit after some heavy work cutting rocks (apparently). So here I am faced with this 700+ lb 6' cutter. What's a *safe* way to get at those blades? As I see it I have these options: 1. Hoist it up and rest it on <how many?> jack...
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    Tractors at work ("The Pylon Men")

    Head-shaking videos of how things sometimes get built, and some interesting specialized tractors doing some of the work. The Pylon Men (1966) - YouTube
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    Murphy's Laws of Tractors

    [I looked at a number of already-existing posts to see if they might be used for this, didn't see any that were quite right for this] I'm a newbie, I only have one entry to start with. Perhaps others will add their own. No matter how much you drive around, when you pull into the garage the...
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    Eye protection that doesn't insert under hearing protection cups

    I recently acquired a zero turn mower, and it is the loudest piece of equipment I have ever operated. My traditional el-cheapo hearing protectors are not up to the task, so I've obtained some fancy new Peltor protectors. However ... I also need protective eyewear, the mower throws up a lot of...
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    Rear blade technique and whether hydraulics are really needed

    So I have the Landpride RB3784 6-way blade, 7 feet wide, and no rear hydraulics. When researching my buy, naturally the popular concensus on TBN was that you want the top-n-tilt, the more hydraulics for road maintenance tools the better, basically. However I'd reached my limit, and had to rule...
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    Trying to understand parker/hydro-gear transaxle design in Kubota Z400, Z700

    So I was recently shopping for a new zero turn mower, mostly looking at eXmark Radius and Kubota Z400 series. I ended up buying a Z700. I was in a bit of a hurry and didn't have my customary time to do research, and there's something I still want to understand. The Z400 and the eXmark units...
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    Kubota Z400 series, or eXmark Radius series ZTR?

    Got about 2 acres, lots of contoured mowing (flower beds, ornamental trees, stone walls, buildings) as well as open yard. Based on dealer availability I'm probably going for either eXMark or Kubota, so looking or factors to consider in choosing. No prior ZTR experience except paying through...
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    Leaf Vacuum options if you have utility tractor and zero turn mower

    So a while back I bought a tractor, one specifically NOT intended to mow my lawn. Too big, too heavy, the R4 tires will tear it up the lawn if used too much, and it compresses the soil. I try to keep it off the lawn except for occasional things like distributing mulch, raking garden plots, that...
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    Zero turn recommendations for Southern Vermont

    Looking for Southern Vermont specific suggestions. Yard is probably under 2 acres, a fair bit of ... contour ... to ride along, buildings, stone walls, mulched gardens, the occasional tree. Terrain is somewhat uneven but otherwise ... domestic ... and not too sloped, though there are some 3'...
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    New Landpride RB3784 rear blade issue with locking pin.

    Ah, the sort of post that has it all. Dirty photos (well, okay, photos of slightly dirty things). Movies. Parts diagrams. Mystery. Unless you own an RB3784 blade or one from that family, it probably isn't remotely worth your time to read (unless you're some kind of engineering nerd, then read...
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    Root raking techniques with the Land Pride SGC1072 Grapple

    See photos: If I recall correctly (don't have the book in front of me right now), the Land Pride owner manual says that I should rake roots with the heel spurs on this grapple (backing up), and not necessarily the bottom or top tines in the grapple (dunno if I'm using the right words)...
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    Gravel driveway repair tips sought

    Here's what I have. A portion of a long driveway with this shape: At one point this driveway was nice gravel & grade (1.5 inch crushed "extra dense", which probably refers to the fines). Over the years the snow plow has pushed a lot of the gravel off to the sides and down the slopes. What...
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    Difficult MX5400 LA1065 loader zerks

    I have a Kubota branded grease gun, and an additional Lock-N-Lube grease fitting. However the zerk at the top center of the attached picture is problematic (on both sides of the tractor): I suppose I should have cleaned the zerk before taking the photo, it points up toward the metal lip that...
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    Things I didn't consider when buying

