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    Pictures of freeing stuck equipment with your tractor

    Good Recovery. Lessons learned.
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    That will be a very bad Day/Year/Decade.
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    The guy that put the engine internals together says "The rings are not seated yet end the smoking is normal. Just give it a couple hours of work"

    I recall a mechanic who rebuilt a tractor engine (International C) or the like. Baking soda was poured in the intake as a fine abrasive to help seat piston rings. End Gap. 0.004" per Inch of Bore.
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    Do any of y'all seal, wax or ceramic coat your tractor??

    Sounds like a great idea with the WD 40. Anyone else getting bombarded with ads on this and other sites?
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    New Kubota Corrosion

    Those steel Fittings are likely coated with aluminum not zinc. Moisture of course is the enemy. Try throwing a tarp over it to help prevent condensation forming. Spray affected parts with WD40.
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    Rear Ballast Weight DIY Build

    I used a Plastic barrel with the Top cut off. I got a full length drawbar that fitted the width and forced the pins through holes drilled. Filled it 3/4 full with concrete. A top link connection with appropriate hole size was added and well anchored. Chain and Clevis could be added for...
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    Tractor battery issue

    Before you do anything else connect the Battery + DIRECTLY to the Starter Terminal and find a good Ground. Battery on Running Board so you can quickly connect and disconnect as you sit on the seat. PTO OFF, Clutch in, eyes front etc. Report back. Hope you didn't turn in your old battery...
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    Tractor battery issue

    NEVER EVER BOOST a small engine with a vehicle with engine running. Your stator will get 120-160+ amps and burn it out. Try to set the valves, check ALL battery/solenoid/starter connections by disassembling and sand terminals to bright metal. Boost with 12V battery directly to Starter motor...
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    Looking for inexpensive AW46 - Hydraulic Oil

    Some tractors use Diff fluid for Hydraulics I believe. Use what the Manufacturer recommended. End of Story. Perhaps you should not have purchased the machine if you cannot service it properly.
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    Looking for inexpensive AW46 - Hydraulic Oil

    I am amazed how people cheap up on Oil and Filters which are the vital lifelines of the equipment they lubricate or power. It may also void Warranty. If you were getting a blood transfusion, would you ask for the cheap stuff?
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    never liked the ROPS now i have a reason

    I have had a similar experience with a large zero turn. Nearly flipped it backwards.
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    Help Me Design/ Build a Shop

    What do you have that you need an 18' wide OH door? Paving machine? 12'x12' OH Door at each end adjacent to corner of end and side wall with man door around the Corner. Possibly one side door in the centre of long wall. Dig and pour a suitable Foundation 3 blocks above grade. Build up from...
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    Tractor for land clearing and preparation

    Recently I saw a great device for removing saplings. A 1' long piece of 3" pipe with chain going down inside, around the bush and up the outside, hooking to the top of the pipe. Using a Front end loader, with a chainhook it provided a very good anchor to the base of the sapling.
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    What happened here to my tire?

    Presently enjoying living, have'n cheated death many times, some by my stupidity, some by others and sometimes, **** happens.
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    What is this machine ???...

    Skip it. Reel mowers are commonly used on Golf courses. Lots of maintenance required.
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    Why so much tongue weight on 22' car hauler trailers?

    The main reason the wheels are so far back is to avoid 'fishtailing' by the trailer. For my home built I put the axle 6-8" back of Centre on an 8'6" box.Spare mounted underneath, ahead of Axle.
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    Buying Advice First tractor for small family farm. Branson or something else?

    Have a chat with Council re Their road maintenance. Ask local farmers if they would consider share-cropping the land. If you must have a tractor search with someone you know who has experience with equipment. Don't buy equipment you won't need. ie Baler etc. It is late in life to begin Cattle...
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    What happened here to my tire?

    You should be able to pry one side off the Wheel. Feel all around inside of the tire for anything that could cause a leak. Lube both beads and wheel with liquid dish soap, remove valve core and try to inflate it using a Ratchet strap or chain with a bar to twist is. Fill Air compressor to max...
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    What happened here to my tire?

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    74 hp skid vs 74 hp hoe for building tiny acreage?

