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  1. crash325

    Quick erqw holwter

    Who invented them. Hollywood??? they were never in use in the old days.
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    Steam engines will run in either direction. How are they started to go forward or reverse. How is water added to the boiler. More presser is needed to get the water in. Maybe someone on TBN will know. There were steam tractors, must have needed to back up some times.
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    Do not mix ammonia & bleach it gives off a toxic gas that has killed people.
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    'Full Metal Jacket' actor R. Lee Ermey dies at age 74

    R. Lee Ermey, a former Marine Corps drill instructor known to millions of moviegoers as the sadistic Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket," died Sunday morning, according to his longtime manager. He was 74. In a statement posted on Twitter, Bill Rogin said Ermey had...
  5. crash325

    Ni cad verses lithuim Ion

    replacing NI-Cad battery with lithium has anyone done it???? Saws all needs new battery. Chances are I will need a new charger??? Will a regular charger work??? Any information appreciated
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    Every dog has its day.

    Michigan dog receives notice he's eligible for unemployment benefits A German Shepherd in Michigan received a letter last week confirming that he was approved for $360 every week in state unemployment benefits from a restaurant he was supposedly working at. Unfortunately for Ryder, the chances...
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    It is now down to a single page. No 2 or 3 pages. Go to my home. It only shows things with a recent post. And you can not look up previous posts. Sure would like to see it get back to the way it was.
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    Children Under 8 Spending Almost an Hour a Day on Smartphones As Christmas shopping season approaches, many young kids will wish for smartphones, and new research shows small children are spending more and more time glued to the screen. Children 0 to 8 years old now spend close to an hour, 48...
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    Horse in car

    Nurse fleeing California wildfires puts horse in car, picture goes viral The problem? The trailer only held two of the three horses. Mesaros' solution? Put Stardust in the car. 滴e actually walked right into the car like a dog would, Mesaros said in an interview with SF Gate. Mesaros said she...
  10. crash325

    Nice People

    There are nice people in this world. Started about a year ago at the VA. Guy gave me his free lunch ticket. A while later I was kidding a Dr. about needing some $$$. she slipped an envelope in my hand, when I opened it there was a $10.00 bill in it. Buying some groceries, fumbling for a little...
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    TIME FOR SOM HUMOR Police seek 'mad pooper'

    Police seek 'mad pooper' woman jogger who's defecating shamelessly on people's front lawns Colorado Springs cops are hunting a woman dubbed 鍍he Mad Pooper, who痴 been caught defecating in front of houses for weeks. Cathy Budde told KKTV the unidentified woman has been relieving herself in front...
  12. crash325

    tacomoter fpr deisel engine

    The tack on my tractor has quit working. Would like to replace it with a non dealer part. Any thoughts or ideas??
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    Florida Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency ahead of Category 4 Hurricane Irm

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in the state as rapidly growing Hurricane Irma, now a Category 4 storm, is expected to make landfall later this week. The state of emergency has been issued for all of Florida痴 67 counties. Scott said that the state would 菟repare for the...
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    Good for a chucckle Chick-fil-A gets caught in hilarious feud with Alabama barbecue

    By Alexandra Deabler Published September 04, 2017 Fox News Chick-fil-A gets into a battle of wits with neighboring restaurant. Chick-fil-A gets into a battle of wits with neighboring restaurant. (iStock) A Mobile, AL, Chick-fil-A has found itself in the middle of a friendly feud with...
  15. crash325

    Prop Nut needed

    TBN member needed to do a small nachinest job. Need a special nut created to fit a molel engine propeller. Only 2 critical dimensions Outside dia. of round part & internal threads, 1/8 by 24 (national fine) 1/2 in depth. Other din. not critical about 3/4 inches long. 5/8" on the front part. Can...
  16. crash325

    Hard to beleive - suspect ran over victim with a backhoe

    GORY NEW DETAILS: Pa. suspect ran over victim with a backhoe, burned bodies with 'pig roaster,' police say Pennsylvania murders: Killer used pig roaster to burn bodies, official says The charges comes on the heels of Cosmo DiNardo痴 attorney saying that his client admitted to killing the four...
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    Bring butterflies and hummingbirds home with a single plant

    The humble scarlet beebalm (Monarda didyma) has a lot to recommend it, especially in eastern North America, where it originated. This easy-care perennial not only attracts bees to your garden, but butterflies and hummingbirds also find it irresistible. It痴 a welcome addition to a perennial...
  18. crash325

    Memorial day

    Please take a few moments on Memorial Day to thank the people that protected our great nation & gave us the freedom we all enjoy. Do more than bow your head on Memorial Day, take part Despite the various criticisms, the United States accomplished some very critical objectives during the fight...
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    Merry Thanks Giving to 1 & all

    - Enjoy the day.:thumbsup:
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    Take A Break From All The News, Go Outside, And Start Catching Leaves

    Sure sounds like a good idea. In my case i would have to be mesquite beans. :D As a kid, autumn also meant it was time for one of the greatest outdoor challenges known to humanity, namely, catching leaves. If it doesn稚 sound exciting, then keep reading. Take A Break From All The News, Go...
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    SKUNK STINK REMOVAL - Question???

