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  1. sherpa

    PTO equipment

    I sold my finish mower that I don't need anymore. I was going to buy another PTO attachment for my tractor but can't decide which attachment would be the best? I thought about an Auger but they have gone up in price beyond my need. Any suggestions on something useful to use with my PTO?
  2. sherpa

    Front Axle lubricant

    I am replacing the axle seal on my 2014 Boomer 24 TLB. I have always used transmission fluid in my front axles and I read last week about a guy that uses gear oil which I assume he was talking about 90w gear oil. What do you use in your New Holland front axle?
  3. sherpa

    Marvel Mystery Oil

    A friend gave me a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil? I remember it from the 1960's but I have never used it. Where do you use it and what is it good for?
  4. sherpa

    Fogger & insect control help

    We live in the Pisgah National Forest in western NC and usually have a lot of flying insects in the summer months. I was thinking about getting a insect fogger and wanted to see what other people use including which chemicals I would need and where to buy the fogger and chemicals? I am open to...
  5. sherpa

    How to replace a backhoe stabilizer seal

    I found a small seal leak on my Boomer 24 tractor backhoe stabilizer this morning. I am pretty sure I can replace that seal. I just need to know where to look for some "How to do it" instructions. I am sure someone else has done it once or twice. Sherpa
  6. sherpa

    Manual Thumb

    Does anyone sharpen the teeth on their manual thumb? My thumb seems to drop half the logs I try to pick up. The logs just slip right out.
  7. sherpa

    ultrasonic cleaner

    What do you use for a cleaning fluid in your ultrasonic cleaner?
  8. sherpa

    Boomer 24 front leak

    I have a 2014 Boomer 24 with a slow leak on the left front axle, see pics. It just leaks when sitting for awhile. How hard is this to fix?
  9. sherpa

    Pulverizer Pins

    My gill Pulverizer has a couple pins missing and several pins are bent. The pins are 5/8 square steel 7.5 inches long. I have a lot of 3/4 inch Rebar, Has anyone ever used Rebar for pins on a Pulverizer?
  10. sherpa

    Boomer 24

    I been looking for another TLB since I sold my Kubota B20 in 2006. We got real serious last year about getting another tractor with a backhoe to go with our TC33D. I finally found a 2014 Boomer 24 with just 566 hrs on it. We looked at the specs and thought this could maybe work for us. We...
  11. sherpa

    Grease Zerk size

    I am having problems finding the right grease zerk for my New Holland Boomer 24. I went to an LS dealer and they gave me the wrong size. It was close, very close but would not screw in. The grease zerk I need is not the backhoe pin zerks, it is the small 8mm size that screws right into the...
  12. sherpa

    LS XJ2025 Service Manual

    Does anyone have the link where I can download a FREE PDF LS XJ2025 Service Manual? Thanks!
  13. sherpa

    Dollar General lubricant

    Anyone ever use DG (Dollar General) spray lubricant on their tractors? I wanted to let you know how well this stuff works. I use it all the time on my 3 point hookups. This stuff is better than grease and no where as nasty. I spray this stuff on every one of my implements and it stays on...
  14. sherpa

    Boots for the forest

    We work in the mountain forest a lot! We live in the mountains and I need a boot that I can plant my foot down and it will stay in one place without sliding and causing me to lose balance and falling. I usually have a chainsaw or brush cutter or some kind of equipment in my hand making it even...
  15. sherpa

    Hand held Brush Cutter

    I have about 2 acres of brush that I need to clean up on the side of a mountain that my tractor can't go up. I cleared it last year with a chainsaw. The saplings have shot up 4 to 5 feet and I need to cut it. Which brush cutter do you recommend? Gas or Electric? And most important, what...
  16. sherpa

    Smoking a Boston Butt question

    We are getting ready to smoke a Boston Butt. I use red oak for smoking. My question is How old can the red oak be? I got some fresh cut red oak about 3 weeks old, is it too green to smoke with? I have some other red oak about a year old as well. Which will be better? Thanks!
  17. sherpa

    Scoop Pan

    I was wondering what all I can use my scoop pan for other than just dirt? I have actually used it to haul firewood to the house from my wood racks but I bet you folks have found even more uses for it? sherpa
  18. sherpa