    74 HP is a very large tractor. You didn't mention the size of your tiny acreage. Consider a pre built model or Apartment beside the Garage, not above it. Many advantages. Think protecting plumbing in Winter etc.
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    All thread rod as rebar

    The reason Concrete bridge supports, decks, Parking garages with concrete floors etc., are spalling off is due to the Rusting ReBars which have their iron oxide expanding the area and cracking the concrete. Very evident in any Bridge/Abutment in the Salt Belt. I have worked on deteriorating...
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    All thread rod as rebar

    At present there seems to be no agreement on the use of Hot-Dipped Galvanized Rebar in Concrete. Some say yes, some say no. I say if you have it use it, if not use the cheaper bare rebar. How long will galvanized steel last in concrete? "There is typically not a problem with galvanized...
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    What happened to Massey Ferguson?

    Mismanagement and lack of innovation. I think they are still made in Inda.
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    Loader A gentle reminder that tractors are not dozers

    Doesn't look like a Transfer Case to me. Not a drop of oil. Operator abuse.
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    The guy that put the engine internals together says "The rings are not seated yet end the smoking is normal. Just give it a couple hours of work"

    At this point, add 1/2 cup of Baking soda to the oil and see if that helps seat rings. Hopefully the bore was deglazed. Other helpful hints above. Take the muffler off and run it at 1000 Rpm for 10 min.
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    Cowboy boot care

    Close! The answer is the S_it is on the outside.
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    Cowboy boot care

    Buy ones that you can get in and out of easily. Do you know how to tell a Real Cowboy by his boots?
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    How to back up a pivoting axle trailer

    On the farm we used to back a Wagon (what you have) full of hay or sheaves of wheat sometimes up a Barn Bridge. Do NOT mess with the tongue. It is an Operator problem. Get a big area to play in and move s l o w l y. Thing about what happens when you angle the tongue. If using a pickup, turn...
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    Drawbar towing.

    If it is for temporary moving of a trailer, get 1 of the End holes bored out to 1-1/16". Leave the 2-5/16 Ball in place.
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    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    Glad it worked out OK for Both.
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    Snowblowing rules of thumb

    Know your area. Check Oil. Fresh Fuel. New Filter. Adjust height. No need to scrape to bare pavement/gravel. Wait until the plow goes by and run Blower up the oncoming traffic shoulder side to clear the snow left by the plow so his blade is near empty at your laneway. Wait until the Wind...
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    Inexpensive John Deere WAM?

    I believe it is what I call a 'Finishing mower'. Not for unclaimed areas or tall grass/weeds.
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    How to fill a void on rear tire tread

    It looks like the tip of a Deer Antler! Get some roofing caulk in a tube, shove it in an inch and pump it full. Done.
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    Tractor smoking

    Check to see if it is overfilled with Oil. I expect it is a gasoline engine so try installing a new set of hotter sparkplugs. On removal, identify which sparkplug is fouled.
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    Looking for inexpensive AW46 - Hydraulic Oil

    If it is mainly for hobby use, wait for Summer, drain and filter what you have and put it back in. Plan B, Wait for Summer, sell it at a profit. Plan C, Buy whatever is recommended by the Mfgr. It is the life blood of the system. Tell wifey you did it for her. Replace All doubtful hoses and...
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    Tractor decision

    Get one size bigger than you think you will need. Consult your neighbours and remember that to have good neighbours you have to be a good neighbour.
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    What happened to Massey Ferguson?

    I drove most of the Masseys in my youth, the 44 being my favourite. It is Heat Hauser weather for those that remember.
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    Tractor battery issue

    You can have 12VDC but not enough Amps on a failing battery.
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    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    Evein with a Weed Torch it is a huge job. I would try spreading the lane with dry sand ½" thick or so and just leave it. Some oil may be absorbed. Will the Homeowners Insurance cover)!) the problem? Get the Paving company involved for pro solutions.
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    Tractor battery issue

    Check your wires for Warm after turning off Engine. You have a huge current draw somewhere if the Battery is indeed a good one. NEVER boost a small engine from a vehicle with the engine running. You could burn out your Stator. Try a new ignition switch and remove any amateur wiring that may...
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    Tractor battery issue

    Try 'jumping' it with the + lead directly on the Starter. NEVER boost these small engines with a vehicle and engine running. You could burn out the Stator and your engine will no longer charge your battery.
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    Tractor battery issue

