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    Deere 3 and 4 series cab models

    I really enjoy my 3720 after 16-17 years of ownership now, but I really do think I want a cab. My biggest hang up is the stubby loader joystick and the amount of effort required and lack of feel. I sat in a new 3046R at dealer but there was not a loader attached. I'm not sure if that makes a...
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    Yanmar question-Z994r

    I'm curious what changed with the little Yanmar? I have a 455 that starts awesome. My x750 starts very well. Not quite as well as the 455 but respectable. The 994 runs a much longer glow cycle and just is not the same confident starting engine. I've seen people complain about it shaking a lot...
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    Deere Ztrak 994r-Yanmar question

    I'm curious what changed with the little Yanmar? I have a 455 that starts awesome. My x750 not quite as good but respectable. The 994 runs a much longer glow cycle and just is not the same confident starting engine. I'm assuming emissions related. Wondering if they get better with break in...
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    Air seat suspension parts

    The air chamber on my air seat has started to leak and will need replacement. Looking at the Deere parts site I found the suspension, but no air chamber. Curious if anyone else has been down this road before? Unit is made by Sears seating so I reached out to them to see if they sell parts.
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    Deere build your own CUT

    is it just me or is that thing a broken down POS? I tried to start and it keeps throwing up required changes and will not accept my selections. Air ride seat requires this, tires require that, but it will not seem to allow me to do anything under the 3046r...
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    3720 to 3046 trade

    I've had my 3720 for I want to say about 10yrs now. Since they first came out. I've been waiting for Deere to upgrade the series and like what I see, but I'm wondering about how the two compare and if the emissions DPF is much of a hassle? I realy like teh idea of the E throttle, and the DPF...
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    X750 drive over deck/auto connect.

    Bought 2 x750 last season. One for Ma and one for Me. Mine has been OK. A bit tricky, but I have the bar tires and they grab the ramps nicely. Just need to goose the hydro pedal. Ma's not so much. I think most of it is adjustment. I need to spend some time readjusting. It seems the arms need...
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    540 pto

    The PTO on my 455 is an "inny" or female spline. The new ones are apparently now male. My sole implement is my 450 tiller. It has the male end to match the 455 so I'll need to change this out. Then I'll need a stub shaft correct? No clutch in the driveline yet is there? The PTO clutch...
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    Powerflow on a 60" 7 iron or HC deck

    Does anybody have this setup that could get me a measurement? I'm looking for an overall width measurement to help determine where I can fit (trailer and yard) compared to my old 54" setup.
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    Auto connect on x7 series

    Anybody here have the new auto connect system on the new x7 series?
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    Battery for my 3720

    My yellow top Optima decided to quit without warning the other day so I am in need of a replacement. Sticker on the side said 4/05 so if that is true it's served it's purpose. I think mine began service in my 455 and then went to the 3720 when the OEM battery crapped out.I had 3 of these in...
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    Imatch adjustable upper hook

    I have the first edition I match. I've adapted all of my non compliant equipment to fit except for my Farmi Skidding winch. The logical thing to do would be to alter the winch to fit the Imatch, but this would require lowering the top link bracket. Lowering the top link bracket put's it on a...
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    700 Ultimate grille screens

    Am I correct in my observation that there is no "quick pull" radiator grille screen like the earlier models (455) had? Is there an actual radiator screen on these or just the side screens? At first glance it appeared as though there was no easy way to remove the side screens, but in a pic by...
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    700 signature series RIO manual override

    Looks like they added a separate button left of the steering wheel. Slim yellow push button that is uncomfortably narrow.
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    Deere Accessories and Parts pricing

    I suppose I shouldn't complain, I am getting a great price on my machines, but dealer says attachments etc are all handled as parts and there is no discounting on them. Things like the 540 pto and 3 point hitch I could order and shipping shouldn't eat up much of the savings, but what can a guy...
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    700 series 3point hitch

    I have the Cat 0 3ph on my 455 and it works just fine. With the new x700 series I have the option of the limited cat 1. Since the Cat 0 has worked fine for me for 16+ years now I plan to stick with this size, but just wanted to know if there was any reason to consider the Cat 1? My 450 tiller...
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    Buying x740 versus new x750 what am I missing out on?

