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    MH Pony Wiring

    I recently acquired a 1951 Massey Harris Pony. It was running, but the wiring was scary - cracked insulation, fraying at the terminals, etc. I bought a new harness which came with a basic "connect A to B" instruction list. I compared it to the shop manual's wiring diagram, and they match. Here's...
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    Bush Hog SQ480 Pan Weldment (stump jumper)

    I bought this cutter with my first tractor back in 2001. It has served me well, but the pan is starting to crumble away in spots which is upsetting the balance and indicative that it should be changed before something bad happens. Assuming that I will eventually be victorious in freeing both the...
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    New Kubota LX Series

    A quick search did not turn up anything for me. Surely I can't be the first one to have some questions about this new series - perhaps I missed something... The LX2610HSDC looks to be everything I was originally looking for when I settled for my cabless B2601. Cab, A/C, heat. The performance...
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    Dealer prep oopsies

    I've found more than a couple and now I feel like I should be going over the whole thing. Nothing major, but if one of your main functions is to prep these tractors, I'd hope that the process would be well vetted. 1. Loader not seated properly - noticed it was off by about 2" measruing from the...
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    Fender stay / backhoe conflict

    I'm not sure about other models, but the B2601 has a piece of angled sheet metal - we'll say 14 gauge - that mounts between the fenders onto which the toolbox, SMV sign bracket, and top link hook are installed. Prior to mounting the backhoe, the manual instructs to remove this stay and transfer...
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    Tractor Sizing Finding the right fit?

    There's a brand called "Edge Tamers". Not "dusting" - stone dust, as in crushed limestone, sometimes called "screening". Get to know your local excavation guy/dump truck guy/gal. I did my driveway myself, removing 8" of topsoil. I asked the excavator about material and he said that he was...
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    A bought a welder on Craigslist

    Here it is: Exciting, eh?
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    A bought a welder on Craigslist

    ...and it was a super smooth deal, for a change. I was looking for a DC stick welder and came across an ad on Craigslist for a Hobart Stickmate LX 225 AC/DC, with accessories. I emailed with questions, they responded, I emailed back with an offer, they accepted, I drove out to pick up my...
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    Changing it up again - BX23S to B2601HSD

    A little Saturday morning delivery... Yeah - this is what March 23rd looks like just north of the border. Blech.
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    Changing it up again - BX23S to B2601HSD

    Back in 2017, I traded my B7500HSD for a BX23S - thread here: I wish I had a smaller tractor. It's been a great tractor, but there were some niggles that my childlike, impatient brain couldn't get passed. Succinctly: - bucket curl speed - 3 point control - lack of L/R independent brake pedals...
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    Does the XJ2025 have a detent/float on the 3-point?

    Can someone answer that for me? I went from a B7500 to a BX23S and miss this feature terribly.
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    Login form window

    I'm not sure if this is possible, but it would be great if the login-form-window script would not fire if the cursor is found to be either in the username or password field. It is quite frustrating to be typing in your username or password and then have the window pop up asking if you'd like to...
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    BX23S 50 hour service confusion

    Page 2-27 of the BX23S Workshop Manual shows the service intervals. Here's a snip: Note the 2nd to last column which has "*1" in the first 5 rows. Here's a pic of the notes section at the bottom of the page: Am I interpreting correctly that Kubota is advising against changing the oil, oil...
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    BX80 Series Cab - Curtis

    I sent a message to Curtis asking when they'd have a cab for the BX23S. Their response was that one is already available as a dealer-installed option. I did some poking and sure enough, the site has the option in their online configurator. I'm waiting for an answer from Kubota Canada...
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    I wish I had a smaller tractor

    There - now you all can stop proclaiming that no one has ever said that. :laughing: The dealer sent someone by my place last night to evaluate my B7500/LA302 with 3pt rear-discharge mower. I ended up doing a deal right there in my driveway - a BX23s with 60" MMM should be on its way directly...
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    Replacing metal hydraulic lines on my loader

    I'm getting ready to trade in my B7500HSD. Not 2 hours after getting the loader installed on this tractor, I deformed the lines on the boom cross member by an idiotic placement of a chain. Everything works fine and has so for the last 10 years, but its small things like this that I believe can...
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    Tip for 3pt Mower Maintenance

    I just finished a tear-down / repaint of my Buhler/Farm King 3pt mower. I found quite a bit of rust beneath the wheel supports that attach to the deck - metal on metal. I took an old, small nylon chopping board from the kitchen (checked with the boss) and cut some disks using a hole-saw. I...
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    Fluid change and perhaps a little touch-up...