    You have a huge battery drain somewhere. You might start feeling wiring etc or disconnect any amateur wiring. Sometimes a bad Voltage Regulator can do that but most or all are now solid state built into the Alternator. Try a new Ignition switch.
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    Snowblower and crushed rock driveway

    It isn't necessary (at least to many) to remove every flake of snow. I bolted some 1¼" square hardwood 6" long with 45° cut on each end to the 'shoes'. Works for asphalt too to keep from wearing out the 'shoes'. No rock throwing ever.
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    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    Sorry about your bad luck. Hope the Trans is OK. That looks like a newer Driveway and after a year it will fade into the asphalt. Only other way I know of is to seal it in a year or so. If it is still fresh, you could try dry sand and leave it on for a few weeks. It may absorb or sink into...
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    Brush Hog mods

    It appears to be set about 3-4" too low. It is not a golf course and cuttings must have an escape path. Bush Hogs are sensitive to height in regard to the efficiency. Do you use chain instead of Blades?
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    Sad and Tragic Recovery Accident in AZ.

    That 8"± drop would greatly increase the leverage to the breaking point.
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    Sad and Tragic Recovery Accident in AZ.

    The rescue vehicle had a connection to his trailer ball hitch. Possibly the pin sheared and it came back through the Windshield and killed the driver. I believe there was a child in the cab too. NEVER hook to a Ball receiver. Special tow apparatus is available using solid bar and...
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    Welder / Wiring for Small Garage

    You might consider a 200 Amp service to the Barn.
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    10 Hours In, found this laying in front of my bucket (see pic)

    It is likely from one of the shafts that secure the Hydraulic shafts or bucket. Put it in your tool box. Use carefully as the big ones can snap and break or injure a finger. 10 hours is not a lot of loader work!
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    Any suggestions

    A broken leg costs 50,000U$ I read somewhere. If you are that afraid of heights you should NOT be on any roof.
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    Ever break a tap?

    Just start in a new spot or use metal banding to attach whatever you are mounting.
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    Snow plow ? Beginner

    I have found that things that do a multitude of tasks do nothing really good!
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    Compressor issue

    It wasn't a question!
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    Compressor issue

    Electric Motors need 3x the Current to Start. If voltage is reduced due to outside actions they will buzzz and blow a safety device like a Breaker.
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    Compressor issue

    Right. My air 'Pig' has destruction date (20 years after mfg.) stamped on one leg.
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    Compressor issue

    Most perhaps but not All. Check Google and You Tube for exploding tanks.
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    Compressor issue

    FIRST check the dates for destruction on the tank if there are any. Used compressors which may have never been drained are a bomb. Unless your extension cord is #12 or 10 BWG there is too much voltage loss at 100'.Move it closeer to the shop and try it with a much shorter extension cord. Quote...
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    Compressor issue

    FIRST check the dates for destruction on the tank if there are any. Used compressors which may have never been drained are a bomb. Unless your extension cord is #12 or 10 BWG there is too much voltage loss at 100'.Move it closeer to the shop and try it with a much shorter extension cord.
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    Any suggestions

    Sounds like you should not even be on a Ladder. Have it done by Pros or friends. Not for the weak or meek.
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    Grease around fittings. . .

    It is a personal thing I guess. Yours look ok to me.
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    Need Hydraulic Dipstick Replacement - New Holland Work master 40

    I strongly suggest you order a new one FIRST so you know exactly what you are dealing with.
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    Need Hydraulic Dipstick Replacement - New Holland Work master 40

    Looking for Path Forward now.
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    Need Hydraulic Dipstick Replacement - New Holland Work master 40

    First, order a New One. Then you will know what the fitment is. If it is a Friction fit, you might try screwing a Drywall Screw or something similar to pull on after using solvent and some heat on the area. You do NOT want the dipstick to fall inside.
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    Need Hydraulic Dipstick Replacement - New Holland Work master 40

    First, order a new one so you will know the fitment. Be very careful after determining if it is screwed or friction fit. You do not want the dipstick itself going down into the sump. Solvent and patience. You might try screwing a couple dry wall screws into the top if it is NOT a screwed...
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    Will cutting brass with steel cause a spark?

    If they are the 20 lb type, put a long bar through handle holes and use a 24" pipe wrench to unscrew valve. I don't recall if it has Left Hand threads or not. Filling with water is time consuming and does not guarantee there is no flamable gas still in the tank.
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    What size tractor can we get by with?

