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  1. Buppies


    Does anyone know what happed to him? He was very insightful in his comments
  2. Buppies


    Ordered a set of brakes for son VW Jetta from Place for Brakes in Miami Florida as we have purchased from them before. This time after telling them all the particulars including factory part numbers as there were two different manufactures for the rear brakes they send the wrong ones. Now am...
  3. Buppies

    Gun shows

    Locally a big gun show this weekend, how many of you all go to gun shows? I try to avoid them as I always spend money :laughing:
  4. Buppies

    Detailing a car truck or tractor

    Always thought I knew how to wash and wax a car truck or tractor but after reading another forum I do not. Rennlist is the site porsche 911. 991 under a gentleman money2456. The detail with which he cleans his cars is unbelievable. Not making fun here just amazed at what you can learn
  5. Buppies

    Grapple for 5240 Kubota

    I am considering purchasing a grapple to aid in clean up but do not know what size or type to get. One can read about them forever but first has knowledge is best. So I'm asking what do I need and how would you spend my money?
  6. Buppies

    Ford F-450 with 6.4 diesel

    In December of last year service truck lost both turbos and had broken exhaust manifold bolts. Repair cost $6600. Last week motor loses number eight piston $18000 for new motor. Turbos at 101000 mi and motor at 111000 mi. As we all know out of warranty but reason for diesel is longevity right...
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    Christmas lights

    Any outstanding pictures of Christmas lights at your house or neighbors. Would love to see them. How about tractors decorated?
  8. Buppies

    Christmas decorations

    How many have already started, how many are done and how many are like me and just starting to think about it?
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    Cold weather coming

    We are getting ready to enter a very cold and stormy pattern for 2/3 of the country starting next week. Cold air from Siberia will start entering the mid west next week and push east. This looks to be some serious cold the likes of which we haven't seen in many years. The southern jet will get...
  10. Buppies

    Bear trouble

    It seems a lot of neighbors are having trouble with bears getting into garbage or bird feeders searching for food. The mast this year was very poor due to so much rain in spring and summer. Anyone else having these problems?
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    John Deere 550 gator

    We have owned a 550 since January of this year. Rails on rear bed rusted but replaced by dealer. Parking brake has broken three times locks up and won't release at dealer now. Dealer says it is our fault that we are putting it on to hard. The last time it was fixed only lasted one day. This...
  12. Buppies

    New Woods 3584 Blade

    New LandPride 3584 Got a new blade for tractor along with top n tilt. The blade has hydro angling to make job easier and now have 6 inches of new powder to go try it out . Will update after use today:D
  13. Buppies

    South West Virginia Snow

    Looks like we will get our first accumulating snow of 6 inches or so in over a year. Will finally get a chance to put tractor to work. Just had 3 inches plus of rain and now this but boy did we need the moisture. Next week very cold with maybe more snow. 50-07 blade to get some use:licking:
  14. Buppies

    2012 F 250 one year later

    Purchased one almost one year ago. So far averaging 18.2 mpg. Other than locking cable in rear of bed breaking no problems at all. Wife loves truck and we will travel in it for 6 hours and never feel tired or unconfortable. Pulls tractor equally with dodge 2500 though not as quiet. Both have 6.7...
  15. Buppies

    50 hour service

    Just did part of this service changing oil next will be front differential then hydro and transmission . Oil wasn't to bad and did with synthetic Mobile One 5w40 for Diesel engines . Front diff will be using amsoil gear oil 75/90. Made a nice mess changing oil on floor pulled drain plugs slowly...
  16. Buppies

    Rear remotes for 5240

    Strongly considering adding three rear remotes to my 5240. How should each one be set up? Strongly considering TNT and for third one angling blade among with other implements that require hydro hookup
  17. Buppies


    Would you trade finishing mower 1672 land pride used only twice, kk bush hog 5 ft , 60 in box blade bush hog brand and 50-07 bush hog for TNT on rear and wheel weights or would you try and sell outright . All but blade are to small for current tractor
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    JohnDeere 550 Gator

    Anyone have any experience with one of these. Looking at one now but know very little about them. Have owned numerous ATVs all makes and models even still have one a 700 Yamaha . Will keep this but need something that can haul flowers mulch water and go to the top of our little mountain trail...
  19. Buppies

    Lost best friend

    Tonight our golden retriever Sofi died. She went everywhere we went traveling tractoring or yard work always by your side. She was never sick until tonight and at almost 13 years old that is pretty good. We will miss her
  20. Buppies


    Wow 3 to 5 inches of rain yesterday no tractor time today. The grass will certainly get ahead of me now. Several local hay cutters cannot get into to fields to cut and 1 to 2 more inches today. I guess all 52hp will be needed now and the large tree that fell over the weekend still needs removed...
  21. Buppies

    Time to put tractor to work

    This afternoon after church a large oak tree fell across the driveway just missing the company truck. This tree is about 60 feet or so tall or was before it fell. Lots of brush to clean up and wood to cut up and haul with tractor. Some of the log is about 30 inches in diameter. Wow in some...
  22. Buppies

    Something Stolen From My House

    No it wasn't my tractor but a canoe 17 feet long that had been done by the pond until Saturday morning. It had been in the same place for 10 years and gave my family a lot of enjoyment and now it's gone. Whoever too it had to move over 300yds to get it over the fence and to the road. The...
  23. Buppies

    Kodiac Products

    What information can the members give on this manufacturer. Such as reliability construction personal experiences. Thanks in advance