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  1. timbatrader

    Electrical Problems with a chinese loader

    Using my chinese loader in a riverbed yesterday loading gravel very bumpy and getting bounced about a lot which seems to have caused an electrical problem the machine would not start after I had shut it down a small click but not enough juice to turn the starter after a bit of testing seemed to...
  2. timbatrader

    Are diesel engine oil filters interchangeable with hydraulic return line filters

    Doing a ten year service of my little Yuchai YCT306 bulldozer. The parts book calls for a SPX 06 x 25 hydraulic return filter I am having difficulty finding an equivalent, but the last time I did it the local garage supplied what they considered an equivalent a Baldwin BT292. When I look up...
  3. timbatrader

    Cool Aussie tractor for sale in New Zealand that will make some Aussies drool

    Chamberlain Champion 9G | Trade Me Marketplace
  4. timbatrader

    Kiwi building a Scandinavian house

    Thought I would start a thread to document my house build a Scandinavian style solid timber build a bit like a log cabin build but precision factory cut laminated beams instead if logs the design and getting the permit has taken months but the permit came through yesterday so I can start work...
  5. timbatrader

    Electrical problem can someone explain this circuit

    I have a Chinese pivot steer loader Mountain Raise MR926S it sometimes refuses to start if I flick the key on off a dozen times or so the relay clicks in and it goes it seems to not be the starter solenoid but another relay in the system I am trying to work out the reason for or function of a...
  6. timbatrader

    if it an't broke don't fix or should I

    The diesel lift pump which is built into the injector pump on my loader (Chinese Mountain Raise MR926S) is not pumping a replacement pump is dirt cheap if ordered from china so I got one on the way but anticipating a long delivery time I bought locally a 24volt universal pump to keep me going...
  7. timbatrader

    Yuchai YCT306S-S requires new tracks

    I have a little Yuchai bulldozer that needs new tracks no one in New Zealand stocks tracks for these but I believe I could probably get excavator tracks to fit the pitch is 109mm which seems to be common excavator pitch lots of sites sell aftermarket track groups but they all seem to list them...
  8. timbatrader

    Photo needing a funny caption

  9. timbatrader

    Sized the motor on an old Nuffield 3DL

    I bought an old Nuffield 3DL universal 3 tractor someone had started restoring it replaced the clutch done up the brakes and a few other things then got sick and abandoned it it sat outside for a number of years until I purchased off the son I got it home after replacing the stop cable and...
  10. timbatrader

    Permanent magnet alternator wiring

    I have replaced several generators and externally regulated alternator's on old tractors with modern two wire alternators simple one wire to the battery and second to the key switch via the charge light on the dash a neighbour has asked for help with his tractor which a standard car alternator...
  11. timbatrader

    Vintage John Deere Auction in New Zealand

    Hi thought some of you might be interested in this link to a tractor collection being auctioned in New Zealand 219: Auctions: The Houghton John Deere Collection | Alastair Beer Auctions | Specialist Auctioneer to Commerce & Industry
  12. timbatrader

    New Alternator on Yuchai YCT306S Bulldozer

    I have replaced the old alternator and charge controller on my dozer with a "one wire" alternator which requires a current through the "charge light" to excite the alternator to make it work it seems difficult to find a little light bulb charge light to put on the dash they are all LED these...
  13. timbatrader

    Loader  Mountain Raise MR926S

    A picture of my new toy Put a low ball bid on a on line auction and were suprised to win it but happy so far I have a part catalog and opperater instruction in chinglish but the engine manual is in Chinese does anyone have a link to or a PDF version in english for Yunnei YN27GBZ engine 55kw
  14. timbatrader

    Yuchai dozer do I repair this or just leave it

    Greasing my Yuchai YCT306S-S dozer the other day I noticed the rubber block on one side of the machine that the undercarriage frame sits on missing. So a new rubber block and buffer cap have been fitted. Also damaged are some lightweight ribbons of steel wielded over the slots in the...
  15. timbatrader

    Hi are any Aussie's around today

    Hi are there any Aussies on the board who know if Midway sales are still around the distributors of Eastwind Dozers a rebranded Yuchai. I have emailed them first to an old email address that I have ordered parts from a year ago. Second email sent through their web page still no reply so I faxed...
  16. timbatrader


    Bugger something Kiwis here will understand for the rest of you out there I am not trying to be offensive look at the kiwi Toyota TV add to get the meaning of bugger in New Zealand Bugger - Toyota funny commercial - YouTube It is the end of summer here now and an old overgrown track with a...
  17. timbatrader

    Dirt Moving  Bulldozer blade cutting angle

    I am having trouble controlling the depth of cut my blade takes My Yuchai YCT306S-S dozer has a six way blade so I can control every angle except the cutting angle. On my Bobcat skid steer I can lift the front of the fourway bucket to leave a dozer blade by using the tilt function I can control...
  18. timbatrader

    rusty steel for new designer kitchen doors how do I get the right rust patina

    I am in the process of getting a new kitchen designed It is going to be made from oiled Thermowood thermally modified pine ( a very stable timber with a rich dark chocolate color. The designer is keen to incorporate something he saw in a kitchen show he visited in Europe...
  19. timbatrader

    Building a bridge in New Zealand

    About seven years ago I built myself a house in a beautiful but remote site Access has always been a problem. In summer I can ford the river to get in but the rest of the year I park half a mile away from the house and wade across the river in fishermans waders carrying in the grocerys etc...
  20. timbatrader

    A couple of pieces fell off my Yachai 306S-S

    A couple of pieces fell off my Yachai 306S-S dozer today painted the same grey as the chassis I can稚 see where came from does anyone recognize them? or know were they belong. They are about 125mm long (5 inch) 50mm wide (2 inch) 6mm thick (1/4 inch) two sheared off 10mm bolts that that must of...