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  1. laurencen

    Hyster forklift need more lift power

    hi all, well my Hyster forklift has been doing some work but having a issue lifting what it should, it has no issues lifting 2000 pounds but 3500 it just sits there, tilt will give lift but not the normal lift I need for loading a truck. when it stalls out it does not bog the motor any unlike...
  2. laurencen

    post pounder on Toolcat

    looking for good or bad comments on what I am considering, some 25 years ago I built a post pounder for the Deere skidsteer, basically took a old Wheatheart pounder head, mounted to a quick attach mounting plate and added a tilt(side to side) cylinder, it worked great, with the door removed I...
  3. laurencen

    bobcat 743 chain case and gear case

    getting closer to completion but have a question, the chaincase can be filled to the front plug half way up the case or close to, can I fill the case from this hole or do I need to pull the brake mounting plate off? this service manual shows the gear cases that appear to be sealed units, is the...
  4. laurencen

    743 creep and part numbers

    our old 743 gets little use but something went to heck and left drive lever was flopping around and wheels were turning, we lifted the cab to find the rear block that moves the hydrostatic had fallen off, not a big deal but after re mounting and going over the neutral setup had no success we...
  5. laurencen

    Toro Groundsmaster 322D fuel issue

    looking for ideas, last night my Toro 322D started spraying diesel on the injector side, Kubota 3 cylinder, tried tightening the nut but it was a small crack in the line injector end just at the ferule, looked at ordering they have to be made and looking like 5 plus weeks, my first thought was...
  6. laurencen

    Hyster forklift rebuild

    around my acerage wanted a forklift, had a small Toyota 3000 pound lift but it was a bummer in the yardso traded it for a Hyster diesel old machine thinking its a D50 will get a few pictures and hopefully someone can help identify. this thing runs not bad, 3 stage but a low mast the issue was...
  7. laurencen

    Bobcat GPS locator killing battery

    my Bobcat E32 has the GPS locator, if stolen or something is not working right the dealer can locate it and relay codes, problem I am having the battery is dead if not used 6 to 8 weeks, its sending a signal 23-7-52, want to have it powered when the ignition is powered up. Dealer has no help as...
  8. laurencen

    help with heater hookup on 743

    as stated my son has a Bobcat 743, we are trying to jook up a cab heater, best I could see its connected to the top of the motor though when we tried that there is next to no water pumping thro it, we have tried bleeding, flushing with no sucess, anyone have a 743 that can take a few pictures...
  9. laurencen

    Bobcat 843 door lock

    question for 843 owners, I have the front door the latch is newer style, early ones had a twist handle this is a flush style, trying to free the lock a couple nights ago had someone at 1:30 in the morning get inside, there for half hour and Im guessing wanted to start it or remove the door...
  10. laurencen

    Webasto Diesel heater in Toolcat

    finally looking at installing a Webasto coolant heater in my Toolcat, before I begin has anyone done this? where did you plumb in the lines? where did you mount it? picked the heater up last fall it has remote on so handy on snowy days like today, seems we have had way more snow this year thus far
  11. laurencen

    That time of year again, winter

    second snowfall, we had 8 inches total though could not wait, this is during the snowstorm winds were 30knots, lots of drifts and ended up calling it quits due to visibility
  12. laurencen

    added reverse lights to mule 610

    for your information, to add reverse lights to a mule 550 or 610, maybe others proved to be easy, the dealer was useless to get the switch fortunately Aliexpress has them for 3 dollars, next remove the 9/16 hex bolt/plug that is below neutral switch and install the new one, the wire is tucked...
  13. laurencen

    Bobcat S590 after 8 years figured speed out

    on Sunday figured I would fix my driveway where the side slope was eroding, had a load of fill and started building up the edge, I knew the machine was 2 speed but figured the button was the high speed, it made a difference so I will say I was not very impressed with the high speed but it was...
  14. laurencen

    groundsmaster 322D hydraulic oils

    anyone know if the hydraulic system can use 10-40 motor oil, the manual says 10-40 oil, or SAE 10w-40 oil with API rating -SF-SC oil
  15. laurencen

