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  1. timbatrader

    Best steel for a grapple.

    Crane hooks are made of malleable steel not hight tensile steel for a reason it is much safer for the hook to slowly bend and give a little warning than to have a stronger but brittle hook that snaps forks made of mild steel but gusseted will bend a good operator will feel this and respond and...
  2. timbatrader

    Ever seen a “Trucktor”?

    Years ago there was a New Zealand firm converting Ford County tractors into ferterlizer spreaders for hill country that used the name Trucktor link to a photo here via facebook Log into Facebook
  3. timbatrader

    Electrical Problems with a chinese loader

    Using my chinese loader in a riverbed yesterday loading gravel very bumpy and getting bounced about a lot which seems to have caused an electrical problem the machine would not start after I had shut it down a small click but not enough juice to turn the starter after a bit of testing seemed to...
  4. timbatrader

    Rotary Cutter Brush Hog gearbox ratio

    The ground speed PTO is not good for bush-hog work the momentum of the blades will drive the tractor forward even if you hit the clutch and brakes and back off the throttle to avoid something a scary way to drive. Re ratio change if what you are mowing is not to thick and demanding much power ...
  5. timbatrader

    Forklift Train the Trainer certification?

    Two parts to being a forklift trainer the most important part is an understanding of how to train ie how to get any message across and assess wether it has been understood. Second part is knowledge of the subject. I have trained a lot of liftdrivers in a timber yard for me it was important to...
  6. timbatrader

    Got asked to bid a very unusual project

    video of what will happen if left around here often cleared by helicopter with grapple. Note you need to set up a line of floats at a 45 degree downstream as often after a few logs are cleared the rest WILL float downstream so set your floats at easy to access location on a bend in the river if...
  7. timbatrader

    VOIP Experience

    I don't know if its available where you are but over here (New Zealand) some cell phone company's offer WiFi calling once enabled on your cell phone the cell phone works like normal even outside of cell coverage as long as it can connect to a Wifi network. I have a high power "whole farm wifi...
  8. timbatrader

    Treatment for PT plywood for outdoor ramp

    Water is what will do the damage to your ramp even treated timber that sits in water long term will rot. Often a paint that seals the water out can do more harm than good. The paint envelope around the exterior of the timber will get a split or crack at some stage and let water in, but because...
  9. timbatrader

    Has anyone put a quick disconnect on a grease gun?

    A little off topic but at work we were going through a lot of cartridges so we fitted compressed air female couplings on the air bleed button and a male fitting on a hand pump that fits on a 20 kg tub of grease. when the gun is empty its just half a dozen pumps to fill it again filling the...
  10. timbatrader

    Any suggestions how to get this tree on the ground safely?

    A small tractor doesn't have much pull in a direct line but if you can get a long steel cable and a number of snatch blocks or pullys you can multiply that buy say four then you have enough grunt. To. Pull over the small tree and pull the bigger one down to a safe position I find my set of...
  11. timbatrader

    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    One thing I would be considering is the reason this happened in the first place is probably down to the timber used to make the beam was the wrong moisture content. It is likely more checks and maybe large cracks will appear over the next few years as the beam drys out at a rate of about one...
  12. timbatrader

    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    As the ex owner of a gluelam factory I am pretty sure the timber used in that that beam was not at the correct moisture content for use in that application either a mistake at the factory or not correctly specified when ordered My guess the remedy is steel plates to reinforce and a large hollow...
  13. timbatrader

    Nail Gun Opinions

    I went with Hitachi (now called Hikoki ) because the paslode gas guns seem to be good for professional use but if you leave them in the shed for a few months between projects they always need a new gas canister and maybe a service, where as the Hitachi just put a battery in and she goes. The...
  14. timbatrader

    Attachment/Implement Hour Meters?

    How about going with the simple to install battery powered vibration meter but replace the battery and zero the counter at each major service
  15. timbatrader

    Rock bucket

    this is what you need Skip to content 235 Copland St Australia, NSW 2650 +61 2 9055 7756 HQ number Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:00 HQ Opening hours, AEST HOME PRODUCTS INDUSTRY CAREERS CONTACT Youtube Facebook Instagram Linkedin Twitter E20 The E20 suits Excavators from 2.5 to 5.5 tons and has a...
  16. timbatrader

    1.5 acres. Am I nuts for thinking about a tractor?

