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  1. JohnDeere4300

    Pulling A ''Loaded Trailer'' behind A Ballast Box ??

    My Ballast Box weighs 1381 lbs. and since I use my QH, That would add about 65 lbs...So 1446 lbs. on my 3PT Hitch. I've been hauling firewood in the past couple days, and using my homemade log/trailer hitch to pull my homemade firewood trailer.... Also, The log/trailer hitch doesn't weigh much...
  2. JohnDeere4300

    Do You Buy Husqvarna Chains/Bars Or Oregon For Your Husqvarna Chainsaw ??

    I bought a new Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw with a 20" bar & chain a couple of years ago.... I've been cutting 17 cords of hardwood a year and I need to replace my chain... May go ahead and buy a new bar too! This is the first time I've ever used Husqvarna brand chains/bars, and I think the...
  3. JohnDeere4300

    Need A Larger Backhoe!

    When I bought my 4300 new, It already had a 47 BH on it. Does anyone know what would be the largest BH that would fit my 4300 ?? I really need to be able to dig down to 9 FT. deep!!... How deep would a 448 BH dig ??, And would it fit my 4300 ?? I looked at a nice used 448 yesterday that a guy...
  4. JohnDeere4300

    Broke Cylinder Rod At The End...

    Right where it's welded!... This is the ''lift cylinder'' on a JD 47 Backhoe!!:) I was digging today and the BH boom was straight down as far as it would reach... All I was doing was getting the loose dirt out of the hole that was next to the corner... Then BANG it broke right in the weld! Had...
  5. JohnDeere4300

    This Video Is Just ''Sad'' To Watch...

    Because there ''could have been'' a whole family in the vehicle! The traffic was going way too fast in those conditions!.. IMHO! Vidvir Bill
  6. JohnDeere4300

    Brush-Guard With Better Protection!

    Several Times I've just about had a limb go through my grill, and it would have damaged my radiator!, Or something else! I've been planning to do this since last year, and finally took the time yesterday to get it done before I start cutting firewood! It was a quick and easy fix!... I made a...
  7. JohnDeere4300

    Oxygen & Acetylene Cart.

    I finally got my cart finished today... I've been working on it in the evenings after working on firewood all day. I used an old 'hand truck' that I forgot I had, and it had 2-flats when I found it in the barn. I cut the axle off and cut it in half.. Then I welded each end into a piece of pipe...
  8. JohnDeere4300

    Wood stove.. How many members have this one ?

    I finally got my stove today and I had a few questions I needed to ask. United States Stove Co. 1557M Add-on Furnace - 5095270 | Tractor Supply Company
  9. JohnDeere4300

    Custom cart for oxygen & acetylene tanks.

    I'm tired of handling my tanks by hand when i need to use them.... I like to do my cutting outside of the garage in the warm weather, and when i need them i have to drag them out by hand. Has anyone built a cart for their tanks ? Any pictures would be nice if you have them...:D Thanks!
  10. JohnDeere4300

    New advertisement on the top of the pages ?

    When did this start & why is it only in some places on the forum ? You Searched for Advertisement Chitika | Premium Sponsored Results Free Advertising for Small Business Free advertising for small business. Effective Online Advertising Deliver 100,000 prospects...
  11. JohnDeere4300

    Prayers for my daughter.

    Hello Everyone, I would like all that will Pray for my 16 year old daughter.... She has been really sick & in pain for about 2 months. She has been having problems with her stomach and staying sick with that & hurting in her side and has pain all over her body. Last week they ran a light down...
  12. JohnDeere4300

    Oil & Fuel  Fuel shut off valve will not close.

    Today is the first problem I've had with the shut off valve, and it worked fine yesterday. After using my tractor today i went to turn the fuel off and it WILL NOT turn. I worked on it for over an hour & even sprayed some WD-40 on it but it won't close. It fills tight & could break off if i...
  13. JohnDeere4300

    OMG what a mess.

    I was clearing off some more property Friday and remember something hitting the bottom of the tractor, but never got off to check for any damage. I did a full service on the tractor yesterday and found a big problem. It doesn't leak, but could be a problem later if i needed to unhook them, but...
  14. JohnDeere4300

    Rear Wheel Positions for 4300?

    My rear wheels have been in the same positions since i bought it new, my dealer said they can't be switched to gain any width.:confused: But my back rims are different on the inside and outside. Can i switch the rears to gain any width? Would it be a NO NO to switch the fronts?
  15. JohnDeere4300

    Does anyone know how old?

    A man that i use to help with his garden, called and said he had something he wanted me to have. He had to quit farming because of illness, he is 67 and his dad lived to be 93 and was a farmer also. The disc belong to his dad and Paul said his dad had them before he was born, he gave them to me...
  16. JohnDeere4300

    Would like to fix my seat?

    I wished my operator seat could swivel around so i could use my backhoe without getting off the tractor just to get in another seat. I have been in a tight place before, like a barn on one side and a rock cliff on the other. Just enough room for the tractor, to dig a ditch __etc...i have...
  17. JohnDeere4300

    Why do i see edit after i post?

    This problem just started tonight, after i post on a thread i go back later and i see where i can__edit__ my post.
  18. JohnDeere4300

    Wheel spacers on a rubicon?

    I have a 01 honda rubicon and just put on my second set of tires i went with the mud lite itp, If i get in a place where i have to turn the wheel towards the right, then the wheel hits the winch. The places i hunt have steep hills, deep ruts, tight trees to go through and some places are...
  19. JohnDeere4300

    John Deere lays offs/fires?

    Just heard on the news that John Deere will be laying off/ firing around 700 workers. Is now the best time to buy and stock up on tractors? :D Has anyone heard any diffferent news on this?
  20. JohnDeere4300

    Quick Hitches  Help with buying quick hitch.

    Hi everyone, first time post. Would like to say this is a great site with alot of great people. I have a jd 4300 with a fel, backhoe attachment, bush hog, turning blade and disc. I would lke to get a quick hitch. Does it make it easier to hook up attachments? Which one is better, HF or JD...