    Groundsmaster 325 not starting

    this has been sitting for a couple seasons but would be handy if it will run, it cranks over fine, just poofs white smoke and not attempting to run turn key lights on, pump runs and fuel solenoid fires, when key is turned to start the pump quits till the key turns from start to ign, anyone...
  16. laurencen

    Kawasaki Mule 610 drive pulley

    having issues with a Kawasaki Mule 610 drive, when stopping unless the shifter is in neutral it continues to creep, does not quite stall the motor but close if the brake is applied. this is a new machine to me, it was a project so expected some work, took the belt off it was tight but is the...
  17. laurencen

    Jacobson HR5111 bogging down

    morning all, have a Jacobson HR 5111 mower, has the 2 wings and cuts a 11 foot swath, this has ben a workhorse for 8 years, this year it was low on hydraulic oil, got it to my workshop and topped it up only had 2 pails, its still low and picking up more oil today, problem is it runs for a half...
  18. laurencen

    Mule 610 started blowing white smoke

    looking for a few ideas, have a 2016 mule 610, it has 150 hours and ran like a top from new never had any issues changed oil yearly, today first run of the year, started fine but idle was slower than normal, running around the yard half throttle fine but under load on hill and full throttle lots...
  19. laurencen

    Diesel heater on Toolcat

    looking for someone who has mounted a Webasto evo coolant heater on a Toolcat, with temperatures of -25C the block heater barely does anything, this heater heats the coolant this would be a game changer as the Toolcat could be in a remote area and still start and run
  20. laurencen

    Toolcat headlights led?

    since changing the work lights on the Toolcat its night and day difference, anyone changed the head lights to LED and if so what brand and style did you use? on another note Merry Christmas everyone be safe
  21. laurencen

    tried out the V blade

    we finally got a couple inches of snow so I removed the blower and tried the V blade, not sure it would be my first choice for snow clearing but it worked quite well, only complaint was the Joystick control and how it communicates with the plow, would have figured the left and right buttons...
  22. laurencen

    Snow on the way tonight, fun times again

    this was the first snow of 2020 last year on this day, we had blizzard conditions and driving from the city to home 20Kms took over 2 hours due to white out conditions in open areas, the weather man has us under a snow fall warning with freezing rain tonight turning to snow by morning, snow...
  23. laurencen

    Toolcat unloading the Mule

    that time of year and the Mule comes home from the lake, instead of using the trailer I load with the Deere 4475 and unload at home with the Toolcat, with the Deere you are sitting lower so easier to see the forks, with the Toolcat not so good vision but it works very well
  24. laurencen

    Brush cutting and heard a clunk now vibrating

    Today tried a Wolverine brush cutter I purchased a few years ago just never needed it, I cut for a hour with a few rocks and dead brush but hit a good size lump and now its hitting the bolts on the underside of the deck. when I turned it over I was surprised the two pivoting blades were on a...
  25. laurencen

    Finish mower for Toolcat

    picking up a finish mower 72 inch for my Toolcat, the fellow also has a set of OEM turf tires and rims, couple questions, the unit was new in 2017 purchased with a machine, he found it too big a unit on the small acreage so moved to a zero turn, switched to regular rims and tires, in total...
  26. laurencen

    Toolcat traction control

    this weekend I moved roughly 10 yards of fill and 5 yards of gravel to build a pad for greenhouse and garden area, the ground was rough however I found the traction control to work very well, at first was careful to avoid ruts and uneven ground but in the end just went for it. anyone...
  27. laurencen

    Bobcat S590 died in cold

    looking for feedback, my 2016 S590 clearing snow at -35C last week, after a hour started running rough and died, couple days later plugged in and battery boos got it going ran for 3 mins and same thing, fast forward its -15C for a high today, plugged in and boost would not start with some white...
  28. laurencen

