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  1. crazyal

    Has anyone put a quick disconnect on a grease gun?

    I have a luck n lube connector for my grease gun but rarely use it because there's a few spots where it can't fit on my tractor. Not wanting to switch back and forth it's sat mostly unused. I actually forgot I had it. I now have a second hose for my Milwaukee cordless grease gun so I was...
  2. crazyal

    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    The blade on my Evolution 380 has a number of chipped carbide teeth and several that are missing. So it looks like it's time to replace it. It looks like several choices. Does anyone have an opinion on which blade is worth getting. For the most part I only cut thicker steel. Is it worth...
  3. crazyal

    The power of a telehandler

    Not sure where this should go so if it needs to be moved then please do. I found this article on Yahoo today that's kind of funny but also sad. It's about some youths who felt they were right to block a farmers field. Farmer cleared of all charges
  4. crazyal

    Old South Bend lathe

    So I was given an old 9" SB lathe. It's not the one with the gear box, you have to change gears. It's a little rough from being old and lack of use but the bearings feel smooth. I assume that it hasn't had any maintenance done to it and will need that done long before it can be used. I...
  5. crazyal

    People are weird

    There was an auction close by that had me a little interested. In it they had a 16' equipment trailer listed as "in poor condition". While the rust wasn't as bad as they made it out to be when I got there I found that it had surge brakes and mobile home style axles. They weren't from a mobile...
  6. crazyal

    Can't find model number on B&S engine

    I have POS Briggs engine on a leaf vacuum that got water in the cylinder so I had to pull the head off. It's a small CR750 horizontal engine (looks like a Honda clone). I've looked every place Briggs says it should be but can't find it. There's a sticker with the S/N on it that Briggs says...
  7. crazyal

    What brand bar do you run?

    I'm getting close to needing to replace the 24" bar on my Dolmar. It looks like it's the same bar as a large Husky saw uses so there should be a world of options. In the past on my Husky I would just get a stock replacement from the big box store. I figured I would see what others use. Is...
  8. crazyal

    Brush grubber

    This weekend's plans have changed and on Saturday I'm going to be going to the other house to remove a number of dead bushes. I think most are less than 2" in diameter. I was just going to try and wrap a chain around them but a local farm store has a couple of versions of the Grubber in stock...
  9. crazyal

    Anyone have a site that has rretail prices on parts?

    I'm asking because I need to replace the UDT2 and want to know ahead of time if they are charging me retail. I've had some dealers (not the local Kubota that I know of) charge me over retail. I hate sitting on hold while they type in war and peace into their computer. On the occasion I need a...
  10. crazyal

    Drilling and tapping a grade 5 bolt

    I have a project that requires a 3/4-16 bolt. I need to drill and tap a hole in the center of the head for a 5/16 bolt to go into. I only need one. I can't find anyone who has a grade 2 in stock. Most said they couldn't get one and one said he might but if so I would have to buy the whole...
  11. crazyal

    Agri-fab mow-n-vac on a X500

    I picked up one of these new for about 2/3 of the regular price (the store had it marked at the wrong price and I had a 10% off coupon). With lots of leaves to deal with I had thought about the powerflo but with everything needed for something I was only going to use once or twice a year it...
  12. crazyal

    I think I'm going to break down and get a pole saw.

    I don't have much use for one other than the few small trees along the driveway that are starting to hang too low. In the past I would just pull them down and use loppers but I'm thinking that I should break down and get a pole saw. I don't see the need for gas power or for an expensive one...
  13. crazyal

    A little disappointed with Kubota

    Over all I've been very happy with my L4240 but one thing has been giving me problems. The bolts holding the rear wheels on are sliding back and forth. They are held on with 4 bolts and two studs. I think the size is M16-1.5x30. The whole in the center of the wheel, Kubota calls it a "dish"...
  14. crazyal

    Anyone use a tapping guide?

    Not quite welding but it's metal working. I've been making a number of 1/4" round aluminum discs that need to be tapped in the very center. They are slightly smaller than 2" in diameter and have a 1/4-20 hole in the center. What I've been doing is clamping the aluminum to my drill press...
  15. crazyal

    Barlows question

    Does anyone who has bought a tractor from Barlows know if they offer a discount on repair parts? I have to replace the loader valve on my Kubota and it's pricey. Tomorrow I'll call around to since the local dealers charge full retail and don't want to budge on price.
  16. crazyal

    Does anyone buy metal on-line?

