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    Northern Lights

    Anyone else watching the light show. Pretty rare to see them in KY.
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    Water Filter Splits

    Yesterday after lunch I discovered that my water filter had split and was spraying into my basement. I had installed it in 98 when the house was built. While I made a run to Lowes my son set up fans and used the shop vac to clean up. This is on the unfinished side luckily. Dont know if there...
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    New Zero Turn.

    Been using a lawn tractor for mowing over the years and decided to get a zero turn. Didn’t want to spend a fortune but also didn’t want a cheap one. Finally settled on a Husqvarna MZ 54 that would meet my needs. Husqvarna was having them on sale at $500 off at participating dealers. Dealers...
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    New Dealership[emoji849]

    Saw today in Somerset that we have a new Solis dealer. This is a bit crazy but who knows. The white buildings to the left are not part of the Vape Shop.
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    Free Oil

    My sons boss had a new McMansion built and the contractors left an assortment of oil. He knew that we had equipment so he gave it to my son. The oil had been sitting there for a couple of months and they never would come and get it. All of them are half to full. I am wondering if they used...
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    Grapple  What Brand

    Buddy of mine picked this up at an auction in Louisville. There is no manufacture label on it. Does anyone have any idea what brand it is. He wanted to know in case he needed parts in the future.
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    Plow Light Problems.

    My BIL wanted me to wire up his lights on his snow plow to his Dodge truck. He wanted a switch installed so he could choose between the plow headlights and the truck headlights. Truck uses a control module for the headlights and for some reason has between 6-8 volts on the high beam circuit in...
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    3-Point Hitch  Carriage Bolts

    Finally got tired of my quick hitch top hook hanging up on the bolt heads on my implements. Dont know why it took me this long to do it. Replaced them with carriage bolts. Had to file the square, under the head, down a little bit. Works so much smoother now.
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    Unicorns do exist.

    4 brand new 2.5 gal jugs just a sittin there. Price has gone up. Didnt need any so I left it there.
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    Transmission Sight Glass Problems

    The sight glass on my L3650 had been seeping a slight amount and I thought it was the rubber seal deteriorating around it or the sealant going bad. Planned on replacing it this summer. While using the tractor today I saw an oil trail on the gravel. The sight glass apparently had been cracking...
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    L3650 quick connects

    I have a L3650 that has hydraulic remotes but I dont know what type or size fits them. They are factory that has been on there since I bought the tractor used years ago. Want to put a hydraulic top link I received for Christmas on. What style fits them.
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    DNA paternity testing

    My great uncle, never married, now deceased, apparently had a daughter with a woman he dated but she refused to marry him. I am trying to help her prove that she is his child. So far all the dna labs we have contacted say they need someone that was closer kin to the father than the cousins that...
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    Just keeps getting weirder

    As if the influx of baby praying mantis from the Christmas tree wasnt enough. As I was coming into the house from changing the driveway alert battery my wife meets me and ask if there is anything I want to tell her about. Now confession may be good for the soul but the correct answer to this...
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    Praying Mantis

    Wife hollered at me yesterday that there was a praying mantis in the kitchen. As I was waddling to the rescue I was thinking how strange it was for a one to be active this time of year. She pointed out the half inch monster to me. When I asked where the rest of them were she freaked and asked...
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    Getting ready for the Trunk or Treat at church this weekend. We make 100 bags and have few left. It gives the kids a safe place to go and a major score due to other members also participating. I set up myself an assembly line. Candy is sorted by type and or size. Then I calculate how many...
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    Car Show

    We had a car show this Sat. at church. Good turnout. But a friend of mine brought his jeep that I was most impressed with. The M1 carbine is a fake prop but the pedestal mount is a belt fed semi auto.
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    Whats It For?

