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    More Best Buy

    I wanted to get two of the grandkids computers for Christmas....well, actually, SWMBO wanted me to, and I figure it's a bit early at least for one of them. Anyway, the family dynamics meant I "wanted" to buy two computers. I refuse to do the Black Friday thing in person, and I didn't see...
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    e-mail question

    DW just started a new job, at 60!, in the local school systems career center. Of course, she has her own e-mail account at the new job, and because of the nature of the job it gets used a lot. Problem is she can't access the account from home. The IT person at her new job says she should be...
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    garage door spring

    The spring on one of my garage doors broke. About 2" broke off from the adjustable end of the spring. I thought there might be enough of the spring left to do the job, so I cut off the broken end and tried tightening what was left. No go. If it has any spring left with the door up, it is way...
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    I get these e-mails nearly every day and some contain what look to be really good deals. This one caught my attention because so many TBNers have or seem to need security cameras and the like. I know nothing about the company....opinions? Retrevo Deals Chuck
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    Kohler Revival toilet

    We've had this over-priced object for about ten years, and I've only had to remove the lid once during that time. I need to get the lid off again, and it seems to be stuck. This is one of those toilets with a pull rod in the middle of the lid. I can't recall if I need to unscrew the trim ring...
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    Gravely HD60

    After looking and pricing, I ended up buying a Gravely HD60. This is homeowners machine, but it has a Kawasaki engine and the same hydraulics used in the other machines I looked at. The deck is pretty heavy, and in fact it is the same deck used on Gravely's bottom line commercial...
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    L210 starter switch

    I may figure this out myself....stranger things have happened. However, at first look I don't see how this switch comes out. Kubota L210. Voltage goes in, no voltage, or very little, gets out. Four wires connected. Got three of the four off and WILL get that last bugger. However, after...
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    So, after last year, when I shopped around for a zero turn and then had to make do with my old riding mower for another season, I'm back in the market. This time SWMBO insists I get something reliable so she won't have to hear me complain. Last year I got interested in an Ariens at Home Depot...
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    wiring electric furnace

    SIL is in HVAC and is installing a 5 ton 16 SEER Goodman heat pump and electric furnace for me. This is replacing an older central air and electric furnace combo, so we should see some savings on our electric bill. The new furnace has two 60A breakers in the unit and we're not sure if 6AWG is...
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    Briggs V-Twin electrical problem

    I tried searching for threads about electrical wiring, electrical problems, etc, and didn't find anything useful, so if anyone knows of previous applicable threads please point me to them. My MTD rider, with a 21hp Briggs V-Twin started just fine Saturday and ran about 20 feet. It then died as...
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    Ariens Zero Turn at Home Depot

    This isn't just about Ariens, so I put it here instead of in the dedicated forum. My old crappy MTD rider has another broken pivot bar. This is the second one and my dear wife is so tired of hearing me complain that she sent me out looking for a zero turn. I want to stay somewhere in the...
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    Mowing in the rain

    To the tune of singing in the rain. I last mowed on Wednesday, May 7, if that date is correct. We went back to Tennessee for Mom's 90th birthday, and since we've been back I either had to be at work or it has rained or both. The grass is now knee high to a giraffe. It isn't raining right at...
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    We had three inches of snow on the ground less than two weeks ago, and my ground is still so soggy from finally thawing and then rain, rain, rain that I can't walk on the grass without sinking. Yesterday it was in the 70's and today it's 82. I was able to work some of my raised beds yesterday...
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    If it's not the defrost timer....

    Got an old Frigidaire, maybe 8-9 years old, that quit cooling a few weeks ago. I figured it was something simple, but we wanted/needed a new refrigerator anyway, so I stuck the old one in the basement to wait for me to play with it. When I was checking it out, the first thing I did was...
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    Ever country cured a ham?