    Most steel I buy is stock lengths so it doesn't make sense to buy on-line but every so often I need a small piece. Usually something that costs less than $10. It's about a half hour out of my way to get to the local steel place so I look on-line. Each time I just laugh at the shipping quote...
  17. crazyal

    Steering wheel broke on my X500

    Has anyone seen this before? I was mowing for the first time this season and the steering wheel broke. I wasn't putting any real pressure on it. I'll call the dealer tomorrow, I don't see why it wouldn't be covered under warranty. I also noticed the belt that drives the blades has been...
  18. crazyal

    Thinking about getting into turning wood

    So I'm looking into getting a full size lathe for turning bowls mostly. After a decade of just burning the trees on my property I though I would try something new. Has anyone got experience in cutting blacks for turning? I watched a few videos that show how to cut out the pith and while my...
  19. crazyal

    Dry cut saws, what are you using?

    The wife is looking to get me one for Christmas since it's been on my, will get one some day. It was going to be a new gas BBQ but since that's more of an us thing (since she eats the steak off of it too) so she asked me for an idea and this was one of the few things I came up with quickly...
  20. crazyal

    Stainless question.

    I'm making the wife a cart for her tomatoes. Right now we use 5 gallon buckets (one inside the other with holes in the upper one so the roots can get down to the water in the lower one). But they are ugly. They make jackets you can put over them but they aren't cheap. I don't sew so making...
  21. crazyal

    Drilling a square hole

    I debated if this belongs here or in the welding section but here goes. The wear bar on my Kubota snow blower needed replacing. For $80 (with new bolts, nuts, and tax) I figured it was a little pricey but an easy solution. I just ordered generic grade 5 plow bolts vs buying the much more...
  22. crazyal

    Removing scratch marks from stone

    The wife wants a small pond with a waterfall next summer. I have a large piece of ledge I removed from the yard that's just sitting around doing nothing. It's probably almost 2' thick x 9' wide x 6' long. It's too large (heavy) for me to pick up with my 580K but I can drag it with the backhoe...
  23. crazyal

    Box blade/ land plane ripper teeth

    Has anyone thought about modifying their rippers to accept teeth for a backhoe bucket? The fabricated teeth for ripping shanks seam to not last very long. I usually get 3 years out of them, maybe 15 actual uses in dirt before they are worn down and unusable. In the winter I use they 4 or 5...
  24. crazyal

    X500 blade question

    My X500 with the 48x deck has mulching blades (Deere P/N M127673). I haven't found the part number but the lip on the edge of the blade doesn't seam to have much of a lip. Also the sharpened edge runs almost the whole length of the blade. When looking at the high lift blades just the outside...
  25. crazyal

    nankang or Nexen tires? Anyone have them?

    I'm in need of new summer tires on my Rav4. The problem is this summer we will be replacing it and spending extra on tires will not mean extra money when selling/ trading it. It'll probably only see 5,000 more miles so longevity isn't an issue. Since I could save hundreds I've been reading...
  26. crazyal

    Thinking of adding a X500 to the garage

    As I said I'm thnking about picking up an X500. I've found a couple not too far away with less than 100 hours that look like new. Right now I'm using a Lowes MTD special (Troy Built Super something) but it's just not up to the task. My yard is hilly, in some places too steep to mow. The MTD...
  27. crazyal

    Tier 3 gasoline?

    Hadn't heard much about this but apparently we are going to an even lower sulfur gasoline. The current standard is 30ppm and the new standard is 10ppm. Depending on who you ask it'll either cost 1「 or up to 10「. It's hard to tell exactly how much benefit this will be. The pro people are...
  28. crazyal

    Broke a roller chain tonight, any suggestions for breaker tool

    Got a fist size rock stuck between the chain and sprocket on my snowblower tonight and broke the chain. I would have thought that the shear pin would have gone first but it didn't. Tractor Supply had the chain in stock (10' more than twice what I need). It's 60h chain and it came with a...
  29. crazyal

    When did mig wire get so expensive?