    Had a skunk in the barn. It was under an old drafting table. Dogs were hot after it. Now I have stinky mutts & can hardly stand going in barn. One of the dogs I put some vinegar on & tomato juice, seemed to help a little. Other 2 have trouble doing that. Now the barn. My thoughts are, spray...
  22. crash325

    rust removal

    I know this has been posted before. But 2 searches did not turn up anything. 12 Battery, Borax & charger?? + type of metal. Its been said Coke also works, anyone tried it?? Thanks for your help.
  23. crash325


    Have a water leak under kitchen sink. Not the normal simple thing. Its under the cabinet floor,. With some difficulty I got it torn out. Temp plan is to wrap the pipe in tape & use a small clamp to hold it in place until I figure out a permanent repair. I know nothing about Pex, Any suggestions...
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    Old time Humer

    If you enjoyed Hee Ha, Archie Bunker, Benson & so on] On dish it is channel 322. Goes off about 11PM so tune in early.
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    VA Benifits ???

    I need to make an appoint with my primary doctor. Main need is pain pills that actually work. have had some that do little or nothing. Almost constant pain in back & other places. Does the VA pay any disability payments ???? If so does it depend on rank, length of service??? All I have ever...
  26. crash325

    Mounting mirror on tractor ??

    Want to mount a mirror on tractor, It needs to be spring mounted as some of the places I go it would get broken off, Maybe mounted on FEL bracket, just drill some holes in it??? Suggestions please Thank you.
  27. crash325

    steel toed boots vers Plastic

    I want to get some steel toed boots, with steel shanks. Seems like most of them are now some kind of plastic. Any of you tried the plastic??? did you like it???
  28. crash325

    Your best Tractor - your worst tractor

    I will start this off with a very rare & hard to get tractor. :laughing: :laughing:
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    Wow, Wow, Can't beat this with a stick

    Crowdfunded beer pipeline to protect medieval city of Bruges Crowdfunded beer pipeline to protect medieval city of Bruges | Fox News
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    Best & worst Moter Cycle - Most fun

    Lets have some more fun. this time with motor cycles. You go first.
  31. crash325

    Your best Truck & Your Wost

    What do you consider your best truck> & our worst?? Thorw in your auto if you like. Lets just have a fun thread!!!! My best 73 Dodge Power wagon & Worst a 77 Dodge power wagon. Will get into the why reasons & what reasons a little later.
  32. crash325

    How much horse power do you need ??

    Dad bought a new Chevy 3/4 ton in 1941. It was rated a 93 HP. But you did not use that as the engine was a splash oilier. Used that truck well in too the 60s High side boards made of hard wood. to haul 2 horses. Most of the time it had a partition with 10 hounds below. On top was camp gear...
  33. crash325

    Windows 10 Bah Humbug

    Woke up & found windows was installing #10, nothing I wanted, but no way to stop it. Now I am stuck with this piece of crap. Hate it. It ate solitaire game & it is completely gone. Simple little thing down load another 1. Nope, tried 2 or 3 different & none of them can be found I really don't...
  34. crash325

    guinea hens do you have any tell me what you think

    thank you
  35. crash325

    Fixing a ear tire -==== UGH

    The good, bad & the ugly. The good 2 shinny new tires on front. actual 10 ply, mine tires that can hold up to 175lbs of air. Guy mounting tires laughed & told another guy in Spanish & he laughed when I only wanted 25lbs of air. And the bad or ugly starts. Cruised around on new tires...
  36. crash325

    Math Problem - How many Cans ??

    1 Dry empty Beer can weighs 15 Kilograms. How many cans at .45c a pound will it take to get a $2000 down payment on a newer pick up???? Will I kill my liver first or just die of old age ??
  37. crash325

    John Deere Stlver ware ???

    Was wondering if any of you have or even seen John Deere silver ( stainless ) silver ware. About a dozen years ago at the Wall Mart in Escondido CA, I bought a set. Nice & heavy & good quality. Does not say on them, but I don't think they were made in China. Not very expensive.. Wish now I had...
  38. crash325

    Portable gas grill disaster

    Had a disaster night before last. About 2am went out to cook some tomiles. Lit the little grill. When I lit it, didn't look quite right. Then flames started coming out the bottom & then the back of the lid, big flames. Set a wast basket on fire, it was about 2 feet away. Beer cans started...
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    I blundered on this while looking for something else. Yes I do a lot of blundering. Grab a beer & your favorite cigar, then enjoy.:thumbsup::)...
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    Water well - Airpot ???

    Trying to find information on a Airpot. Tank is not a bladder tank. It's an open steel tank. Airpot is used to regulate the amount of air & water. Been all over the net & no information on anything but bladder tanks & parts.
  41. crash325

    Patato Basket - old fashion metal type ??

    Are they made any more?? looked all over the net & all I could find are some sort of wicker baskets. Friend has a couple of them, but have hung on his porch so long they may be useless.
  42. crash325

    New PROPANE TANK 4 Water Storage ???? - Welding progect

    I am thinking of getting a brand new 500 gal. propane tank for water storage. Any of you done this ?? Pipe fittings would have to be weld in. Ends thicker than the tank its self. How thick is the tank?? Thanks for your help & advice.
  43. crash325

    Dogs - Down sizing??