    I had called ahead so that I could just pick up my order of 15 litres of Premium UDT (no Super in Canada), hydraulic and HST filters. While there, I decided to grab a litre of Kubota Dark Grey Enamel. I was bracing myself for the price of the UDT, so when the register rang up $200 (we also get...
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    Buying Advice  Did I get fed a line?

    I'm getting quotes from a few dealers for a new CK30HST with a backhoe. Keeping in mind I'm north of the border, these are the 2 quotes I have received so far: Dealer 1, closer to home - Tractor, 20500; Hoe 8600 Dealer 2, a little further - Tractor & Hoe combined, 28900 Here's the thing...
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    Comparison  Hello lads, been awhile...

    11 years ago I traded in my B5100E for a B7500HSD. It's been a great tractor and still has plenty of life but I am looking for something a little bigger. I am not averse to other brands, but I've been happy with this tractor and figured I would start research with the familiar. It didn't take...
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    Way to start off the week

    So I get up this morning and put out my dogs - yikes! -35C. I go to start the car (diesel Jetta) that's been plugged in all night - no way. B7500 to the rescue. It complained a little but it fired up. I let sit at around 1200 RPM while I took a shower and got ready to go to work. I went back...
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    Sickle Bar  Powered sickle bar

    This was in my local paper last week. The article is in French, but the details are: - gas powered - can be attached to an ATV or lawn tractor - replaceable/extendable cutter blade - 42" swath I had a chance to see it at the Huntingdon fair - looks neat. He's only made one and estimates the...
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    Knock, Knock...

    No, not a joke. My B7500 has about 85 hours on it. I was tilling the garden yesterday when suddenly the engine developed a significant knock. I immediately closed the throttle. The temp guage was fine (reading about 1/8th on the scale like it usually does). I limped back to the garage with the...
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    Site speed

    Is it just me, or is the site like really flying all of a sudden? I'm at home connected at 31.2kbps and the pages are loading lickity-split. Muhammad, you been splurging again?
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    nasty but fun

    So I'm on vacation this week. It hasn't been the most enjoyable time, except for one highlight. Monday the septic system backed up. With all the rain we've been having, the water level in the tank was higher than the inlet from the house. The leach field, being old, didn't drain quickly enough...
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    2 for a dollar?!?

    OK, so maybe I'm admitting to being pathetically gullable and all of you already knew this, but I'm swallowing my pride in hopes that this may help someone out (read "... in hopes that I'm not the only dumby out there.") Did you know that most of the time when a store advertises "2 for a...
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    It's been a year

    It\'s been a year I thought I'd save my 500th post for my one year, TBN anniversary. Here's to the next year of gum flapping, rag chewing, breeze shooting, (or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods) and of course, seat time. Cheers. Paul
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    Double Posting

    Is it just me or this there more of this going on lately? It's making me insane. I see a post and respond. I browse some more and see the same title of post that is highlighted, indicating new replies. I check it out and can't find earlier my reply. I try to convince myself that I am not going...
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    I really like the looks of <A target="_blank" HREF=>this style</A> of disc, but I found the price to be a little prohibitive. To me, the frame does not look terribly difficult to construct. Does anyone know if you can by just the discs already...
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    Murray Recall

    Heard on the news last night: Murray is recalling about 96000 lawn tractors. Doesn't affect me but thought I'd post it.
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    Tafe Tractors

    Was watching AGVision this morning - a Canadian AG TV show. They were covering the Canadian International Farm Show in Toronto. They had a small segment on Tafe. Apparentlly it's Korean-built, engineered in India, and it uses Kubota parts. This is news to me - maybe not for you but I wanted to...
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    Are you a man?