    Toolcat block heater

    morning, had the Toolcat plugged in over night and it wants nothing to do with starting, the motor barely turns, Im thinking the block heater is pooched agree temperature is -38C but figured it would start, is it just too cold outside
  29. laurencen

    finally got to blow some snow

    last night was the first blowing a decent snow accumulation, had my grandson in the co pilot seat he was in charge of the rotation and elevation of the discharge, lots of drifts and hard pack but it cut thro it with ease, the traction control is awesome compared to the old diff lock, cleared the...
  30. laurencen

    Toolcat and crab steer

    been looking at my Toolcat and crab steer, its a pain to setup so anyone tried finding the steering valve for the rear axle and switching the left to right so when the machine thinks its turning left the wheels move right, if this works it would be easy to add a switch to cross the wires from...
  31. laurencen

    toolcat traction and pulling power

    this weekend got the S590 skidsteer well and truly stuck, slid off the driveway and down the ditch, tried for a half hour to move just got worse so got the wife to drive the Toolcat chained it up and she started pulling, for the first 20 feet just dragged it along the ditch but finally pulled it...
  32. laurencen

    2020 toolcat code E001076-16

    Toolcat worked fine last night blowing snow for a couple hours, this morning after a hour shuts down with code E001076-16, starts and runs for a couple seconds and dies, best it will do, Im guessing the fuel has jelled last night temp was -10C this morning -18C, tank is 3/4 full, have to pick up...
  33. laurencen

    Kawasaki Mule 550 light update

    this 550 has been a real Gem but gets little attention last couple years due to the purchase of a new 610 and it was hard getting in drive when warm, well got the shifting sorted and had a set of LED lights sitting on the shelf so swapped them for the original lights, what a difference, here is...
  34. laurencen

    kawasaki mule 550 shift lever

    hi, just revisiting the old mule 550, it served for many years and been replaced with a newer 610, now the grandkids are wanting to drive the old faithful, problem is more times than some it will be hard engaging forward or reverse instead grinding gears, it will go into drive just not well and...
  35. laurencen

    rear lights on Toolcat

    anyone else had issues with the rear lights on the new Toolcat, the old model they were buiried below the box giving some protection, this new one they are protruding out the back and quite easily damaged, thinking making a guard has anyone done this? thanks
  36. laurencen

    groundsmaster 325D keeps shutting down

    have to locate a manual and wiring diagram, this season the machine starts, runs fir a few seconds and shuts down, the shutoff solenoid is pulling in once it gets running, then once stopped releases, when running if I cycle the starter it continues, every now and again it will stay running but...
  37. laurencen

    deere F725 runs then dies

    my F725 has been a workhorse at the lake for years but this weekend it would run for 30 mins and die like its out of gas, starts right up for a few mins then dies, sit for a hour and runs good for 15 mins, figured it was a fuel issue so took the covers off to get to the fuel bowl, figured if it...
  38. laurencen

    toolcat max speed

    figured I would start a new thread for this issue, the Toolcat is now 4 weeks old, in general I am happy with it but the top speed really bugs the **** out of me, max engine rpm is 2600, it easily makes this and the max speed in low range is 8.5 mph at 2600 rpm, this it does no issue, in high...
  39. laurencen

    Toolcat Creep Function "inching" Control

    speaking with the service they mentioned a creep control "inching" function in the manual, looked thro it and either Im blind or nothing in the manual, what does it do and how is it used?
  40. laurencen

    need some ideas for a rake on mini x

    as the title says, I have been removing trees, many of them at the cabin, the Bobcat E32 worked well with the ripper removing roots and such the issue now is clearing the debris up, on the weekend installed a thumb but its not working well and will be returned, what I am looking for is a 24 to...
  41. laurencen

    looking at new toolcat

    just started looking at a new Toolcat, mine is in the 2005 series and it is working great but would like a few of the options such as high flow and better break out and having the air work all the time when needed the 2005 has served me well and Bobcat has a few options and incentives to buy...
  42. laurencen

    bobcat 80 inch brush cutter

    looking for some feedback, got a Bobcat 80 inch bush cutter locally for sale, price is right but is this too much for a early model Toolcat?
  43. laurencen

    bobcat 843 no lift or curl control

    used the bobcat 843 to move snow for 3 hours yesterday, no issues, today started fine but no lift, lower curl up down on the bucket, it drives as usual but if you lift the arms they go up half inch and stop, try to lower arms and again goes up half inch ans stops, push the right pedal either way...
  44. laurencen

