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    3r series

    3046r redesign in the near future? I’m ready to update my 3720, and I’ve been holding off for three years waiting for a re-do I’m looking to do it this year on a 3046, unless there is something coming that I don’t know about. thoughts? thanks.
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    Ready to trade in my 3720

    I like to treat myself to a new tractor every 5 years or so. I’ve been holding on to this non emission tractor a little longer than usual. My question is this, when is the next model update for the 3r series? I would hate to buy a new 3046r with a new updated style/model set to be launched. Any...
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    Opinions wanted 3720 to 3046

    I’m thinking about trading in my 3720 for a new tractor. I do this every 5-6 years. My 3720 was the last of the non emissions tractors, and that is one of the reasons I’m asking the question. Are the new 3046 EGR tractors showing any engine/tier 4 related issues that are similar to the 100%...
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    Replacement model for 3000/20 series tractors?

    I am just wondering if JD will be replacing or updating the 3000 twenty series tractors. It's a model that's been around for seven years. Any rumors?
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    Price Check  Looking to trade my 3720 w/ 585 hrs

    I'm looking to replace my current 3720 with a new 3720. No real reason other than to have shiney paint, a new 72" deck and a section 179. I primarily mow with a 72" 7 iron, and it has a 300cx. I'm looking to replace it with the same equipment and possibly a backhoe attachment. I get the...
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    Tractor News  Next generation 3000 series

    I am currently a proud owner of a 3720, which I bought in it's introductory year. It's been a flawless powerhouse of a tractor, and there isn't another color but green in my future.. I'm looking ahead to trade someday, but only if a new, updated series of the 3000 line is offered. Is there any...
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    3000/20 series air irde seat.

    Expensive, yes.. Worth every penny? Yes.. I just received my tractor back with the new air ride seat and auto cruise control. The seat was much more that what I expected. I bought it because the standard seat just didn't have enough adjustment to keep my rear end from bottoming out. Not only...
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    3000x20 series seat spring fix.

    As I posted before the seat on my 3720 was bottoming out, and not carrying my weight as it should. I have since came up with a temporary fix to get by with before my air ride seat arrives. Simple buy two 3" stainless pipe clamps and use them to secure a section of the springs. From the rear...
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    300CX justa leakin' away....

    300CX justa leakin\' away.... First the good news. I finally scratched the paint on my new 300CX's bucket. Whoa, what a difference working with a 3720/300CX over my old 4300/430. I never considered what more engine power would do for moving a pile of dirt. The tractor felt like King Kong...
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    Finally recived my 3720

    The deck took forever to come in, but the whole package was finally delivered today. The first thing I noticed was how much better this tractor reduced emissions over my 4300. I just can't smell exhaust. My 4300 would darn near poison me after a few hours, and this alone was worth the upgrade...
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    3720 taking forever to be built.

    Almost a month has gone by, and no sign of my tractor yet. The dealer has taken delivery of every 3000X20 series, but says the 3720 seems to take longer. Doesn't sound logical to me, but what do I know.. Anybody else waiting unusually long? Thanks.
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    Loaded tires.

    Exactly how much weight does a set of loaded tires add to a 3000 X 20 series? Also, what is the usual cost of the service. Thanks again.
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    air ride seat

    I was wondering if anybody has sprung (no pun intended) for the air ride seat? My 3720 should be here soon, and I would like to know if this pricey option is "all that". I would love a better ride, but for almost $500 bucks, it better make the tractor ride like Aladin's magic carpet. Thanks
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    Price Check  Price difference between 4310 and 3570

    As some of you know, last week I posted a question concerning the $4,000 trade price difference between my current MY 2001 4300 and a new 4310 to help out a friend. What I am mulling now is the possibility of bypassing the 4310 for a new 3570. Although I may not be solving his 4310 problem, he...
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    4300 to 4310 How much should I pay?

    Both tractors are equipped the same. 72" MMM, HST/e-hydro and 430 FEL. My 4300 has 380 hours and the 4310 is new. The dealer wants 4K in trade. Whatcha think? Also, has anybody had experience with the 7 iron decks? Thanks.