    Of cause you need a tractor but I would go for a fifty year old 2wd Massey Ferguson 35 or similar cheaper to buy run and maintain and with the cash you have saved buy a mini excavator great for landscaping and so much fun
  17. timbatrader

    Are diesel engine oil filters interchangeable with hydraulic return line filters

    Doing a ten year service of my little Yuchai YCT306 bulldozer. The parts book calls for a SPX 06 x 25 hydraulic return filter I am having difficulty finding an equivalent, but the last time I did it the local garage supplied what they considered an equivalent a Baldwin BT292. When I look up...
  18. timbatrader

    Is there a way to encourage deer to eat something?

    The local farm supply store here in New Zealand sells 20 litre jugs of apple flavour apparently a byproduct of removing the apple flavour from apple juice concentrate that is then used as a natural sweetener. the product is used by dairy farmers to make otherwise un palatable food more...
  19. timbatrader

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    Over here in New Zealand we are not cashless technically but it has been a long time since I have seen anyone use cash. There are multiple competing systems some business don't except all, or put a surcharge on the more business options Like credit cards or the pay-wave that don't require a pin...
  20. timbatrader

    Front end loader cylinders not acting right

    I have had a problem on a forklift with tilt cylinders before where the piston on one cylinder came undone from the rod as there were two cylinders the action still worked without load but once loaded the fluid bypass through the faulty cylinder I would recommend disconnecting the cylinders from...
  21. timbatrader

    Tractor vs Skid Steer Loader Specs

    I use to own a bobcat skid steer and use to load logs on a trailer and sawmill I have moved to a pivot steer machine lots of reasons but the main one being on the bobcat you could not get out of the seat with a load on the forks I were forever wanting to position the forks over a load and then...
  22. timbatrader

    Hey....Coffee Lovers.... question...

    here is a good you tube explaination of what to look for in a coffee grinder
  23. timbatrader

    Hey....Coffee Lovers.... question...

    I think a good way your wife could make better tasting coffee using her old trusted machine, would be to buy her a good quality bean grinder it sounds like you are currently using shop ground beans there is a noticiable improvement if you get good freshly roasted beans and just grind the right...
  24. timbatrader

    Anyone added insulation for sound deadening?

    I use to build sound reducing rooms around noisey machinery the main aim was to isolate the wall lining in the inside from the outside wall the top and bottom plates wider than the studs and the studs set alternately against in or outside wall so no connection for the noise vibrations to...
  25. timbatrader

    Zetor Tractors

    they made tractors for John deer for a while over here the Zetor made John deers had a better resale value than the American made JD's
  26. timbatrader

    8" or 6" Trenching Bucket For JD 26G

    I have the same problem with my narrowest bucket (8 inch) clogging what I have seen my neighbour's use and plan to get one myself is a spade attachment kind of a bucket without sides in clay or sticky soils it works much better
  27. timbatrader

    Electrical cord storage

    I think this is what you are looking the battery pack to pug all / any corded tool into
  28. timbatrader

    Steel vs rubber tracks?

    What you need is steel tracks and add some extra cleats to them something like these UltraGrip - TrackGrip
  29. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    I haven't added anything for a while so did a quick walk through with the phone
  30. timbatrader

    Painting Stripes on a cattle guard - how effective?

    my experience is with sheep not cattle but once they have learned to jump something adding something to make higher has to be a lot higher than what would have been a deterrent if you had put it that high in the first place. I kept adding height and it was as if I were just training them to jump...
  31. timbatrader

    Mahindra Tractors-Should You Buy One?

    Yanmar have been making tractors since 1912 but there first 4x4 tractor was in 1974
  32. timbatrader

    Mahindra Tractors-Should You Buy One?

    In New Zealand they were importing 4x4 tractors from Europe in the the 1950's so I think 4x4 tractors have been around longer than the tie up between JD and Yanmar
  33. timbatrader

    Kubota wheel and loader nut torque.

    Back the the question asked If your lug nuts come loose by them selves it is a sign that the stud thread has been damaged some time in the past you will never keep it tight from now on if you don't replace the damaged studs which is quite easy you will at some point damage wheel once the holes...
  34. timbatrader

    Insulation around windows ?