    We are in the market for a new Mattress. Our mattress is over 20 years old and shopping for a new one is a pain. It ain't like you can go buy it and try it and then take it back if you don't like it. What kind of mattress do you have and where did you buy it, etc? Thanks!
  19. sherpa

    BX22 Cylinder repair

    I have a 2004 BX22 with a leaking cylinder. The cylinder is on the loader lift. Can someone walk me through how to repair this with the seal kit? Maybe someone has already posted the information some where on this forum. Thanks, sherpa
  20. sherpa

    Kubota BX22 help

    I have a 2004 kubota BX22 with 477 hours and the left side loader cylinder is leaking fluid. The loader is a LA210. Can I replace the cylinder seal or is this something I need to take and get repaired? The parts salesman seem to think I would be able to do this myself? Can anyone with...
  21. sherpa

    Looking for a TLB

    Help, Which tractor? I am looking into buying a used or maybe a new small TLB and found lots of different models. I am currently using a borrowed 2004 Kubota BX22 TLB with 475 hours on it. It is like new other than a couple of cylinder leaks. It is also for sale but I don稚 know what the...
  22. sherpa

    LED Garage Lights

    Has anyone installed LED lights in their garage? I was thinking about changing out my old humming Flourescent lights for some new LED lights? Sherpa
  23. sherpa

    8N oil Change

    Getting ready to change the oil and filter in my 1952 8N. What kind of oil should I use? How much oil does it take? Should I put any additives in the oil such as lucas oil treatment? sherpa
  24. sherpa

    Coolant leak question TC33D

    I have a coolant leak on my TC33D. I attached a picture so you can identify where the leak is. It is on the right side of the engine just to the right of my oil filter. I need to know if this plug has threads or is pressed into the engine block? It is in line with the freeze plugs. Can this...
  25. sherpa

    US Forest Service is using surveillance cameras on public lands

    Be careful where you take a leak if you are out in the middle of the forest hunting this fall. I have heard some interesting things about this new practice. Some very interesting reading here: US Forest Service admits putting surveillance cameras on public lands
  26. sherpa

    Security Camera

    I been thinking about a security camera for my rural place a while now. The cameras seem to be priced right and more affordable now. I just do not have the expertise to research them and know what I want. Does anyone have a security camera that works well for them? I would like to hear about...
  27. sherpa

    Finish Mower Brand and Model?

    I have a 48" finish mower I bought used about 8 years ago. It needs some new tires/wheels and I was checking places to buy the tires and no one could help me because I did not know the brand of my mower. I have attached some pics and wanted to see if anyone knew what brand of mower this is and...
  28. sherpa

    Splitting wood by hand

    Who splits their wood by hand? I am looking to buy me a new splitting maul and trying to decide which one to get. I split a lot of oak. TS has a good selection of hand splitting mauls. I saw one that is a 12 lb. Splitting Maul with a 27 in. Steel Handle. It is actually 16 pounds, I like the...
  29. sherpa

    Top Link Question

    I have 2 different pin holes on my tractor to attach my top link to. The holes are only about an inch apart, one lower than the other. What effect does each have on my implements? sherpa
  30. sherpa

    sickle mower

    I have a chance to buy an old used 3pt sickle mower that fits an 8N. My brother found it and was telling me about it. I don't know anything about a sickle mower. I have not seen it, it is 45 minutes from here and my brother said it was heavy. I was wondering if it was worth having one? I can get...
  31. sherpa

    Diesel fuel and motor oil deck treatment

    The neighbors down the road swear by a mix of 50% diesel fuel and 50% used motor oil brushed on a wood deck as a great wood preserver. Has anyone else ever heard of or tried this method??
  32. sherpa

    Spark Plug Help

    I have several pieces of equipment that are powered by Briggs and Stratton engines. Everything from Generators, pressure washers, lots of lawnmowers etc. Living far from the city, what is one good basis general spark plug brand and number to keep on hand as a replacement? sherpa
  33. sherpa

