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  1. Unclelevi

    Need some info

    I'm thinking of storing #2 diesel for my JD 1250 in a 55 gallon drum( I have a barrel pump). The questions are these : Will I need to use #1 diesel in the winter ( Minnesota ) and If I use a second barrel for #1 do I need to worry about the not-full #2 barrel ( because I didn't use it...
  2. Unclelevi

    Has anyone built.........

    Have any of you built a bucket level indicator for your tractor ? If so, I'd like to see it.
  3. Unclelevi

    Which are better ?

    Need to weld chain hooks onto my bucket. Are hooks on the top or on the back of the bucket handier ?
  4. Unclelevi

    I feel stupid

    I'm about to buy a John Deere 1250 tractor/loader and it has a quick hitch mounted on it. I've never had a quick hitch on any tractor I've owned and want to know how and why to use it. Sorry about my ignorance.