    So I'm looking at a 2 machine purchase. A 740-7 iron for Ma/Brother and maybe same for me, but I may try the 750-60HC 750 has larger engine but more emissions constraints-this is a push 750 looks to have gone back to screened intakes like the old 455's had. This is a plus 750 looks to...
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    X700 series mower deck interchange

    There has been a lot of speculation as to whether the decks for the new 2013 x7's will fit the prior models or not. It is reasonable to assume that they will since the wheelbase has not changed, but it would sure be nice to know for sure. Mounting attach points could mess with the swapping...
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    3720 hydraulic major leak

    Working my 3720 today clearing snow at our cabin woods (mostly pushing/dozing with the loader) I came to the realization that my loader was operating very slow and sluggish with lots of air. Power Steering and hydro travel seemed fine. Took a break for lunch and I heard a hiss and saw fluid...
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    Frontier SB11xx series blower-late model

    I had ordered a SB1174 last year along with the hydraulic chute rotation and hydraulic deflector adjustment. The order was delayed and the unit apparently did not come in until March. Dealer never called so I just contacted him and it was still there. This turned out to be a bonus for me. A...
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    X740 and 748 changes over the years?

    Seriously consdiering the X740 or 748 tractor, but I'm torn between 2wd and 4wd. I have a x748 here on demo and it's OK, but I'm not sure about the 4x4 system. I'm kinda leaning towards finding an older one (2008) with manual shift 4x4. Any other major changes that I would miss out on? Also...
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    Husqvarna Brush Cutter

    I'm quite familiar with Husqvarna OPE. I own 4 of their chainsaws and am now looking to add a combo brush cutter/trimmer so i can do some brushing in our woods along the trail edges. Some maple saplings and some Ironwood in the 1-3" range. I have a line on a new 2007 335Rx from a local...
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    700 series 7 iron with bar tires?

    Bar tires are a must have for me if I stay 2wd. Looks pretty sketchy to me. Apparently there was a change to the HDAP tires and there was a trade in program or something. Here is what I found in a document: Tractor requires turf tires or HDAP tires shipped as BM22425*. BM20953 26x12.0-12...
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    60" 7 iron vs 54" or 62" deck on 700 series

    We have thick, wet heavy grass that I have been mowing fo rthe past 16+ years with my 455 and 54" deck. I've grown to really hate the cut of this deck. Always ran the discharge performance blades aka high lift. Considering a new 74x unit. From the sounds of it the 60" 7 iron deck is supposed...
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    Rear steer lockout possible?

    On a 744 or 749 has anybody tried a valve to shut off the rear steering temporarily, or do the need to work in unison? Maybe plumb a bypass? Purpose would be for roto tilling.
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    Mower blade fiasco

    I've always run the high lift blades on the 54" deck on my 455. Last year I tried some std and dis not like them. Ordered some high lifters and left on the shelf for this season. I went to open them and they flat out suck. Nowhere near what I used to run. The "wing" on the true high lift is...
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    450 Tiller parts prices

    OK I own a Harley Davidson and own a ton of Snap-On tools so I know what it's like to pay a lot of money for parts, but I think Deere just leapfrogged them both. My 450 tiller started skipping and popping after about 16 years of excellent operation and essentially zero maintenance. The only...
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    300 CX hose supports

    I have one of the first 3720's built. I added the remote function lines on the loader for running grapple ordered in new. My hydraulic hoses have always rubbed the crap out of my hood and the front tires bounce them all over when steering. Seeing pics in another thread showing a hoop to guide...
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    Comfort Gurad cab changes

    I saw a cab model 3720 this weekend and it looks like they changed the loader controls. It looked like more of a modern electric joysick like you'd find in a skid loader. I'm sure it's just wishful thinking, but could this be a smart electronic unit versus the cable style the earlier cabs had?
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    3720 MFWD issues

    Today my 3720 started making clunking noises when changing directions. It only does it in 4wd and only seems to do it when the initial load is applied. The front wheels do appear to drive. I looked at the front driveshaft (unimpressive to say the least) but couldn't see any glaring issues...
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    Thinking of upgrading from my 455

    Looking at the 740 or 744 to replace my 455. I really can't knock the 455 it's been awesome. The 54" deck has managed to do the job, but does a mediocre job unless everything is perfect. So my questions: 1) Looking for comments on 4 wheel steer with snow removal and tiller installed. I'd...
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    SB2164 loader mounted hydraulic snowblower

    Has anyone here tried one of these? I'm looking to add a big blower for next season. We have a horse pasture that drifts in badly and bucking it open with a loader just plain sucks. I was originally looking at doing a 3pt conventional reverse mounted unit, but this loader mount really...
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    455 transaxle leak

    My 96 model 455 has developed a leak/seep/weep of transhydraulic fluid. I've looked a bit, but have not located the source. Curious if anybody else has encountered this? Almost looks like it's seeping at the parting line. It is dripping while it sits and wicking around on the floor. Not...
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    What model year were the 3x20 factory cabs released?