    Shop Garage lighting

    I was wondering if anyone has found a better garage light than the old 8 foot florescent bulbs? Seems like every month one of my 8 foot bulbs starts blinking or goes out. Is there a better garage lights available? Sherpa
  34. sherpa

    Logging Chains

    Have you ever lost a chain in the woods or even in the yard? Once you throw a chain down somewhere it is hard to find it again. I have about 7 different chains of different sizes and lenghts. I am thinking about painting some blaze orange on my logging chains. Anyone else mark their chains so...
  35. sherpa

    Woodstove user tips

    I was wondering if anyone has a home formula for removing creosote from their chimney? I take down my stove pipe about once a month and clean it but I have never cleaned my chimney. I read that you could apply a creosote removal chemical to your firewood before you burn it? I figured someone...
  36. sherpa

    Oil cooler hose issue on the TC

    I was wondering what the latest information was on the oil cooler hose issue. I had my first one to split yesterday. The TC33D is 7 years old. The price of the 5 inch L shaped formed hose is $15 each. I had read that there was a kit available to replace these hoses? I did buy 2 new hoses to get...
  37. sherpa

    Rural Security

    I am in the process of updating my security lights, alarms etc. maybe some cameras. I would like to have a motion sensor that warns the intruder before they break in. My alarms will not sound until the door is knocked in. I would like to have something that says "you are getting too close, back...
  38. sherpa

    Boston Butt

    I am thinking about a different way to make some BBQ with a Boston Butt. Instead of using a smoker I was thinking about putting the butt on the fire ring outside and letting it soak up some smoke from a small fire inside the fire ring. (I was going to use red oak and hickory wood) I would then...
  39. sherpa

    cordless telephone

    I need a good cordless telephone that will work about 300 feet. That would cover my garage. I have a line in the garage but if I need to go to the house I have to hang up the cordless phone. Same thing if I am in the house and need to go to the garage. My cordless phones only work about 150...
  40. sherpa

    Need a weedeater trimmer

    Need a new weedeater! I am looking to get a new weedeater. I need a light weight gas trimmer. It does not need to be the biggest or most expensive. What do you suggest? sherpa
  41. sherpa

    ant problem

    We have ants outside all over the patio and some coming inside the house. We bought some stuff from Southern States called Talstar EZ Granular. I have put it out twice and it has had no effect. I used to have good results with Diazone. What do you recommend? Sherpa
  42. sherpa

    Cat Vs Snake

    We have a cat and I know it is just a matter of time before this cat has a run in with a good size snake here in the mountains. The cat has already killed a couple of small snakes. I was wondering what others have experienced? How big of a snake can this cat take on and win? Will the cat...
  43. sherpa

    neck pain

    Has anyone ever experienced neck pain from looking over their shoulder while working on their tractor with 3-point attachments? I have experienced this several times. The most recent was Monday after using my tractor all afternoon Sunday. I was fine when I first got up Monday morning and now...
  44. sherpa

    Water Heater Timer

    Thinking about getting a timer and put it on my water heater to save on the electric bill. Has anyone had any success using a timer on their water heater? How much was the savings? Was the timer hard to install? What brand timer did you get? Sherpa
  45. sherpa

    Rural TV reception

    I like living away from the city but we have no TV reception. We have a satellite dish but want to get rid of it if we can get some reception. The only TV stations we can receive are 3 educational channels about 20 miles away. We live about 100 miles from the city which has several good TV...
  46. sherpa

    Lighter wood or starter wood

    Has anyone ever heard of "lighter wood"? I usually keep some pine here to split and use as kindlin for starting a fire. I recently had one that I was spliting up and it was full of "Lighter wood". It is like hard sap or something and burns like a torch. What causes "lighter wood" which may not...
  47. sherpa

    Wood Stove Essentials

    I thought with all the folks adding wood stoves to their homes it would be a good time to add a post of all the basic other things you need when you own a wood stove and heat with wood. I can get it started and then we can add things to it. Remember, just the basic things to get someone...
  48. sherpa