    Bobcat S590 auxiliary hydro speed

    for my S590 the auxiliary hydraulic in standard is too high for the snow dump bucket, yes the thumb switch can vary the speed but its getting a pain having the dump slam back to the arms, is there a simple way to reduce this speed say 25% without adding a restrictor to the lines
  45. laurencen

    Bobcat heater control

    looking for some info how the heat valve works on my Toolcat which is the same as my S590 and many other machines, to control the heat there is a rotary potentiometer, this connects to the valve which changes the water flow thro the heater core, on my machine the valve is open and the...
  46. laurencen

    grading attachment on Toolcat

    been using my grading attachment on a S590 for a couple years, considering trying it on the Toolcat, anyone using this attachment on a Toolcat? I do not have the laser level system on the attachment thanks for any feedback
  47. laurencen

    bobcat s590 setting default speed

    need help setting the default speed on a 2015 S590, I can turn on 2 speed with the button on the left joystick, it defaults to 50%, this can be increased to 99% with the up/down control, the issue is when the unit is turned off it goes back to default 50%, anyone know how to set default to the...
  48. laurencen

    toolcat A series wheel alignment

    my Toolcat series A rear wheels when the steering centered light is on are turned about 5 degrees, where is the sensor located and how is it adjusted to correct this problem thanks
  49. laurencen

    Toolcat heater control checking

    does anyone know how to check the heater valve on the Toolcat, the system looks simple, variable resister in the dash and ball valve under the drivers seat, mine is wide open for heat, how does the potentiometer work with the valve, I have voltage on one wire but should I see a voltage change...
  50. laurencen

    Kioti Mechron windshield build

    not a large project but since I picked up a Mule for the lake having a windshield is a must have, I looked at the factory and they are made of 1/4 plexiglass, the mounting is flimsy and I was quoted 1500 dollars, so went and picked up a sheet of 1/2 lexan, wanted a solid front, the 1/4 was too...
  51. laurencen

    anyone installed a windshield on the Mechron

    Im looking at getting a windshield for the Mechron, anyone installed one or made one to fit
  52. laurencen

    Kioti Mechron 2200 ignition switch

    my Kioti Mechron ignition switch started acting up, when you turn key to start it will start but will not run when the key resets to the run position, i assume the switch is needing to be replaced, anyone had a similar issue and managed to fix it
  53. laurencen

    Bobcat E32 with 42inch swivel grader bucket

    picked up a 42 inch swivel grader bucket, anyone have one and can offer advise how best to use it
  54. laurencen

    toolcat battery and 4 wheel steer

    with the temperature here at -30C my toolcat is not starting, the block heater is working but will not crank, the battery was new 2016 bobcat brand, charged it and testing the CCA is 425Amps, what should this battery put out? boosting it starts no problem secondly, 4 wheel steer is not aligned...
  55. laurencen

    bobcat s590 heater issues

    need a bit of information re a 2013 s590, the heater fuse blew on my s590 again, when its cold when else do you need it, lifted the cab, worked the fan with a bit of lube and now it runs, the issue is when the switch is turned to first position there appears to be a fan on the right of the seat...
  56. laurencen

    Toro Groundsmaster 325D hard starting

    looking for ideas, picked up a 325D last winter, the unit when it is running is strong, no smoke or odd noises from the 3cyl motor, problem is starting, regardless if the glow plugs are used it cranks for ever till it fires, there is water drips from exhaust but its not from the rad, no...
  57. laurencen

    toolcat AC belt replace

    good day fellow members, I have a 2003 toolcat assume series A, there is no belt on the AC, anyone changed one and got some advise how to go about it, took a quick look underneath and I assume this is how one gets to it thanks in advance
  58. laurencen

