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  1. jakell2010

    Hhmm finally finished my hydraulics project

    Had posted earlier in the fall about running a jinma hoe off the back of my new B2920,,, now I will likely use this thing 4-5 x /yr so I couldn't see stoping 8k $ on a factory one so I found a used one for $2k and has the dealer install "a loop" in the back to run " other " things, that cost...
  2. jakell2010

    Used my 64" rear blower on my B2920 for the first time

    WOOOOO,,,,,HOOOOO,,,,,,boy I wish I had pictures, it took me 10 min to do what it use to take a minimum of 40 minutes with the bucket.
  3. jakell2010

    got a Quick attach hitch,,,anything but

    I got a class 1 quick attach hitch today, spent an hour trying to get my bush hog on, finally had to take it off and attach it straight to the 3 pt,,then tried to hook my generater up to it and no go. WHAT IS THE TRICK?,,,,,anyone use them? or is it a $120 paper weight:confused2:
  4. jakell2010

    TnT on a B 2929

    K folks it's finally in but I got hydraulic power to the back witha 2 spool remote and top lol installed, remote $219, cyl $129, shop work to pull the Hydraulic power $310.,, hoses and fittings about $160, and I am still looking for tje splurged to be able to choose between TNT and hoe ( push or...
  5. jakell2010

    Hydraulic chute rotataor

    Hi I have a Blizzard 60" 3pt blower and want to put a hydraulic chute rotator on it,,,any one know where, and any tips? I have a remote for TnT on the back , so that's done, I just need the right motor
  6. jakell2010

    How much weight would loading the fronts of B2920 add

    Needing weight in the front with the loader on, and need to be able to use the loader,,,,how much weight would filling the fronts with RV antifreeze? Does RV antifreeze weigh any less than the beat juice that the dealers add ?,,,,is there a down side to the RV antifreeze? Size 7-12 tires
  7. jakell2010

    Why do I keep blowing return filters

    Installed a return line hydraulic filter on my back hoe, and I bow the filter apart in less than one minute, the input pressure is set at 2100 psi,,,, I thought the return lines were supposed to be low pressure It's on a Kubota B2020 with a chinese hoe LW-7, the hydraulics are looped off the...
  8. jakell2010


    What does the word prince mean in hydraulics?,,,is it a manufacturer Also what's the best type of two spool valve to use for a TnT function
  9. jakell2010

    eBay/Craigslist  Back hoe question

    Hi I am new to the Chinese board,,,been around here a while though (TBN),,,anyway, I have a 2011 Kubota 2920B series,,,here goes,, surfing craigslist the other day I see " Backhoe 7' used 10 hrs, stored inside $2000", so I go to see it, and this chap had one time tried to start a dealership of...
  10. jakell2010

    Woods BH80X on a 2920

    A local Kioti dealer went under and they are selling off the leavings,,,,,,,there's a Kioti BH 80X ,,,which is a WOODS, , now I got a hold of a 2006 spec sheet and on that it says I can get a subframe for a 2710 ( didn't make the the 29),, same tractor , different motor. Went to the dealer, and...
  11. jakell2010

    Want to put rear top and tilt on Kubota 2920 B

    Looking to put TnT on my new B2920,,,, first of all Kubota doesn't make it for B series ( per dealer) so he priced out the L series,,,,,$1800 just for the 2 valves,,,Holy sh....I am not a wiz when it comes to hydraulics, I can fix broken stuf , but as for designing a new add on,,,I am not sure...
  12. jakell2010

    B2920. What box blade?

    Can I go with a 6' or would that be too much weight
  13. jakell2010

    Hydraulic top and tilt on a B series

    Hi I Was thinking of putting hydraulic top and tilt on my 2011 B2920,,,,fit rite hydraulics has a nice cylinder kit for a few hundred,,,what about the valve?,,,is it difficult to plumb?
  14. jakell2010

    Hydraulic top and tilt on a B2920

    Hi king about putting hyd top and tilt on my 2920,,,,,has anyone done it?,,,and how much was the valves?,,is it something I could do myself or should I let the dealer
  15. jakell2010

    Ediquet (spelling) question for a kubota owner

    OK My birthday is in two weeks and the Mrs being what she is ( the sweetheart) ,,,, thought I should have a radio on the tractor that I spend so much time on ,,,( B2920),,,, so she called tractor radio web site,,,and they sent her a fender mounted encase unit with speakers measuring...
  16. jakell2010

    B2920 owner, thinking about getting Hoe,,,questions?