    I recently went to the pound (Dog Jail) & most of the dogs that should be quite large were 1/3 or even smaller that they should have been. That includes Mastiffs, German Sheppard's, Rottweiler's & so on. Anyone have an idea why???:confused3:
  44. crash325

    Pig Weeds All Gone ???

    Use to have a large patch of pig weeds ( careless weed ) In the front yard & other places. Some when conditions were right would get 12 feet tall. But when young, up to about a foot high they were great as a spice, used in home remedies & even good in salads. Some small birds liked the seeds if...
  45. crash325

    OH NO - I may be a Wino!!

    A few weeks ago, went to the store & a very nice looking lady was giving out free samples of "Madria Sangria". In addition to being cute she had a good gift of gab. Just for fun struck up a conversation with her. She poured me a cup the Sangria & then another as we talked. I had tried Sangria...
  46. crash325

    Did a Little Forging Today

    I needed another tire spoon. Torch & tanks were stolen some time back. So it was time to fire up the old forge. So fire up the forge, simple enough right!! Have some home made charcoal in a 20 gallon can & a few bricketts, put them in an old pan dump on some starter fluid & I'm good to go...
  47. crash325

    Backhoe  757c backhoe seal - parts & dealer rant

    Not real happy with New Holland & local dealer. Now I am in favor of Holland the dealer making a profit. But I don't like being gouged. I need to replace the seal in the stabilizer cylinder, part #5 in the diagram. From the picture it looks like there are 3 separate seals. Object moved Local...
  48. crash325

    Bad Day at Block Rock - errrr - Make it Bad Year.

    Just about a year ago, a friend was dying of cancer. I was helping him get his things in order. Just about finished & got a bad pain & swelling in my groin. Knew it was something bad. My sister took me to ER, I was still filling out the paper work & doctor ask if sister could finish it. Next...
  49. crash325

    A HERMIT Want A BE

    I hate going to town & after I get there I hate being there. Plan my stops & needs ahead of going. Then usually skip 1 or 2 stops in order to get out of town sooner. Sort of have to go at least twice a month. Milk beer & dog food. It usually takes me about 3 days to talk myself into actually...
  50. crash325

    A Drinking Problem

    Now it is understood that a littler eye opener to start the day is OK. A mid morning Pick Me upper is fine. A little something at lunch time is spot on. An afternoon break with a snort or 2 is well understood. Naturally at quitting time A few drinks is only natural. A little something before...
  51. crash325

    New Dog - OMG - More fun than I wanted

    Since my big girl ( 140 / 150 pounds ) passed away a few months ago. I decided it was time for a new big dog. Well the biggest dog in jail / pound was 76.4 LBS, still young & may grow a little more. He is strong & pulls on the leash so hard it hurts your hands & wrist. First problem, he did not...
  52. crash325

    Gun &ammo Shortage - Might Be Of Interest Marlin Firearms Bought Out by George Soros A little information on the reason for the shortage & wild prices.
  53. crash325

    Dry DOG Food ???

    I would like to hear what you feed your dogs & would you recommend it. I currently have 2 girl dogs about 40 pounds each, My big girl died about 5 months ago & I would like to have another big dog. Some where in the 100 pound range. Been up & down the internet looking & just about every...
  54. crash325

    First rattle snake of the season - Killed

    After killing 7 - maybe 8 last year I didn't expect too many this year. the girls (dogs) gave the something is wrong or we have a snake here signal. Sure enough he/ she was under the truck & mad as he!!. Only thing close was a very dull hoe. Took several good whacks to finally get it. Looked...
  55. crash325

    You May Be A Redneck

    > [B]Windows into the redneck psyche?/B] > > Rednecks have the lowest stress rate because they do > Not understand the seriousness of most medical terminology: > > Medical Term > > Redneck Definition > Artery > > The study of...
  56. crash325


    Sure hope you have a merry Easter & the Bunny lays you a Golden Egg. I think that is how the story goes.:D On a more serious note. Went to town today. Saturday 19th, tomorrow is Easter. A little over 20 miles from my place is big Casino & hotel. On the same property is a convenience store that...
  57. crash325

    Aviation Humor

    > And now a few gems from Air Traffic Control > > ========================= > > Tower: "Delta 351, you have traffic at 10 o'clock, 6 miles ." > Delta 351: "Give us another hint! We have digital watches!" > > ========================= > > "TWA 2341, for noise abatement turn right 45 degrees." >...
  58. crash325

    Just a NORMAL Day

    A few days ago went to take a shower. Waters cold - Out of Propane. - No big deal - Just load the tank & go get it filled. Along the way drive out in the desert a little way & let the girls run & hunt. Grab a couple of small trees (Dead ) for fire wood. Get home & hook up tank. Sort of pulled...
  59. crash325

    Remington 8" 18V Chain Saw - ???