    I have recently put windows into a new build I push a PEF foam rod into the back of the gap as a back stop before putting the foam in I found the cans don't work on cold days so wait until midday on a sunny day if in winter another tip is that what sets off the foaming reaction is contact with...
  35. timbatrader

    Marking your tools

    Marking them so I can recognize them is not my issue I like my tools marked so at a glance other people can recognize is not theirs I don't think I have a problem with people stealing them its just them accidently getting mixed up when working with someone else so bright spray paint all over not...
  36. timbatrader

    fabricating a new and improved bucket for my mini-excavator

    over here the brand name is Hardox my guess is that something similar is available over were you are but with the USA trade restrictions on steel maybe it is priced out of the market The most popular abrasion-resistant steel with excellent structural properties.
  37. timbatrader

    fabricating a new and improved bucket for my mini-excavator

    strength verses weight very temping to over build something like this but every extra kilogram of weight you build into the bucket is a kilogram less dirt in each bucket full over the life of the bucket that thousands of tons of dirt. so my advise make it light use better steel and don't design...
  38. timbatrader


    my guess the confusion lies with the difference between engine torque and the gearbox output torque
  39. timbatrader

    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    4wd is expensive for what I need a tractor for I am not going to pay the premium for it. I use it as a power source for a firewood saw, splitter and chipper. 4wd is of no advantage there I often haul a 5 ton tip trailer around spreading gravel on tracks the trailer is loaded to put as much...
  40. timbatrader

    Enlarge category 1 sized holes to accommodate category 2 pins.

    wouldn't be easier to just tack weld the sleeves in place on the implement i have seen replacement balls that fit into the lower arms with different size holes the ones I have seen were to go down a size but probably available going the other way as well
  41. timbatrader

    Change e-mail address

    Two advantages of having your own domain name one; the security of being able to keep your email address regardless of how often you change internet suppliers. Second is that you have much more choice in selecting a name for your account I hate long email address as when giving over the phone or...
  42. timbatrader

    Change e-mail address

    When I changed internet supplier and set up a new email address I cancelled internet from the old company but pay a few dollars a month to retain the old email address. All emails to the old address are forewarded to my new address (your old email help desk can do this for you if you cant find...
  43. timbatrader

    What does "oil - low pressure" light mean when it just barely starts coming on?

    the sender could be faulty or the big end bearings are getting sloppy and the pump can't pump enough volume of oil to the big ends , the pump could be worn if its an old tractor all three might things could be happening in such a way that each item on its own is acceptable but the three together...
  44. timbatrader

    Goats and electric fence - finally giving up

    No experience with goats but my experience with electric fences is that the animals you want to keep behind it need to be trained first make a small easy to manage paddock with a very powerful electric fence with white electric fence tape rather than wires well earthed put the animals in for a...
  45. timbatrader

    Nortrac dozer steering problem

    I have found that if the slots in the floor are lengthed so they don't limit pedal movement you can get enough travel I adjust it roughly by the book and then for fine tuning I install the pedals back on the machine without the floor and remove the clutch safety switch. Then with both pedals...
  46. timbatrader

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    Surprised you guys can still use cheques banks here have stopped issuing or accepting cheques here (New Zealand ) quite some time ago everything done via internet banking these days. I can pay up to $500k instantly as as long as i use cleared funds it is instantly cleared at the end so much...
  47. timbatrader

    Shop Warning

    I did see quite a bit in that list that relates to me but I swear I am not that sort of person at all
  48. timbatrader

    Shoveling out a dump trailer - really!

    What you need is a low friction liner like this product available in New Zealand but sure there must be similar products in the states Quicksilver - Truck Liners Wiltech
  49. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Ice is not a problem here we do get the occasional frost here but never any ice or snow I think the extra membrane under the roof is more about if the roof leaks there is a layer of protection to stop the roof framing getting damaged or going rotten. A few years ago after they had relaxed some...
  50. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    the area with the 6 x 2 rafters lounge dinning & kitchen has exposed beams and timber sarking for the ceiling with R3.6 fiberglass insolation
  51. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Been busy getting the roof ready this house has roof system new to me it has two layers of building membrane under a steel roof first layer is an expensive beatherable membrane directly on top of the rafters/roof truss's then a 20mm thick cavity batton then purlins conventional building...
  52. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    We have had a lot of rain recently which is slowing thing down but we have the truss's up and the beams they were heavy things to get up without any lifting gear just three old men
  53. timbatrader

    How long do hoses last?

    On hoses that are exposed to wear I get a spiral protector wound on over the hose it protects against rubbing and exposing the steel under the rubber because once that is exposed it rusts and weakens the hose leading to breakages also protects against the suns UV rays seems to make the hose...
  54. timbatrader

    Newbie mini ex questions, and Kubota KX vs U series?

