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  1. Belews Creek

    connecting front loader with quick hitch when you cannot see the equipment

    Anyone know of some type of alignment idea to connect implement to the front end when you can't see the quick hitch
  2. Belews Creek

    Small grapple

    Trying to figure out the best way to run the hydraulic lines from the front of the tractor. I have a spring hose keeper on the front of the grapple but the hoses seem to tight up next to the lift arm front, I have a Kubota 3301 the couplings are on the tube right behind the quick hitch. I...
  3. Belews Creek

    plugging with a three point drum plugger,

    Does anyone back up with the three point drum plugger? for like close to things or will it damage the unit?
  4. Belews Creek

    Cylinder head replacement

    Belews Creek NC. Decided to purchase a new one, what a hassle to get help to find the right one. I need to give shout out, "Ben at Amerirent in Indiana, i'm in NC where they make the stuff they were no help. I found this company on the internet great customer service. He helped me after many...
  5. Belews Creek

    Cylinder head replacement

    Anyone know where to get a headpiece the steel pipe type in 1" ID X 2.5" long for a cylinder head.