    Well I went & did it. Ordered this miniature chain saw. Sure hope it works, 60 day warranty (return privileges) & 1 year on battery. Brand new $50, with free shipping. Anybody ever see one or use one????
  60. crash325

    Home Made "Handgun"

    I have a desire to make a double barrel handgun. It will only be used to shoot snakes (Rattlers - killed 7 last year). only shell will .22 short or possibly rat shot. Probably start off with a single barrel, then the double. If success is high, might even build a "Pepper Box" six shot some day...
  61. crash325


    Does anyone here use it??? I hate their commercial, way to long, on at least once an hour, if not more, & on every channel that I watch. My two hands don't work together very good anymore. Way too much time is spent re typing things. :confused3:
  62. crash325

    Bad Day At Black Rock

    Had things that needed to be done today (8/13/13) Truck tire with a weird leak. Will go for weeks & not loose a pound. Next day almost flat. Front tractor tire that will not stay fixed. AC on truck not working. Want to get it fixed, pick tubes for truck & tractor, low on beer & get a few...
  63. crash325


    Every now & then we need to lighten up & just do something fun. Here's the question. 30,000 years ago (give or take a few thousand years). Man invented something that today is in contact with your skin. From your first day through your last day. Its an invention, not discovery such as fire...
  64. crash325

    This Place is 4 the BIRDS

    We haven't had a bird thread for a while. So though I'd start a new one. Bird seed & Scratch, I go through about 150 /200 pounds a month. + 1 Or 2 bird blocks & sugar water for the hummers. I've actually cut down, most of the white wing doves, little black birds & Inca doves have gone north...
  65. crash325


    WHY ATHLETES CAN'T HAVE REAL JOBS: Chicago Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson on being a role model: "I wan' all dem kids to do what I do, to look up to me. I wan' all the kids to copulate me." .............................................................. New Orleans Saint RB...
  66. crash325

    Rattle Snakes 3 & Frindlies 3

    So far this year its Rattle Snakes 3 & Friendlies 3. 1 Rattler under the house. Few hours later Rattler at the end of the house. This evening Rattler #3. Outside dog was sounding off, she has a different bark for a Rattler. Put down my chocolate milk & opened front door. There was Bobbie &...
  67. crash325

    Read Neck Go Cart

    Ya gota love it. :cool2: Redneck GoCart - YouTube
  68. crash325

    I Hate Shopping - PRICES AUGGGG

    Most of this Rant is about food. I was trying to convince myself that it was just me, prices were not that bad or going up by insane amounts. The news just showed that most things are up an average of 6 to 10 percent. One thing that I use to buy is frozen pies, they have gone up by $1.00 across...
  69. crash325

    45 / 410 Revolver

    I would like to hear from any of you folks that have used or have one. It sounds like a good carry for snakes (Rattlers). What do think??
  70. crash325

    Space Station or (OH No) a UFO

    Was sitting outside a few nights ago, looking up into the sky was very bright object. Brighter than any of the stars. It was also moving very fast. No it was not an aircraft, have been watching them as well. Too Big, To Bright & moving Too Fast. Then it crossed my mind that it could be one of...
  71. crash325

    First Snake this year

    Went out yesterday morning and this guy was stretched out across the barn door. He's about 4 feet long give or take a little. Didn't have much time to look as the dogs scared him. By the time I got the camera out, just part of his tail was showing. Very pretty guy, & great for rodent control...
  72. crash325

    Me A Happy Camper - 1975 Dodge 500

    A little over 2 years ago I quit using the old Dodge 500 / D500, flat bed. Brakes had gone out. I worked it for a while with no brakes. Had been starting it about once a month, but about 2 years ago just sort of forgot about it. A couple months ago, started thinking I should get it road ready...
  73. crash325

    Went Fishing - Caught 4 Deer

    Went Fishing, Caught 4 Deer ( Not MY Personal Story.) A once in the history of mankind kind of thing. The Best Day Of Fishing Ever! Some fishing stories are a little hard to believe, but this guy has pictures to prove his story... I've heard of salmon jumping into boats, but never anything...
  74. crash325

    Good Days & Bad Days

    Seems like 1 step foward = 2 steps back. Yesterday 15 minuets of fire wood splitting took well over an hour of tinkering around. Had not used the log splitter in over 2 years. First off the rear remotes do not work until the back hoe is unplugged and hooked up to the pump. ( Sure would like to...
  75. crash325

    Red Neck Tools - Show Yours

    Lets have a little friendly competition between Red Neck Ingenuity And Yankee ingenuity. FRIENDLY IS THE BY WORD. I'm going to start off with a few pictures. You post a few pictures of yours. Lets have some fun. First is and easy out made from a R/R spike. Needed to get a shattered brass...
  76. crash325

    Variable Speed AC Motor or Blower - For Forge

    I would like to hook up a blower to my old forge. It has to be variable Speed. Many years ago used an old vacuum cleaner and a variable resistor. Any of you folks got a good idea???
  77. crash325

    WOOD RACK = Fun Project

    Actually built the wood rack last year or this spring. It is a fun project that will keep you out of trouble for a day or 2. Can be used inside the house or outside. This 1 is fairly small only about 36"X32", holds 2 or 3 days wood. That sort of depends on how much you burn. Good practice for...
  78. crash325

    To Bleed or Not To Bleed ???