    I just got an add for "fresh" hams suitable for curing at $1.04/lb. A fella down the road from me used to be a champion country ham producer and I think he still judges the hams at the county fair. I really wanted to help him set up his hams, to learn the process, but he quit doing it about...
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    DSL speed

    I'm paying for 1.5MBs on my CenturyTel dsl connection. I knew it was slow, but I really don't do all that much from home. DW complained bitterly about the slow speed when she was trying to buy stuff....somehow that didn't make me want to get the speed up....don't know why. Anyhoo, I finally...
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    Stihl 55r

    I bought one of these yesterday to replace the second Ryobi trimmer I wore out in three years. I almost went for the 90, but I don't really need a pro model trimmer and this one seemed strong enough for my use. This is my first straight shaft trimmer and I figured it would take me a while to...
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    Got a clunker?

    Anyone looking to cash in on the latest government give away? I kept my old 1991 F150 when I bought a newer used truck back in May. They weren't going to give me anything for it, and I figured I'd be able to get a few bucks for it or donate it and take the deduction. Now I'm wondering if I...
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    Emergency Plumbing Fix

    Saturday, the Fourth of July, with family coming soon. So of course the fifty eight year old copper drain pipe under the kitchen sink decides this is the perfect time to spring a leak. This section of pipe is about 1.5 inches diameter and maybe a foot long. Goes to the second sink and is...
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    MTD belt sizes

    My five year old MTD 46" cut auto drive lawn tractor goes through a lot of belts, probably because I cut a lot of pretty tall grass. The belt I change most often is the belt which connects the manual PTO, or engine power, to the deck, as is probably normal. My manual gives the number for this...
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    Caught a SKUNK

    A coon has been getting into the cats food, and while I don't mind that much, coons last year did in my peach harvest. I trapped about 15 last year, mainly too late to save the peaches, so I figure to get an earlier start this year in controlling the population. What has always worked for me...
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    2006 F250 powerstroke

    It's finally coming to the time when my '91 F150 must be replaced. It's been a good truck, but the little problems have grown into big ones, and it probably didn't help that I was hauling 1800# loads of compost. Sure was fun going down the interstate with the front in the air and compost...
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    Dex Cool?

    Do any of you folks with GM products that came with Dex Cool still use it, or have you switched? I need to flush the radiator of my 2003 Impala with the small v6, and I'm reading some places I should stay with Dex Cool and other places I should switch. The place I take my car for oil changes...
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    It's coming up on time to get the potatoes in the ground, and I have left-over potatoes from last year I'm planning to use for part of a row. These are kennebecs, and most of them have sprouts already. Should I just break off the sprouts before planting them? Some are pretty long. I figure...
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    Adobe Security Allert

    I just got this from our IT people. I wouldn't normally pass this on to this group, but I'm pretty sure I posted a link in the recent past to a site which was a PDF. It was almost certainly a secure site, but one never knows. The Powers That Be should feel free to delete this message if they...
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    Invest in onions!

    Well, why not? At least you can eat them. The 401k thread depressed me, so yesterday I started some onion seed. I've never had much luck direct seeding onions in my garden, but I was reading one of the many seed catalogs I got this year and came across a method for growing my own transplants...
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    ShopVacs and filters

    I decided I needed a new, bigger and quieter Shop Vac to help me clean up my basement. Over a year ago, I had foundation work done that involved drilling holes every 10 feet along my 60 foot basement wall for helical supports. Though they used water cooled drills to cut down on the dust, and...
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    I started getting the new seed and plant catalogs back before Christmas....they ALL know me. Got the latest Miller Nursery catalog and it opened to the pear trees as soon as I picked it up. Trying to tell me something? I have a number of different apple trees, as well as peach, plum, and one...
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    Where do they come from, besides Hooterville? We just had our New Years blackeyed peas, and because there were just the two of us I didn't roast the darn big Boston Butt roast I had planned on. Kinda hard to eat seven pounds of pork these days....could've done it in my prime though! Anyway...
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    Corel Presentations

    Talk about unrelated to tractors! However, as has been said here many times, someone on this forum probably knows the answer to just about any question, so...... I use Corel Presentations to modify WordPerfect Graphics files and then save them in various formats. I started using the software...
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    smoking a ham

    I know this has probably been covered in some of the smoking threads, but a new smoking thread can't hurt! With four nurses in the mix, it turns out my family probably won't be able to come up with just one day we can all get together for Christmas this year. My wife is working 12 hour shifts...
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    Don't read National Geographic!