    I guess it's been a number of years since I last bought Lincoln wire (.035 SureArc ER70S-6 I think). I think I got either a 33lb or 44lb steel spool for around $40. When I called today the local welding store gave me a price of $165 for a 44lb roll of Lincoln L-56 mig wire. On-line I've seen...
  30. crazyal

    rotating spiked ice breaker

    I'm thinking about making one of these (but much smaller). I'm thinking of making two 18" wide spiked wheels. I figure I could use two pieces of 12" pipe with plates welded on each end with flange bearings on each end. Each one would be articulating enough to make up for unevenness of the...
  31. crazyal

    Injector pump and governor

    Does anyone know of a way to test the governor? Lately my 4240 doesn't seam like the governor wants to advance the throttle when the engine starts to bog down. It could be nothing but it might be an issue. I know the fuel system up to the filter is fine and I don't see any change in the smoke...
  32. crazyal

    Chainsaw multi tool

    I need to pick out a gift for myself, something in the $20 range. What I've kind of wanted one but never gotten around to buying is one of the multi tools for adjusting the chain. I have several screnches but never really liked them, kind of bulky. But the folding tools seam like they would...
  33. crazyal

    Bent my top link.

    Last summer I bet one of the ends on my cat 1 top link (it's the right handed threaded one). I've straightened it out but I'm sure the metal is much weaker than it needs to be. Kubota has done something to the end inside the tube and you can't just unscrew it to remove it. They do sell a...
  34. crazyal

    welding AR500

    So we had another thread not long ago about welding gun targets but it really didn't tough much on how to weld it while doing as little damage to the hardening as possible. Here's what I would like to do. I have a couple 10" gong style targets made out of 1/2" AR500. They are fun to shoot at...
  35. crazyal

    So how do you sell your guns now?

    Decades ago selling a gun was easy. You would just put a classified in a local paper and sell it. But those days are gone. I've never really sold guns but with any collection sooner or later I'm going to have to. I've looked at some of the on-line sites but I don't know if I would try one...
  36. crazyal

    17.7 ave MPG for the Titan Cummins?

    Motor Trend is reporting that they got 15.8 mpg city and 20.8 mpg highway with the Titan Nissan gave them to test. They have a very elaborate test. Using the same test they got 18.3 city and 27.2 highway with the Ram Ecodiesel. I was expecting 25 mpg on the highway to justify the extra cost...
  37. crazyal

    I'm trying to decide what to do my my backup saw.

    Until this spring my 357xp was my goto saw for pretty much everything. I bought it used for $100 from a logger friend of mine. He bought it new and used it to cut limbs. He put a lot of use on it and noticed that the cylinder was starting to score. He said he found an air leak and was able...
  38. crazyal

    Any way to tell if a air leak vs lack of oil caused a saw to burn up?

    It's not my saw nor have I seen a picture yet but a friend asked me why his saw lost compression. He said he pulled the muffler off and can see grooves in the piston and ring that line up with the edge of the exhaust port. He said the saw had been sitting for a few months before he fired it up...
  39. crazyal

    Steel beam question

    So I'm thinking of building a gazebo next summer. It'll be a 14' octagon about 8' off of the ground. I'm going to use steel tube on top of cement tube footings. There's going to be white lattice around the base and I'll use the space to store firewood. All the weight from the gazebo...
  40. crazyal

    Who makes a good inner tube?

    I have to replace the tube on my backhoe's front tire (11L 16). It went flat on me about a month ago and because the sidewall is still I didn't notice right off and damaged the valve stem. I bought a replacement from TSC (travelers 11L 15/16) but it was one that fit both 15" and 16" wheels...
  41. crazyal

    Anyone been around a battery when it exploded?

    Until yesterday I wouldn't of answered yes. While digging up stumps I started smelling sulfur, the tell tail sign of a bad voltage regulator. I shut it down and when to get a couple of tools to remove the bad regulator. It's held onto the alternator with two small screws and is very easy to...
  42. crazyal

    So it's time

    For several years now I've been thinking about getting a larger saw. I really need something that can handle a 24" bar as there are too many times while felling trees 20" is lacking. In the past I had thought about a Dolmar 7900 (which is now the 7910) in part because it seamed like it would...
  43. crazyal

    Stone age

    Has anyone watched the TV show on DYI called Stone Age? It's two guys who redo patios using lots of large rocks in a waterfall. I've been building a stone wall for the little lday around her new shade flower garden so looking for tips I did a search and this show came up. It's not really...
  44. crazyal