    I am about to replace a 9 foot hydrolic hose that goes to the back hoe. Should I just let the air in the line work its self out??? Or should I bleed it??? My thinking leave the fitting a little loose, but that will be pretty messy. Not easy to catch the fluid where it is located. What you...
  79. crash325


    One of my favorite foods is BISCUITS & GRAVY. Most of the time things come out pretty good. But i would like to improve both. Have Figured out I was using too much flower in the gravy. It tasted good, but most always got too thick. never used a recipe, just guess & by gosh. Pound of sausage...
  80. crash325

    Boom Pole - Simple - Long & high reach

    First off let me state this boom is NOT for HEAVY lifting. The whole object is long reach or high lift. Construction is pretty simple and quick. By adjusting the bucket to pole chain it can pivot left or right. It is held to the bucket by a 3/4" bolt, left slightly loose. As shown by the ball I...
  81. crash325

    Trash & Treasures + What is it's

    I'm starting to rescue some old & antique tools & misc other things from my Grandfathers place. These few little items are just the start. Some quite useful and others 1 step up from junk. Most of the I know the use of and the names. But there are some I don't have the name or real use. The...
  82. crash325


    if you have followed my thread on how not to fix a tire you already know that the "FUN" never stops around my place. I had run out of propane and took take to get filled. Got propane hooked up. Little problems, copper tubing to tank needs to be replaced, the fitting on the end is broken up...
  83. crash325

    How *Not 2 Fix a Tire*

    Had a little project that required me driving through a nail patch in the yard. Tire by the way is a 10X16.5 8 or 10 ply and weight is about 80 pounds. Sure enough I got a flat on the left front tire. No big deal, just plug the sucker & move on. OPPPSSS It's go a tube in it. But valve stem is...
  84. crash325

    Grounding Welding Table - ????

    I plan on putting several 110 Volt outlets on my welding table. Was thinking about using the table as a ground. But since it is also the ground for the welder, there may be some kind of feed back into the 110V line and really screw things up. Latest Idea - Isolate the table from the 110V LINE...
  85. crash325

    Small Restoration Projects

    Here are some pictures of some small projects. It is also just the beginning as many more will follow. It will be a while before any of them get done First I want to build a blacksmith / welding / metal shop. Next on the list is a fairly large wood working shop. The wood shop will be supplied...
  86. crash325

    PICK EM UP - Real Recycling

    This was my Grandfather's place. He started working on it sometime in the 1950's when in his 70's. Lived out there until passing away at 103 years old. Every building there was made from used material and the house (picture later) was moved out there in the 60's. It is now over 100 years old...
  87. crash325

    Trash & Treasures

    Went down to the claims (Pick EM UP Ranch) near Tombstone AZ on Monday. Brought back some fun stuff. Some will be useful and put to use. Other "Fine" items are mostly just for fun and decorator things. In the pictures many things have labeled. But there are some "I don't knows" there as well...
  88. crash325

    Iron Wheels - Another Whats It ?????

    These old Iron Wheels have been laying there (At the Claims in Tombstone) for a lot of years. It looks like they could be steered and would need an axle of some kind. My guess has been off an old horse drawn road grader. Just a guess. The Brake Band there with them is more than likely off...
  89. crash325

    What Is It ?????

    This thing has been laying around for several years. Don't even remember where it came from. Its heavy cast steel, wimpy plastic pulley, thin strap holder & small screw. 3 Tapped holes on 1 end, small screw size. But no provisions for mounting or holding it. Don't understand it being so heavy...
  90. crash325

    Doing Some Road Work

    It's been a couple of years since any work has been done on our dirt road. Couple of years ago some grading was done and some fill added. Being dirt with a lot of traffic, the road ruffs up fairly fast. This year we are trying to do a little more. But as normal $$$ are very limited. No one has...
  91. crash325

    Stablizer Holder Uppers 4 B Hoe

    I think there was a tread on this a short while back. But I could not find it.:( So here goes with a new 1. After only about 6 years of the stabilizers on the back hoe bleeding down, they just had to be fixed. :D I had figured out many ways to do this little task. If there was a hard way to...
  92. crash325

    It's All Mine - At Last

    Me Happy :D After what seems like forever tractor and all attachments are all paid for. :D:cool:
  93. crash325

    New Wood Rack - #3

    First off, I'm real happy with my little wood stove. It's on its 3rd year and doing a fine job. I do keep thinking (you can smell the smoke :laughing:), it should be a little more cooking friendly. It can be cooked on, just a little cool for some items. Back to the wood rack. This is the 3rd...
  94. crash325

    Wood Stove - Don't build this one

    Wood stove #5 is almost completed. Built the first fire in it yesterday. First test went pretty well. A few creaks & groans at first and 1 loud bang when it got real hot. There was a little smoke coming out of one of the heat traps. Maybe a burn through hidden by flux. Plan on sealing the ends...
  95. crash325


    I know that I'm way behind the curve, no Mig, Tig or Plasma. Were I going to spend some big $ it would be a gas or diesel welder. This guy was a whole $75. It's newer (I think) than my old AC only. Seems to made cheaper, thinner sheet metal, flat cord instead of fat round 1. Don't much care for...
  96. crash325

    Just a Normal Day

    Just A Normal Day Have agreed to take a neighbor lady to town ( Rather did ditch with pick & shovel ) to pick up her repaired washing machine and some AM Track tickets. Leave at 8 AM back by 11. Yeah right. Went to take a shower, out of propane, no hot water. Cell phone almost dead, use it up...
  97. crash325

    $5 Stove Pipe - First Fire

    Just got my wood stove pipe replaced. Old pipe was a thin cheep one and only lasted 2 years. New $5 pipe (Found it at Habitat for Humanity) is real thick & heavy, with a tight fully crimped seam. Just one step below the porcelain coated pipe. Used crimped elbows as they are almost as thick as...
  98. crash325

    Mail Box #1 - Good - Bad - Ugly

    It was time to put up a mail box. Where the mail is delivered to is near the hwy. Kids catch school bus and then there are the "normal" vandal's". Wanted it fairly strong and weather resistant. This was the first Mail Box that I have ever built. Even before it was done some minor improvements...
  99. crash325

    Gas welding with 7018 ???