    Like a Standby Generator, always get one size bigger than you think you will need. Get the options you want.
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    Is 4 year old diesel fuel any good?

    Ask a farm supply if any clients would like to take/buy your old fuel. It is very important to possibly remove the tank and have it super cleaned out. There will be rust.
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    The guy that put the engine internals together says "The rings are not seated yet end the smoking is normal. Just give it a couple hours of work"

    It sounds to me like they possibly did not De-Glaze the cylinders and you are left with a mess. An old timer I knew poured a bit of Baking Soda I believe, in the intake to help scour the Cylinder walls so the rings would seat. All tractors should have a Thermostat IMH, and driving around with...
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    What is it worth

    Hard to find a 'good radiator shop' since so much of them are plastic/aluminium. So many Ad's here today!!!
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    Question about using a stabilizer?

    It is a simple matter to run small engines dry of fuel. When I store several 5gal containers of fuel (Premium without Ethanol no longer available in Canada) Lieberals... I fill to the top and tightly seal them. No Stabil added.
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    Stuck in the pond

    You likely tried it, but fully opening the bucket and pressing it into the mud/snow and slowly curling it while slowly reversing can help sometimes. Thanks to the Wife.
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    Starter not engaging flywheel?

    You may need a new Bendix drivel Lube the shaft and make sure the gear goes out fully on bench test. Hang on to it tight for bench Test!
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    Is a fully discharged battery now junk?

    If it does not 'take' a recharge, hook 2 batteries in parallel and try charging. + to + , - to- .
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    I destroyed the gearbox on my brush hog.... help

    My neighbour has done the same thing. Some People do not realize that these are NOT Finishing mowers. The Sides should NOT touch the ground when in use and keep it Level. As you have found they do not handle rocks or stumps well. My neighbour has 3" worn off the sides at the front and...
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Question

    Compare it closely to the other side. With it Well secured as far Up as it will go, carefully remove that plug and see what comes out.
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    How to initially oil new roller chain on equipment

    It is virtually impossible to lube contacting parts just spraying them. Soak it in ATF oil for a day or so and hope for the best.
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    Frost plug heater troubles

    Any Block Heaters I have seen are Press fit, normally replacing Welch Plugs. Get some Penetrating oil and heat/cool around the edge. It will likely come out in pieces. My engine overheated and cracked when one of mine blew out on a 4.3, engine. Mine had a cross piece attached to the centre...
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    Big Cars are killing Americans

    Click Bait.
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    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    The type of saw will be the least of your worries if you roll the machine. What is so important about the underbrush that you would risk it??? DUH> Good enough is Done.
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    Buying Advice Cab or no cab?

    You have your situation well thought out and have been on your 50 acres for a long time. As we age, everything changes. Although clearing 50 acres is a noble and satisfying task, is it worth it? There will always be that one branch that will cause you grief with a new Tractor and cab. We...
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    I got a dump truck! How does it work?

    Perseverance Often Wins. Good Job. Free Play sounds about right.
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    I got a dump truck! How does it work?

    It appears that linkage IS adjustable and the top end looks to have been rotated.
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    I got a dump truck! How does it work?

    You need to adjust the Linkage so that the Throwout Bearing is closer to the 3 Clutch Pressure Plate fingers. Hard to tell from the photos but the All Thread needs to be adjusted to a longer length. The nuts should bottom on either end when you have correct adjustment of the rod so it...
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    I got a dump truck! How does it work?

    So sorry you were hot and tired. The rest of us were cool and well rested. Have a look at the linkage underneath and decide for yourself. 1-2" of Free Travel should be about right.
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    Anyone go from gas to electric, then back to gas?

    I have a big box full of Makita Drills saws, etc. Drills are always good for 1 and a half holes. Batteries cost more than a new Drill. Whitby Office will not help. So much for Brand Loyalty.
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    Dealer Prep Time on New Tractor

    I never rush my Doctor or my Mechanics.
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    Stuff you find while mowing tall vegetation

    While backing up with a Bush Hog I got into a partly buried Spring Tooth cultivator. Very noisy, very bendy. While scraping in a horse pasture I somehow managed to pull a T post into a big Rear Tire on the 4.57 New Holland. Pricey. I chose the cheapest tire and found that there were 4-5 fewer...
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    Pouring steps down to the creek/swimming hole...nope, never done it before!