    3pt hitch issue

    My neighbor has an older 4wd Yanmar tractor (I forgot to get the model number) with what looks like a 3 cylinder diesel (maybe 30ish HP?). It has 3 forward gears and a reverse lever mounted next to the steering wheel with the clutch on the left and both brakes on the right. Last week it...
  45. crazyal

    Injector pump question

    My neighbor has an old Yanmar tractor he got for real cheap but was half torn apart for a transmission issue. A few weeks ago he got it back together and was disappointed with it's performance. It just didn't have any grunt. He finally had a diesel mechanic friend look at it and he discovered...
  46. crazyal

    Thanks MikePA

    If anyone wants to take the time please read the last post of the TPMS thread. I think we all are guilty at one point in time or another about forgetting that TBN in not a place to try and convince others of our opinion. It just takes a little humor to remind us that winning an argument over...
  47. crazyal

    Premixed fuel in a can

    I'm just finishing up may annual fall firewood task for another year. Normally I pick up two gallons of ethanol free super to complete the task. Normally that's enough gas but this year (last week) I ran out with about a half cord to go and I didn't have any oil. So I asked my GF to pick up...
  48. crazyal

    Covered bridges

    I live within a half hours drive of almost 20 covered bridges. Tuesday I took a break from firewood and the GF and I went for an afternoon drive. Here's some of the pictures we took. Share any you have.
  49. crazyal

    Tundra may also get the Cummins diesel going into the Nissan.

    It sounds like Toyota is looking into putting a Cummins into the Tundra. I can only imagine it's either they want the name brand of Cummins or they don't want to deal with trying to get one of their own diesels approved for use in the US. I guess it could be a test to see just how well a...
  50. crazyal

    GM putting a small diesel in the Colorado and Canyon?

    So I read that GM is thinking of putting a 2.5 or 2.8 diesel in the Colorado. If it's already been posted I didn't see it. If it's true then it should be a pretty good size engine for the truck. Enough power to move the truck but small enough to get pretty good MPG.
  51. crazyal

    Clay based grease replacement

    I'm rebuilding the transaxle on a MTD riding mower. The grease that's in it is a clay base #0 grease that I can't get locally. I should be able to get a polyurea #0 grease from a tractor dealer. I'm not sure if I can get JD corn head grease, never looked. I assume that it's a polyurea grease.
  52. crazyal

    Any suggestions for a good knife?

    I'm looking for a high quality knife to carve roasts and poultry. I have a set, can't remember the brand, that's nice that came with it's own block but I often find I like my 40 year old US made wooden handle "Hi Test" carving knife better. But the old girl is getting old so I thought I would...
  53. crazyal

    Finally upgraded the carb

    Years ago my local dealer (that's now retired/ shop closed :() told me about the upgrade on my 357xp to a steel clamp on the intake because the plastic clamp could come loose. he also said that it was worth upgrading the Walbro carb to a Zama. It was always hard to start when cold, usually...
  54. crazyal

    Anyone want to watch a Kubota rescue another tractor in a rice field?

    Not sure how I came across this on youtube but thought it was kind of funny. Haven't seen it here yet but I could have missed it. Never the less it's fun to watch.
  55. crazyal

    Hard choice

    So my new girlfriend said that I need a new chainsaw after watching me struggle to get my Husky started. I felt like an idiot because it was out of gas but that's my secret. The deal is that I need to get rid of some of the old saws I've had hanging around for years now and for Christmas I get...
  56. crazyal

    Had a first yesterday

    I was out walking the dogs yesterday morning. I try to walk them in the mornings and afternoon. Our usual path is about 1 1/2 miles of hilly woods behind the house, half of which is on my property. Over the years we have seen almost every wildlife that lives around here. Moose, deer, black...
  57. crazyal

    Kubota updated their GL60 series information

    I noticed that the teaser of a "coming soon" has been replaced with a real section under the L series tractor. Kubota Tractor Corporation - Grand L60 Series Still doesn't show up under "Build my Kubota" but lots more information, pictures, and videos to look at. Not sure if others talked...
  58. crazyal

    So what strainge objects have you found while doing roadwork?

    Over the past few years I've unearthed plenty of objects that I wasn't expecting. So what treasures :laughing: have you found? Last summer I was stopped dead when using the rippers on my grading scrapper. Someone had used two sections of stainless steel duct work as a culvert. I think each...
  59. crazyal

    Anyone built a deck with one of the Brazilian woods?

