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    Vine borers in squash and zucuinni

    Pulled up two plants this morning. Another is producing but barely.. I've used a VEG malathion spray. Anybody got a remedy..
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    Picked up half a megawatt worth of Caterpillar power, think I'll make a PTO generator

    The above clutch would bolt on the engine. The existing plate that's on the unit would have to replaced or retrofitted to accept the shaft from the clutch.
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    Humming Bird Moth

    Link --> 8D6F553 9A6F 4194 BF34 5D99388DBFFE - YouTube Got this guy tonight in of all places on the town square. Coolest thing I've seen in awhile..
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    Mowing  5075e HYD sight glass

    Got a pin hole in the sight glass. I guess a rock hit it from bush hogging this AM. I smeared a dab of Permatex and all but stopped the escaping oil. Anybody know how much trouble this is to replace? number 10 below vv John Deere Parts Catalog
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    Westendorf loaders

    For the 5 series JD. Loader comes with 3rd HYD option for a grapple. Total turn key ready for hookup. This is the CS-151 that is in the 420max family I believe. I have a quote for the CS-151. I won't publish the price but I will say it seems to be a legit deal. Doe anybody have an experience...
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    JD 4000 front wheel

    The previous owner had put bolts and lock washers through the rim and hub.. I knew it is was not going to last for long.. But it did last for several years.. So the rim cracked and is useless.. I looked on JD parts and found JD wants $178 for a new 15x8 6hole rim rated @2900lbs.. I found a...
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    HYD remotes on JD 4000 and 4020

    I have a 72 model JD 4000 with a single HYD remote. I have found a 4020 that I can get another HYD remote off of cheap. My question is other than the linkages will this bolt right up to my tractor? My tractor has a plate where the second remote goes. No linkages Please reply with ANY info you...
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    I replaced the waterpump on my 71 JD 4000 today and everything looks great till I put the pulley and fan on. The pulley is rubbing the bottom of the waterpump:mad:. I can still turn the fan/pulley but its in a bind. I thought about grinding a small notch on the pump for the pulley to clear...
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    Disc parts

    I aquired an Amco disc the other day in an trade. Are disc parts like blades and axles basically generic? I understand there are some differences but can I get these disc parts with out going through my local dealer JD who has the parts jacked up $$$$. Amco would not sell them to me!!:mad...
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    Yesterdays Tractor Co!!

    I ordered my parts Monday morning, got them today. Water pump, front hub with bearing/races, radiator hose top and bottom, thermostat. Oil and Hydraulic filters x4. All for 250$$$ shipped Big thanks to Yesterdays Tractor!!!!!! Antique Tractors - Yesterday's Tractors : Antique Tractor...
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    JD 4000

    Hello to all!! I just purchased a 71 JD 4000. Syc range trans. It has a few leaks; water pump, brake valve and the injector pump has a seep. I just got the brake valve repair kit from JD, and I ordered a new water pump from yesterdays tractor. I hope yesterdays tractor comes through for me...