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    7260 cub cadet

    I am removing my 485 loader. As I was removing the loader frame, I noticed a lot of rust on the mounting bracket on the right side just under the brake pedal. As I tried to remove that bolt, clear water dripping down the bracket. I致e not been successful in removing the bolt, but can any one...
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    7260 cub cadet clutch replacement

    I need to replace my clutch on my 7260 cub cadet. Has anyone had the pleasure and would be will to share any suggestions?
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    cub cadet 7260 clutch

    I have a Cub Cadet 7260 with a 476 loader on and the clutch needs to be replaced. Does the complete loader have to be removed to break the tractor to get to the clutch? Is it a big job?
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    2010 John Deere.. installing 3 point backhoe

    We have a 2010 John Deere and want to install a backhoe. Can any one tell us where to connect the to hoses or the configuration of the hydraulic hoses. We have attempted it with no success. Thanks for your time. Randy
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    7260 Cub Cadet hydraulic pump

    1. Can you adjust the hydraulic pressure on pump of the 7260? 2. What is the best way to stop the squealing noise on the hydraulics? It only squeals at the end of the travel.
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    Cub Cadet 7260 glow plug issue

    I have a 7260 with glow plug issues. I have changed the glow plugs and the relay, still no power to the glow plugs. I have checked the fuse box and I am getting any 0 volts to the glow plug fuse. I have checked the backside of the fuse box where the power comes into that fuse and the wire looks...