    Has anyone used any variant of the South American woods to build a deck? I have seen one built with Ipe but was wondering what some of the other types were like to work with and live with. As of now I was thinking of Cumaru, I've heard it called Brazilian Teak. But I haven't found any...
  60. crazyal

    Automovite electrical circuit theory

    I found this on my computer. I downloaded it years ago with the intent to post it here but it's a little too large. I happen across the link to it so I figure I'll post the link. It's written by T****a as a guide for technicians to troubleshoot electrical circuits. It gets into basic...
  61. crazyal

    Kobalt no hassle warranty????

    Last summer I picked up a couple of 1/4" coil air hoses (the more expensive blue ones) for the garage. Clearly printed on the package are the words "No hassle Warranty". Last month one of them developed a hole. It looks like it's a defect as there's no cut or pinch mark, just a small hole...
  62. crazyal

    Non-stick paint

    In the colder weather of mid winter the sand likes to freeze tot he inside of my sander. Right now the inside has nothing more than primer on it. Has anyone used non stick industrial coatings? I took a quick look on the internet but couldn't find any place where I could buy a gallon.
  63. crazyal

    Hydraulic's question

    This is more of a theoretical question but maybe there's reason behind it. So here's the background. Last Sunday I blew the main hydraulic hose coming off the pump on my backhoe. There's two coming out of it and I blew the 3/4" hose. The pump has a female 1" ORB output. Case installs a 1"...
  64. crazyal

    I added a new weapon to the winter fighting arsenal

    A couple of months ago I picked up a used Herd 750s spreader. It had been left on it's side with fertilizer still in it for some time. I got it for a pretty good price. My original plan was to patch the holes and use it the way it was. But I ended up rebuilding it from the ground up. I...
  65. crazyal

    Gear box grease?

    I thought I read something about replacing the 90w oil in a gearbox with a light weight grease. Has anyone tried it on their brush hog (or other attachment gearbox)?
  66. crazyal

    Rebuilding a sand spreader

    I picked up an old Herd seed/ sand spreader that needs the hopper replaced due to rust. I've been at work since then so haven't had a chance to check to see what gauge steel the metal is but I'm guessing it's about .1". It looks like a 4x8 sheet would be enough material to replace the entire...
  67. crazyal

    On line source for steel

    Does anyone know a company that sells steel on-line? I'm looking for a couple of pieces of T1 plate 2"x 48". Nobody local sells it and they usually only order stock sheets.
  68. crazyal

    National Implement

    Anyone ever dealt with them? The website name is "National Implement" but they also go by the name "Idaho Implement". I'm guessing is that they just have the attachments shipped from the factory. They sell brands like Tartor, Befco, General, Herd, etc. I'm getting tired of calling local...
  69. crazyal

    Woods grading scraper

    I haven't seen much posted on the woods grading scrapers here. I could only find one thread and even then not much information. My original idea was to make one but I really don't have any scrap metal and I'm not sure if it's cost effective to buy all the steel and then build. I'm also...
  70. crazyal

    Parts washer

    I got a 40 gallon parts washer from work that was never used. I'm wondering what people use for solvent in them. I've been told everything from name brand water based cleaners to things like diesel and Kerosine. So what do you use and how do you like it? Secondly if I go with a water based...
  71. crazyal

    Plastic welding

    Has anyone got any experience in welding plastic? I have few plastic repairs I would like to make, nothing critical. I've never tried to do it and have no idea what equipment works best.
  72. crazyal

    Stability control now mandatory

    So I knew traction control was going to be mandatory in 2012 but it looks like stability control is also going to be included on every vehicle. My Subaru has traction control (maybe stability too) and I find when it comes on it robs too much power in most conditions. Usually though it happens...
  73. crazyal

    grease fittings

    I'm looking to get an assortment of spare grease fittings. I have some SAE ones but no metric ones. It looks like most large metric sets come with 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm sizes. Is there one size that's used the most? I would rather not have 50 fittings that I'll never use sitting on a shelf...
  74. crazyal

    ROPS lights

    I finally got around to making brackets to mount some lights to the ROPS. I wanted something that wouldn't add any height but was strong enough to take a hit by branches. This is what I came up with. It's 1/8" diamond plate steel. Now I need to figure out how I want to mount the rear light...
  75. crazyal

