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  1. rjmack

    Help Identify my Massey Ferguson

    \ I owned a tractor similar to that once, MF2135. it was an industrial version of a MF135. iirc it had a 3 speed trans w high and low range, an additional foot throttle, and the exhaust routed out below and the the rear of the tractor. and had power steering. I think pretty well everything...
  2. rjmack

    $500,000.00 fine and/or 5 years in federal prison for a first offense. John Deere

    You can pay a John Deere dealer to take a tractor home, but John Deere refuses to acknowledge that tractor belongs to you. this is so bizarre I really don't know where to post it. how about a poll to see just what farmers think of this? John Deere just told the copyright office that only...
  3. rjmack

    GC2410 Broken Hood Mounts

    like the title says, not too big of a deal though, less than 2 hours including re & re the loader to be able to get in there. hood comes off easy. gc241 broken hood mounts - YouTube
  4. rjmack

    Massey Ferguson 1700 series in Action, A Picture Thread

    cement mixer. carport slab - YouTube
  5. rjmack

    Time for some hydraulics troubleshooting GC2410

    Well, I guess something had to break sooner or later. :laughing: have been doing a lot of digging/traveling over the last week. today the bucket curl system gave up the ghost. bucket will still curl relatively decent, but will not hold. requires constant pressure on the joystick while...
  6. rjmack

    GC mixer build

    I posted a picture of this about 5 years ago and noticed it had over a thousand views but no comments. I called it a tool tote but things have worked out differently. I really only use it for mixing cement, but it has proven very handy for that. I can have a dump truck deliver the navijack at...
  7. rjmack

    Front bucket hooks gc series

    depends on what you are doing. for general yardwork my forks get used so much more often than hooks that its hard to make a comparison. 60-80 times as often wud be ballpark figure. bare bucket moving dirt is the one I least use, however I do have to remove the forks to use the bucket...
  8. rjmack

    Front bucket hooks gc series

    this is just one example. YouTube the hooks on mine get used quite often. no bracing has been required. it is usual much better to pull from the bucket end using the backhoe or whatever you have hanging off the back of the tractor for ballast.
  9. rjmack

    Welding Rig Build

    built this over the last few years.
  10. rjmack

    Rig Build

    Been working on this for a while. Built for Lincoln welder, using Miller welder.
  11. rjmack

    GC2410 Glow Plugs

    lol! I pulled the plugs, but the testing part was not necessary. I know the picture is crappy, but my phone lens is hooped. as you can see, the new ones are overall longer than the originals, the ends are all missing from the originals but they still seem to be full width down past where the...
  12. rjmack

    GC2410 Glow Plugs

    Does anyone know if I can get a hotter than stock glow plug to fit on this engine? sick and tired of hard start even in summer. btw, also looking for an aftermarket block heater that will work. bad cord fried mine, buying from dealer will cost $235.00
  13. rjmack

    Massey Fergusons on the south pole.

    another Massey Ferguson goes where no everlast welder has ever been seen. ?Tractor girl? drives Massey Ferguson to the South Pole - North - CBC News :laughing: :cool2::cool2::cool2:
  14. rjmack

    double post

    still fun though. ?Tractor girl? drives Massey Ferguson to the South Pole - North - CBC News :dance1:
  15. rjmack

    Another Massey Ferguson makes it to the south pole.

    ?Tractor girl? drives Massey Ferguson to the South Pole - North - CBC News :thumbsup::cool2:
  16. rjmack

    Massey Ferguson on the South Pole again.

    has any other brand even tried? ?Tractor girl? drives Massey Ferguson to the South Pole - North - CBC News :thumbsup::cool2:
  17. rjmack

    GC 2410 motor

    does anyone have an idea where to go, besides MF, for parts for the iseki diesel in the 2410? tractor laid over on its side and the engine ran away. no damage to body parts etc, but engine appears to be toast. too bad, it was a pretty well flawless engine. next one will have positive air...
  18. rjmack

    Welding on empty drums notice the reference to MSDS sheets.
  19. rjmack

    Got an interesting letter from the RCMP today

    It's pretty easy for you to sound like a wizard on a board populated primarily with farmers and, no doubt, that helps you sell welding machines. But I am a welder too... here are some shots from my last job, And I can guarantee you there are no Everlast welding machines on this site. Far as...
  20. rjmack

    Got an interesting letter from the RCMP today

    I sure wish I had a working scanner so as to provide a nice clean copy of this letter. The last thread I was involved in here was locked by the administrator, in part because I referred to Everlast welders as throw away items, I never imagined I would be receiving a letter from the RCMP...
  21. rjmack

    Snow snow blade in GC2300/GC2310 bucket?

    I agree with Ray, I have a backblade for dragging or pushing up against a pile. I use the bucket for piling where need be. You often have to get up a head of steam if the snow is deep or heavy, all you have to hit is one snag while pushing with the bucket, and it will shake your teeth lose and...
  22. rjmack

    gc2410 loader boom cylinder

    does anyone know where to buy an aftermarket bucket curl cylinder for a gc2410. long story short, it's bent.
  23. rjmack

    Tires GC2310 wheels/tires

    I've had ag's on mine from day one, no regrets. I don't use the 2410 to mow, but still run on this lawn without issue, as long as I don't regularly use the same path. If I do that, I doubt it would matter what kind of tires I had, the weight of the machine will kill the grass, at least...
  24. rjmack

    PA200 Throw Away Welding Machine

    I realize the salesman pressure on this board is out of this world, and there is no doubt this post will be tagteamed by shills, and I'm probably not going to change anything about how business is done here, but there are some things that I need to say. Firstly, most farmers are not welders...
  25. rjmack