    Toolcat 5600 diff lock issue

    hi, on my Toolcat series A got a couple issues that I need to look at, first the diff lock does not work, looking at the schematic the power to allow the console switch to lock the diff comes from the rear wheel centering, with 4 wheel steer off and back axle aligned with light on, when the diff...
  59. laurencen

    how to edit your signature

    when I go to my profile I can edit everything but my signature, any idea how to do this, screwed it up years ago and no edit option
  60. laurencen

    toolcat 5600 lights

    can anyone give me the bulb number used for the 4 lights top of the cab, dealer is crazy priced as usual, no number on the bulbs but all 4 are different looking, have the same connector and mounting so been changed over time. the part breakdown say the outside ones are spot, middle 2 are flood...
  61. laurencen

    anyone installed a attachment control kit in a toolcat 5600

    Im looking into purchasing a Attachment Control Kit for a 2003 Toolcat 5600, local dealer is 700 dollars and seems high for whats inside the box, anyone installed a kit in a Toolcat that can advise if its worth the 700
  62. laurencen

    toolcat 5600 no heat ideas?

    my recently purchased toolcat 2003 vintage has next to no heat, using the manual I removed the drivers seat, found the valve, checked the 12 volts but when turning the pot on the dash nothing on the other two wires to the valve, too cold to remove the dash pot. getting back to the valve, if I...
  63. laurencen

    Kioti CK20 starting issue

    looking for ideas, needed to move my CK20 to get to my sled couple days ago, its sitting in a container outside, its been cold but at -10 today, no matter how much I crank, I get little smoke indicating fuel, its been plugged in so motor is touch warm, checked glow plugs and changed fuel...
  64. laurencen

    toolcat traction control

    need some feedback, just picked up a 2003 toolcat, regarding traction control, I have the wheels aligned, stopped and push the switch, the switch is down light side, sprung the opposite, if I hold the switch back should the light illuminate? instantly or take time, obviously if I let go of the...
  65. laurencen

    mechron winter starting

    Hi all, anyone use the Kioti Mechron in winter, I am looking to find a block heater but my dealer says its a prety uncommon size, what are other owners using or do you use it in cold temperatures thanks
  66. laurencen

    Kioti Mechron

    good day, for the time I have had this unit I am really pleased with its performance and how solid it is, there are a couple irritating things, first the box really squeaks, mine had no rubber pads between box and frame this I simply went to the local body shop and got some rubber trim that...
  67. laurencen

    kioti mechron light horn kit

    anyone else installed the light and horn kit on the mechron, started installing tonight, pretty straight forward however I located the front lights at the front between the brush guard, factory installs on the rops, I felt this was the wrong location as we typically hold this area getting on or...
  68. laurencen

    kitot mechron noise

    Hi All, had a Kioti Mechron for 6 months and must say its tough however I have a noise coming from the roll bar besides the drivers head tube, sounds like there is a spring or metallic object inside but not rolling more like fixed one end and rattling the other about center of the tube, if I hit...
  69. laurencen

    bobcat 430 manual

    good day all, I have just purchased a used 2008 bobcat 430 machine, playes a little but trying to locate a user manual, would like a service/parts manual but here the dealer is asking 70 for a user manual and over 270 for the parts/service, this sounds a rip off, anyone know where these can be...
  70. laurencen

    advice using plasma cutter

    Hi, yesterday got a 40 amp plasma cutter, never used one, was allways told they were ausome for fabrication work, with all the knoledge on this site could I get some tips on how best to use this machine
  71. laurencen

    advice on welding rods

    Hi all, its been years since I used a arc welder, got a miller 250 gas welder and have to weld a trailer for a boat on site, I have no problems doing horizontal butt welds bit I will be doing 50% vertical and 30% overhead, my queston what rods are recomended and thaughts on ac or dc including...
  72. laurencen