    Flaring tubing

    I had a chance to get a Mastercool hydraulic flaring tool for a lot less than the price of a new one ($100). Since I needed and didn't have the tool to make the bubble type ends on brake lines I bought it. It comes with the dies to make brake lines and some gas lines. While looking around...
  76. crazyal

    How to split wood, the easy way

    How to chop wood without messing around. [VIDEO] Where do you get wood that splits that easy?
  77. crazyal

    Think my oil pump died

    My last chain that had been sharpened to almost the point where it had to be thrown away started stretching real quick while using it. I didn't think much about it and just tossed it and put on a new chain. The bar had the usual oily wood stuck in the bar that I cleaned out. Now I'm not...
  78. crazyal

    Snow Equipment Buying/Pricing  New Honda snow blower

    A good friend is thinking of buying a Honda walk behind snow blower so I started looking at them (not that I need another blower). Then this caught my eye. Honda Power Equipment - HS1336IAS It's a Hybrid (24volt electric/ 13hp gas) snow blower. It retails for $7999.00. Wow. Makes...
  79. crazyal

    When you need to get there really fast buy a............

    Ford F250. Built Ford Fast? - Yahoo! Autos I don't know if I would want to do 182mph in any truck. But if you really need to get your cattle to the slaughter house and anything less than 3 miles per minute just wont do then you now have the answer. 182 mph that痴 how fast Hajek Motorsports...
  80. crazyal

    Air line repair

    Has anyone used a PEX clamp ring to repair an airline instead of a hose clamp? I never have much luck with small hose clamps and it always seams like the hose clamp gets caught on anything you drag it near. I was thinking of trying the copper rings that you just squeeze but wasn't sure if they...
  81. crazyal

    Got temped by HF today

    Well they got me, lol. They have a cheap chain sharpener, was somewhere around $40 if I remember correctly. Well today it was $19.99. I have files that cost more than that. I probably threw away $20 bucks but who knows. I'll get a chance to try it out next week.
  82. crazyal

    Wheel weights

    Anyone ever think about making wheel weights out of sheet metal and cement? I was thinking that if I made two circles out of 1/8" plate. By drilling holes that are the same as the wheel where the weights bolt on simple threaded rod could be used to bolt the 1/8" plate to the wheel and it could...
  83. crazyal


    Since this is a tractor forum and a number of members here actually farm to some degree I thought I would ask this question. Has (or does) anyone ever thought of making their own diesel by planting soybean or rapeseed (or some other plant)?
  84. crazyal

    Toyota steps up

    I finally got around to bring my 2000 Tundra to the dealer for the frame inspection. I knew the cross member that holds the spare tire on was weak but the frame was strong. A couple of years ago I pulled the bed and power washed off all the scaly rust and then used some commercial rust...
  85. crazyal

    So winter is gone............

    Well I'm thankful that it's all but over. Any snow we get now will melt in no time. I spent a little time with the grease gun hitting all the zerks and then spraying fluid film on the places the paint is gone. I did come up with a simple little mod to make moving the blower around with the...
  86. crazyal

    Hydraulic top link

    In the future I'm planning on adding two remotes but not sure if I'll have time to do it this summer. I looked at the Hydralink but it seams to me it would be a waste if I'm just going to add TnT down the road. I was thinking that I could use a top cylinder from a TnT set up and connect the...
  87. crazyal

    Shop tools that you are planning on buying in the next few months

    I figure since we have a "must have" and "wish list" threads going on why not tell everyone what tools you plan on getting so the rest of us can drool. Well here's my next big purchase: My father passed away last year and when he was a teenager he found my grandfather under his car. My...
  88. crazyal

    TSC boxblade

    Does anyone know who currently makes the TSC countryline boxblade? Or how much do they weigh? I'm on the harry edge for free shipping from Ken but this spring one of the attachments I plan on buying is a boxblade. Since I can't do much because of all the snow outside I figure I can do some...
  89. crazyal

    Work lights on a non-cab GL40

    After snow blowing at night I realized that the lights work pretty well on the front but there is no light what so ever behind the tractor. So the other day I ordered some lights from the place I order parts for my Case Backhoe. The lights are made by Hobbs. They are a extra wide angle short...
  90. crazyal

    Got my first flat today

    Well it wasn't a hole but due to the cold weather the pressure dropped a little. While driving today I noticed the tire was squatting a little more than normal but instead of going back to air it up I figured since all I was doing was using the tire chains on the rear tire to ruff up the...
  91. crazyal

