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    Crushed JD 1070 fuel tank

    i recently bought a jd1070 which runs great. by fuel tank somehow get partially crushed. i’m looking for ideas to repair the tank i appreciate sound advice thank you very much!
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    dead cylinder

    175psi in the cylinder
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    dead cylinder

    yes i have manual . 175 psi in #3 cylinder cranking engine over
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    dead cylinder

    yes , loosening cylinders 1and2 fuel feed lines the engine nearly cuts off
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    dead cylinder

    I’ve got a JD 790 with a 3tne82a engine with only 539 hours that has a cylinder not working. the tractor started running poorly. so after checking for obvious issues i tried cracking the injector lines one at a time . on cylinder 3 it made no difference in the way the engine ran. i swapped...
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    Ford 3000 3pt hydraulic issues

    Hello All my 3 pt only works while engaging one of the asc remotes . 2200 psi at pump only while remote handle in lift position.I know this sounds impossible. this started after total pump and top lid rebuild. suction filter removed and cleaned. Discharge filter new. all orings replaced. New...