    One of the things to consider with a larger machine The bigger the machine you have any track you make with it needs to be wider than the machine. The amount of dirt you need to move to cut a track across a slope grows exceptionally with the width so if you only need a narrow track for Quad...
  55. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    link to youtube video of where we are upto today roof beams for the lounge and truss's for the rest of the house arriving tomorrow not sure if we are going to be ready to put them straight on
  56. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Every single part labeled with code that you can work out the wall the position along the wall and how high up the wall but when parts were LSOP treated (light solvent organic preservative) the solvent basically jet fuel dissolved the glue on the labels and they have all fallen off luckily they...
  57. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    link to a little video of todays progress
  58. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    the kitset arrived a couple of days ago today we got a start on putting down some wall components
  59. timbatrader

    Tire true dimensions

    I have seen a forklift that was made from a tractor that was reversed ie steerers now at the rear and the forks mounted on the drive wheels the driver was complaining about the wheels being different and putting the forks out of level what it actually was the wheel bearing had collapsed that was...
  60. timbatrader

    What is the most important things to look for when buying a tractor?

    I come from a different angle i have a couple of old tractors that the manufacturer has been out of business for decades (Leyland's) I have never had a problem getting the few parts I have needed and there seem to be specialist suppliers that can supply pretty much any part I could ever need at...
  61. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    The rules here are that you either need to be a licensed building practitioner (i am not) or apply for an exception which require signing an affidavit that A that the house is for your own use or immediate family B that you have not used this exception for any other house in the last five years...
  62. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Ready for the next inspection now but civil defence are warning of an approaching storm it's likely the river will rise and my valley will be isolated I am hoping the inspector will get here before the access closes so once the storm passes I can carry on
  63. timbatrader

    Bush Hog

    over here (New Zealand) we call them "rotary slasher", "tractor slasher" or just slasher
  64. timbatrader

    Why does Ford keep confusing me?

    Car names are "brands" and the accountants give them a value then once it has a value there must be a return on that value my guess there is Brand recognition associated with the name that they want to capture
  65. timbatrader

    Removing old grease around tractor zerk areas

    I am defiantly not a OCD type I grease until I see fresh grease coming out of the pin area and alway leave that crusty old dried up grease in place as a seal to keep dust grit and water away from getting into the pin area any power washing etc is going to push water grit into where you don't...
  66. timbatrader

    Gravel Driveway - pothole

    In my experience potholes are all about the water if you can shape the drive so the water runs away you will prevent the pothole coming back but if water can sit there and there is traffic you get potholes forming my advice fill the hole with the same material that is around it but pay attention...
  67. timbatrader

    Need to move an 800+ pound concrete slab.

    By far the easiest way to lift it is with some sort of lever under it and a good collection timber offcuts and just take it step by step until you get it high enough but your biggest problem is likely getting it to bed in at the new location it sounds like it was cast in situ which means its...
  68. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    The climate is pretty mild here the under floor insulation is R1.4 60mm thick Expol polystyrene in a previous life in the timber industry I attended conferences put on by the timber industry I have heard about treatment chemical loadings in different countries it seems New Zealand kilograms...
  69. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    ponytug that would make sense if I were using a copper azole or Alkaline copper quaternary type treatment but I am using good old CCA copper chrome arsenate My guess they have written the code allowing for the more corrosive treatments on the basis most people can't tell the difference between...
  70. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Got all the bearers cut and bolted down today the building code here is ridiculous in my opinion a lot has changed since I last built 15 years ago on this job all the connections between Galv brackets and treated timber need a layer of plastic DPC between them I have to use stainless steel bolts...
  71. timbatrader

    Stump grinder

    I like to stack a bucket or two of rotten wood chips on top of the stump to "seed" the rot fungus into the stump for that year or two. It makes the grind so much quicker when I do get around to it
  72. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    My first run in with the building inspector to get a building permit involves hiring a licensed designer to prepare very detailed plans 40 A3 pages every detail must be included down to the number and size of the nails used in many places. the plans were approved without a moisture barrier on...
  73. timbatrader

    Sawmill question about posts/beams.

    My experience is in New Zealand with Radiatia pine here commercial mills cut 4x4's centered around the pith as that is the most profitable way to use was would otherwise be very low grade timber if the pith is close to centre the post doesn't move to much probably a bit of propeller twist but...
  74. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    The drive units are electric using a small petrol generator they have a two speed gearbox when a few of the piles got into some rotten rock they were in low gear and you could hear the generator work] Pricewise it was more expensive than what would be normal over here timber piles set in...
  75. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    The stop digging crew installed the piles today two men 9am start and all finished by 4pm you tube video here
  76. timbatrader

    Grapple model suggestions for cleaning out swales?