    JD F725 mower

    Hi, just lost the power to the PTO on my F725 mower, looks like the belt that comes off the motor to the PTO broke, seems it only had one and there is provision for 2, anyway does it have 2 and any idea the size, would anyone on this site happen to know how these belts are installed possibly a...
  73. laurencen

    CK20 gear wireing harness

    Had this issue a while back, after starting the tractor noticed a smell of burnt wires, well in little time it started smoking and shut down, it turned out the wireing harness from the battery ground heated up and melted back to the alternator. I was told a bad ground caused this and check...
  74. laurencen

    JD F725

    Hi, just purchased a F725 front mower, have no manual so if its available for download it would be appreciated, it is powered by a Kawa motor and seems prety strong, it needs blades as they are bent up, couple of questions, does the deck stay up, I assume the knob you pull to lift is spring...
  75. laurencen

    Flail Mower  Howse 500 5' Flail Mower

    Hi, I am looking at a used Howse 500 5' Flail Mower, I have a CK20 Kioti, I use a 5 foot rough cut and a 5 foot finish mower, they bith work reasonably well with the issue of lots of cuttings sticking to the underside, how would you rate the Howse mower and what should I look for to assess...
  76. laurencen

    sickle for a CK20

    Hi, I want to cut taller grass on the edge of the roadway, my CK20 and rough cut mower works well but the slope is too great to cut past the edge, to cut this area either a offset mower or sickle, I did try a 7 foot, realise it was too large for the CK20 but worked well, what would anyone...
  77. laurencen


    Hi, I am looking for a zero turn mower, the Kubota diesel 60 inch model is my choice but can anyone advise if the extra 5K is worth it over a gas unit of similar size
  78. laurencen

    CK20 gear mowing speed

    Curious, I have a CK20 gear and using a 6 foot rough cut mower have the motor maximum and 2nd gear high range, the grass is about 8 to 12 inches tall but not thick, I would say 70% vegitation, anyway is this OK, too fast or motor running too fast, the RPM shows a little over the PTO rpm Laurence
  79. laurencen

    mole mounds

    Good day, on my property I have tons of mole hills, my airstrip is starting to get mounds, the mounds I want to remove and spread the soil, once I see the new ones appear I will have to deal with the mole, my question is do I use a 3pt rake to flatten and spread the soil or a box blade, on the...
  80. laurencen

    melted wire CK20

    Good evening, need some help, today I spent several hours cutting grass, when I parked the tractor, I tried to start it to move ahead, it was hard starting but had power in the battery, after a few attempts noticed smoke and a odour from the front, when I opened the hood the small wire going to...
  81. laurencen

    kog splitter power

    I have a bucket truck that has hydraulic outlets on the bucket and rear end, I had planned building a log splitter and runing off the kioti tractor but as the truck is needed to cut down trees would the rear hydraulics power a splitter, anyone ever tried it
  82. laurencen

    gophers and moles

    well now I have the road and ditches in, grass coming thro I am honoured to have gophers and moles creating havoc, my airstrip is also being attacked, now I have taken a few gophers with a 22 but not getting ahead, any ideas what can be done thanks
  83. laurencen

    Mowing  mowing with a rough cut

    Hi all, got a ck20 gear and mowing with a 5 foot rough cut mower, need advice, how do you start off and stop, I am putting in gear, applying throttle loose out the clutch adding more rpm, to stop I am dis engaging the pto then the clutch as if simply depressing the clutch it makes a awfull...
  84. laurencen

    Mowing  CK20 rough cut mower choice

    Good day, have a choice for a rough cut 5 foot mower between Frontier or Farm King, they are the same money so any recomendations either way which one is better Laurence
  85. laurencen

    rough cut mowers

    Good day, I have a choice for the same money Frontier/John Deer 5 foot rough cut mower or a Farm King Rough cut mower, the JD has front and rear chain guards, any recomendations, they are close to the same weight so any pros or cons Laurence
  86. laurencen