    Trying to figure out what they are going to put here. Its located on a triangle of land where the old road intersects the new road. They have built up a gravel pad and now the conduits have been stubbed up. Any ideas.
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    Started checking my birdhouses today to make sure they were clean. When I got to one bluebird house I found six dead bluebirds in the box. I have heard of them packing jn a house for warmth till they suffocate but it hasn’t been that cold here this winter. Anyone else have this issue.
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    Which app is which

    How do I find the tractorbynet app. Apparently the one I have is the tapatalk one. I always assumed I had the right one. An app search only brings up the tapatalk one that I have.
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    Why is it?

    Why is it we get censored but the ads dont? Are these targeted ads and if so should I worry[emoji23]
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    Weird Weather

    Just changed the Christmas flags for the winter ones, usually the 1st is like a light switch to the weather here. Almost always goes cold and nasty. Not this year, I feel a little weird putting out snowman flags at 67 degrees. Im going to send the temp pic to my cousin in Calirado.
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    Wife got 13 cushaw off of one plant that spread out like crazy. Some of the larger ones went over 30 lb. Son tried his hand at growing a giant pumpkin and only got to 121 pounds. He planted it a bit late in my opinion.
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    Water Company Response.

    Im sure every area has its more colorful characters. Our local water companies service man is definitely one. Every time we have a water outage and he is responding he always post it on Snapchat, usually with a play by play commentary as he responds. He will also post where and what the...
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    Tractor Baler Accident

    While my cousin was baling hay he started to pull the trip rope to kick the bale out. He remembers the trip rope being close to the pto shaft and starting to push the clutch in to stop and reposition it. His next memory is coming to on the ground, being unable to move, watching his...
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    Rainy day boredom

    Raining once again, imagine that. So I found where we had bought some clothes that still had the hangers on them. I made me some more bag closures. Others Im sure have done this. They work great for chips and bags of frozen foods. Best of all they are free. Any other ideas out there, cause...
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    Fruit Loss

    23 degrees here this morn. Had small peaches already on the trees and the apples were in full bloom. Plan to go out and check for damage this afternoon. Anyone else having this luck.
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    Wal-mart Mushroom Kits

    Just in case anybody is wondering ifn they work. Apparently they do.
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    Flag change winters over

    Ive read other post about members putting away their snow plows and declaring winter over but I don’t have a snow plow so I just changed flags. Kinda makes it official. .
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    Smokin Wasp and Hornet Spray

    Saw this on the local news tonight. First thought was I need to stock up before they outlaw it or put it behind the counter and limit you to so much a month. Second thought how did this come about? One ol boy looks at the other and says hey lets smoke this sh*t and see what happens...
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    Making Yogurt

    Anyone else make yogurt. I make it a gallon at a time in an old food dehydrator. Just set 4 quart jars in the dehydrator to work its magic. Wife likes making her version of a smoothie with our frozen blueberries or strawberries. My son likes the small chocolate chips and vanilla in his.
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    Hawk protection for the flock.

    After losing my rooster to a red tailed hawk I decided to try and come up with a solution. Admittedly the easiest would have been lead. I needed something that would work without me being there. I remembered seeing this from someplace before. I simply drove a short piece of chainlink top...
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    Briggs sheared key

    Hit a small piece of wood hid in the grass with the push mower and it died. Tried restarting but no go. Sounded like it was trying to kick back. Pulled the flywheel and yep the key had sheared. Didnt have the right size key stock so my son milled one down to size. Briggs forgot to tap the holes...
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    Its That Time of The Year

    Yes its that time of year. The leaves are turning color, actually just turning brown and falling off due to the drought, but you get my drift. A chill in the night air. Most people call it the fall season. Around here its marijuana eradication season. The choppers are already doing their grid...
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    Early Leaf Drop

    We are having an early drop of leaves. The wild cherry started last month and the poplar started early this month. These trees are not drought stressed we have had plenty of rain. Wondered if anybody else was having this and could it be an early fall.
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    Worm Drive Saws - Which One