    I would be looking at building an area up stream of each culvert with posts driven into the ground across the swale but with easy access for the tractor to drive right in so when the catch area is full you can just push it clear with your bucket it is much easier to clear a well shaped basin...
  77. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    In hindsight I should have had have the engineer design the pile lay out to take account of the site slope I thought I could save money buy making the site level I didn't realise how much dirt I would have to move to not only make the site level but also take enough of the hill away so the house...
  78. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Yes Eddie it is a kitset supplied pretty much as it is seen on their web site. The foundations are up to me so I have gone for a plywood floor on metal screw piles I have a contractor arriving next week to install he plans on getting all the piles done in one day I just need to provide a clean...
  79. timbatrader

    753 Quick Tach pins lifting under load

    When I had an old worn bobcat years ago I had a similar problem tried building up the worn areas with wield but still had problems since I weren't changing implements often the easiest option for me was to drill a couple of holes through bucket and mounting plate and put bolts through It took a...
  80. timbatrader

    backhoe attachment vs a separate machine

    To me the biggest difference between a tractor mounted back hoe and a mini excavator is the ability to work on the face of a slip on a track and load the debris onto a truck or trailer behind you with a backhoe unless your working area is big enough to park beside your tractor you run out of...
  81. timbatrader

    Cool Aussie tractor for sale in New Zealand that will make some Aussies drool

    Link to an article about tractor trek with photos The Great 
Tractor Trek 2018 - Bluff to Cape Reinga - NZ Today Magazine
  82. timbatrader

    Cool Aussie tractor for sale in New Zealand that will make some Aussies drool

    Tractor trekking I see convoys of them traveling around the backroads often each one pulling a little caravan seems to be a retired farmer thing
  83. timbatrader

    Cool Aussie tractor for sale in New Zealand that will make some Aussies drool

    Chamberlain Champion 9G | Trade Me Marketplace
  84. timbatrader

    Buy a salvage tractor vs just buying parts

    I have several parts machines parked up under a hedge row or in some cases stored in sheds bought or often acquired for free for one major part but I find the real value in all the little bits an pieces, fittings, bolts etc often interchangeable with other brands grab an alternator and fuel pump...
  85. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Good spotting i have had a geotech report done on the site as part of the permit process so all taken care of Pakihi is north island, bay of plenty google maps link here...
  86. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Block is about 70 acres river along one edge 20 acres grass on river flats the rest steep covered in bush ( subtropical rain forest) heating will be via a log burner as the river bring a steady supply of logs down which makes for easy firewood
  87. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Thought I would start a thread to document my house build a Scandinavian style solid timber build a bit like a log cabin build but precision factory cut laminated beams instead if logs the design and getting the permit has taken months but the permit came through yesterday so I can start work...
  88. timbatrader

    Tires Is rear tire width adjustable?

    Thinking outside the square if the wheels are only a couple of inches too wide can you make up a couple of wooden blocks that you place on the trailer deck where the mudguards are so you can back the tractor up over the guards and back down onto the deck the other side
  89. timbatrader

    Electrical problem can someone explain this circuit

    Thanks for the replies its not a relay for a fuel pump as it came from the factory with a mechanical pump I have since wired in an electric pump taken power from the fuse box through a new fuse from sause that only has power when the key is on Note when it has the problem the fuel pump doesn't...
  90. timbatrader

    Electrical problem can someone explain this circuit

    I have a Chinese pivot steer loader Mountain Raise MR926S it sometimes refuses to start if I flick the key on off a dozen times or so the relay clicks in and it goes it seems to not be the starter solenoid but another relay in the system I am trying to work out the reason for or function of a...
  91. timbatrader

    Ford Announces New Company, Model E, what's your thoughts?

    With the way technology is going I don't see a future with privately owned vehicles drivers license's are increasingly difficult to get the younger generation just cant be bothered to get one they are just going to use ubers. Once driverless EV ubers are common big corporates will own fleets of...
  92. timbatrader

    Advice on building a tractor shed?

    I have built two pole sheds on my property with open fronts the first one was positioned to be at 90 degrees to the prevailing weather and I were pleasantly surprised how little rain got inside but it was still cold and damp in there The second build the opening was placed to get maximum sun in...
  93. timbatrader

    Would you give up a tractor for a skid steer (CTL)?

    One of those Toolcats looks to be a great machine that could probably do most of what a tractor and skidsteer could do but the major problem I see with them is the cost I guess you could buy both a tractor and a used skidsteer for the price of one toolcat yet one of these imported direct from...
  94. timbatrader

    Wood working clamps

    I have never bothered with shop bought clamps I just make a board and wedges as required I have several different sizes put away now that will do most things if I add a packer if not easy to make another set below is not an actual job I just chucked a few offcuts in to demonstrate the principle
  95. timbatrader


    Up off the ground for ventilation under it. But more important attach some sort of roof over it. Sheets of iron with a 6 inch gap between the top of the container and the roof even better get a cheap carport building and put the container inside it keeping direct sun off the container roof &...
  96. timbatrader

    Do you take it to the dealer for maintenance or do it yourself.