    I saw an ad for a 2007 3720 with cab and I really suspect the ad is a scam. Mine is a 2006 and I thought it was more like 2009 before the factory cab models came along. Anyhow, the tractor is $5700 low hours, lots of extras and 100% pure B.S. It just got me to thinking about the year for the...
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    R4 steer tire options

    I have the larger R4 tires which are Galaxy Marathoner. They've been good to me, but I destroyed a steer tire when I unknowingly ran it low and cut the sidewall. We booted and tubed it and it has lasted about 3 more years, but now it is shot. So has anybody tried anthing different...
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    Hydraulic Top link

    I'm adding a Farmi Skidding winch to my equipment and it sounds like adapting the Imatch will be difficult to impractical as the attach point is more or less right on top of the winch module. So it looks like I'll be manual attach at least for now. This will also almost certainly require top...
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    Sizing Farmi skidding winch for my 3720 Deere

    I've seen in some older threads where some members here had the 351 and then upgraded to the 501. I'm looking to make the right choice the first time. At 44HP engine (35 PTO) I should be able to hande the 501, but I don't want to overdo it. Nor do I want to do the 351 and regret buying too...
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    Skidding winch for Imatch on my 3720

    I have it in my mind that I need a skidding winch. I've grown to like the Valby line of products, but they don't match my Imatch. I'm really getting sick of modifying most every piece of my equipment to fit so I was hoping someone out there had found a skidding winch that matched and was well...
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    3000-20 3 pt lift links

    I broke the lift arm a while back and now the link (single adjust LH link) that lifts it broke. When I broke the lift arm I replaced with a pair of the telescoping style. When I broke the lift arm my dealer robbed a newer tractor and gave me the link. MUCH beefier, but it is also totally...
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    3720 round bale spear on loader

    I think that I read somewhere not to do it, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any success? We had a change in circumstance here and she has her horse home. I'm not wanting to mess with small squares and planning to have round bales done. Thinking a 4x4 bale should be plenty light enough to...
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    E throttle and E PTO

    Had a chance to run a buddies 4720 the other day. I still don't like that noisy Powertech engine and Stanadyne fuel system, but MAN that E throttle and E PTO are sweet. Very good TQ and response in just the little driving I did on the driveway. Has anybody heard if we'll be seeing these...
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    3720 front axle leak

    Got done in the woods today and loaded up on the trailer. I have oil running out on the outside of the wheel. Couldn't really see where it is coming from, but I assume it's the hub seal and it's running down the back side of the rim then flowing through the slot. I seem to recall some talk of...
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    Cut a bit of firewood this weekend

    Here's some pics of my rig. The snow came in and drove me out but I did manage to get one rack (1/2 cord) filled with yellow birch and also pulled down a leaner that I had created. The idea behind my concept is to handle the wood once. Cut split and stack. Strap down to keep secure and take...
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    3-Point Hitch  3pt draft arm broken-3720

    So I'm headed to the woods some 75 miles from home with my splitter hanging on my Imatch. I stopped at a store (40 miles from home) and when I came out I see across the lot that my splitter is hanging all cock-eyed. Figured maybe a weld failure as I had redone the splitter top link. Maybe a...
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    Hyd top link on 3720

    For those that have added this with a 3rd SCV do I need the piloting check valves to hold it or does the 3rd SCV hold position securely? I need it to hold solid for use with my Harley Rake and would spring for the valve(s) if they were a solid benefit.
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    Cutting/trenching ice

    We have a project coming that involves laying out several miles of PVC tubing in a lake. The plan is to launch in winter so that placement is precise. The issue is how to cut through 10-12" of ice quickly and efficiently? We'll want about a 3" minimum width so a stump grinder is likely out...
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    Tires  Wider steer tires for 3000-20 series

    Has anyone tried a 10.50 front? My 8.50's just cut in too bad and I'd like some better floatation. Looks like there's no clearance when steering is at lock so the rims will need to be reversed at a minimum. Wider wheels would be nice also. I just lost one of my OE tires. Looks like I...
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    AWS and rotary tiller

    Considering a 744 to replace my trusty 455. The AWS option never interested me on my 455 as they had smaller 24" tires and the rear steer lost a lot of ground clearance. The latest seem to have the same size tires so now it's a matter of how much ground clearance is lost with steering linkage...
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    Snowblower-Front or rear?