    Some of these are just too close to the truth. RULES THAT GUYS WISH GIRLS KNEW....... 1. If you think you are fat, you probably are. Do not ask us. We refuse to answer. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. 1. Do not cut your hair. Ever. Long hair...
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    Dog Kennel, II

    Awhile back I posted a question about dog kennels, more specifically what kind you dog owners out there recommend. Well, I've decided - it's going to be a Magnum Series by Behlen Mfg. I looked at quite a few others. Those that made it to the final cut besides Behlen were Priefert and Powder...
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    small rollover

    This happened about 4 years ago, but I think it's still relvant to this forum. My dad is a big man (6'4", 270#) and the B5100E is a small machine. This combination is what saved him. So here's my dad with his latest purchase - a 1981 B5100E. He has no experience with tractors - he picked this...
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    All right, I can't take it anymore. I'm starting the preliminary investigation about acquiring a FEL. Just called the dealer to get an idea of how much $ I need to set aside. He quoted 4000$ installed for the 302 and 3600 for an Allied. I like the idea of getting the factory FEL, to me it...
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    Copper Air Lines?

    I'm trying to save some space in my garage by moving my air compressor to the second floor. At the same time, I would like install some plumbing - basically just 2 or three couplers at convenient locations. What material could I use for the plumbing? I was thinking of using copper pipe - just...
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    A harrowing decision

    I know, I know - what a stinker. I just couldn't resist. I searched previous posts for 'disc harrow' and didn't find the information I was looking for, so I'm posting this. I have a B7500 and a single bottom plow. I have about 2.5 acres of land that hasn't been touched for at least 20 years...
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    Dog Kennel

    In an effort to find more space for my tractor, I'm thinking about moving my dogs out of the barn and into their own kennel. The way it's set up right now, the dogs have half of the barn (small barn), about 14'X14' and a fenced in area of about 12'X28' accessible through a hole in the barn...
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    FEL Manufacturer

    Anyone ever hear of or have experience with Alo's Quicke series FEL's?
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    Slow leak, no biggy right?

    Wrong. I now have 27 hours on my B7500. At around 15 hours I noticed that the rear left tire seemed to be low on air. It was - 10psi. I was a little concerned, but I decided to just pump it up and keep an eye on it. Today it was low again so I pumped it up and decided to start searching in...
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    Rabbit Central

    Here's the deal: Neighbors just separated last week. She went to live with a friend until she gets a place of her own. He just left for two weeks to sort things out. She stayed home most of the time and, in order to keep herself occupied, bought some laying hens and some rabbits. Some friends...
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    3ph lift arm adjuster

    Well I've racked up 18 hours on my new B7500 - it's great! I had a B5100E before along with a bunch of implements. Included was a mold board plow which I was never able to pull. I tried it out this week with the new tractor and even with the turfs I was able to turn over some 30+ year old...
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    Clean-up Time!

    I have just recently acquired two new attachments along with new B7500 - an SQ480 Bush Hog and Farm King 60" rear discharge 3pt finish mower. I have some other attachments from my previous tractor, but these are my first two that I can't manipulate by hand. How do you access the under side of...
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    B7500 Engine Oil

    It arrived Saturday morning, my brand new B7500 and 48" Bush Hog. I managed to put 7 hours on it despite attending my niece's birthday party Saturday afternoon and a family get-together on Sunday for Father's Day. I doubt that I need to go into any details in order to describe how I feel right...
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    B7500, DT or HSD

    Looking at the B7500. 2000.00$ difference between the HSD and DT model. I don't think I really need the HSD. I'm a little confused about the mid PTO. The dealer told me that there is no mid hook up to the PTO on the DT model, yet when I look at the brochures, a MMM is offered under the HST/DT...
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    B5100E, enough machine?

    I have a 1981 B5100E (turf tires) with the following Kubota attachments: single-stage snow blower roto-tiller rear blade lawn aerator mold board plow 42" mid mount mower I have 3.5 acres, 1 mowable. The other 2.5 acres is an overgrown field. I want to start maintaining the field but I don't...
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    B5100e, enough machine?

    I have a 1981 B5100E (turf tires) with the following Kubota attachments: single-stage snow blower roto-tiller rear blade lawn aerator mold board plow 42" mid mount mower I have 3.5 acres, 1 mowable. The other 2.5 acres is an overgrown field. I want to start maintaining the field but I don't...