    Sunday morning, I was at one of my favorite reading places browsing through an old edition of National Geographic. There was a short article about deer collisions and how common they are in various states. I'd had one myself and know many, many people who have "harvested" deer that way, so I...
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    New England Road Trip

    With gas prices as they are, what better time to run up several thousand miles on a road trip? At least that seems to be the DW's attitude, so we're heading from mid-Missery to Vermont and New Hampshire next week. We have four days to get to our first B&B in northern Vermont, and have no...
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    Raccoon density

    No, this isn't a follow up on the Southern obesity thread..... A couple of years ago, I planted a 60x60 plot half with sweet corn and half in various melons. I put up an electric fence, using a battery powered charger since there was no electric service near. The fence kept out deer with no...
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    401k cautionary tale

    The thread about paying SS taxes gave me the nudge to post this.... everything about money is tractor related! I work for a state university which has a fairly decent pension plan and also makes 403b, 401k and something called 457 plans available to employees, though without contributing...
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    Nursery for pecans

    I've had questions before about raising pecans, and got some good info, so here we go again. I'm in the middle of Missouri, and the southern pecan species typically do not do well here, so I have planted some of the hardier northern varieties, trying to pick those which make decent sized nuts...
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    Sandstone chimney

    In 1956, the fella who built the house I now own thought sandstone would make a nice chimney material. He was right about the interior part of the looks great. However, here in the middle of Missouri it rains. Sandstone is porous. Very porous. Whenever it rains long enough or hard...
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    Bioelectric generation

    I think it was reading an article in National Geographic about production of ethanol and biodiesel that set off my latest 3AM musings. Usually when I wake up at 3AM I lie there thinking about stuff like the "check engine" light on my '91 F150 and whether I should try to find out why it is...
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    Brake line

    I gotta replace the master cylinder and brake line on my 91 F150. The price for a new master cylinder and the brake line was going to be over $300 mainly due to the labor, so I figure I'll do it myself, since I work cheap. Seems the line is cheap, but you have to bend it yourself, and I bet...
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    Irrigation tricks

    Seems like gardening threads are getting attention at the moment, and there's lots of good ideas flying around. I'm going to all raised beds over the next couple of years. I have four 4x25 foot beds now and may build as many as a dozen more. I'm using concrete blocks to build the beds and...
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    Potato questions

    There's more to life than tomatoes, though it often doesn't seem that way! So....for the first time, I'm growing potatoes (Kennebec) using a modified version of the straw method. I put the seed potatoes in a trench and covered them with dirt, but when they started coming up, instead of...
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    B&S 21hp starter

    I've got an MTD Yard Machine 46" rider with a 21 hp B&S twin. Worked fine last week, but today the starter spins but doesn't engage. I assume I have a solenoid problem, but the parts lists and manuals I have don't show how to get to the starter. Battery seems OK, showing 12.8V, though not...
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    Trees recovering?

    The cold snap last month that did in the south's peach crop hit Missouri, too. I was out yesterday seeing if any of my trees looked like they might not recover, but all my pecan, Carpathian walnut, almond, apple, peach, plum and cherry trees seem to be setting new leaves at last. I thought a...
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    Buck Fight

    So, now I know what a buck fight sounds like. I was home alone all day yesterday, Saturday, and took advantage of that to learn the fine art of jackhammering. I spent from 9AM until almost 3PM breaking up about 30 feet of sidewalk. I bet I could do it again in about 3 hours or less, but as...
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    HD rabbit ears?