    I'm a new tractor owner. Things are going great, the tractor and attachments are 6 kinds of awesome. Now that I have it, despite thinking everything to death prior to purchase, I'll just throw things on here that I didn't think of and am realizing after the fact. I have all these forest...
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    Lifting heavy awkward stuff in tight spaces

    I have a 6' rotary cutter in my garage on cheap dollies because I'm still assimilating a new tractor and attachments in my life. If the cutter breaks the dolly, I need to use something to lift it up onto a new dolly. Because I was unprepared for this and the rotary cutter was a 90 degrees...
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    MX5400 socket size advice needed

    I'm "tool challenged". My seldom used 3/8 inch socket set whose largest socket probably only goes to 11/16 inch can't handle pretty much anything on my Kubota. Looking at other TBN threads which are often 10-15 years old, people say the Kubotas use metric bolts/nuts, I'm not sure if that's...
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    New Kubota MX5400HST, Steep Hill, Rotary Cutter. Safety and stall/power questions.

    First the power question. I notice that when I go up-hill with my new MX5400HST (with loaded rears) that it seems to struggle. I didn't think that I was really asking that much of it, but perhaps I was, you tell me. While climbing a short incline with a 745 lb rotary cutter raised on the...
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    Pallets & Racks for attachment storage (not a fork discussion).

    I have three connected garage bays I'd like to use for attachment storage (as well as vehicles/tractors), with a strong hope to restrict attachment storage to two bays if I can. I'm trying to figure out if this is viable, and what size racks and pallets to order and/or build. A car/truck will...
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    Chipper  Chipper/shredder questions, exploring what I can do with them

    Greetings all, hope you're faring well in your coronavirus self-isolation. So I've finally purchased a tractor (it hasn't been delivered yet). And while I was planning to put this off for a while, I'm very interested in getting a chipper/shredder and I'm trying to understand how many...
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    Buying Advice  Box blade or rear blade?

    I've been all over this forum trying to figure out which I need. Seems like people are about 45% in favor of box blade, 35% in favor of rear blade, and 20% in favor of some kind of rake (which, alone, I'm pretty sure will be useless for me, and I don't want to buy more than one 3ph implement...
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    Where are the bumper stickers?

    As I am close to purchasing a tractor I cannot believe there aren't bumper stickers of the form "My other car is a <tractor-brand>". I certainly can't find any for a Kubota, though once upon a time I guess they had a newspaper ad with that statement.
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    Can 2010 Ford Expedition EL tow Kubota MX5400 + loader/bucket/brushhog?

    I can't remember the details, some are here: Access Denied I guess it's a 5.4l engine, rated for towing ~9000 lbs. Never towed anything with it, so the hitch receiver has never been used. I'm contemplating buying a Kubota MX5400. I don't really plan to tow it or even own a trailer, but I...
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    Tractor Sizing  Kubota L3901, L4701, L4060, MX5400, stability, miscellaneous

    I'm buying a tractor. First, let me say that my primary uses for my tractor are probably covered. The L3901 should be entirely adequate to the primary tasks. That said, I have a few secondary wish list items and concerns: Stability: Big concern for me, perhaps because I'm just a big chicken...
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    Advice needed on tire configuration for my applications.

    Keywords: ballast, tire type, lawn preservation. I have these applications for a new tractor I plan to buy, which are somewhat at odds with each other in terms of weight and tire requirements. However I only get one tractor, so need to figure out the best compromise. My tentative plan is to...
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    Queston about and/or brand popularity

    I was searching yesterday for some 'L' class Kubotas and some 3-series Deeres, focusing mostly on 30-45 HP tractors. The listings were most of the US and Canada, I wasn't looking in my local region, I was just trying to get a sense of what the prices were for tractors and...
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    Buying Advice  Southern VT Newbie Advice

    Aging tractor virgin with a lot of need but no experience. Been living on a 180 parcel for 10 years, and I'm just getting too old to do things by hand. I'm also tired of paying other people to use their tractors for what are essentially routine maintenance chores, so here I am, asking these...