    GC2410 GC1710 Video w' brush forks

    Had some fun with my tractor yesterday, thought I would post a link to the video. Massey Ferguson GC2410 working with forks GC1700 - YouTube
  26. rjmack


    I have finally given up on having the tach/hr meter working in the winter. The tractor is always stored inside heated garage, I take it outside and within 10 minutes the tach buries itself and starts howling. Stop machine, restart, rev up, tach buries and howls, repeat procedure until pissed off...
  27. rjmack

    GC Series Owner Upgrades And Modifications

    Those are fairly easy to replace, not sure a shield is needed unless you have a specific application that poses a challenge? Here are a few things I built for mine.
  28. rjmack

    gc2410 hazard/blinker light rattle

    high, my machine has developed a very annoying rattle that is clearly coming from the lights mounted to the roll bar. I have tightened all the screws and bolts but the problem persists... I seem to remember reading about this issue a while back, does anybody have the fix? machine is at about...
  29. rjmack

    metal stems for gc2410

    I got ag tires put on my 2410 by the dealer when I bought it. they charged me $200.00 dollars to have the tires filled and assured me they would use non-caustic fluid. by the end of the first season they were signs of rust appearing around the valve stems. beginning the 3rd season, (may) there...
  30. rjmack

    backhoe dolly

    i was surfing youtube last year and saw a good idea for a backhoe dolly out of wood. backhoe dolly - YouTube so I decided to build one out of scrap steel, and used 6" casters instead of 5". it works okay, next one i will build an offset into the front of the frame to enable it to wheel in and...
  31. rjmack

    Oil & Fuel  GC2410 Hydrostatic oil change

    hi, my machine is ready for the 250 hr hydro oil change. I plan on putting the backhoe on and positioning the bucket/backhoe cylinders such that the oil in the cylinders is evacuated as much as possible to prevent old oil from being kept in the system. does anyone know for sure if the suction...
  32. rjmack

    workbull loader

    any idea what an old workbull will pick up with the loader? 2000 lbs?
  33. rjmack

    Spray Booth Ducting

    like the title says, i built a 12'x16' foot tractor shed that i want to use as a spray booth from time to time. i plan to put a fan low on one end wall, and plumb two grates in between the trusses at the other (doors) end. the two grates will then be ducted to grates mounted in the eaves, then...
  34. rjmack

    GC 2410 steering

    my steering ram needs replaced as it is very sloppy. there is also oil leaking in that area. i have been checking the engine oil level and that doesn't seem to be the source of the leak. does the steering cylinder get it's oil supply from the main hydraulic pump?
  35. rjmack


    finally got sick and tired of running across situations somewhere on the property where i needed a tool that was stored somewhere else on the property. bought a cement mixer before i bought the tractor and hadn't got around to using it yet, so i figured incorporate it into the build as well. it...
  36. rjmack

    Dual Dump Deck

    i'm thinking of building a dumping deck this year, but would like it to dump either over the back, or over the side. i have seen trucks from the '50's that had side dump decks, but not any detailed photos. does anyone have any plans or photos for one of these?
  37. rjmack

    GC2400/2410/2600/2610 production numbers

    does anyone know how many of these machines are being produced on an annual basis?
  38. rjmack

    Easy Forks

    here is a scaleable, easy to build, plan for bucket forks. The only bucket mods are one small piece welded on the back side. i built a set, that work good on a gc2410, out of 1 1/2 x .125 hss and 3/8 x 3 flat bar.
  39. rjmack

    gc2410 tachometer issue

    my 2410 sat for the better part of 6 weeks, after which i noticed a blowdown on the edge of my property. so i decided to just put the brush forks on and move it rather than cut it up with the chainsaw. i started the tractor, let it warm up for about 20 minutes (-5c) and then did the job. i...
  40. rjmack

    gin poles with a twist

    somewhere back in june i decided to build a set of jin poles for the myriad of lifting chores that seem to crop on my property. i had an old truck (superdodge) named in honour of super dave osborne. it already had a steel deck that i figured would be heavy enough for the task, and i had lots of...
  41. rjmack

    Tecumseh replacement

    Hi, i'm looking for a replacement engine for an mf10 riding mower. i realize tecumseh has gone out of business and i'm hoping there might be a mf dealer out there who may have one sitting in a back corner somewhere.:)
  42. rjmack

    gc2410 cruise control

    hi, i'm wondering if anybody has had to adjust their cruise control assembly. mine always backs off immediately, a little bit, and then continues to back off so that i have to reset it so regularly that its really not a cruise control. has anyone else had this problem, dealt with it?
  43. rjmack

    just another thumb project

    hi everybody, i can't really afford a thumb for my gc2410, but i can afford to build one. and we all love pictures:D btw, this is the first day progress.
  44. rjmack

    gc2410 is it a toy?

    you decide... that tree was dead standing until that little backhoe showed up. ;)
  45. rjmack

    gc2410 shift on the fly

    hi, does anyone know when/if mf is going to change to a shift on the fly hi-low hydrostat range selector?
  46. rjmack

    Price Check  GC2410 Hood

    hi, does anybody know how much a new hood for a gc2410 costs?
  47. rjmack

    gc2410 engine block

    hi, does anybody know if these are cast iron or aluminum blocks, cylinder heads etc...? tks, Bob
  48. rjmack

    Tires  gc2410 tire and component questions

    firstly, hi everybody, my name is Bob and this is my first post. i have a 1967 mf2135 and am planning on purchasing a gc2410, but i have a few questions... the brochure doesn't list tire sizes or wheelbase length, also i wonder how many of the major components are cast iron versus aluminum. as...