    The concrete will not likely work against moving water. Drive piles or build the stairs with 2x6 planks on the bottom side and skid them to high ground in the Fall.
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    What could have caused this ???

    Yikes! I was in my Sunroom facing S-E when out of a clear and quiet sky a Thunderbolt hit 70' away. It was about 10' in Diameter, and 5 fireballs went off surrounding it. The tower of fire lasted a couple seconds. Deafening noise. There were holes in opposite directions that I could shove a...
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    4WD and loader work

    As has been said MANY times in the Past. Do NOT use 4x4 unless you NEED it. This also applies to ATV's. END.
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    reading a dial caliper

    I will Try to Educate You. Fahrenheit divides Freezing at Sea Level to Boiling into 180 increments. Celsius only 100 increments. Note the finer divisions? End of discussion.
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    reading a dial caliper

    Does your thermometer have decimal points?
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    reading a dial caliper

    Fahrenheit is much more accurate than Centigrade.
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    reading a dial caliper

    I'm with Grumpy. Canadians were bulldozed into metric from Normal. Lieberals. I use both, prefer Imperial which is different from US measure of liquid volume
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    How to get a pasture to bare dirt?

    I know that. I suggested equipment to do what he wants done.
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    Rollover paranoia

    I am glad you survived your lesson. Never mind a fancy inclinometer (easily made), if you feel uncomfortable. STOP. Lower your bucket and implement and back away. Ballast in the tires might help and have them set as wide as possible. I remember my cousin rolling over the PLOW being towed by...
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    Whats wrong with my Land plane build?

    I think you should have 2"x2" Square tubing sections welded/bolted to the bottom of your runners. The spoil needs a place to go. Below the angles will be smooth and what goes over them should fall in low areas.
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    Brush Hog mods

    The Blades should NOT have been welded on. They are designed to pivot on the bolt that isn't there if they hit something. Personally I would have kept it as found.
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    Brush Hog mods

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    How to get a pasture to bare dirt?

    Use a big tractor, 3 furrow 12" bottom plow and plow it deep if there are no rocks or roots. Disc it in both directions, Sideways and lengthways. Then you have a choice of Spring Tooth or Harrow to further break it up. If you have a roller, now is the time. If you are planting grass on it...
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    Driving tractor with the front end loader bucket elevated .

    Don't drive or mow what you cannot see. I had a similar situation clearing some pasture that I found was strewn with 3' boulders. I keep the bucket curled to avoid 'sudden' stops.
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    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    So sorry about your luck. ALL: NEVER put out a vehicle fire if there is no one at risk. That is what Insurance is for.
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    Flail mower first try = terrible cut… SOLVED

    Don't expect a yard mower cut. Your next attempt with shorter weeds etc will likely be more pleasing.
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    Backhoe no up or down

    Check for Safety ass'y holding it in place. m5guy is wise.
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    Help Me Design/ Build a Shop

    Scale down your dreams and shop size. You don't need another house. 25 x 40, man door at both ends, windows 7' or more above grade to deter thieves. 2-10'x10' rollups. Perhaps a 8'x0' roll up at the other end. 400 Amp Service to home, 200 to shop. Consider correct Sprayfoam Insulation. Put it...
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    Weak brakes & battery box confusion.

    Remove, clean and reinstall each wire in that box, one at a time. Clean the connector terminals from the truck to trailer. A sudden change means something is wrong. Get it professionally checked. Those small batteries are not that reliable I have found.
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    All thread rod as rebar

    If it is plated or galvanized it will last a longer time. Be sure that it is midway during the pour, not laying on the ground. Put is it a repeatable pattern on the slab.
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    Welder / Wiring for Small Garage

    I would suggest getting the House rewired for 100 Amp Service and run a line to the Garage as well with new panel.
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    Marvel Mystery Oil

    Suddenly ads are appearing on this site.
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    Towing 10.1K with either Toyota Tundra SR5 OR F150 which is better?

    Stay with your present ride. The long wheelbase gives you better trailer control. and you know what you have. Swap out the Seats and enjoy it.
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    Boosting question.

