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    Project Farm, counterfeit batteries.

    We live in a time of counterfeit government. The number calling you is not real....does the government care.....NO....Goods are counterfeit, who cares.....One thing is real....the money lobbyist use to grease the wheels......of government....
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    Have we been doing it wrong? High rpm's bad when not needed?

    I run older tractors mostly. I still do not use higher RPMs because among other things its the best way for a diesel engine to rip out a clutch under a load.....
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    L3540 hydro power questions

    Had an old Cub once that did this forever until I found that a rubber hose had a small flap of rubber in it that popped up making a perfect blockage of the fitting it was fastened to. Have also seen many hoses get sucked inward when more fuel is pulled through....
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    Super A won't start

    If the condenser has been around that long replace it.....a bad one can play havoc on your system....
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    Spartan mower cut help please

    The way you describe your problem it sounds as if you have Bahia grass. some types of blades work better than others and razor sharp ones work the best....Also someone mentioned blade slippage but have you checked for belt type, quality and slippage....
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    New to me TC29D cranks & won’t start

    Sorry I didn't take time to read all replies but wanted to ask you..... 1. Have you checked for possibility of front seal on injector pump leaking fuel down into gear case which then drops into oil pan. Has happened to more than one person. 2. Did you change oil when you did other...
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    All thread rod as rebar

    Rusting of rebar is a big problem in some concrete if ever exposed. Don't know how threaded rod rusts in comparison...Don't use it on a hanging patio fifty feet up for sure.
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    Foton 404 bits and pieces

    If you have a 40 hp I can help you some. Sold a few of them under Farm Pro name till I gave up on them. (FP, not the tractor) The 40 is a very good tractor, the 25 had lots of issues. The clutch switch is normally closed switch I believe. I have several left and will send you one if you pay...
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    Vented non fuel jugs.

    Don't use any of them for GAS then Diesel. Have seen the vapors ruin an injection pump.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I used to have at least one of everything they sold. At that time what I liked most about Harbor Freight was parts diagrams and inexpensive repair parts. Had most of their drills and battery operated tools for my shop. Not so much any longer. Sometimes they now change a part number and "don't...
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    Yanmar ym2000 no start

    Don't pretend to be an expert but have worked on several Chinese Jinma pumps. Most Chinese parts are copies of some older successful American or Japanese model. Having said that most work on a rod or other mechanism attached to throttle and governor that controls how far the pumping pistons are...
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    How to back up a pivoting axle trailer

    Can't tell you exactly how to do it but I can tell you a very good way to practice. Connect the trailer to the front of your tractor and back it that way. You will be able to see everything and the task is even easier than doing it looking in a mirror. Good Luck.
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    4555 3 point wont move

    Two questions.....does yours have the lock out, ie highway valve under the front of the seat? If so see if it is turned down ie like a faucet. This locks the lift from falling so if it is already up it is locked. Second you may have a pressure relieve valve at your valve control for the lift...
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    Weak trailer brakes. Sure could use some ideas here!

    Haven't read all the many replies as I am getting into this late. My suggestions would be, if you haven't already solved this problem would be to make sure of your ground...all the way to the brake hooking up at the hitch may look good but not if corrosion gets in the way. Second, a...
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    I remember those days and people complaining about alignment on Ford. GM finally worked the kinks out of its design but before they did they had 2 years of some big complaints. Contractors had some major problems with some of their heavier models. It gave Ford a leap in market share.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    You mentioned inside track club. Have you ever scanned through any magazine such as Popular Mechanics etc and run upon an add from HF and found it was loaded with coupons for prices far lower than inside track?
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    This looks like the list that keeps on giving. May have been said but the worst thing ever bought at HF by me were 2 different battery charges..... I did learn a little secret maybe worth sharing. I for one didn't appreciate the way HF abandoned all there battery powered tools for others with...
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    Need advice for truck anti-theft device