    My suppling dealer for one of my machines is in china But he seems to be able to get me parts quicker than the local dealer on my other machine
  97. timbatrader

    By pass of seat safety switch - pro's & con's

    My old Leyland 344 without a single safety switch I rewired it a while ago battery starter and alternator key switch and a volt meter to see if its charging thats all I need. But I do have a few rules 1 I never start the tractor with out getting on it first even if I have a chipper or something...
  98. timbatrader

    Tractor Horsepower for Chipper/Shredder

    I had a 8 inch chipper with a similar hp rateing labled as 540 RPM input but I had a two speed PTO drive if I ran the tractor at half the RPM the tacho indicated for the PTO speed I could use the 1000 RPM gear on the PTO and turn the chipper at the correct speed it still worked fine but was more...
  99. timbatrader

    Anyone have a small hydro electric system?

    This is in New Zealand but exports all over the world my neighboor has one it works well in the winter when he has water and he has solar pannels for the summer lots of resources on his web page to work out diameter of pipe needed etc
  100. timbatrader

    What attachments should you use on a tractor to clear land.

    I have had the Australian version branded as a an East Wind for over ten years now I have broken it several times though no fault of the machine just pure abuse and worn out a set of tracks for the money I paid for it the machine has worked out well
  101. timbatrader

    What attachments should you use on a tractor to clear land.

    All this talk of hiring a bulldozer why not buy one I am not sure of prices over in your neck of the woods but a brand new Chinese made 35 horse power bulldozer is probably cheaper than a "name brand" same horsepower tractor and is going to be much better for what you need check out Nortrac...
  102. timbatrader

    Loader bracing to rear axle

    picture of an old parts tractor I have out back where the guy who set it up obviously was concerned out breaking the tractor in half its a bit far gone to save but definitely set up to take punishment
  103. timbatrader

    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    Why are you looking at a tractor then? surly a small pivot steer loader would be cheaper more maneuverable and better lift capability
  104. timbatrader

    Fuel tank replacement for a MF 135

    I had a problem with a rusty tank in my old Leyland I have used a twenty liter oil container it had a threaded hole for a drum tap which I have used for the outlet and the return pipe is just poked through a hole in the cap. A nice touch is that it has a clear strip down one side so you can see...
  105. timbatrader

    Skidsteer has no traction in snow uphill

    I suspect the chains are a little warn but not so warn they are jumping if the wheels are geared to turn the same number of revelations as each other but are different diameters it will move foreword until the slack in the chain is taken up then something has to give if the tires have no grip...
  106. timbatrader

    if it an't broke don't fix or should I

    The diesel lift pump which is built into the injector pump on my loader (Chinese Mountain Raise MR926S) is not pumping a replacement pump is dirt cheap if ordered from china so I got one on the way but anticipating a long delivery time I bought locally a 24volt universal pump to keep me going...
  107. timbatrader

    Skidsteer has no traction in snow uphill

    if you have different chains front and rear, have you made the wheels different diameters. On a skid steer the wheels on each side are linked and turn at exactly the same speed if they are different diameters and have good grip this will cause them to lock up try with your good chains on one...
  108. timbatrader

    Which brands have more metal, and which brands have more plastic?

    My fifty year old Leyland tractor has very little plastic but my near new Chinese pivet steer loader has less the hood is a very simple folded sheet of 1/8 inch thick steel plate no need for any frame to support it simple and effective which pretty much sums up the whole machine when weight of...
  109. timbatrader

    3 point hitch lifting/pulling concerns

    pulling uphill is hard I use a long steel cable and a snatch block at the top of the hill so the tractor is pulling downhill while the log is going up the hill. Some times I pull all the logs to staging point half way and then move the snatch block to a higher location doing it this way I get...
  110. timbatrader

    Charging Trailer Brake Battery

    What I have is a small solar panel battery charger hooked up on an Anderson plug it sits on the trailer deck when the trailer is not in use it keeps the battery topped up makes the battery last much longer
  111. timbatrader

    looking for an ideal garden tractor

    Your description of your place almost sounds like you are describing my place along with the privet problem and the rarely used sawmill for may years my main machine was an old bobcat skid steer loader much better for dirt work than any tractor & attachment combination and the four in one bucket...
  112. timbatrader

    Fence Lines

    While you are relying on the temporary fence I would consider spraying roundup along your boundary line on your side the grass on the other side of the fence is always greener if you can remove the temptation to push the fence a lot of the problems with the temporary hot wire fence will go...
  113. timbatrader

    Dozer vs. Bulldozer - What do you call it?

