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    John Deere 755 loader question

    I had a JD650 to which I installed a JD60 loader. The loader physically fit, though required hydraulic connection changes to work. Though I could remove that loader from the tractor, it was a lot of work. Happily I had little need to do that. From that effort I learned to get a loader which was...
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    Zero turn fatality

    Photoshopped photos and story? 45 days late, I think.....
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    I bought my Honda 5Kw used in 1988. I used it to build my house, before Hydro came in. I don't use it much these days (hydro came in, and works very reliably!), but I do look for reasons to run it. I drilled 3/4" holes through two big maple trees for the kids zip line last week. That Honda...
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    never liked the ROPS now i have a reason

    A seatbelt once saved my life,literally, and I still broke it off the structure - but that's a different story. If a rollover is the slightest risk, wear the seatbelt. As a firefighter, I attended many too many rollover accidents of farm equipment, and road vehicles where the use of a seatbelt...
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    Adding rear remotes

    I bought the JD kit for my 1025 when I bought the tractor new. I installed the kit. Ultimately, I was mostly happy, though JD did a few things wrong: There were nearly twice as many lines, and some mounting plates as I needed. Okay, so different versions of the tractor may require different...
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    Frost heave?

    Yes, insulating foam under the door. Use 4" thick, and extend 2 feet either side of the door (inside and outside the barn - if not heated), and a little beyond the door travel (or around the posts). Put it down 6-7", and put 2-3" of your gravel or sand back over the foam. It will not heave after...
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    How hard is it to learn to use a rental mini-excavator?

    If you're going to rent a mini excavator for stump pulling, try it at a "tugging" task before you accept it for the job. I've owned a John Deere 15 (quite small) for 25 years. A few years ago, a friend wanted me to take it to his house, 75 miles away to pull some stumps, and move some rocks. I...
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    Loader JD2305 loader control stick inputs reversed

    Once you get the hoses connected correctly ('cause that's your problem) put matching colored ty wraps around each line and coupling so next time they are disconnected, you know how they go back. And, with the hydraulic implement safely on the ground and the engine stopped, move the control full...
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    T post removal

    Several devices like this They work fine....
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    Starting procedure.

    I electrically preheat mine for a few hours, 'makes starting very easy, and no smoke.
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    building a barn first curve ball

    The key is to not allow 100% dependence upon a planning map which may have casual errors in boundaries, which they now take as the gospel. Don't deny their concerns about flood vulnerability, show them why their valid concerns are not applicable to your planning - but may sure you're right!
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    building a barn first curve ball

    From my experience with building requests within protected zones, mapping, and the Ontario government, it's less than well informed people using data from unreliable sources, to enforce regulations because it's easier to say no, than to try to work it out for the applicant. That said, we have...
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    Good eye... Yes, it's a Basler turbine DC-3, originally built in 1944, rebuilt in 2006. It's a German research airplane Here's a photo of us loading the water, I mean.... bottled chem trail solvent!
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I drove my VW Golf wagon to the shop to buy 10' lengths of 1/2" threaded rod. The sales person saw my car, and said "usually' people come in a pickup for these...". They slid up neatly into the front passenger footwell, and I closed the backhatch with room to spare. I replied to him, as he...
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    Yes, ballast tanks for weight and balance control during flight test, I've done it many times. I use the most common solvent available - water:
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    " I ask their sources, they say a documentary I ask for links, "are you calling me a liar?" They ask my sources, I say I googled it, read 2 pages worth of links, they say, don't you know Google manipulates info? I say, no government sources, citing universities, science research groups, etc...
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    Though not so pure looking when snow is the background, and the sun is the right way....
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I guess instructions for not trying to tow it wrong! (picture from Facebook):
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    Every civil jet which can operate at those altitudes is certified by the FAA (or equivalent authority) to FAA regulation FAR 34: "SECTION: Sec. 34.31 Amendment Number: 34-5, Effective Date: 12/31/2012 TITLE: Standards for exhaust emissions. SECTION...
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    Where Does Your "Handle" Come From?

    I lost the JD 650, which I'd had for 25 years and loved, in a fire (along with some other stuff I really appreciated). The JD1025R was the insurance replacement. As I had some inquiries about the new tractor, I found this site for answers. So a guy named Jim with a new 1025R... Not much...
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    Weight capacity of my concrete/steel bridge?

    Thread drift, but having spent 28 years as a volunteer firefighter, we drove trucks to the calls, they're heavy! If you are uncertain that your private bridge would support a firetruck, it's worth preplanning that with the local fire department. Bad is a fire truck responding to your call breaks...
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    Weight capacity of my concrete/steel bridge?

    An interesting discussion. Though cribbing sounds like a good idea, the arrangement of the bridge construction makes this a little less ideal. The beams will flex under load, as they should, the concrete not so much. Cribbing would certainly prevent a bridge collapse, but might not prevent the...
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    Backhoe vs Tractor with backhoe

    Back in 1998, when I was looking for a backhoe attachment for my JD650 tractor, my JD dealer (who knew me, and what I would be trying to do with it) kinda winced. I knew from his look, I should think more. The backhoe attachment was $9,800. For $10,000, I bought a used mini excavator. I was...
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    In-Floor Heating for a Shop & Greenhouse - Considerations ?