    Looking to add a snowblower to my 3720. I have occasional need to clear paths (poop trails) in pasture etc. The loader can only do so much. A Vee plow would help, but I'm thinking a blower would be best. The front mount would be best, but I would like to keep the loader on as I use it a lot...
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    Replacing cutting edge on 54" front blade

    A friend has worn out the edge on his front blade and I have been nominated to help replace it. Can anyone tell me what bolts are used and if they are removeable/reuseable? or is it best to twist them off and use new ones? I have a V28 cordless impact and would like to go prepared.
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    3 pt firewood carrier/carry-all

    After weekend in the woods carrying my saws, log chains, gas, etc on the floor of my tractor I got a notion to build something. Here's my thought: Lower would be something like a 60" wide by 30"tall by 24" deep log rack. Probably self cleaning floor like angle iron ^ cross braces. An...
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    3 point log splitter-convertible

    Looking at adding a 3 pt log splitter to my implement collection. I'd prefer it to convert from vertical to horizontal so I can have the versatility of leaving the big stuff on the ground. Any favorite brands/models suggestions?
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    3000-20 cab upgrade

    Has anybody upgraded from a 3000-20 non cab to cab model and regretted it? I keep struggling with the idea of upgrading. Having a cab would be awesome for climate control and dust, but I'm just afraid that I'll give up too much versatility. I like the ability to go most anywhere I like and I...
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    3000-20 fuel fill doors

    I had the spring assembly break on the fuel fill door and had the dealer replace it. I figured that I may have gotten rough with it while fueling with a can and funnel. Opened the door the other day and the darn thing broke again. Looks like the cowling side of things. Am I the only one...
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    Air in hydraulics 3720

    I have been experiencing air in my hydraulics for some time now. Pretty much since new. It is especially noticeable when I use the hydro hard (like plowing) and then lift with the loader. I hear the air go through the pump and "chug" slightly as it raises. It's not nasty, but it's there and...
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    455 to 495?

    I think I have this right that the 495 replaced the 455 right? I have a 455 and love it. Been thinking of upgrading to a newer machine though. For those who have had both, which do you prefer? I really like the layout and size of the 455 and am quite tempted to find a very late model low...
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    Has anyone tested/increased hyd psi on 3000-20 series?

    I've been contemplating doing about a 10% boost to mine...
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    What is eating my carrots and potatoes under ground?

    I know that I had rodents above ground and I pretty much took care of them, but now I come to dig my carrots and find they have turned to mush up inside. Looks like bugs got in and had a feast killing them so they rotted. Some of my potatoes also have areas where they were "chewed on" almost...
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    Heating control-interruptor

    I have a heating installation using a Rheem Pronto 4.2 tankless water heater to run a radiant floor system. The setup works VERY well, with one issue. The heater has a control in it that errors out after 1 hr of continuous operation and it quits until flow stops. If the heat cycle exceeds 1 hr...
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    Gypsum to loosen up soil

    I've been told that gypsum can be used to loosen up heavy clay soil. Anybody with any experience on this?
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    Tunneling moles

    Yep, looks just like Bugs Bunny was tunneling around and of course ground is all soft where it is raised. Thankfully they aren't in our yard, but I know people who have them and cannot seem to get rid of them regardless of what they try. Any suggestions?
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    Biodiesel in the 3720!

    I had a chance to stop into the renewable energy fair Friday and got a jug of B100. Way overpriced at $25 for 5 gallons in a can, but I wanted to try some. Let me tell you, the stuff tames the exhaust smell right now! I put a couple of gallons in my 455 and a couple in my 3720 which of course...
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    Pre-emergent questions

    I understand the basics of how a pre-emergent works, and seem to have had good luck with it so far, but a question remains. Do the weed seeds that were poised to germinate typically rot away?
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    Window headers, Insulation-live and learn

    My first building built in 1997 is a stud wall building with 1x girts run around the inner perimeter, and 2x girts outside. The steel is then screwed down to these girts. When built I asked the builder about benefits of Housewrap and was told not necessary, primarily used with loose fitting...
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    Rake  Harley Rake Questions

    Looking at the T6 or Pro 6. Can anybody shed any light on why a guy would need the Pro over the T series? Any reason I'd regret buying the lower level T series? Looking to make sure that I see all of the advantages/disadvantages before I decide. Around here the dealers are only familiar with...
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    Manufatured housing roofing