    Mowing  JD 350 sickle mower

    Hi all, got a Farm King finish mower that is not working well, basically it is plugging to the point the blades will not run if I turn off the PTO, anyway got a JD350 sickle mower, plan on putting it on the CK20, is this going to work for long grass, weeds and alfalfa, main use is the roadway...
  87. laurencen

    farm king mower build up

    Hi, can anyone advise whats happening, I have a farm king 5 foot finishing mower behind a CK20, after cutting grass the mower is building up crud to the point if I stop the mower, leave it sit a wile the PTO will not dru the mower its plugged up, couple of thaughts, the grass is quite thin and...
  88. laurencen

    will a CK20 run this

    Hi all, after destroying a set of blades on the farm king 5 foot mower I want a rough cut, here is one for sale locally, he is asking 500 dollars and says its a finish cut pull behind 2 blades, at 5 foot I assume its one spindle with two half blades underneath, my quetion is , is it worth 500...
  89. laurencen

    farm king mower issue

    Well finaly got the grass and weeds down on my field, having issues with the nower, after a hour of cutting the blades litrally stall, taking a look underneath the underside of the deck is full of pacled cuttings like mud, it is stopping the blades turning, I have hit many rocks while cutting...
  90. laurencen

    ideas rough cut versus finish cut

    Hi, I had my CK20 out with the finish mower farm king 6 foot, firstly the grass Im cutting is infested with a crop from years gone and quite tall, the mower easily bogs down, run in high 1st gear, even though the mower is set high still hit rocks, I left the bucket flat 2 inches off the ground...
  91. laurencen

    grassing ditch and strip

    Hi, need some advice on my new road and airstrip, sorry the pictures are still on site, will add later, The last 2 weeks had a new driveway to our house aprox 1000 feet, it is crowned with ditches each side, the drive is 24 feet wide, ditches are 30 feet wide, also added a airstrip 1800 foot...
  92. laurencen

    tree planting

    Hi all, I need some ideas, I have again 800 plus small trees, we have tried tilling, shovel and auger but takes way too long, I want to fabricate a tooth for mounting on a Kioti CK20 gear that will dig a trench and fold the ground to one side, then drop the trees into the row and simply drive...
  93. laurencen

    anyone built a 3pt tree planter

    Hi all, I am in the process of building a tree planter for my CK20, has anyone built a 3PT planter that would work behind this tractor, the ones that are available for rent are too large, I have the wheels and coulter disc, lots of steel just need a design, any ideas would be appreciated Laurence
  94. laurencen

    Happy New Year

    Well, 2007 has gone, wishing all a Happy New Year, whate your new years resolution, mine is to get our house complete by summer
  95. laurencen


    Just saw advert on the box (CNN) for a DR grader, it is pulled behing a ATV, looks simple and other than when it gets hard pulling causing the leading edge to lift it seems to work, there are a few good ideas such as the front teeth to rough the ground up, anyone else seen it, bet there will be...
  96. laurencen

    Tires  finding tire chain

    Good day all, need some help, it appears here in Saskatchewan good old tire chains are a thing of the past, Im looking for the good solid tire chains for a tire that is 25 1/5 diameter by 6 1/2 wide, they fit a forklift but must be close to a tractor front tire, I have checked with the local...
  97. laurencen

    Snow  finaly blown snow

    Well here in Saskatchewan we got some snow, my CK20 was stored over winter last year waiting for our new house to be built and alas its not built yet, we had 4 to 6 inches of snow on the ground, drifts way more, I used the old faithfull Case 444 at the house and it blows prety good but, on the...
  98. laurencen

    Backhoe  Flimsy Backhoe lever linkage

    Well guys, my CK20 Backhoe has some 30 hours now, the backhoe has dug out 2 stumps and tonight a trench for electric lines, after positioning the tractor and lowering the stabiliser legs a couple times the right one refused to come back up, the link pin had fallen out, upon inspection I find the...
  99. laurencen

    Front mount snowblower

    Has anyone used a front mount snowblower on a CK20, my dealer has one mounted on a display model, it is driven off the rear PTO shaft, there is a driveshaft that goes under the machine to the front, my first impressions its too big for the tractor, I have a Schulte rear now and Schulte have...
  100. laurencen