    My old circular saw gave up its magic smoke the other day. Decided I want a worm drive saw to do heavier cutting and ripping. I have my cordless for lighter work. I have been looking at these models and as you can guess ratings are all over the place. Dewalt DW535B Hitachi C7WDM Makita...
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    Garden Theft

    Talkin to my cousin this afternoon and he told me someone picked all the beans from his garden. From the shoe prints he said there were at least three involved. He then told me about another buddy of his that had his beans, corn and tomatoes stolen also recently. They live about a half mile...
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    Crazy man shooting at Bigfoot

    Shots fired at Mammoth Cave over an alleged bigfoot sighting Photo: NPS By WAVE/WBKO | Posted: Wed 7:00 AM, Jul 31, 2019 MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. (WAVE/WBKO) - A weekend camping trip in Back Country at Mammoth Cave National Park quickly took a dramatic turn for one couple. They were woken...
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    Slip and Slide

    Finished up Vacation Bible School tonight. Every year the county fire department comes on the final night to wet down our home made slip and slide. Fire works followed and the kids had a blast.
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    Woods RM59

    Ive been looking for a cheap RFM and I found this. It needs an idler bearing which Ive ordered. I have a three point hookup to replace the quick hitch in it. Not for my lawn but for some areas that I want looking better than the bush hog does and is a little rough for the lawn tractor.
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    Storm Area 51

    Am I the only one not signed up to go. Its not like I wouldnt want to see me some aliens. I think, what if we went and there were no aliens it would be like when you discovered there was no Santa Claus. The possibility is too depressing. Seriously what is wrong with people these days. Its...
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    DIY Mobile Home Move

    I started to post this in the hauling wrong of the trailer forum but this guy was kickin butt. I got behind him on the way to church and he negotiated one 90 degree turn and the rest of the road with ease. Considering he was pulling it with an F-250. He had a car in front flagging and one...
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    Simplisafe Capabilities.

    Our church has been broken into too many times. Myself and two other trustees are in the process of getting a security system. We like the price of Simplisafe both on the front side and monitoring. The church building and the fellowship hall are 170 ft apart. I want to place the base...
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    Great Aunt was Overdosed

    My aunt called and said that something was wrong. I drove to her house, she lives about 1/4 mile away. She was having a seizure so I called the ambulance which took her to one of the local hospitals. They wanted to send her to a larger hospital that had a Neurologist on staff. We agreed and...
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    Spreading Germs

    While out and about today I ran into a restaurant to grab some lunch. A lady and her older child sat down two tables from me. The lady started a conversation with an acquaintance at the adjoining table. During the conversation I and half of the restaurant learns that she has just had her son to...
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    Electronic logs

    Came home the other day to find a semi load of ties setting in the highway with the flashers on. Stopped to see ifn he was needing help. All he said was outta hours and pointed to his electronic log. Im not a fan of electronic logs but this guy had just dove past some excellent pull off areas...
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    While checking on my dads place, while hes in FL, I was looking at his martin condos he built. The pole is from the old Texaco station at the corner. The pipe was leftovers from a job I did. Hes booked up every year. I dont have any at my place, apparently its too wooded. Just curious ifn...
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    Super udt in a Ranger

    Power sterring on my Ford Ranger would whine and be stiff till it warmed up in cold weather. Replaced the fluid with Super udt and no more whine or stiffness in the cold. Worked fer me.
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    Chicken Nesting

    Built a new coop for my chickens with outside accessible nest boxes. The chickens would just scratch the straw out of the boxes and nest on the floor of the coop. Now I purchased two ceramic eggs from TSC and redid two of the nesting boxes with a ceramic egg in each today. Yes I was shocked...
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    610 Mule Battery Replacement

    My sons JackA$$, thats what ya call a small mule, battery died so I looked at replaceing it with a larger lawn mower type. They sell kits to do this but they are high for what ya get. So I improvised with some 3/4 inch wide flat stock I had on hand. The holes are spaced 5.75 inches center to...
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    Stiil have my original mailbox.