    Wood stove

    I have a wood stove with a glass window in the door. It seems that the glass gets smoked up and you can never see in through the glass. Is there something you can put on these glass windows to keep them clear? Thanks, sherpa
  49. sherpa

    no see ums

    What is the best thing you have used to get rid of "no see ums" ? I know I can't get rid of all of them but I would like to have my patio back. These little pest travel in swarms early morning and late evening. Is there a new device to buy and plug in that will deter them? Is there an old...
  50. sherpa

    I like my New Holland tractor

    I bought this 2004 TC33D 5 years ago and we have really enjoyed it. It is so handy here on our property in the forest where we live. I service it regularly and it gets a bath twice a year and it sleeps under the garage. I have 388 hours on it and it is still runs and looks like new. I have had...
  51. sherpa

    power steering fluid

    My TC33D could use a couple of oz of power steering fluid. What kind of power steering fluid do you use? sherpa
  52. sherpa

    Oil Filter list

    I was wondering if anyone has a list of all the different oil filters from all the mfg's that fit their tractor? I like to keep a list of all the filters that fit my equipment. I tried to find a conversion table on the internet but they have seem to disappeared. I have a TC33D and I want to...
  53. sherpa

    Motor Oil Preference?

    What kind of motor oil do you use in your New Holland tractor? sherpa
  54. sherpa

    Oil change help?

    I am getting ready to change the engine oil on my TC33D. The tractor has a total of 370 hours on it so I have only changed it three times. The last time I changed the oil I use Rotella-3 15W40. I was thinking about going with a full synthetic oil or a semi synthetic oil? Do I need a different...
  55. sherpa

    Who drove their tractor?

    Who got to drive their tractor on Christmas Day and what did you do with it? sherpa
  56. sherpa

    Need a new Flashlight

    I need some new Flashlights! I have flashlights of all kinds, half of them don't even work anymore and the other half are not much help. I have a good handheld flashlight in the RV, It was a gift and it works real good. It fits in my pocket and provides plenty of light when I need it. It is a...
  57. sherpa

    Home made Septic Tank

    How do you build a septic tank out of a barrel? We need a place to dump our RV tanks on a remote peice of property. I have seen many of these used but never knew how they were put together? sherpa
  58. sherpa


    Who else has prbblems with FedEx deliveries to rural areas? FedEx calls me and wants me to drive 50 miles oneway and pick up my packages so they don't have to drive out here. After I pay for home delivery I am not driving 100 miles to get the package. This has been going on for about 7 years...
  59. sherpa

    BBQ for Thanksgiving

    We are having the turkey but The wife and I decided to smoke a boston butt for Thanksgiving. I can't wait for my city relatives to taste this good homemade BBQ. It is outside smoking with some good old NC hickory chips right now. I heard you could use some other hardwoods for smoking. What kind...
  60. sherpa

    Turkey question?

    How long does it take a 20 pound turkey to thaw out in the fridge? sherpa
  61. sherpa

    Heat Pump

    Boy, have I got a story for you folks! I have a rental house about 1 hours drive from where I live. The tenant called and said the heat was not working. The heat pump is 30 years old but has always worked great. I usually keep a good local heating & air, carpenter, plumber and electrician on...
  62. sherpa

    Marking property lines

    I am wanting to mark my property lines again. My property contains trees, hills and hollars. My property boundaries join with the US Forest Service. I usually use marking ribbon, it last about 3 years. I think I used spray paint once and it did not last 2 years. I have always used 3 ribbons at...
  63. sherpa


    We live in the mountains of NC. We had a stray cat come onto the property this year. We feed him and he has made the mountains his home. He stays outside and eats outside, he is not a house cat. The problem is, we dont stay here much in the winter. We like to travel to the south and stay gone as...
  64. sherpa

    Storing Wine

    At what temperture does wine freeze? sherpa
  65. sherpa

    3 point log splitter

    I am thinking about a 3 point log splitter for my TC33D. I do not have rear hydraulics, what kind of expense is this? Is there other expense? What all do I need to consider to put a 3 point log splitter behind my tractor? Is it worth the expense to go with a 3 point log splitter or should I just...
  66. sherpa


    We live in the mountains of North Carolina. It gets cold here in January. We are thinking about traveling to Arizona in January and staying for 2 or 3 weeks. I heard it is nice and warm out in southern Arizona in the winter? There is a little town called Brenda, Arizona, anyone know anything...
  67. sherpa

    8N will not start??

