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  1. JasperFrank

    I'm not some HMO Karen,, but whats going on in Rural Lane County Oregon just seems crazy.

    I'm seeing multi-thousand dollar two story homes moved in on wheels. Not just camper type trailers. These are bigger than the original house that is, I guess, was establishing the rent. Its very odd to me to see this happen, every where, and to think how stupid it was to follow the land...
  2. JasperFrank

    Having issues with 1987 Ford 1220 radiator fan.

    A few weeks a go, my radiator fan was shattered from what I believe to have been a stick that got up there. These are cheap yet, difficult to replace as you have to take the radiator out, things are tight and have to be done in a specific sequence. Completed the replacement of the fan...
  3. JasperFrank

    The Onxmaps app, X-hunt, is crap.

    A new neighbor was using this as a reference as to boundaries. He got a bit in to my property thinking it was real. I can't blame him, he thought he was with in his rights. But the App was way off. Which I could show him after finding original pins and other survey markers. Then, I...
  4. JasperFrank


    Doing all the tree/branch and stick clearing, yard by yard, I 'm getting a clearer idea of wildlife going on on the property. I found one area that has me fascinated, because it seems like the only area with lots of ants. Its an explosion of ants. Yet, it is a very small area, 400 by 400...
  5. JasperFrank

    Best strategy after major ice storm.

    Out of 20 acres, I'm just now finishing up on clearing up all tree falls and debris on the 4 acres residential part of the property. Its divided into two tax lots. The other 16 is forestry deferred, difficult to access, and prop taxes on this are $400 a year. I spent 28 years...
  6. JasperFrank

    Just noticed today.... so many trailer campers on home sites.

    In 2023 there was a law change in Oregon that said you can just place and then rent out a camper on your rural property as a tenancy. Everyone seems to be doing this now . I just go WTF, after years of complying to the rules. At first I thought these where ADUs. But nope, they are...
  7. JasperFrank

    Do you personally go to a farmer's market?

    We have several in my area that are permanent. We go all the time to these, but it is a must do when ever we hear about a new one. These tend to be pop up markets that don't do it every year. We always find something really great, like Lamb sausage sticks, other jerky's, cheeses, local...
  8. JasperFrank

    Pull down a high widow maker.

    I've got lots of these now after the latest storm. Do I hire out, or do I toss a lead over the branch to see if i can pull it out? What is the best way to "rope" a high branch?
  9. JasperFrank

    Fused wire links. Anyone have experience with these?

    This is a general question about wire fuses. A common fuse you just pull out and replace. A wire fuse, just confuses me. Do you have to just make your own? They don't have part numbers. At least they don't my case. Is it just the gauge, or is there something else, special to the...
  10. JasperFrank

    Box scrapper lift up on a turn?

    I'm breaking many things on my three point tractor with the Box Scrapper. So I'm doing something wrong. Should I only, drop and drag in a straight line, or can I use it in a turn with out lifting? Sorry, if this is a very stupid question.
  11. JasperFrank

    Pergola or Purgatory?

    See how long it takes to find the glaring errors in this pergola kit plan. :)
  12. JasperFrank

    Mason Bees

    Has anyone here had experience with establishing a colony of Mason Bees? I've read a bit, but its best to ask people that have "been there- done that." What worked, and what didn't?
  13. JasperFrank

    Garden Tractor, blade to spindle nut, how do you torque the nuts properly?

    I never seem to get this right. And end up with loose blades. Cub Cadet says the nuts need 70 to 90 Foot Lbs. But they give you no freaken way to lock the spindles to get a good reading if you are using a torque wrench. I have an impact driver, yet I never use it to spin ON nuts. Is...
  14. JasperFrank

    Shooting a Woodpecker.

    It is doing damage to my house. Should I just shoot it and kill it?
  15. JasperFrank

    You'll correct this.

    She says I'll just correct this.... Gottta love your wife even when it is hard to do so.
  16. JasperFrank

    A cautionary tale about fiber board bench tops.

    I built two very nice benches, In my de-attached garage, 10 years ago, that I've worked many projects on. The thing is, I used fiberboard, for their top working spaces. I was very proud of how I made these, very low cost and very little waste in their construction. These overtime, got a...
  17. JasperFrank

    Using old Cement-all.