    I have had success by putting another Battery of the same voltage in Parallel and charging both at once. Seems to get the process started. You connect to the Starter post that has a battery cable from Solenoid to boost. + side. Be sure it is out of gear. Some older ones will take off! $1,400...
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    Making Copper Pipe into Overhead Sprinkler

    Consider 'Punching" the holes with a small screwdriver type bit. Aligned with the axis of the pipe they might spray a 'band' instead of a cone to wet the sides of the structure.
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    I got a dump truck! How does it work?

    Usually if not always you need a special Air Brake License to operate that vehicle on public highways.
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    oil for air compressor

    Always Drain your compressor after frequent use or even a few times a year. The Receivers can corrode internally and explode. Drain the air off if you are new to this and turn it on when valve is opened. Be sure unit is level. Discard at 20 years is stamped on mine.
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    I have heard that some China tires cannot be patched. No bonding to whatever they are made of. Carlisle Tires like most everything else used to be good. Nothing stays the same.
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    Metal Thickness?

    A great Plan. A Better Plan is to sell the one you have and buy one that suits your needs. You will be time and money ahead in the long run IMHO.
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    Hours charged for tractor work

    I believe that the Tractor Hour Meter is based on operating at a certain RPM. They used to work that way. I charge a flat rate, Portal to Portal (Home again).
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    Tractor for land clearing and preparation

    300 acres is a lot of land to clear for farming. Hire it out and then with a 60-80 HP tractor begin to plow it. It will take considerable time to plow, disc and make it field ready for planting. Get a popular make of Tractor with nearby Service and all the implements you will really need.
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    4WD and loader work

    If you hear gears grinding you have Expensive Damage already. Take it to the Dealer and get it repaired. Never use 4WD unless you Need to. Just wear and tear on pricey parts.
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    Looking at Bad Boy Tractors, thoughts?

    I am glad I passed Economics years ago before people started to make up new words and phrases for Logic. Many here give advice based on long Experience, Knowledge and Logic. Nothing lasts forever and all brands have shortcomings. Most advice given here is based on reality and purpose for...
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    150 years worth of Gopher mounds

    Unlikely unless you are using arsenic.
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    150 years worth of Gopher mounds

    And that is why the Wild Pigs continue to multiply
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    150 years worth of Gopher mounds

    They Hibernate.
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    150 years worth of Gopher mounds

    Well we certainly don't need more Carbon.... a component in every living thing.
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    150 years worth of Gopher mounds

    How about a Blind and 22/250 with scope?
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    Side by Side for yard work 2x4 ok?

    Well, that should give you lots to think about. Can you lease them?
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    Looking to buy my first tractor

    Jeff9366 has your answer. Do not go too small. Get a Grapple attachment and Brush bucket attachment. That is a lot of forest to clean. Is it necessary or just so it looks nice? Talk to other farmers in your area.
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    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Join the group and then Sell the property.
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    Eradicating rocks before tilling

    Don't worry about rocks or ruining a Tiller. Just plant some corn by hand and mow if possible 4 areas to spread shelled corn around and a salt block. Done.
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    Any Excavation Professionals Feel Like Giving Advice?

    There are many ways to do things. Geo Cloth allows moisture to pass through it, but not organics. Dig down the High end/side to match the low point elevation. You can put some interlocking wall blocks at that corner. Follow local best practices for build up and then asphalt or 3/4 Crusher...
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    Utility trailers - what should i know?

    No need for Rack stake pockets. a 1" pipe securely welded on each side two inches below the top angle works for tiedowns. Make sure the tires are embossed Trailer Use. Ramp should be longer. Axle should be forward 6" or 6" past Centre. Drill the upright for Two 1/2" dia bolts and bolt spare...
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    Eradicating moles

    Back in the Day , my Father a fisherman on Lake Erie used to dip huge cotton Pound Nets in hot tar and then they were spread out over a large pasture field. When the tar dried they would walk over the nets mending holes. Ground Hogs were a huge problem. One guy would soak a burlap bag in...
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    Cleaning lawn of branches

    You cannot have it both ways. Cut down, trim out some of the trees and go over the branches with a large Bush Hog rotary.
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    Anyone have a solution to eradicating moles ??