    My little dozer isn't a bulldozer more of a calf dozer
  114. timbatrader

    Sheave/ pulley adjustment

    in the old days it was always a thing to order belts that were going to be used together as a matched set. These days if from the same manufacturer and batch it doesn't seem to matter but if from different manufacturers or batch not only can they be a different length to start with they can...
  115. timbatrader

    Sheave/ pulley adjustment

    Hitting it with a hammer is not the correct way but if you don't have the right size bolts to break the taper using a block of hardwood and hammer to hit the pully close to the taper sheave but not on it generally works under absolutely no circumstances put pressure or hit the outer part of the...
  116. timbatrader

    Sheave/ pulley adjustment

    using a puller will just tighten it on the shaft. The sheave is tapered you need to move the pully off the taper by using a hammer and drift to knock the pully back towards the mower and release the taper then remove the sheave. When you reassemble it consider putting back with the taper facing...
  117. timbatrader

    Nortrac dozer steering problem

    I haven't tried Bobs modification it looks like a much better system but a much easier option that I have done that works for me is to enlarge the slots in the floor so the steering pedals have more travel this makes it easier to adjust the steering clutchs to disengage before the brake comes on...
  118. timbatrader

    Yuchai YCT306S-S requires new tracks

    I have a little Yuchai bulldozer that needs new tracks no one in New Zealand stocks tracks for these but I believe I could probably get excavator tracks to fit the pitch is 109mm which seems to be common excavator pitch lots of sites sell aftermarket track groups but they all seem to list them...
  119. timbatrader

    Photo needing a funny caption

    Pretty close got the log off today no visible damage try that with a new machine
  120. timbatrader

    Photo needing a funny caption

  121. timbatrader

    Sized the motor on an old Nuffield 3DL

    I bought an old Nuffield 3DL universal 3 tractor someone had started restoring it replaced the clutch done up the brakes and a few other things then got sick and abandoned it it sat outside for a number of years until I purchased off the son I got it home after replacing the stop cable and...
  122. timbatrader

    Long log loads

    Not so much long but a big load for my Landcruiser
  123. timbatrader

    Permanent magnet alternator wiring

    I have replaced several generators and externally regulated alternator's on old tractors with modern two wire alternators simple one wire to the battery and second to the key switch via the charge light on the dash a neighbour has asked for help with his tractor which a standard car alternator...
  124. timbatrader

    Vintage John Deere Auction in New Zealand

    Hi thought some of you might be interested in this link to a tractor collection being auctioned in New Zealand 219: Auctions: The Houghton John Deere Collection | Alastair Beer Auctions | Specialist Auctioneer to Commerce & Industry
  125. timbatrader

    New Alternator on Yuchai YCT306S Bulldozer

    I have replaced the old alternator and charge controller on my dozer with a "one wire" alternator which requires a current through the "charge light" to excite the alternator to make it work it seems difficult to find a little light bulb charge light to put on the dash they are all LED these...
  126. timbatrader

    Loader  Mountain Raise MR926S

    A picture of my new toy Put a low ball bid on a on line auction and were suprised to win it but happy so far I have a part catalog and opperater instruction in chinglish but the engine manual is in Chinese does anyone have a link to or a PDF version in english for Yunnei YN27GBZ engine 55kw
  127. timbatrader

    How dangerous is YOUR PTO?

    Here is one for the safety police how many ways could you kill yourself with this?
  128. timbatrader

    Yuchai dozer do I repair this or just leave it

    Here is photo of the other side the steel ribbon has been crushed when the blade frame comes down at the same time as the undercarriage come up on that side
  129. timbatrader

    Yuchai dozer do I repair this or just leave it

    Greasing my Yuchai YCT306S-S dozer the other day I noticed the rubber block on one side of the machine that the undercarriage frame sits on missing. So a new rubber block and buffer cap have been fitted. Also damaged are some lightweight ribbons of steel wielded over the slots in the...
  130. timbatrader

    Hi are any Aussie's around today

    Hi are there any Aussies on the board who know if Midway sales are still around the distributors of Eastwind Dozers a rebranded Yuchai. I have emailed them first to an old email address that I have ordered parts from a year ago. Second email sent through their web page still no reply so I faxed...
  131. timbatrader

    Wood Siding Recomendations

    My next house is going to be clad in Thermowood (Lämpöpuuyhdistys ry) A chemical free process to modify timber to make it more durable and resistant to swelling and shrinkage with moisture changes It is Finish (Finland) technology that we use in New Zealand to turn Pine into a more durable and...
  132. timbatrader

    Why do you live where you live?