    I have a 1952 8N with a 12 volt conversion. I have owned the tractor for 9 years with very few problems. It ran fine when I parked it. Now it has no spark at the points. I put in new condenser, new points, new coil. The switch works fine. I have about 9 volts at the points, is that all it takes...
  68. sherpa

    Propane prices

    I am trying to decide when to fill my propane tanks at the cheapest price. I only have to fill them once a year. I have two 100 gallon tanks. I cant ever figure out what the prices are for propane. Some people tell me how much it is a pound and then the next person tells me how much it is a...
  69. sherpa

    Garage floor

    I was thinking about putting some polyurethane on my concrete garage floor? Anyone ever done that? Is there any reason not to use poly on a concrete garage floor? mtnman
  70. sherpa

    Pompas Grass problem

    I have 7 big patches of pompas grass root pads I need to get rid of. It was about 12 feet high and I cut it all down. Now I have what appears to be just a big growth of stump/root and dirt about 5 feet square bottom and about 25 inches high at each stalk bottom. I know this stuff will come back...
  71. sherpa

    daylight saving time

    When did daylight savings time begin, what year was it started? I am too young to remember at just 60 years old. sherpa
  72. sherpa

    Digital TV

    What do we know about digital TV reception? Are we going to have any better TV reception in the rural ares? I have the converter box but can only get 3 educational channels. Will it get better? I live a long way from a town with TV stations. mtnman
  73. sherpa

    3 pt Firewood Basket

    I am thinking about building me a 3 pt basket to haul firewood on. I have plenty of firewood on my property but its up a narrow road and on a hill. I cant get a trailer up there because it is too steep and no turn around but I back my tractor up the hill all the time with ease and pull logs...
  74. sherpa

    Tilt wheel problem

    My tilt steering wheel on my TC33D is just flopping around, wont lock and the little shock has leaked all its fluid out. I got the 2 top hex screws out of the little shock but I cant get to the bottom pin without taking off some more parts. I found some post where others have had this same...
  75. sherpa

    Chainsaw not oiling

    I have a Stihl MS290 chainsaw and its not oiling the chain. Is this not something that is an easy fix? I checked it out and cleaned the hole with the airhose. I am not really sure how these automatic oilers work? Can anyone tell me what to do or where to go on the web to find out? Thanks, Sherpa
  76. sherpa

    Finish mower question?

    I am looking at a woods 5 foot finish mower with just 2 wheels. What is the difference in finish mower that has just 2 wheels vs 4 wheels? mtnman
  77. sherpa

    Which attachment?

    Which attachment do you use for getting the crab grass out of you gravel driveway? (I don稚 want to go buy a 55 gal drum of round-up). sherpa
  78. sherpa

    TC33D wont start

    It is a 2004 TC33D with less than 300 hours. Here are the systems: Used the tractor Monday mowing using rear PTO no problems. Tried to start it Tuesday morning and it would not do anything. Checked to make sure all the safety switch levers are in place, and all seem to be ok. Went back later...
  79. sherpa

    Buying a new mowing deck

    I own a TC33D and just sign a mowing contract. There must be at least 3-5 acres to mow with obstacles. I need to upgrade my mowing deck, I have a 4 foot rear finish now. Here are the 3 options I have thought about: 1-New rear finish mower brand & size undetermined? 2-New mid-mount mower size &...
  80. sherpa

    Trout Fish dough

    I was wondering if anyone makes a good trout fishing dough? I was trout fishing yesterday with corn and a fellow up the creek was catching a lot of fish. I ask him what he was using for bait. He came down to where I was catching nothing and baited my hook with some kind of trout dough and I...
  81. sherpa

    TC33D Battery options?

    I need to replace the battery in my 2004 TC33D. It still has the original battery in it. If I leave it sitting for a long period of time I have to boost it off. If I use it every week its fine. What are my battery options? I would like to know what kinds of battery options are available...
  82. sherpa

    How far do you drive to vote?