    There is a product in Canada Called 'Shots' or something similar Like a large firecracker 5 in a package. TSC store. If you cannot find them Try plugging a lot of the holes and leave a few in a row about 20' apart open. Have some shovelfulls of dirt handy and insert a lighted Highway Fusee...
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    reading a dial caliper

    Yup, 2" Pipe. Tubing is measured on the O.D.
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    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    5-15% of the oil in a running engine goes through the Filter. Eventually it all does. I never use fram filters knowingly. FYI, GM rad Caps were all made in India for Decades. Perhaps they still are.
  137. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    ALL oil does not go thru the Filter at once. Much of it bypasses and some mag go thru on the next cycle.
  138. G

    Thoughts on 02 F450 dump

    Doing the brakes which is likely required for safety would be $2k. I expect. Lines, booster, calipers etc. Budget $5k total. It is sort of a sinking ship with a few cruises left in it. Best of luck. Clutch sound OK? No Slippage?
  139. G

    Trailer painting

    Having been an Inspector in the Petrochemical Field for many years I have seen many types of Industrial Coatings. If you plan on keeping it for a long time and if it were ever to be exposed to salt then get it Sandblasted. Commercial Blast SP6. Prime with Inorganic Zinc 3mils thick. Top coat...
  140. G

    Starting my bridge!!

    Great project. Sometimes you can purchase a Highway Trailer flat bed 40-50+ feet long and cut off the undercarriage. Once you get it across with Dozer or crane, lay the ends on a few Railway ties. Done.
  141. G

    Repelling / Deterring Beavers

    Hmmmmm. Never heard of that sauce. Most common is to find them with a small pellet of lead behind either ear. Works better than a charm.
  142. G

    Sad and Tragic Recovery Accident in AZ.

    Do not trust the 5/8" pin that secures the slide in hitch. This is not the first time for this failure.
  143. G

    What size earth auger bit do you use for a 4x4 fence post?

    I use the hole spoil for the most part, tamping every 6". Some stone if available is good. Crown the hole around the post at the surface as they rot at grade level due to surface moisture. I soak posts in used oil if available. The power company would not be sinking holes more than 8'.
  144. G

    Oil question for front axle

    Only 1 choice here. Consider the replacement Cost of front end drive. Follow Manufacturers recommendations.
  145. G

    Kubota skid steer rear bumper/ rear protection

    Very nicely done Sir. I would search out some Stainless Steel mesh and attach it on the outside of that bumper to prevent small branches from damaging that pricey rad. Check out Gravel pits as a supply. They use those screens for Classifying stone. You could also purchase Perforated Stainless...
  146. G

    To upgrade or not

    Keep the N, install an 8 Volt battery with trickle charger set on 6V. After careful research and price checks buy a small Tractor with extras and Cab. 6' bush hog takes considerable HP.
  147. G

    Is it to cold to buy diesel

    Diesel is stored in underground tanks that are above freezing temps. It will also be Winter grade. Go get some diesel and enjoy your stuff.
  148. G

    Utility trailers - what should i know?

    Happy Haulin'. LED lighting? A full length 3/4" pipe on top rail for tiedowns, front and sides. Spare tire mount at front, laying flat. In Ontario you must have Trailer Rated tires. Large Military type tool box that seals and a set of 7' ramps that slide under the rear deck for storage. I...
  149. G

    150 years worth of Gopher mounds

    That is the best advice so far. Consider carefully what you would and how you would replant it. Hay is at a premium these days but it depends on your soil and climate. Don't rush in....
  150. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    That is a strange way of hanging tobacco. Burley Tobacco? Most times bunches are handed to the Tier who wraps cotton string around them and alternates to opposite sides of the slat which is then hung in the Kiln until force dried. 1,200 slats per kiln. NO needles. Those Filters being silk...
  151. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    It is something I have known for decades. All the Oil does not pass thru the filter at once. In time it all does though. A plugged filter would starve the engine for oil if it was not a bypass system.
  152. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    I suppose some would get into the main stream either way. Only about 15% of oil is filtered at a time.
  153. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    There are no doubt many bits of metal remaining inside those filters and I don't want them pumped into the system which could happen if they were prefilled. Some large Engine suppliers are specific about this.
  154. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    No loud music in the shop or long hair. No one watching their cell phone. Lots of employment, super efficient. This is why I never pre fill a filter when installing it.
  155. G

    Can all tractors flip over easy?

