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    Worn Tie Rod Ends

    I was doing my seasonal maintenance on a 3 year old 3620H and found both tie rod ends are loose at the ball coupling. Tractor has 250 hours and I have been relatively careful about not overloading the front end, turning to the stops and not turning while the tractor is stationary but they are...
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    3620H Stuck in Range A - Eazy Fix

    My 2021 3620H with 125 hours is stuck in A range. Everything was working great and during a routine range change it locked up. Shift lever does not look like it’s in the right position for range A. It looks to be in position C. Any ideas?
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    Kubota RTV Cabin Blower not Working

    I found and purchased a very clean 2004 RTV900 Camo Realtree model with less than 700 hours on it. It has a few minor problems with gauges (speedo & fuel not working) but I've found info on how to troubleshoot those. The cabin blower/heater motor also isn't working but I can't find anything on...
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    Thoughts about 2005 Kubota RTV900

    I have started shopping for a UTV to be used strictly as a work horse around a 35 acre property in the N. Ga mountains. I already have a tractor for the heavy duty work so this is mainly for light hauling and getting around for maintenance. It will need decent off road capability since much of...
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    Pinched Hydraulic Tube Should I Replace?

    I was using a subsoiler to pull some large roots and one came up under the rear of the tractor, caught bottom edge of the PTO cover and pushed to top corner up into one of the two metal hydraulic tubes and partially pinching it. I'm not exactly sure what this tube is supplying but is it...
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    Box Blade Scarifier Repair

    So I twisted up a scarifier on some big roots and had my son try to bend it back with a really big press. This is what I got back from him. Looks pretty stout but wondering if there are any opinions as to stronger or weaker than original. Since he only notched and welded part way thru the...
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    Trouble Greasing The Same Specific Fitting On Each Side of FEL - Branson 3620H

    I have greased my 3620H with 45hrs a few times now but have not been able to get any into the upper left or right side fittings where the bucket connects. This is the forward most upper connection just behind the bucket. Ive tried with the bucket on the ground unloaded, and also in a variety...
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    Front Axle Gear Oil Spec Requirements for New 3620H

    I posted this question last week in the Oil, Fuel & Lube forum but did see any definitive answers and I haven't been able to get detailed info from a current factory service manual so I wanted to see if anyone knows for sure what the 80W-90 gear oil requirement is. Owners manual only states SAE...
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    ROPS Hinge Pin Tight Fit

    One of the nagging problems I have to do something about in the near future is the almost impossible tight fit of the left and right ROPS hinge pins. I have to drop the bar to fit in the garage for now until I can build a taller storage shed. I’ve loosened the bolts but have to use a hammer and...
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    80w-90 Front Axle Gear Lube

    I need to add a little to the Branson 3620H with about 20 hours on it. Dealer said it was checked at delivery but it’s about 1 inch below the dip stick. I’ve checked for leaks and do not see any so I’ll top off and keep a close eye on it. Manual only specifies SAE 80w-90 so is any...
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    FEL Attachments - Weight vs Performance

    The thread title is rather generic but my question is more specific to the performance of a grapple rake. I'm in the market for a double cylinder clamshell style grapple rake to do lots of cleanup in the dense woods on my property. There are tons of dead tree limbs, downed trees and small...
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    Grapple for Working in the Woods

    I am looking for recommendations based on using this grapple on Branson 3620h (36hp) 20 series hydrostat with a 2700 lb rated FEL. I am on a heavily wooded lot that I intend to work on opening up in select areas so I will be felling all sized trees and needing to either skid them out or pluck...
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    Purchase Recommendation 3620h or 4815h

    I posted this in the General forum but wanted to also cross post here to the Branson community that may have actual experience with both tractors. About to make my 1st tractor purchase and I have decided on one of these two Bransons. Aggressive pricing from my local dealer is making the brand...
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    Buying Advice  Branson 3620h or 4815h for Wooded Property

    About to make my 1st tractor purchase and I have decided on one of these two Bransons. Aggressive pricing from my local dealer is making the brand choice easy but the model choice is a little tougher to make. I am on a 35 acre heavily wooded (north Georgia national forest) and hilly property...