    We finally bit the bullet and bought a big ol HD LCD. We were going to immediately get Direct TV, but I want both the HD and the recorder, and Direct TV says there's a waiting list for the new HD reveiver/recorders. Since I'll probably get some kind of new customer discount, I don't want to...
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    Longwood furnace parts

    My SIL is trying to fix a Longwood wood furnace and is having problems finding parts. Specifically, he needs a combustion air damper or at least the gear train. Anyone know of a source for parts? A Google on Longwood shows the usual free association crap. Chuck
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    Engine gunk

    As described down there somewhere, I am in the process of changing out the distributor on my 91' F-150 300 ci inline. In the process......I only seem to have real time to play with these things on weekends, and some of those go to other tasks assigned by my immediate Supervisor for Life, She...
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    Distributer removal

    I need to revive my old '91 F-150 so I can do the fall clean up chores. I've been told I might have a bad TFI module on the distributor and I need to check it. My Chiltons manual says to remove the distributor and check some big deal. However, in reading about reinstalling...
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    Dried tomatoes

    I used to wonder why dried tomtoes were so I know! It takes a bu$$ load of tomatoes to make a handfull of dried. It also takes considerable time, even in a dehydrator. I loaded up my American Harvest dehydrator with Romas that I had halved or quartered, depending on size...
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    Outdoor plumbing advice request

    I have a very old and rusty buried hydrant in an odd place in my yard. It leaks around the cap, but is so rusty I can't fix it easily, and it can only be shut off at the water meter. So, because there are a couple of other, much better, locations where I'd like to have hydrants, I fugured I'd...
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    Campaign for Square Boxes

    Guess what I've been doing. It has caused me to wish to start a campaign for square boxes. No more rounded corners! This seems to be especially common in little kids toys. I have trouble enough wrapping the nice small rectangular boxes neatly....I don't need complications. Of course, this...
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    Fireplace vent

    A while back I posted asking about fireplace inserts for a through-the-wall fireplace I have....that is, a fireplace that opens to two rooms. Looks like big bucks for such a thing, and I am unlikely to go that route. However, over the weekend I was watching some home improvement show with only...
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    Foundation piers

    The main part of my 50+ year old house is on a full basement, and the garage and laundry room are on an attached slab. The slab has settled a bit over the years relative to the rest of the house, and I decided to get estimates on stabilizing and perhaps lifting the slab back up to square with...
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    Through-the-wall insert

    I don't remember if I've asked here before....I don't remember lots of stuff these days...but anyway, does anyone know where I might look for a through-the-wall fireplace insert? Glass on both sides kind of thing. The wifey is after me to get new screens for the fireplace, but I expect to pay...
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    Advancing in Reverse

    As I was working on a slow bathroom drain the other day, it occured to me that the cause of the slow flow was the same as every other time I had worked on a slow bathroom drain. Whoever invented the common bathroom sink and tub drain plug design must have then invented drain cleaners so he...
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    Ford 300ci firing sequence

    Attached (I hope) is a drawing of the distributor cap for a Ford 300ci engine, giving the firing sequence. Anyone running one of these? My 1991 F150 is giving me problems, and I've changed the ignition wires and cap and rotor. I kept track of terminal number one, but the orientation of my cap...
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    PM question

    I have sent a couple of PMs today, but my home page says I have sent 0. ? Chuck
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    Tilling in the Corn, Tilling in the Corn....

    Sung to the tune of that great old hymn "Bringing in the Sheaves: So my corn experiment was smooshed by the midwest drought and now I'm planning to plow under the dried up corn stalks so I at least get some compost added to the patch. However, I bet the stalks will just wind around my tiller...
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    Old wells

    I have two unused wells on my property. Both are "modern" bored-type wells. One is probably as old as the house....about 50 years. The other is newer, but probably still in the 20 year range. If the wires running down the shafts are any indication, the pumps are still down there. According...
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    Ford 4000 fel

    My SIL recently bought a Ford 4000 "crop" tractor. It used to have a FEL, but that is now missing. He's been told the "crop" version of the 4000 requires a special FEL. Anyone familiar with that? Is there a suitable third party FEL available? Chuck
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    Whole grains