    I was given a bunch of Old 7018, it had been wet a few times and the flux is pretty well shot. Would not even try to arc weld with it. Wondering how it would work as gas welding rod. Knock off the remaining flux ? or just leave it on ?? It's long enough for most small jobs or putting 2 or 3...
  100. crash325

    Propane - Cutting & Welding - Tombstone ???

    With the last fill up on my acetylene over $80 for a mededum size tank. Sure think I want to try Propane. Been looking at lots & lots of posts and parts on the web. Tips from $6 to $17 each, depending on the brand and who has them. Sure would like to hear from some of you that are using...
  101. crash325

    Played In The MUD Yesterday

    Got a real rain day before yesterday. A little over 2" in about 1/2 hour. It drizzled a little for another hour & 1/2. Along with the water came 50/ 60 MPH swirling wind. There had been some small rain storms, enough to grow weeds along the drive way and on my 1+ acre field. Just used the FEL...
  102. crash325

    I have a prayer request

    There's a lady I've known forever. She's very sick. On top of that, she's being abused by those to whom she has given everything. Lies about her abound, and seem to come from all sides. Just breaks my heart. Seems there's nothing I can do alone. But maybe, if we join in and lift her up...
  103. crash325


    How many vacation days has ***** taken so far According to Knoller; by the end of August, 2010, ***** will have taken nine vacation trips (48 days). Among the locations were Chicago (twice) and Asheville, N.C., for long weekends; Hawaii, a week and Martha's Vineyard for over two weeks. In...
  104. crash325


    New Roller build is getting started. Rusty end of tank cut off and some sand shoveled in. Tank that is left, is pretty solid and a full 1/8 inch thick. That is all the sand it going to get. Sand is mostly to scour out the rust and keep the inside clean. When full of water and no air it should...
  105. crash325

    COWBOY'S - Lets hear from you + Pictures

    I'm going to start this off with a picture or 2. Keep in mind that I am not a cowboy, never been 1 and didn't ever want to be 1. I just worked with cowboys and did what they do. Have quite a few fun stories to tell, but some of you get the ball rolling. :thumbsup: First 2 pictures are stories...
  106. crash325

    I Build "UGLY"

    I sure do admire all you folks the build and paint some really nice things. Most of the time when I build something, its a needed item. Or I figure that it will need more work and I'll make it pretty later. Also most of the time whatever I build its out of whatever scrap metal that is on hand...
  107. crash325

    ANTS - Nasty I Have Ever Seen

    Growing up in Tombstone there were big red Fire Ants. It hurt like the devil when they bit you. Then there was the Pizz Ants, they smelled like there name when squashed. These Ants are similar in looks to the Pizz ants or the little sugar ants. But way meaner. No interest in sugar, they want...
  108. crash325

    Antique Pie Oven - Do you Use or have??

    I'm planing on building a "Pie Oven" that fits on the wood stove. Unlike the old ones it will be made out 1/8" mild steel and large enough to bake a dozen biscuits. :licking: A temp gauge will be added and maybe 2 heat outlets. Anyone got any suggestions or ideas. Internet has been no help.
  109. crash325

    "OUTHOUSE" PICTURES - Show Yours

    I'm sure some of you must still have and maintain an "Outhouse". Be fun to see some pictures of them. I grew up using an out house, some places we stayed even had 2 holer's. :laughing:
  110. crash325

    How Many Drops to call it a RAIN??

    Rainy season is here. It took 4 rain storms before anything even got damp. 5th Rain was a whole 2/10" of an inch. Yesterday evening a big 1 was coming in. Lots of wind, black sky and the sky had rumbled for over an hour. Went out to see the rain and 1 huge drop hit right next to me. 4 Or 5...
  111. crash325

    Red Neck Muffler Repair.

    My muffler had a few holes in it. Got tired of the noise, so a repair was in order.:thumbsup: :laughing: Still needs a few more screws, but you can't rush a big project like this. :laughing::thumbsup:
  112. crash325

    They Named him "CLICK"

    My brother in law and his family went on a fishing & camping trip up the Gila river. Late in the evening, everyone sitting around the camp fire, a Rattle snake came right through the circle. My brother in laws sisters husband had a brand new pistol. Think it was a 357 Mag. He jumped up and...
  113. crash325

    Electric Motor's Wiring & Information

    First off is a 2 HP, 1725 RPM, 220V motor on a 2 cylinder compressor. Picture 1 is what I think powers up the capacitor's for starting, then cuts out. ?? The wiring it has been messed with. All the other wiring looks like it has been left alone. #1 Just want to see if the motor will start & run...
  114. crash325

    113 Today - Must be Global Warming

    Watching the national news this AM, they were all over the heat in Texas, 97 & 98. Right behind the lady was Phoenix AZ at 111, not a word. :laughing: I'm 25 miles west of Tucson and usually hotter than what it shows in town. 3 Different temp guage's, 113, 111, & 106, all in the shade, pretty...
  115. crash325

    Metal Power Tools - Remember Them??