    To add to Bird's informative post here's a copy of a note sent to the dealer and mfr of our 1999 home: Gentlemen, We've been fighting water entry into our home off and on since purchase. The home is jointly owned by myself (**** *******) and ****** *****. The point of entry to the...
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    Freezing veggies

    Which veggies need to be cooked first? I always cook my spinach, brussles sprouts,sweet corn, etc, but wonder if it is really necessary prior to freezing. IIRC, I did not cook my peas in the past. Many frozen veggies from the store do not appear to be cooked in most cases. Green beans we...
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    Valby Chipper I match modification

    Had to do quite a bit to get things to line up, but in the end it was worth it.
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    Purchased a Speeco Quick Hitch bushing kit Friday at a farm store. When I opened the sealed bag, there was only one roll pin inside. Since I had the project planned for Saturday, I needed to use the kit I went to the local hardware store to get one. The largest that they had was 3/8" so I...
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    Filters for 3000-20 series

    Engine oil: Manual calls for M811332 for engine oil filter. Number does not exist (nor does the 3720 in the dealer parts lookup ) but consumer online parts (I had to request JDP list the 3720 in equipment choices and remove from position as a sub of 3520 ) lists it as M806419 which I am told is...
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    My Imatch bit me!

    Yep, corny as it sounds... Went to hook up a (soon to be mine) Valby chipper and of course, no Imatch compatibility so we took it off. I went to set it down, and one of the locking levers flipped down and landed on my thumb! Let's just say I won't have to paint that nail... On edit...
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    JD Work light kits

    Looking to find out if I will need to run all the way to the panel, or if the JD light kits find a vacant sub connector somewhere at the rear of the tractor? I have my rear facing lights mounted to the ROPS just above the hinge, and am ready to wire them. This is on my 3729 which should be...
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    300 CX loader balast

    I'm sure it's overkill, but I wanted to share what the Deere manual recommends for ballast on the 300 cx used on the 4000-10 and 3000-20 tractors: Filled rear tires AND 3 wheel weights per rear wheel AND 1100# of 3 point weight if memory serves...
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    Tires  R4 tires for B8200 HST-D

    Buddies rear wheel(s) are shot so he needs to replace at least one of them. He has turfs and really not well suited for his use. Does anybody know of a good salvage yard or used equipment dealer that would have wheels and/or R4 tires for this machine? Looks like 12.4-16 is the proper size...
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    300CX FEL spec

    Does anybody have one that can measure a few thngs for me: 1) Inside diameter of the large round tube connecting the arms. 2) Depth of the std bucket I believe they measure like an L from tip to farthest back point of moldboard. 3) Height of the std bucket (floor to top) There is a nice...
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    Skid steer buckets on FEL

    Looking at going to a skid steer attach plate for my FEL to open up my attachment possibilities. Originally, I thought that the skid steer carrier juct clipped on, but now it sounds like it's a bit more involved than that, and I may be better off attaching the carrier and leaving it on The...
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    B8200 Filters/fluid

    Buddy has an older ('82) B8200 that is due for maintenance. Does anybody have any info on where the hydraulic filter is located, and what filter is needed? Also thinking fuel filter is due. Thinking based on some of the discussions here that Super UDT might be a good choice to help an old...
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    B2600/2800 maintenance

    sorry wrong model
  79. K

    Chipper  MacKissic chippers

    Lots of talk about the Jinma chipper, but does anybody know more about the MacKissic? I'm not sure the reasoning that they provide a pulley that stes the speed to below ideal RPM though. Here's a link:
  80. K

    My 3720 is in!

    Stopped by the Farmacy to pick up their 4310 for the weekend and got a surprise. My 3720 is sitting in the shop. It wasn't scheduled to be there till Mar 2. Pretty sweet sounding turbo on this baby! Will probably sound even better straight piped Kind funky R4 tires from Galaxy. Galaxy...
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    Grapple  All this grapple talk...

    Looking at grapples (root/tine) and wanting something relatively light that will match my tractor's capacity which is rated at about 2125# lifted to 59" at the pivot pin. So I found Virnig makes a series (48" thru 72") that is decent weight, BUT only has a single, wide grapple...
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    Where's the detail/accuracy in the specs?

    Where\'s the detail/accuracy in the specs? Pretty frustrating trying to learn about the Deere via brochures. Whether it is tractor or attachments, the specs are lacking. Take dimensions for example. There is no decent dimension for width of the machine with various tires. Heck it only lists...