    Popcorn is grown in fields that are worked by tractors, so there's the connection. I think I just saw where popcorn counts as a whole grain in the new food pyramid or whatever it's now called. Happy days! I have been known to nearly live on popcorn in lean times...some students lived on tuna...
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    Black iron sewer

    My 45 year old house has black iron sewer pipes. All seems to be in pretty good shape, but the two-inch line that drains the kitchen sink gets plugged sometimes. Hmmmm. I wonder if could be because the wife insists on putting grease down the drain and using the garbage disposal for anything...
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    Lawn tractor auto trans

    I've been looking at some lawn tractors that have "automatic transmissions" which are based on variable speed pulleys and belts rather than the hydrostatic types. They are, of course, cheaper than the ones with HST. Does anyone have any info on the reliability of these transmissions? A...
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    MF231 power steering pump

    I posted this for a friend on the MF board, but figured I'd put it here too: The power steering pump on his 231 bit the dust. He's wondering about rebuilding it or replacing it, perhaps with an after market part, since these pumps seem to go out after short hours. Any suggestions? Chuck
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    MF231 power steering pump

    Posted for a friend: The power steering pump on my 231 bit the dust. Where is the best place to get a replacement, possibly an after market replacement? Is it possible/reasonable to rebuild this pump? Chuck
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    Neat starter design

    My old L210 began to be hard to start at the end of last season's mowing adventures. I checked all the cable connections and replaced the cables because they looked pretty corroded, and determined that the battery was OK by swapping the batteries with my truck. It just didn't want to crank as...
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    Hot Thread Indicator

    Dagnabitanyway! By the time I find the threads where wigs are flipping and fur is flying, they've done been killed! I know you can often find the hot thread by the rapid increase in the number of posts, but sometimes they slip by me. I mean, who would have thought a question about radios...
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    Truely Neutral Thread

    Ha! There ain't one! It is, however, interesting that the divisions amongst us TBN'ers are so fluid. Some members of the group who feel their ox gored in one thread and commence to gang up on the transgressor, then find, in another thread, that they have themselves trod on the collective...
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    Black Walnuts

    Got too much time on your hands? Need something to do while you watch the idiot box? Like the old time flavor of fudge with black walnuts? This is your year! This was apparently a banner year for black walnuts. The one skinny walnut tree left on my property after the power company cut...
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    Procrastination as an Art Form

    I have excuses. I think that's a necessary part of the art. For instance, the last two weeks have been largely taken up by my quest to find a reasonable replacement for the Dodge Caravan that was totaled when a sweet young thing thought the stop sign she was approaching was just a cute...
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    The Birds

    It looks like a Hitchcock scene outside my house this morning. Grackles are everywhere. I've seen reports on the news lately about huge flocks causing problems with their noise and droppings. I hope my infestation is short lived. The cat is nowhere to be seen! Chuck
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    Sickle Bar  sickle bar mowers

    How many kinds of sickle bar mowers are there? Are they pto driven or hydraulic? I'd like to find an old (read cheap) sickle bar I could use on my L210. I have some ditches I could trim, and if I can't find anyone to cut my hay field it might be easier and more attractive to just drop the hay...
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    Round-Up is a great product, and looking at the acres of grass I have dedicated my life to mowing gave me an idea. No, I don't think I'll kill it all with Round-Up, but I know a couple of people at Monsanto and I'm going to suggest they start working on a negative fertilizer. Imagine mowing...
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    3PH parts

    As usual, by the time I get around to doing something, it's gotten harder. A while back I was pointed to Sooner Sales for parts for the 3PH on my old Kubota L210. Good prices, and all the parts. So, I put off buying the lift arms and chains I needed because, well, it was still working. Still...
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    B&S engines

    I'm going to be buying a low-end riding mower, probably in the $1000-1500 range. Seems as if most have B&S engines, and there are a few models. I'll probably end up with a 42" cut and somewhere between 17 and 20hp. Are any of the B&S engines particularly good/bad? How important is the...
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    Tillin' in the Rain