    Hi all, I need to build a ring roller for flat bar, in the 2 x 1/4 range, hoping someone out there has got ideas and plans possibly, once complete have a couple projects to work on over winter Thanks in advance for ideas Laurence
  101. laurencen

    air brake fail ideas anyone

    on a freightliner truck the compressor failed, rebuilt using a kit but its a little slow building air, there are 2 small lines maybe 1/8 dia going into the air govenor, thinking I may have them backward, if I trace them back where should they go, one for sure goes to the bottom of the drier...
  102. laurencen

    KL120 loader

    Sorry to bring this up but for all that have the loader fix are you happy with it, I have no visible cracks only 60 hours on machine and light use, my dealer has offered to replace the loader for the new one for $2000.00, its not much saving or support and says I may be able to sell my old KL120...
  103. laurencen

    log home and pond

    Hi all, we re building a log home on 80 acres, I also dug a pond 200 feet by 120 feet in places 20 feet deep, looking for advice, first the home, it is ready to take apart and assemble on our acreage, what is the best stain both color and quality, thinking light redish but does color stand up...
  104. laurencen

    3 way scraper on CK20

    Does anyone have or used the 3 way scraper from Farm King, I am looking at the 60 inch one to use on my CK20, looks solid bit is it any good, use is yard work and some leveling Laurence
  105. laurencen

    Backhoe  CK20 backhoe removing tree

    Good day all, finally tried out the backhoe on my CK20, until now only scratched the ground, we cut down 5 elm trees 10 inches diameter, then went at the roots, the backhow performed poorly the first hour due to me not knowing how to dig however after a hour things went way better, this machine...
  106. laurencen

    Mowing  Ck20 belly mower will it fit

    Good day all, I have a 2006 CK20 gear with 120 FEL, I also have the kioti backhoe subframe mounted, will the Kioti 6 foot belly mower fit underneath and work OK, realise the backhoe will not fit when mower is installed, I use a 6 foot 3pt mower now, if it fits no problems what is the time to...
  107. laurencen

    new toy

    Hi all, well a few weeks ago on ebay I purchased a Peddinghaus Ironworker, wanted a mechanical as they are typically faster, more ridgid, quieter and well look cool, today it arrived and what a toy, played all night, for anyone who fabricates they are the cats a##, it punches upto 1 1/4...
  108. laurencen

    ck20 loader

    Good day all, has Kioti released a re designed loader arm for the CK20, seems there were a few pictures of the new arm torque tube arrangement a wile ago,
  109. laurencen

    grass seeding

    anyone know the ins and outs for planting grass/hydroseeding, I have a priject to grass a airstrip once graded and about 2 acres of lawn, the city sprays a blueish mixture on the ground and in no time it goes green and lush, would like to get information on whau it is and how it is applied, any...
  110. laurencen

    Ideas for a rock picker

    Looking for ideas for a rock picker to use behind a Kioti CK20, needs to scoop rocks (lots of them baseball size) and dump them a distance away, possibly like a bucket made of flatbar on its side say 2 inches apart Laurence
  111. laurencen


    Well after reading all the information I have built a grader that works very well, the sides are 14 x 40 inches 3/8 plate, the edges are wrapped 2 x 3/8 flat and channel between sides, I used 4 x 1/2 flat to mount used grader blades on, the blades were worn out 7 footers from highways, once worn...
  112. laurencen

    Backhoe  bucket for backhoe

    Hi , just picked up my kioti backhoe for a CK20 machine, it has a 9 inch bucket now and considering a 16 inch, main use is for landscape and some trenching, anyone used this backhoe with larger bucket sizes that can give me advise about use, is 16 inch close to the limits of this machine. I...
  113. laurencen

    tree planter ideas

    In need of ideas for a tree planter, have access to small trees but use a shovel, have made a scoop/digger and we will drag it thro ground, it leaves a nice trench some 8 inch deep with the soil mound each side, issue is raking the soil back over the roots, then driving close will pack the soil...