    If you find one that locks all doors, sets itself on fire and waits ten minutes to call 911 then I want one for myself. I have heard of alarms that lock all the brakes. They would be expensive but would stop them from putting on a flat bed. If they clowns get too frustrated they will just...
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    MF 135 Perkins Gas 3 Cylinder Backfiring no Power

    Since its gas and old enough to have points you have a condenser....(all do even the new some form or another)..Replace it. You said the tractor sat for a while. The condenser keeps the back flow from happening every time the points turns the coil off or on. I learned the hard...
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    Don't mean to butt in on your party but are any of you fellows as old as me and remember the year (early 60's) when Chevy almost dominated the truck market but Gave it away with torsion bar suspension that didn't hold up? That is when Ford countered with twin I-Beam.
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    Yuchai steering clutch brake bands

    Have not. I want to tear it down for both side inspection of the steering clutches and new brake bands this winter Don't know if I can get a look at the disk or not. The Jinma 30 tractor (same drive line as mine) is pretty easy on clutch till it needs one and then it needs one. (The 25's not...
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    Yuchai steering clutch brake bands

    Did not. Should not be anything in the right one but who knows.... Thanks. The slippage is a rough one like gears almost mating not a quiet slip of a clutch.
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    Montana tractor no hydraulics

    Don't know much about your tractor but first thing I would not do is trust a dip stick. Fill it to the top. All it will do is blow out the excess if you don't stop up the vent. Had a backhoe that gave me the fits till I realized the markings were off and I was not even half covering the...
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    Buying Advice Before you buy a TYM, try this

    I tried to sell this brand once. Got horsed around all over. First had to buy minimum inventory into East Division, then they merged and I was told I had to buy all over again. Sold Loaders, backhoes etc attached to tractors as a package but didn't warranty the entire deal (you found out...
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    Yuchai steering clutch brake bands

    Bob I got my Dozer out and tried to use it after removing the Marvel Mystery Oil from the one steering clutch since it had freed up. Only pushing some small brush stuff up. I noticed after a while I was getting slippage or no power. I can't say it is not the main clutch but the sound and feel...
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    Is a fully discharged battery now junk?

    You guys have taught me something today. These new automatic chargers are just as finicky as a lithium ion charger. I went through a couple of them from Harbor Freight before I went back to the Schumacher old fashioned ones and never ran across trying to charge a regular dead lead acid battery...
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    Starter not engaging flywheel?

    Question: Did you get a complete starter and solenoid or are you using your old solenoid?
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    Is a fully discharged battery now junk?

    If it is not a sealed top get a "floating ball" tester. After charging it test each cell. You may have a shorted cell from flaking or plates moving. The flaking may be solved by rinsing the cell out with a solution of baking soda after draining the acid then refilling it.....I said maybe...
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    Weight always on high side. At the time did a lot of walking, stairs and all. At 80 that is out of question with degenerative disks. Took Cholesterol drugs for years even with good numbers but found they were very tiresome and added 8 to 10 points to A1C. For those taking metformin be...
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    2023 Jinma 404 high gears have no power,

    I want to share this with all you Jinma owners re transmissions. I have only seen two (that was enough) but if you ever feel the shifting fork it won't move the gears.....stop immediately, don't roll the tractor forward or backward and take off the top plate with the shifter and...
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    I'm sorry I didn't read everyone's responses but I am sure they were good. Just wanted to share mine. I was unfortunate enough to have had to take strong asthma drugs all my life (adrenaline for one) and when I came down with type 2 diabetes (too much insulin but resistant) an old doc threw a...
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    Bought A Used King Kutter 60" Tiller And It Broke.