    Was wondering how many of you still have and use power tools made of Metal. The sears (Craftsman) is over 40 years old and is used quite often. After a while it gets hot. But let it cool a little and go again. Finished the oak floor with it last year.:thumbsup: Not sure how old the Black &...
  116. crash325

    RFDTV -Anybody Watch??

    At times RFDTV can be pretty boring. But often they do have some good stuff. Tractor shows, tractor pulls, think they had a mule pull off a while back. Some pretty good music and Hee Haw. They also have some AG reports for real Farmers. :thumbsup: :laughing:
  117. crash325

    4 1/2" Angle Grinders - How Many??

    My "Porter Cable" grinder is on the way out. A little over 3 years of use & abuse. But I don't think 1 grinder is enough anymore. Spend way too much time changing wheels. I was thinking 4 would be about right. Maybe 5 would be a lot better? Thinking of grinders in the $30.00 price range. Was...
  118. crash325

    "If you're not making any mistakes then you're not doing anything"

    Gordon, thank you for explaining why I'm so D#** tired. I can make 2 days worth of mistakes in 1 short day. :drink: Time for a nap. :D :laughing:
  119. crash325

    Down the mountain on a Tractor

    In 1962 I went to see my dad in the White Mountains in NE AZ, Met him near Hannigan Medows. he was on his way down to the ranch house down on Blue River. After a chit chat he says will I take his tractor down to the river. Sure, no problem. Tractor was at Beaver Head Lodge (no longer there)...
  120. crash325

    Going to build a Rod Box Suggestions

    Here is my thoughts, good or forget it?? Going to take a 15" long by 14 or 17" long hot water tank or simular weld ends on it, 1 with a water tight door. Put some dividers in it to keep the rod seperated. Then just let it sit in the sun. 7918 Needs to be hot to run on my old AC buzz box. 5/32...
  121. crash325

    Watch Your Drinking

    Its OK to have a little eye opener when you get up in the morning.:) Nothing wrong with a refresher at mid morning.:D A little something before lunch is perfectly acceptable.:licking: You may want something to finish off the meal. :thumbsup: A mid afternoon pick me upper if fine.:dance1...
  122. crash325

    ON a HOT day - Build a FIRE

    Yesterday it got up to 107 deg. This AM i went outside just after daylight and it was only 70. :) Had a few little things to do before starting a fire in the new stove. Chances are it was only up to about 80 by the time a fire was started. New Cook / Heat, stove needed to be heated as hot as I...
  123. crash325

    "T" Hooks & Bucket Hooks

    Before getting into the hooks. No one should ever get under a load in the air. It makes no difference how it is being held or what is holding it. NUFF Said. Almost every one with a front end loader needs hooks on the bucket. I like grab hooks, but many like slip hooks. Weld on or bolt on? The...
  124. crash325

    2500 PSI Cylinder on a 2750 PSI system ??

    I'd like to hear from the experts on this. Will a 2500 PSI cylinder hold up on a 2750 PSI system??
  125. crash325

    Welding in a Tunnel - Problems

    What I thought was a simple change to the wood stoves that I build, sure created a problem. To go from just a heat stove to more of a cook stove a 7 to 8" section of the tank was removed, so that the top plate gets direct heat. Welding 18" inside a 14" tube turned out to be a real pain. Plan...
  126. crash325

    Exercise Equipment - Free Use - Trainer Included

    I have a large selection of Exercise Equipment that I will let almost anyone use. Absolutely no charge or membership cost. If needed, Will also be your personal trainer. Should too many folks show up, more equipment will be acquired. :) First off is a large selection of shovels, round point...
  127. crash325

    Fixing the Economy

    ----- Original Message -- > The fix.....From a senior citizen around 80 yrs. of age. We aren't > useless yet. :) > > The Fix > There recently was an article in the St. Petersburg, Fl. Times. The > Business Section asked readers for ideas on: "How Would You Fix the >...
  128. crash325

    Jails and Nursing Homes

    Here's the way it should be: Let's put the seniors in jail and the criminals in nursing homes. This would correct two things in one motion: Seniors would have access to showers, hobbies and walks. They would receive unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical treatment, wheel chairs, etc...
  129. crash325

    2 Row Barley - Anyone Grow or ??

    Winter last year I had 2 row barley come up in 2 different places. Yes it came up in the winter and by spring had matured. Some of the birds really loved it and would sit on the stalks & eat. Thought the birds had eaten it all, but much later this year it came up again. I don't think anyone in...
  130. crash325

    I may go Orange - New Monarch Restore

    This old guy needs a "Little" work. Then it will good as new. :D Well From the looks of the tires and a few other little details, some "kid or Kids" really enjoyed the "New Monarch". Kind of a "Rode Hard & Put Away Wet", if put away at all. :mad: It is all original and all there, even a...
  131. crash325