    I have a patio project I'm working on and have two older 55Lbs bags of Cement-All rapid set. Both bags have clumps in them as I live in a damp climate and these are at last three years old. Most of the bags are a mix of grainualr and powder. Has anyone had success mixing up old...
  18. JasperFrank

    We are making a pergola and a patio. Issues have begun.

    Getting electricity to the patio and a fountain, IN MY SMALL BRAIN, everything has all gone to hell. I was going to use 1- 1/4 pvc pipe to run, in conduit, extension cords to the pergola, and from the pergola to the fountain. The entire feed to any thing out doors, was always GFI. There...
  19. JasperFrank

    The light can be bad some times.

    I was coming down my hill today, and some folks, working on a neighbor's project, had parked in the shaded part of the road on a narrow corner and they both had black cars. I could not see them at all given the angles of sunlight. I could only detect them because of the many times I had...
  20. JasperFrank

    What is this part called? It is off a Ford 1220.

    Its the lower mounting pin for the three point.
  21. JasperFrank

    Foxtail and Dogs. Is this real?

    Took our fur-child, dog, to the Vet yesterday for his annual check up. Two weeks prior, he had an ear infection, which seemed to have cleared, after a few ear rinses, before the visit. The Vet asked if we had any Foxtail on the property. I had never heard the term "Foxtail" before...
  22. JasperFrank

    Packaging gone wrong.

    I kid you not, that I ordered a single 36 inch door sweep, and it showed up in this box. :)
  23. JasperFrank

    Survey marks found on trees. Info requested.

    I'm attempting to relocate a ground pipe bounty marker for the south western part of my property. I knew sort of where it was and had it clearly marked till we had some rather nasty ice storms that down trees all over that area. I can't find any evidence of the location of the pipe any more...
  24. JasperFrank

    I found a peice of rural land 25 years ago......

    And naively, I thought it would remain rural, during my life time. Of coarse I can see that I'm the first problem, to have built here in the first place, 25 years ago. When it was truly in the woods up an almost impassable road with no utilities. This is what I wanted, and the rules for...
  25. JasperFrank

    This spring's patio project.

    The soil around the house is just now getting to the point that i can work with it. Is a small window. Too much rain and the soil to too sloppy to work: Too late, and the stuff turns to concrete. The project is a 14 foot by 20 foot patio, on top of which there will be a centered 10 by 14...
  26. JasperFrank

    How paranoid should I be? i have a bandaid over the camera and mic of my lap top. Is this crazy?

    Doing computer repair, lots of people got hacked. Had a pic of them doing something private, both visual and on the mics. And some one held ransom, so as not to become public. I can clear the machine, but I can't clear what the ransom person can do. That will always be out there and I...
  27. JasperFrank

    We should just stop buying new products.

    I've been involved with what has been called the reuse movement most of my life. I have personally refurbished well over 40 thousand home computers that got a second, and third life, cause they could be updated, or at least vectored to people that didn't need what these old state of art...
  28. JasperFrank

    Okay this is odd. The Vultures are back.

    i use to time the seasons more on the way the buzzards would return and leave. They are very good at knowing how the weather is going to be. I was a bit shocked today to see our local crew of buzzards return. Its January. They NEVER return in January. That's two months too early.
  29. JasperFrank

    An evolution of Bird Feeders.

    I was interested in building things pre-computer, and how hard that might have been. So this is the result of my exploration in to that. Its a series of three bird feeders made using only the measuring tools people had in the distant past, but also cheating by using modern cutting tools. I...
  30. JasperFrank

    The gated community issue.

    In my neck of the woods, there is zero investigation of property crimes. So everyone else is building a gate. Doesn't matter if you have vid footage or not, to local law enforcement. Show the vid, and even if, on your own, you found the person, you find out that the person has left the...
  31. JasperFrank


    Aside from when I was very young, and my family had pure bred bull mastiffs and earlier dash-hounds, all my own later dogs have been mixed breed, pound retrieved dogs. These earlier kennel raised pure bred dogs, as I remember, were easy to deal with. Just off the shelf, here is your dog and...
  32. JasperFrank

    Time to check out the generator.

    Lost electric today for 8 hours. It was a good inspiration for me to test out the generator before winter. Got it all working fine and ran out some old gas it had in it. Last winter, never needed it. Good to know its there and working.
  33. JasperFrank

    Are calcium filled tires a horror show?