    15 miles one way! 30 mile round trip. sherpa
  83. sherpa

    need suggestions for a TC33D battery

    The battery in my old 8N is bad and I am thinking about putting the battery in my TC33D in the 8N and getting a new battery for the TC33D. I am not sure what to ask for at the auto store when I go in there? I thought about going to walmart but still dont know what to ask for as far as a...
  84. sherpa

    Cooking a Boston Butt for BBQ

    The wife bought a 14 pound boston butt last weekend and we want to make some BBQ with it. I know there are some fancy ways to do this but let me tell you what we were thinking. 1-Since we dont know what we are doing and this is our first time, we thought about cutting it into 3rds and...
  85. sherpa


    What is a frail mower? I found one on an ebay auction and I was wondering what it is good for? It's a "MOTT 8 FT FRAIL MOWER". Here is the Ebay address: Shortend Long URL MikePA: Cleaned up long URL. Please review your message before posting it. It's simple not to do this. Just insert a...
  86. sherpa

    ford 4000

    I need to know what the weight is on a 1972 ford 4000? There is no fluid in the tires. Sherpa
  87. sherpa

    My first road

    I am cutting some roads on my property in the mountains of NC. This is the first roads I have every built. Lots of hills and trees. Check out the pic. Sherpa
  88. sherpa

    Rust & Cast Iron

    I have an old cast iron kettle that has some rust in the bottom of it. The kettle has been seasoned in the past but it got left unattended for awhile. I wanted to know if there is an easy way to remove the rust in the bottom and get it back to a useable condition. Sherpa
  89. sherpa

    TC33D shop manual

    I been thinking about getting me a repair manual for my TC33D and had some questions: Does anyone have a shop manual for the TC33D? Does the manual cover just the TC33D or several different models? What is the proper name for what I am looking for, is it called Shop Manual, Repair Manual...
  90. sherpa

    Throttle moves

    I am having problems with my throttle moving on my TC33D. I can get going down the road or on a job and have my throttle set at 1/2 or 3/4 and then it will work its way back down to the lowest position of idle. It appears that something is loose. When I first got it home in Nov it was very...
  91. sherpa

    Winter Boots

    I need a new pair of winter boots. I want to know what the experts are wearing and saying about them. I have an old pair of gor-tex boots that are shot and I need to replace them. Here is what I found, Cabela's has there Big Game Tracker on sale for $79.95, reg $99.95. Its 800 grams of...
  92. sherpa

    Made me a 3pt hitch

    I started with a 6 foot piece of 3/8 flat bar 2 inches wide and cut the pieces out and drill the holes. check the attachment.
  93. sherpa

    Rake  Rocks and a landscape rake

    My neighbor had his pond dug out. I smooth out the big piles of materal with my box blade. It still has a lot of river rocks in the material. Most of these rocks are head size or smaller. I was thinking about using my landscaping rake to remove the rocks. There are a few big rocks which I...
  94. sherpa

    Frozen Dirt

    My neighbor called me to landscape the dirt around his pond. He had his pond dug out a couple weeks ago when it was very cold. Its been nice and warm 55 degrees here in NC for the past 3 days. As I approached the pond berm I lowered my bucket to push a path through the dirt, BAMM. It was...
  95. sherpa

    PTO saw

    How many of you folks own, used or even remember the old PTO saw that ran off the PTO of an 8N for tractor with a belt? I only saw one. I think it bolted to the rear end and attached to the PTO. Is there anything like that offered today for the newer model tractors? I hope someone has a...
  96. sherpa

    TC drawbar

    What do you folks use for a trailer ball on the factory TC drawbar? The end hole is over an inch in diameter? sherpa
  97. sherpa


    I was looking out the window this morning here in the NC mountains watching the birds eat out of the feeder. It was 19 degrees out there! I thought to myself; why don’t these birds just fly to Florida or somewhere warmer. Its not like they have jobs or homes to sell, they could just take off...
  98. sherpa

    backhoe bucket

    I was thinking about getting me another bucket for my B20 backhoe. It appears that my bucket teeth have been changed by welding new and larger teeth holders on. The 4 removable teeth on my 15" bucket are about 3 inches wide. It works good but someone told me it would work better with smaller...
  99. sherpa