    Hello I have a B2920, 2010,,I do not have a backhoe ,,, when I spec'd the tractor I knew I wasn't ordering a hoe, so I never even asked any questions, knowing that it would fit if needed was enough for me. I really use and depend upon my 3 pt hitch, sometimes using two or three implements per...
  17. jakell2010

    RAD technologies Blizzard b64 got it for $1k

    Dealer closed, selling off the old stock, still on the pallette Anyone know anything about them,,,figured for $1000 I couldn't go wrong, shaft and all
  18. jakell2010

    Engine oil choice?

    I have a 2920,,, it's 3 weeks old, and am approaching the 50 hr point,,,,,,what oil are most people using?,,,is synthetic an option?, would there be any benefits,,,,,according to the manual the next interval is 200hrs. Man that's a long time for engine oil? Thanks in advance for your help...
  19. jakell2010

    Saying Good bye 5264D

    Well sorry but I had to do it, traded my problematic 2007 5264D , ( hydraulic trans rebuild, blown hoses, new steering piston) all this year, the dealer gave me a lot more than I thought I was going to get. I got a Kubota 2920, and must say OMG, what a difference.
  20. jakell2010

    New digs

    Ha ha ha ,,,, still hauling it home
  21. jakell2010

    Financing  Any ideas if KCC is changinf its promotional programs for July

    I am closing on July 2nd and was wondering if anyone has heard that KCC is changing it's 0% for 60 mos on the 30 th?,,,,,,the dealer couldn't prep the machine till this week and the wife can't get off to come sign till Saturday,,,,,,,,,hoping it stays the same
  22. jakell2010

    Picking up a 2920 on july 2nd. Which deck (if any)

    Hi I am picking up my brand new 2920 next Saturday, trading in my Cub 5264D, ( good ridens) ,,,,,,,either way,,I have a rear blade, potato plow, 5' bush hog, 5' finish mower, all 3 pt, and a dump trailer and access to a 60" tiller. I have been using my 3pt wood finish mower for years, and...
  23. jakell2010

    Choice in machines

    Hi I have a cub 5264d that has to go, I was almost sure that I was buying a Kubota 2920, until I bought a bush hog from a guy with a ck20,,, now I am looking at the CK 27 and love it other than the fact that it weighs over 3000 lbs and is almost 20" longer ( a perfect farm tractor) I use it...
  24. jakell2010

    Sticky steering on hst 5264D

    I have an 07 5264DL, replaced the steering cylinder a few weeks ago because I bent it, now it sticks just as you first turn the wheel,,( it did it before also),not a lot, but enough that I can feel it,,,any ideas,,,I checked the fluid level in the tractor and. It is fine,,',it is the same...
  25. jakell2010

    Price Check  Hello all, i am thinking about unloadong my CC 5264D, and getting a kubota B2620

    The dealer quoted me 17,000 for T/L for the 2620 and $19k for the 3200, I need something with more breakout strength, and more GPM from the pump, the cub is a 26 HP unit but weighs round 1000 lbs, but only 16 pto what do you think
  26. jakell2010

    5264D tranny problem,,How much did it cost you?

    Hi,,,,I am the 2nd owner of a 5264D, I have had it about a year, and it has about 290hrs on it,has FEL,BB, 3pt mower, well I was digging into a pile and felt a shutter/jump, now it is doing it about every 5 feet, I kind of have an I dea that the planetary Sh__T the bed,,,,,,:(,,,, I was...
  27. jakell2010

    Mid-Mount Mower  Cub Cadet 5264 MMM wanted

    Hello, this is my first post here, I am looking for someone that has a used MMM deck with lift hardware for a 5000 series tractor I just bought this tractor 07 5264D 4x4, hydro, loader/back blade 200hrs, had the trans done by cub factory tech when it was first delivered, I got the whole thing...