    Wife said mailbox door was about to fall off and that I needed to put up a new one. She doesnt understand. I put that mailbox up Dec. 85. Its been vandalized numerous times, knocked off by the snowplows a few times, hit by the school bus plus suffered the ravages of time. But each time Ive...
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    Captain D

    Wife wanted to eat fish while we were out today. Captain Ds was close by so we went there. Every piece of fish was nothing but the dark vein of a fillet. It appears to me they are selling nothing but the cull of the fillet. We always cut the vein and discarded it. And when the piece is only...
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    Tires  BX Tires and Wheels

    Saw this on the Lexington KY Craigslist if anyone is interested.
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    Crack Pipe Lighters

    I have found the crack pipe lighters that are sold at the local gas stations, while I have not tried them for their intended putpose, are great for starting fires, heating heat shrink tubing etc. The problem I am having is when I refill them with the butane I have they quit. I called the phone...
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    Battery Fence Charger

    Can someone tell me a good battery powered fence charger. I have had 2 from Southern States die on me in the last year and half. I am hoping to use one battery powered but ifn there are no good ones I will run electric out to the fence. If electric is the best choice what brand and model. Now...
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    Neighbor ran off road.

    My neighbor had just purchased a used motorhome and was 500 feet from his driveway when a man in a pickup came around the curve in his lane and ran him off the road. The man apparently stopped and helped the neighbor out of the motorhome told him he had no insurance and bailed. He gad a good...
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    Box Scraper  Cuz came through

    Told my cousin the other day that I needed a box scraper. That the key word was cheap. He said he would see what he could do. Called me two days later and said a friend of his had one that wasnt what they wanted. The price was $275. I said sure. The picture tells it all. No it wasnt stolen...
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    Changing lift pin for quick hitch

    Found these cat 2 to 3 lift pins. Decided to try them after not being pleased with the bushings. Fit my hitch perfect and a lot stronger. I had no 1 1/8 bit so my son used a HF stepped bit to start hole a bit and finished it with a holesaw. Went quick I was surprised how good it worked.
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    While relaxing in the recliner from a hard half hours fishing on the pond my son came in and said that mom about stepped on a snake. My wife stumbles upon more snakes than anybody I know. It was a timber rattler about 3 feet in the backyard. Son shot the head off. The area we live in has...
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    Zero turn rollover

    As my 17 year old son was driving home today he saw a man roll his exmark, trapping him. My son stopped and was trying to get the man free when others stopped to help. They were able to get it off from the man who was luckily only shaken by the incident. It only takes a second for things to go...
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    Ballast  Weights

    Had a fellow contractor ask about buying my B-2150. This got me to thinking about a new B-2910 to replace it. After looking over the brochure I now have some reservations. Why is it that the B-2910 a larger tractor weighs less than my B-2150. This doesn't make any sense. With a larger...
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    GST Shuttle Problems

    I have a L3650 GST shuttle that is starting to get stuck in the forward position. When you reach up and try to pull it into the reverse position at times it will not shift. I have checked the linkage while it was stuck and I'm sure the problem is in the trans. I've called four dealerships and...
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    A + Dealer

    There are still some dealers that go the extra mile. I had one of my weed eaters go bad, with no spare I had an employee with nothing to do. When I took it to the shop today for repair I found out it wouldn't be ready until Tuesday. The owner was out of loaners, so he took a new one from the...
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    Anyone else ever had any trouble with your neighbors concerning the property lines? Had one that insisted that the property line was where they said it was even though the surveyor said both our deeds matched perfectly where the line came out at. The line was surveyed to the exact place it has...
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    I will never ever have another tractor with GST. While I admit that it is far better than a regular manual transmission it is a dismall performer compared to a hydro. Trying to work back and forth in tight areas is a big hassle compared to a hydro. My employees like it for bush hogging the...
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    Does anybody have a L3650GST. I have purchased one today and will be picking it up on Saturday. I want to know about any pecularities to this model. I don't know what year it is. It has 490 hrs on it.