    Tillin\' in the Rain To the tune of....well you know: Tillin' in the rain, Just Tillin' in the rain! What a glorious feelin' I'm gardenin' again! I look like a clown, With the rain comin' down. Just chillin' and tillin' in the rain! Imagine a manic, wild-eyed Gene Kelly thowing mud all over...
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    So, how many of you folks out in TBN land have had this year's version of the flu? Mid-Missouri has been hit pretty hard... closed schools and cancelled events and such. My wife got it two weeks ago. High fever, with aches and pains, headache and some respiratory involvement. She's a...
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    Kiwi Wet Pruf

    Leather treatment is "related", isn't it? A while back I bought some Kiwi Wet Pruf at Wally World to use on my shoes. I was really looking for some mink oil or the like, but the Kiwi stuff was all they had in the shoe department, and I figured it would do. It's a yellow grease/wax stuff...
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    Rear scoop vs Mt. Chuckmore

    I finally got a rear scoop for my old L210. Poor man's FEL, as has been mentioned. It works great for moving fairly loose stuff like mulch, and I did have some success with the dirt pile I have christened Mt. Chuckmore. The mountain was born when I told the guys doing my house additions to...
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    Do you recycle?

    Several threads lately have touched on the topic of environmentalism, often with the more conservative of our brethren complaining bitterly about what they see as the excesses of various environmental organizations. As I was sorting the stuff we recycle, I started to wonder if the great...
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    Till it in?

    As will probably turn out to be the usual for me, the weeds in parts of my garden where the early crops were taken out have gotten pretty high....some to my knees. I'm getting ready to clean out everything but the okra (bless it's tough heart!) so that I can plant a green manure crop. I know...
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    business as usual

    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> Chuck52
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    Deer Tale

    I've been complaining lately in various threads about deer eating my garden, so I thought I'd post something more positive about @#$%^ Bambi: I was out watering the weeds growing where my edible plants used to be Saturday morning when I heard what I first thought was some kind of bird down near...
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    Yankee humor

    Got this from my brother in North Carolina. Boy don't know who's side he's on. Subject: Southern Exposure A North Carolina redneck passed away and left his entire estate in trust for his beloved widow. She can't touch it until she's fourteen. Folks in Georgia now go to some movies...
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    the sky is falling

    Why? Because it just seemed to fit. Chuck
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    Bush Hog ATH600

    The oil in the gearbox is green and that's not good! I've mislaid my manual, but I assume the gearlube is probably 90 weight. Sound right? I plan to drain it and refill if I can figure out how. Chuck
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    The Canadians come through

    The University of Toronto recently announced the discovery of the heaviest element thus far discovered by science. This new element has been named "Adminstratium." Adminstratium is comprised of 1 neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons and 111 assistant deputy neutrons...
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    sandcastle gardens

    As I was lying in bed this morning, waiting for the maid to get that first pot of coffee going, it came to me that my garden is very like a sandcastle. Both require constant vigilance and maintenance if they are not to return to their native states: a simple pile of sand from the castle; just...
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    jumping through hoops

    I think this is where I've seen building inspection stories before, so I thought I'd add mine: Our house was built in 1958. All brick, full basement ranch. In 1958, folks didn't know the joys of things like master baths and such, so it had a single bath for all three bedrooms, though there's...
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    summer grass

    Cool weather grass....that's all I see. Unfortunately, my house additions took longer than expected to complete. Big surprise, right? Cost more too. Another shocker! Anyhoo, I'm now left with a nice big bare dirt area, or at least it will be bare dirt when I get all the bricklayers detritus...
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    burning question

    At 4:30 on a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend, the burning question is: How much beer would ole Chuck chug, if ole Chuck could chug beer? It rained all day, so I won't be able to move dirt tomorrow as I had wanted. Consolation prize time! Chuck
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    L210 radiator

    The radiator on my old L210 sprung a small leak. Should be no big problem for the local radiator shop because it looks to be in pretty decent shape. However, the radiator cap fell apart when I removed it and I got to wondering if there's anything special about this cap or if I can repace it...
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    Crawdad Weather

