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  1. ededic

    Refurbishing a Delta 930 Lathe

    I purchased this antique lathe, then found an original set of cast iron legs for it. I built the connector planks and feet out of Red Oak cut and sawn from the location where my woodshop stands now. I purchased a new motor to be trouble free.
  2. ededic

    Dual Axle 14' Equipment Trailer

    Dual Axle 14’ Equipment Trailer with D Rated Trailer Tires and Aluminum Rims 3,500 lb drop axles with Brakes on Rear Axle Custom Lockable Toolbox, 2” Ball Hitch, 16” Pocket sides Steel and Wood Heavy Duty Ramps, Spare Tire Located in Western Lower MI $2,750
  3. ededic

    Price Check  L3240HST w/FEL and Ballast Box - Value?

    My father in-law is moving to a retirement community and will be selling his tractor. It is a 2007 Kubota L3240HST with only 460 hrs on it. It has been used around the yard and not seen much use on his 2 acre lot. It has a LA514 Loader and a ballast box attachment on the 3pt. He also has a...
  4. ededic

    Crowning Gravel Roads with BB

    Have been maintaining about 4 miles of roads in our association for about 10 years now. I do this with a 2005 John Deere 2210 and started with a York Rake. Loud and raked a lot of rocks. I needed the local contractor to come in two or three times a year to crown but washouts from storms would...
  5. ededic

    Coolant quick disconnects?

    Is there such a thing as coolant quick disconnects? Getting ready to install the heater on my “new to me” cab and wondering if there is such a thing. Just incase I ever want to remove the cab or replace the heater without draining the coolant. Hyd, air have them, why not coolant? I have a...
  6. ededic

    Curtis Cab for my JD 2210

    My usual pass through the postings for the day on Craigslist landed me on a Curtis Cab for my JD 2210 only 1 hour away. Been looking, looking and even contemplated building one using purchased. This one has all of the options front and rear wipers, mirrors, front and rear lights, hard side...
  7. ededic

    Trucking Logs in West Michigan

    I am getting ready to cut 12-15 old growth Red Oak trees in mid Western Lower Michigan and can’t find a timber hauler to save my life. Growing up in the Upper Peninsula you can’t throw a stone without hitting a logging truck. Anybody have any ideas? I need to get the logs about 100 miles away...
  8. ededic

    Dirt Moving  Won second place in a sand sculpture contest

    My wife and I spend the summer at our cottage on Lake Michigan. We won second prize with this 10 x 16 foot sculpture. It's a John Deere 7530.
  9. ededic

    New cottage/retirement home near Lake Michigan

    Thanks to MotorSeven, Obed, Pete and others putting themselves out there, I am attempting the same, as My wife and I start down the path of building a retirement home. We are planning on replacing our 24'x32' summer cottage near the lake with a retirement home that we assume to be our last...
  10. ededic

    Mowing  JD No. 3 or 5 Sickle Mower on a JD 2210?

    Hello all. I really enjoy this forum. Has anybody put an older model sickle mower on a JD 2210 or 2305? What are my limitations, HP, weight, width? I am contemplating buying one but don't want to waste the money. I used to run a No 3 on a JD G growing up but that is a significantly larger...
  11. ededic

    John Deere 6x4 Gator Stack Exhaust

    Customized the exhaust of a 6x4 John Deere Gator to stacks in stead of out the back. Got tired of exhaust billowing into every crevice of the cab while backing up, plowing snow. Sounds like it has a 350 Chevy under the box. Thanks to a great neighbor with awesome welding skills, could not have...