    From past comparison to Chinese mowers and other items to King Kutter I would bet you are dealing with a Chinese tiller with their name on it. That being said I would explore finding another shaft as I think this one came whole and has been snapped. Try various web sites before you give up.
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    2023 Jinma 404 high gears have no power,

    Carlos try this site and ask for manuals
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    2023 Jinma 404 high gears have no power,

    Hello Carlos I sold Jinma tractors for several years. The higher gears are very high ratio on these tractors ie for highway. Try entering into low range high gear for better speed ie then drop to a lower gear till you find the correct one for your project. I don't have any current manuals...
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    Yuchai steering clutch brake bands

    Nice rig. Those rubber tracks come with dozer? Mine is a Farm Pro model with metal ones that for some reason are narrower than the Northern models. FP was bad about looking for bargains and close outs and shot themselves in the foot being cheap.
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    Yuchai steering clutch brake bands

    Thanks Bob. Speaking of shifting I am going to say this about the regular transmissions in the dozers. I assume they are the same ones as in the 30 hp Jinma tractor. I like those tractors and have one, sold a few. One nightmare problem I have seen twice. Shifter fork breaks. Falls into...
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    Anyone found a generic replacement hydraulic cylinder for a BL 20 loader

    I would measure the ID, Rod size etc and then check with Koyker. There is a good chance they built this loader. If you are looking for a kit only things that matter are cylinder ID, Rod size and packing width. Make sure cylinder bore not damaged. Hope this helps.
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    Yuchai steering clutch brake bands

    Thanks Bob for your reply. I have been looking around for bonding prices. They are quite expensive but doable. I won't be tearing down again until this winter. I considered doing "same fluid" on both sides but haven't ran that thought all the way through yet. Will see how it goes.
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    Yuchai steering clutch brake bands

    Bob I contacted you some time ago about Farm Pro Yuchai steering clutches being stuck regarding your expertise. As I discussed, I filled my chamber with Marvel oil and it took no time to free up the steering clutch by driving the dozer. I will have to tear it back down, however to replace the...
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    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    In some states the Fire Marshal may be nice enough to look. After all if it is a fire hazard it doesn not belong in a barn. Knowing what went on yourself is always the first part of investigating. Pictures work wonders.
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    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    First of all have you figured out HOW the fire started and why? If it was a short then consider if it was carelessness in the design of the tractor. Second, most homeowners insurance has provisions for situations like this to some extent. Third, pursue your situation and do NOT take the word...
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    TC35D cuts out or won't start after getting hot

    Erratic running sounds like what used to be a condenser. Sometimes now called igniter sometimes hidden anywhere on a mower, on the coil or maybe on that board. Nothing should be going on at the starter other than the power is initially picked up there off the large terminal and usually sent to...
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    Help Me Design/ Build a Shop

    Sounds like you got it all. Be sure to get that concrete floor strong enough for a lift in your future. Use fiber reinforced concrete and rebar. I found out that having an older washer and dryer around for both shop rags and house emergencies was a life saver. Small water heaters are not...
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    Looking for Taishan tractor hydraulic pump YaRi TS254 J800 58A 010

    Do you have a loader? Reason I ask is one Chinese tractor importer I did business with got the plumbing for the power beyond valve wrong and we had this happen 3 times before my mechanic called them on it. I couldn't tell you the exact layout now but everything "worked" just produced excess...
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    Towing 10.1K with either Toyota Tundra SR5 OR F150 which is better?

    Owned a tractor company for several years and towed 40hp tractors and equipment, large trailer loads of equipment and did it all with a Toyota T100 V6 and she is still rolling today at 215K with no problems....
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    Advice for Removing Diesel Injector Pump on 'Ford' 1910 Compact Tractor

    I've had a 1710 for over 20 years....Don't ever let it run out of fuel. re-priming is a nightmare unless you do it by the book and cracking the injector lines will not be enough if the pump itself gets dry.
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    question on going from conventional oil to synthetic on smaller engines

    JJeff brought up some painful memories about switching oils in small engines that had only used non-detergent oil for years. In my experience....more than once you will suddenly get lots of smoke and oil usage. It appears to be from valve guides which are of a porous bronze material being...
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    electrical trouble shooting

    I can't offer you any better diagnostic advice than above BUT if all that fails be sure to check out all your ground connections to your engine block and anywhere else there is supposed to be a grounding strap. Bad grounds cause more problems and fires than people realize and they are very hard...
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    My favorite of all was when we would sit down to a great meal my mother would prepare....daddy would always say......"Wonder what the po man's doin....."
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    Beware of any man that can't say these words....."I don't know". He is a fool because he will never learn.
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    What is a GOOD hand held pump sprayer for weedkiller and pesticide??