    Those Roll bars are 3' too high and will upend you when they catch any overhang. They also need diagonal bracing.
  156. G

    Snowblowing rules of thumb

    I always blow away 20' or so to the upstream side, removing snow from where the blade would pick it up. I always wait until the Snowplow has passed before SnowBlowing my Driveway
  157. G

    New Kubota Tractor Purchase

    Buy the one with the cab and ground level fueling. It is not a dozer or excavator. Too much tractor is like too much Woman. After awhile you regret it.
  158. G

    Snowblowing rules of thumb

    I didn't know the Impeller was frozen. I don't recall that extensions made a huge difference and didn't say they didn't help. I used Belting Material as well.
  159. G

    Snowblowing rules of thumb

    The smoke will go away as rubbers wear in to accomodate off-centre/out of round housing. I put them on mine years ago and Not so sure that they do a great deal. The 10.5 HP helps! Bring on the snow.
  160. G

    Snowblowing rules of thumb

    Almost 6 years to the day. Same setup, less snow so far.
  161. G

    Novice wants a MIG, advise ?

    My suggestion is to first enroll in a Trade School and take their Welding Class. That will make you much more knowledgeable. It is unlikely based on your enquiry that you will ever weld 1/2" plate. Keep it real.
  162. G

    Boosting question.

    Possibly a 2 person job as someone has likely to sit on the seat, press brake, (emerg. brake off) give it some fuel (depending on make and model, pulling the shutoff disconnects pump and electrical I believe) while the other person takes the + lead and does a quick clamp to the big post from the...
  163. G

    Snow Tractor won’t start tonight.

    Have you tried jumping direct to Starter? Is throttle pulled partially out? Check Ground Connections, give starter a rap with a hammer as it is being tried. (Stuck brush).
  164. G

    Radiator hose "snapped"

    I doubt those tanks are removable to repair from the inside. If you could fabricate a plate with a nipple attached and then with sealant or JB weld, pop rivet it over the hole it may or may not work. Good Luck.
  165. G

    How can I hook this up to my tractor

    Leave it as it is and use a proper Drawbar with lift restraints (bars that go to either end and connect to the upper pivot.
  166. G

    Repairing cracked HDPE plastic tractor cab roofs?

    Depending on the type of crack/damage, you might consider a nice aluminium patch, pop riveted over the area with liberal caulking underneath it. Paint to suit. Gorilla tape may work but Gorilla Super Glue is useless unless you want your fingers glued to eachother.
  167. G

    How can I hook this up to my tractor

    Any 3ph I have used in the past had solid bars attached to the upper mount from each end of the drawbar to prevent it lifting when not using hydraulic operated attachments. Remember that water weighs about 7.5 lbs per USG. That is a serious hitch for a serious drawbar tractor.
  168. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    Most of us Motorheads avoid Fram. A guy on You Tube does post mortem on them and many other things.
  169. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    These are NOT Fuel Filters unless Mazda has a Diesel. They are OIL Filters.
  170. G

    Submersible well pump went out, thoughts?

    It could be a leaky foot valve. Call an expert and get his opinion.
  171. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    Likely the tractor was made there too!
  172. G

    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    Looks about as efficient as you can make the process. This is why major equipment manufacturers instruct buyers to NOT fill the filter with oil when changing the oil so any metal particles will be trapped before going into the oil system. These are highly skilled and likely poorly paid...
  173. G

    Metal Thickness?

    RENT ONE. Renting one 10 times will be cheaper and better than building one. 2'x4' base is ridiculously small. Digging flower beds?
  174. G

    Repelling / Deterring Beavers

    Placing a small piece of Lead just behind the ear or between the eyes is a sure way. Use a rifle to put it there
  175. G

    really need your advice if you have ever had an insect infestation !!!

    The place should have been vacated months ago. MOVE! Have animals that lived there treated as well.
  176. G

    Getting too old to step up 22”

    Can your fender be moved outward or turned slightly? Didn't see a photo of the Ford 6000. Hernias can be repaired. Mine were. Perhaps Paul Shortt (sp?) out on the coast of Nfld can help. He builds a lot of steps for Kubotas.
  177. G

    Getting clay mud off tires easily

    NO. Pressure wash.
  178. G

    Plowing County Road??

    There are in some locales Good Samaritan Rules that free you from Liability in cases where people are stuck or stranded. So many City folk migrating to the country have no understanding of Good Neighbour stuff. "It's so noisy and smelly etc". Stay in your lane!