    The Pakihi valley in New Zealand the ability to have 120 acres for the price of a house in town a private mountain behind me and a river in front enough grass to keep 5 horses miles of tracks to ride the horse all this only 12 miles from town
  133. timbatrader

    Diesel truck with best MPG

    I don't think you get these in the states great mileage from a two litre turbo diesel
  134. timbatrader


    Bugger something Kiwis here will understand for the rest of you out there I am not trying to be offensive look at the kiwi Toyota TV add to get the meaning of bugger in New Zealand Bugger - Toyota funny commercial - YouTube It is the end of summer here now and an old overgrown track with a...
  135. timbatrader

    Dirt Moving  Bulldozer blade cutting angle

    I am having trouble controlling the depth of cut my blade takes My Yuchai YCT306S-S dozer has a six way blade so I can control every angle except the cutting angle. On my Bobcat skid steer I can lift the front of the fourway bucket to leave a dozer blade by using the tilt function I can control...
  136. timbatrader

    rusty steel for new designer kitchen doors how do I get the right rust patina

    An update kitchen not finished but a couple of photos one showing the rusty steel panel dew to the problems mentioned earlier in the thread sealing the panels I have left them unsealed if they need cleaning they are removable and can be waterblasted outside and replace after they dry
  137. timbatrader

    Building a bridge in New Zealand

    Back to the bridge thread The bridge has been finished almost a year now life is so much easier just being able to drive up to the house and unload the shopping etc compared to the past when if the vehicle got trapped on the wrong side of the river it could be stuck their for up to eight weeks...
  138. timbatrader

    Building a bridge in New Zealand

    I'll show you mine if you show yours heres a link to a forum with photos of the area I were exploring not my photos but same tracks
  139. timbatrader

    rusty steel for new designer kitchen doors how do I get the right rust patina

    I am in the process of getting a new kitchen designed It is going to be made from oiled Thermowood thermally modified pine ( a very stable timber with a rich dark chocolate color. The designer is keen to incorporate something he saw in a kitchen show he visited in Europe...
  140. timbatrader

    Building a bridge in New Zealand

    I spent the day moving dirt cutting down the bank one side and building up the other side using the wheelbarrow My little Toyota 4x4 dumper and the hotrod an old bobcat repowered with bigger engine the old engine was 1703 cc now 2200cc
  141. timbatrader

    Building a bridge in New Zealand

    About seven years ago I built myself a house in a beautiful but remote site Access has always been a problem. In summer I can ford the river to get in but the rest of the year I park half a mile away from the house and wade across the river in fishermans waders carrying in the grocerys etc...
  142. timbatrader

    A couple of pieces fell off my Yachai 306S-S

    I have found where they came from they are stops to limit the travel of the front track roller. The question now is do I replace the mild steel bolts that sheared off with high tensile ones to reduce the chances of it happening again. Or should they be mild steel bolts to act as shear pins maybe...
  143. timbatrader

    A couple of pieces fell off my Yachai 306S-S

    A couple of pieces fell off my Yachai 306S-S dozer today painted the same grey as the chassis I can稚 see where came from does anyone recognize them? or know were they belong. They are about 125mm long (5 inch) 50mm wide (2 inch) 6mm thick (1/4 inch) two sheared off 10mm bolts that that must of...
  144. timbatrader


    I have just put a winch on my little Dozer I went for a Hydraulic one to avoid any hassles with the battery I mounted it on a three point hitch grader blade I can reverse the blade to give me extra anchorage I anyone gets stuck driving across the river to visit me I now have the tool to pull...
  145. timbatrader

    Nortrac / Yuchai Dozer questions...

    another couple of photos missed from above post
  146. timbatrader

    Nortrac / Yuchai Dozer questions...

    The warranty issue is complicated on my machine it is new old stock manufactured 2008 I did a deal with the local agent that I am happy with. Small claims are my problem if there is a big issue we will have to fight it out. A new track shoe is winging its way across the Tasman from Midway sales...
  147. timbatrader

    Nortrac / Yuchai Dozer questions...

    Broke a track shoe today not sure on the procedure to repair my plan is as follows any advise would be much appreciated 1. Back off the track tension adjuster as much as possible 2. Remove as long as length possible of track from the top by removing a track pin 3. Place the removed track behind...