    Replacement parts at
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    Dealer charge for loading tires

    May I suggest a lazy man's tractor weights. Purchase the cheapest old slip pan you can find since it is a lot shorter than having a bush hog sticking out back of your tractor. Fill it with old tractor weights. If you have a quick hitch you can just back up to it when needed and take off.
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    06 Jinma 354XL

    Hello. I see you wrote this in December with no replies. I assume you have solved your problem by now. If not and if others with Jinma, FarmPro or others branded Jinmas ever have this issue (I have ran across it twice on the 30hp model) you should stop immediately, take off the top shifter...
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    NorTrac 25hp tractor - need to pull the engine

    Hey Steve...Broke several of the FarmPro versions of this tractor apart for clutch repairs. You are going to need 2 people at times. You take apart at the bell housing and you will need a clutch alignment tool or old tranny shaft to line everything back up later. We always blocked the back...
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    Track king dozer 34020

    To jump into this conversation a little late if you don't mind. I was a Farm Pro dealer for a while till I wised up and sold a couple of these under their name and still own one. What Bob said about the manufacturer is true. It was imported under many names and Northern was the biggest for a...
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    LS MT 468 blowing oil dipstick out

    If your problem is still a mystery add this to the diagnostic list. Be sure your bolt on hydraulic pump for loader, etc isn't blowing by front shaft seal and "inflating" your crank case....Have seen it more than once.
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    Time to start the garden...

    When the deer get to thinking they have the upper hand in the south we string up some cheap barb wire on insulators for the positive fence wire and an un-insulated (grounded) one close to it so they try to crawl between.
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    John deere 110 tlb hours meter not working

    If it is electronic you most likely have a magnet embedded in your flywheel and a pickup coil screwed up close to it down at the bell housing. You can disconnect the pickup coil first connector you come to and then see if you have continuity back through it. Sometimes they burn out. A few...
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    Snow Tractor won’t start tonight.

    Isolate your problem by first making sure out of gear and to be safe make sure it won't start by leaving key off or pulling out stop cable if applicable......then go to to starter and cross the hot battery terminal with the small solenoid. If the starter turns or turns the motor you have...
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    Bearing removal

    The old way to remove a bearing off a shaft was to put the bearing (with axle) on an anvil. Use a good chisel on the top of the bearing....Two or three good hits and the bearing slides right off....
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    Kubota tractor L3250 overheating

    I agree on the re-bore...if it happened to be mine and I eliminated all other possibilities I would take head off and look for damage. It might be possible to re hone the cylinder and replace rings. Worth a shot....Other way would be radiator shop find you a much higher flow radiator which...
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    Desperately trying to find casing for Foton 254

    My suggestion would be to look at all the used item forums, especially in the US such as facebook marketplace, ebay and Craigslist. I am sure there are others. I think you might have a good chance of finding one being parted out because...unlike its 40 hp cousin, the 25hp was guilty of a large...
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    Getting clay mud off tires easily

    I live in an area of black river region mud. The "easiest" way is to let it dry and take a big hammer to the tires. The mud will 90% crack off then do the pressure washer. Almost nothing will get this stuff from between disk harrow blades except the above method. Wish I had a better answer...
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    Kubota tractor L3250 overheating

    When I owned a tractor dealership (not Kubota) a person brought in a small Kubota with this problem. He had been to dealership but not repaired. I followed up and found out the tractor had a scalded cylinder wall. Only way to repair was with cylinder re-bore. Kubota does not have sleeves and...
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    wood pallets under gravel driveway?

    I live in an area of prairie mud and have faced the problem many times. The best way to solve your problem is with anhydrous lime. A good farm store should have it but the price might be high right now. Work the stuff into your soil and it will never be a mud hole again.