    Filter options

    I am getting ready to change the filters and fluids in my tractors. I search but did not find anything. I want to know what after market filters brands and part numbers are available for my TC33D. I called New Holland and they will not give me any info on the filters. What do you folks use...
  100. sherpa

    Got me a TC33D

    I got home with my TC33D Monday. I really like it a lot. I did not get any extras at this time. It is really a nice machine. I drove it down the dirt road and about a mile back through the woods on a logging road. I also assaulted one of my neighbors driveways with my box blade. I ripped...
  101. sherpa

    TC33D and TC33DA

    Whats the difference between the D and DA? I am looking at a used TC33D and I dont see any difference between it and the new TC33DA. What do these letters stand for? Sherpa
  102. sherpa

    Fuel Injection Pump

    I have been told my injector pump may need to be rebuilt on my Kubota B20 TLB. I was told I need to send it to a fuel shop somewhere in Charlotte, NC. Does anyone know anything about what I am talking about? Is the injector pump hard to remove from the engine, is it something I could do? Is...
  103. sherpa

    Discount tires

    Does anyone know of a place you can order Ag tires on line at a discounted price. I need 2 front Ag tires size 23X8.50-12 for my B50 TLB. I can mount them myself. Sherpa
  104. sherpa

    Kubota L3710

    I have an appointment to look at a used L3710 Tuesday and cant find much information on this site about them. It has 140 hrs and HST trans and FEL. What is a L3710, how much horse power does it have? What year is this L3710? Can someone tell me about the L3710? Why do they not make it any...
  105. sherpa


    I got out this morning blowing leaves with my backpack blower. After about an hour of blowing these leaves and walking up and down the hill and looking at my tractor just sitting there I thought "theres got to be some way that tractor can do this". My question is, can I use my finish mower to...
  106. sherpa

    Cash Rebates on New Holland

    Does anyone know what the cash back amount is on the cash purchase of a New Holland TC30 is? The program is called "Value Bonanza" but no one seems to know exactly how much the cash back amount is. I have gotten all kinds of answers from different dealers. I emailed New Holland and they just...
  107. sherpa

    Backhoe  Small Backhoe vs Mini Trackhoe

    I own a Kubota B20 TLB. I have been using my TLB for a little over a year and I am still learning. I live in the mountains and I want to get on this hill behind my cabin and build some small ATV roads so I can have better access to my hilly property. I have one deep gully (you could hide 25...
  108. sherpa

    PTO winch

    I was thinking about getting me a winch for the rear of my B20 TLB tractor to operate off my PTO. (of course I would remove the backhoe). This winch would be used to drag logs off my hillside from fallen trees. I have not seen any PTO winches nor do I know where to buy them. I already own a...
  109. sherpa

    Hew Holland

    I got my eye on a used New Holland TC30, Hydrostatic, 240 hours with a Bush Hog loader. They gave me a good price and I am ready to buy it. I hope someone can talk me out of buying it! I think the tractor is ok. I need to know if these Hydrostatic transmission are ok? And what about the...
  110. sherpa

    New seat

    I drove some tractors today that had a real nice after market seat on them. They had about 3 or 4 inches of travel in each seat and really made you comfortable. They were fully adjustable. I want to replace my old seat on my kubota with one of these new seats (I will think I have a new...
  111. sherpa

    Valve adjustment Help!

    I am trying to adjust the valves on my Kubota B20 3 cyl. Going by the shop manual it says start with the number 1 cyl at TC. It tells you to adjust 4 valves and then turn the engine 1 complete round and adjust the other valves. I know the firing order is 1 2 3 but which cyl is number 1 the...
  112. sherpa

    Hard to start kubota

    I have a B20 kubota 20hp and it is hard to start when already warm. I can use it for an hour, turn it off for 3 mins and I have to use the preheat to get it started again. (I always preheat when cold starting). Also when it gets real hot it loses some power. Most people would not notice the...
  113. sherpa

    case 275

    I am looking at a case 275 tractor 4X4 with 1800hrs. I cant find much info about this tractor on this site. It does not have a loader. Does anyone know what this tractor is worth? Is this a good tractor? Is 1800hrs too many hrs? It is in below average condition but runs and operates...