    Chainsaw data website

    I have a couple of older chainsaws, a sthil and a Partner that I was trying to identify. Someone posted a website that listed pretty much every chainsaw ever made. I thought I saved it but I can't find it and I can't find the thread that had the link. Does anyone have it?
  92. crazyal

    Anyone use a Cant

    Does anyone use a Cant, Peavey, or Timber jack on log while out in the woods? I've used a Peavey to load log onto a band mill but they weren't too long, 12' maybe. But what I would like to know is after you limb a tree are they useful to rotate a tree to help get a choker chain around it? Or...
  93. crazyal

    New plasma cutter

    I've always wanted a plasma cutter but just didn't have enough projects to justify the cost of one that would cut what I would want. I wanted to be able to cut over 1" on occasion for things like tooth shanks on buckets, etc. Well after reading some of the posts here and over at the Pirate 4x4...
  94. crazyal

    Front mount snow blower questions

    So I mounted the subframe back on the tractor yesterday and put the blower on. Today I connected up the hydraulic lines, they are color coded yet the tractor has white and the blower chute has green (the rest match up). There are 5 hydraulic lines, two from the lift cylinder and three from the...
  95. crazyal

    Tire Chains

    So I'm looking for advice on which chain type would be best. My driveway is gravel but I'll be parking in the garage on cement that was poured this summer. I have the R1 (Ag) tires so I think the regular ladder type will just fall between the lugs. So my choices are: Duo-grip from...
  96. crazyal

    Fine tuning my garage

    So I had a free afternoon and thought wouldn't it be nice to put the air compressor out of the way. So I spend an hour building a corner shelf, screwed, glued, and supported that's a little over 8' off the ground. I still need to wire it up, bolt it down, and plumb up the air drier. I can...
  97. crazyal

    Oregon sharpener

    After reading the sharpener threads it's got me thinking about upgrading from a Dremel with a grinding stone to an Oregon sharpener. I rarely take my chain off the saw, occasionally to make sure the bar oil hole in the bar is clear, to occasionally flip the bar, and to replace the chain. That...
  98. crazyal

    Time to repay the other members - my 32 x 28 garage

    Well for years now I've been reading and looking at all the pictures of other members projects so I figure I should repay all of you who've shared and entertained me. I'm close to finishing a 28 by 32 Gambriel garage (I call it a man cave, lol). I would call it a barn but my GF didn't want it...
  99. crazyal

    Christmas comes early

    Santa dropped of my Christmas present a little early this year. It was shipped with the front blower sub-frame attached so I had to remove it and install the grill guard. Chalk up another one from Brady.
  100. crazyal

    357xp, EPA or not?

    Does anyone know how to tell if my 357xp is the EPA version? I'm guessing it's not but it makes a difference when it comes to the piston and cylinder. I'm not up to date on the whole EPA thing but thought it just had to do with a catalytic converter in the muffler. I pulled the muffler and...
  101. crazyal

    6x6 wire mesh

    Not sure if any other Lowes stores are doing this but the local one decided that the 5'x150' rolls of 6x6 wire mesh for concrete are too unsafe to keep on the top level of the shelving. Normally they sell for $120ish but they have them on clearance for $48. Unfortunately they didn't have any...
  102. crazyal


    Has anyone got a chance to see this saw in action? It looks like it could be a replacement for the 372xp. My current 357xp is starting to show it's age. I'm not really set on husky over other brands but I do have some spare parts, like a couple of new bars (that don't fit my 357xp) to it...
  103. crazyal


    So I'm down to my last decision before I order my tractor. I'm thinking that it may be worth while to get at least one remote. I really don't know what I'd use it for but things do change so it's best to get it now and have it if needed. I already have a log splitter so that's one option I...
  104. crazyal

    Grand L dash (-1, -2, -3) differences

    Can anyone tell me the differences between the three different 'dash' models for the Grand Ls? I know the -3 has a swivel seat and a different (electric PTO) but that's about all I know. I'm planning on buying a new 4240 but came across a 5440 with less than 20 hours on it for a little less...
  105. crazyal

    Dealer  Looking for dealer stories in Northern VT/ NY area

    I've been getting serious now about buying a Kubota for the last 6 months or so. Since I still haven't decided exatly want I want I have been talking to friends and coworkers about the local dealers. Most didn't have either a good or bad opinions but I did get two bad stories. The first bad...