    Propane - Delivery vers Pick it up

    In my area, Tucson AZ, having propane delivered costs over $1.00 a gallon more than taking the tank & having it filled. In my case that's a little over $200.00 a year. But for some of you that use a lot it could be a real big savings. :) The tank in the pictures is 125 gallon. I have 2 that...
  132. crash325

    JD History - Interesting

    Hope this link works. The Impact of John Deere's Plow I think you will find this page interesting. I sure did. :)
  133. crash325

    Air Traffic Controllers - Use to say Awake

    Back in the old days Air Traffic Controllers use to stay awake. Below are a few samples to show that they did. :D
  134. crash325

    "JD A" Near by old tractor

    Here are some pictures of an old "JD A" tractor. The old guy had been worked hard and put away wet (dirty in this case.) many a time. Its pretty much original and the major parts seem to be all there. In the future I will try to talk to the owner and find out the year it was built. He also has...
  135. crash325

    Wood Stove - Now is the time

    Now is the time to plan your wood stoveinstallation. Most of us wait until its cold then start thinking about, planning and gathering wood. But it sure would be nice to have it all done before the cold comes again. For those of you that would like to build your own stove here are some...
  136. crash325

    Spring Has Sprung

    Heart goes out to you folks in the tornado area, flooding & fire areas. 2 Bad you could not be here for a little while. In my part of the world, spring has sprung and its more like summer. We had one last freeze & 3 day cold snap after some 80. 90 & 100+ days. From here on out it will just get...
  137. crash325

    Start the "Farmall" and blow the can

    At the Bowie property where we built the water tower, we had an old "Farm All", full size with a 4 cylinder engine. Didn't have one of those fancy flappers that closed the straight up exhaust pipe off. So we kept a tin can on the pipe. That old guy had to be hand cranked, almost every time it...
  138. crash325

    Starting and Old JD 2 cylinder

    It was about 1953 and I was about 13. The family was helping a farmer cut, bail and store his hay. One of his tractors was a large JD that had a cast iron fly wheel that was also used for starting the engine. After setting the choke & throttle, you opened the "Geese" on each cylinder to let off...
  139. crash325

    Bobcat = Rounder ??

    Was wondering if any of you ever had or used 1?? I was told that it was made in Montana and Bobcat bought the design & patents. ?? In the 70's I bought a "Rounder" skid steer. local rental yard was upgrading to new. It was a real work horse for a really small machine. The FEL would pull the...
  140. crash325

    Fun & Easy Project "Little Red Wagon"

    This is a good project for a novice welder. furst ya builds a stove, then ya installs it. OOH, now I gots to take wood into the house. No problem, got a hand truck, not good, build an ugly 3 wheel cart, didn't like the idea from the start and like it less now that its done. Look a 'Red Flyer"...
  141. crash325

    It's official - Beer is better than water!!!

    On the news - Study shows that after working out, Beer hydrates better than water and the bubbles satisfy your thirst faster than water. I have been doing it right for a lot of years. :D:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: The study was folks that worked out in Gym's. Too bad those folks don't find...
  142. crash325

    What to Make?? What are they??

    I thought these were "bottom" plows. But it seems that molt board and bottom plows are almost the same. Could they be called "Sub Soiler's?) I think I want to make attachments to hold them on the side of my back hoe. Then use them to stir up the garden area. Maybe that is a waste of time. like...
  143. crash325

    What Is It - Chisel ?? + Hand Ax + ugly hatchet

    #1 Yes I know what it is called or named. And you hot shots hold off a little while as it may be fun to see what some folks think it is. Yes its a type of chisel that is or was used in timber framing. As you can see by the pictures it was in pretty bad condition. A lot of sanding, square the...
  144. crash325

    My 2 Girlfriends

    My #1 girlfriend, like me is getting along in years. Both of us have a little "hitch in our Get Along. Every time I have to help her get her big butt in the truck. I tell here she has to loose weight. Now at about 150Lbs. Now that I have a new girlfriend she is showing signs of being Jealous...
  145. crash325

    This Ain't Kansas

    I don't know why you folks in Kansas sent us your wind. I am pretty sure that I just saw Dorthy going by at a high rate of speed. Though you all were proud of your winds and didn't want to share them. Wind is currently about 35 MPH and gusting. This are the truth! My 100 Caliber flag pole has...
  146. crash325

    Snow in the desert

    It had to happen, after 7 years it snowed here. 25 Miles west of tucson AZ. On the east side and downtown they got a lot more. 1" here and several inches over the hill. I didn't get my snow plow built in time. AAh!! Shucks. :mad::( It was about 40 deg. when the snow started. First 1/2" of rain...
  147. crash325

    Chipper  Home made Chipper Shredder - Sheeps foot

    Sure would like to hear from anyone that has built a chipper / shredder and a sheep's foot. I plan on building both in the near future. I do not plan on running it off the 3pt or the power take off. Want a stand alone machine. Pictures would be great. Thanks Guys
  148. crash325

    Home Made "Log Splitter" is working

    After spending quite some time looking at log splitters on the net and watching videos of them in operation. Then looking at the cost of 1 that would actually do the job, it was either keep splitting by hand or build a splitter. My shoulder told me to build one, it just would not take the...