    I'm not getting the air valves to work any more on the rear tires of my '87 Ford 1220 with Firestone R1 9.5-16 / F-51 tires. These are Calcium filled. My compressor, even at 150 psi, will not add air. I am hesitant to attempt to replace the air valves, if I can't get the old ones out or...
  34. JasperFrank

    Havahart wireless fences is gone.

    So. If you have a collar, from a former dog, its now worth big bucks.
  35. JasperFrank

    New Lands.

    Many folk here are probably looking at the "Get back to the land" sort of living. You may see some "raw land" that looks very inexpensive. I did that, and it sort of worked out, in the early nineties, yet I didn't know about some things. The biggest thing I didn't know about was rocks and...
  36. JasperFrank

    DIY rebuilding hydrolic cylinders.

    Having struck out finding any one local willing to rebuild the steering cylinder on my 87 ford 1220, I've decided to bite the bullet and do it my self. All ready bought the rebuild seal kit. Anyone know of a good instruction vid on doing this?
  37. JasperFrank

    My Wife said........

    if I lost only 2 pounds a month, she'd be entirely rid of me in about 8 years. :)
  38. JasperFrank

    Right to repair, Why I don't want a new tractor.

    John Deere employee responds to Right to Repair - YouTube I like what this guy says. I've been in electronic repair for many years. This is a big deal.
  39. JasperFrank

    I have a soggy problem with soil.

    Had to dig out my feed line to a septic tank. Got that fixed, but in the back fill I'm having problems. What ever i put on this is mushy. Its rained here for 2 months continuously, and even the worms are leaving ground. I want to be able to dig this back out at some time. What is the...
  40. JasperFrank

    Right to Repair.

    Right to Repair is an issue for everyone. Whether its a computer or a tractor hydraulic controller. Rossman and Ifixit are leading the charge. This is something everyone in the DIY world should look at. Its just sort of starting, the push back is small now. But one should be able to...
  41. JasperFrank

    What the **** happened?

    I use to be very organized. I'd clean it up, and one week later, lts like this again. Does getting old mean you lose your ability to put things away, or is it that you are just too tired and say to yourself that you will take care of it the next day. I don't know. All the projects got...
  42. JasperFrank

    Different use for old tire Chains/Cables.

    This worked very well for lifting rocks.
  43. JasperFrank

    How to stabilize a 50 degree slope of rocks and fill?

    Background. We are building a fire break in the form a lined pond that is down hill from our house. The pond area was originally a site that was dug out for a pond. But over the span of 20 years I never had the time to finish the pond, so for years I was dumping rocks and dirt from...
  44. JasperFrank

    9.5-16 R-1 rear tractor tires, Calcium filled. I want them at 20 PSI.

    I'm not sure if I can trust my tire gauges.. One is electronic and the others are the Slide Type. Getting very different readings. The valves spit water, even at 12 oclock. Electronic says 18.5, the sliders just give me 7 or 8 PSI. I can set the air compressor at 20 but it will not fill...
  45. JasperFrank

    Chip Seal Road Repair, Dust Control and thoughts on creating an HOA.

    All of the neighbors have decided to do some road repair on an easement that we all share.. The lower part is paved AC Grindings that I don't think was applied correctly 7 years ago. It has pretty big chunks taken out if it, from heavy trucks, pot holes and places where later repair layers...
  46. JasperFrank


    I have a lead where by I can have all the old fry oil from a local store for free. 20 Gallons a week. Has any one done this before? Have you made your own Bio-Fuel, and how did that work out?
  47. JasperFrank

    Dust control.

    Does any one have a DIY method of dust control of a rural gravel road?
  48. JasperFrank

    Tool **** Friday.

    Starting a new thread, called TOOL **** FRIDAY. Bring out the the old tools, USA made. Here is the first entry:
  49. JasperFrank

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to say Dealerships are over priced.

    If you go outside the dealerships, there is a precipitous drop in what things cost. I thought this was odd at first. I've even had a salesperson tell me what I wanted to buy was insanely priced. I don't understand what the dealerships are doing. They price things in insane ways for anything...
  50. JasperFrank

    Brake replacement Ford/New Holland 1220

    Thank you for letting me join. This is my first post. I need to replace the brakes in my 1987 Ford 1220. Adjusting them doesn't work anymore. I have the I and T Shop Manual FO-46 Ford Manual Fourth Edition. Changing the Brakes is described in Paragraph 143. It says I need to remove the...