    I'm not saying it's wet here or anything, but yesterday I found a crawdad, or at least his head, in my driveway. I suppose the cat could have left him there after catching him in the nearby drainage ditch, but I'm also seeing crawdad-looking holes in my strawberry patch! Neat round holes...
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    Harvesting asparagus

    Ah, Spring is here! Birds eating cherries and now harvesting asparagus. So, when the asparagus starts coming in do you pick <font color=red>all</font color=red> the spears for a while and then let all develop into ferns, or do you just pick some right along? I guess my question is, is...
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    Chipper mulch

    Burn piles, free mulch from the local rural electric company, things that make me think and cause my head to hurt. I have lots of dead trees and brush, and it appears this will be true for the next few years while I try to whip my little corner of Paradise into shape. I recently got a nice big...
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    Arcane Tax Rules

    Since someone else brought up equipment depreciation in another thread, I thought I'd open it up for a general discussion of some of the neat rules we all live or die by, thanks to the IRS. I'd like to start with the one that snuck up and bit me this year. We're in the process of becoming...
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    Truck question

    I've got a '91 F150 with the big six engine. Can someone tell me how to adjust the #%^ switch on the clutch so that I don't have to put my foot entirely through the floorboard to start the engine? I have a Chilton's manual which I think would be a fine sustitute for the old Sears catalog in...
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    OK, OK, OK!! Which one of you highrollers is it that keeps selling off his stock about the time my retirement account begins to look like it might recover? Chuck
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    Garden, what do you grow?

    It's getting close to time to start thinking about what's gonna go in the garden this year. The seeds are showing up in the markets. Anybody grow any "unusual" veggies? I'm not talking wackie weed here. I grew two varieties of okra last year and thought that was unusual for this area (mid...
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    Husky 350

    I never throw anything away....intentionally. The corolary is that I can never find anything in all the clutter. My current I-know-I-put-it-somewhere is the manual for my Husky 350. Why do I need the manual, you ask? Because like an idiot I was cutting small cedars. Make that, I was...
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    patio stuff

    A post by Cerdarranch (I think) a while back got me thinking about putting in a patio around some new additions to the house. The post I refer to was about a sidewalk constructed by first tilling a path and then pressing flagstones into the softened dirt. Looked like grass would then be...
  102. C

    Jeep question

    This is the only discussion group to which I belong....a fact I am rather proud of. And since just about any subject seems to be acceptable for discussion, I have a jeep question. I'm going to Florida to pick up my Navy son's '97 Jeep Wrangler Sahara before he ships out for a six month...
  103. C

    cold L210

    My first winter with my antique tractor. It's warming up now....about 25F so far...but it got down to maybe 10F last night. I'm having some additions put on my house and I wanted to move the growing pile of used bricks down to my barn for storage and cleaning. Gonna use 'em for something...
  104. C

    Oh Bumper. Where Art Thou?

    Who decided that bumpers should be a fashion accessory rather than a hunk of metal on either end of your vehicle? It kinda reminds me of how 5 pound bags of sugar became four pounds, without my noticing. Now I look at most new cars and trucks and where there should be a big chunk of metal...
  105. C

    Nuts to me

    Finally got my country acres last spring, and I'm looking out at all that grass thinking about what I'd prefer to see growing. I'm about 13 years from retirement, and I've been thinking about what I'd like to do when I no longer have to do the pointless for the ignorant to make a buck. One of...
  106. C

    L210 3Pt

    I got too aggressive with my box blade and bunged the left lift arm on my poor oild L210. This thing is adjustable, for no particular reason, as the right lift arm is also adjustable., so I'd just as soon replace it with a fixed length arm. I thought I'd be able to find a "universal"...
  107. C

    Pole barn

    After much soul searching (and wallet searching) I have decided to build a pole barn rather than a more expensive all metal building to house my 30 year old Kubota and the implements I have and will acquire. My plan is for a 24x32 structure with one long side open....kind of like a loafing...