    You can zoom into the middle of this photo, and see the boiler (white) on the pillar wall, the wood stove is behind it (for quick heating!). The boiler plumbing is quite something, you'll need someone familiar to do that.
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    In-Floor Heating for a Shop & Greenhouse - Considerations ?

    I have done in floor heating in both my attached [to house] garage, and my separate workshop. I am very happy with both systems, but yes, the boilers are expensive! My heating expert made the design recommendations for me, and I did the work laying the pipe. There are many considerations. I...
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    HP For Snow Blower

    I modified a 50" Front JD blower to be a three point rear for my new JD1025R. It works just fine, though sometimes I will go extra slowly, or make two passes, as said before, first a little high, then a second to clean things to the surface. If the tractor you're using is hydrostatic, a larger...
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    How often should I start it?

    30 seconds is about the limit for most starter motors, and is excessively long to start a small diesel. The normal starter motor limits, as published in some operating manuals is: Crank 30 seconds maximum, rest for one minute, crank for 30 seconds, rest for five minutes, crank for 30 seconds...
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    Should I consider a diesel for residential?

    I'm very much more happy with small diesel engines on tractors than gas. I was reminded of this, after the fire loss of my JD diesel X740, when I was lent an otherwise same tractor, gasoline powered. It was much louder, and with less power, and higher fuel consumption. I was grateful for its...
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    new Idea Snowblower help

    As I think about it, the only way I can think of that a PTO coupler locking ring would be broken, would be if it had been on the snowblower end of the coupled driveshaft, and the shaft came off while the PTO was running, and flailed around with that ring hitting something. So, have a really good...
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    new Idea Snowblower help

    I can't say with authority, but it looks like the outer collar for a PTO shaft quick release. It may have surrounded the inner coupler with several locking balls to lock the inner coupler on the PTO shaft. You'd pull back the [broken] collar against a spring, to release the balls, and slide the...
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    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    I was reluctant to put a front blade on the loader of my JD 1025R, but it has worked out well. My previous JD 650 loader would not have tolerated it, but the 1025R loader seems much more stiff. I suggest looking to see if the original FEL manufacturer offers a blade for the FEL, that way you'll...
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    Just bought a x 740

    I had a diesel X740 for years, and loved it - until the problem. It was everything I needed (as I had a 4WD diesel 650 with a snowblower and 3 point mower as well. The X740 engine and transmission were excellent. I had constant nuisance electrical problems, including starting. I always got it...
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    Starter solenoid troubleshooting

    Good advice above. Yes, external solenoids do get pitted contacts, and make poor connection. When they make a poor connection, they arc more, and pit more. If you are able to take it apart and clean up the pitting, great. Though some solenoids do not lend themselves to disassembly - replace...
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    Drill bit index recommendation

    High speed steel (HSS) drills are generally good for most applications. "Titanium" is a very tough and light metal, from which drills are not made. There is titanium coating applied to some drills - it's pretty. If you ever sharpen the drill, it's gone. I have never sought drills with titanium...
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    Building my barn!

    When I pull up the panels, I climb up the purlins as I pull them, so I hold them up off the purlins. The panels slid off the three "fingers" of my home made skid for most of the length of the panel, and then just drop off the fingers onto the purlins more or less in place. I then slide the panel...
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    Building my barn!

    I'm finishing part two (the unheated garage for the tractor and Ranger) by myself. Lifting the sheet steel up by myself without damaging it seemed challenging. My JD1025 loader would not lift quite high enough, until I had the vision that the forks will fit on the fork lift frame up side down...
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    When hauling a cab tractor, what's the chance a rock breaks a cab window?

    That's what I'd do. My glass cab Ranger is specific to trailer it backward, I presume for this reason.
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    93 octane fuel in a low compression engine

    Octane ratings were changed some long time ago, now being "research octane number" (RON) + "motor octane number" (MON) / 2. That said, I cannot imagine any reason that a 6.3:1 engine needs anything greater than the least octane rating gasoline you could possibly find. I have done octane testing...
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    Damaged Threads - 1025R Rear Axle

    I came very close to having this problem on a front wheel of my 1025R. A routine front wheel replacement resulted in a galled female thread. It's a less common metric thread, so I had no tap in the kit. I was able to chase out the damaged thread by cutting an extra bolt I had. What is pictured...
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    Box Scraper Land Planes / Grading Scrapers

    I was given the action end of a [previously] horse drawn 1920 Adam's grader. I modified the draw to have a three point bar, and put one hydraulic cylinder so I can lift or lower one side of the mold board while I'm grading. It works perfectly! It does snow well too, if I decide to swap out from...
  41. J

    Would you book a trip to outer space or under sea?

    Not a chance! I test and certify airplanes for a living, and it appears that we put a lot more thought and care into that, that this company had in a machine you can't even get out of! I listened to James Cameron's interview on CNN last night, and he's right on! We can't stop rich, uninformed...
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    Need help with my x740 mower - won't start / burnt diode

    I suggest immense caution with this! I had a diesel X740, and I really liked it. It had the same problem, and I replaced that fuse several times, without ever really figuring out what the problem was. I only traced it to a computer problem, because there was no physical wiring problem I could...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Snow plow vs snow bucket for a tractor

    Plow a long driveway if you have room to accumulate the snowbanks for the amount of snow you expect over the season, and drifting across those snowbanks will not be a problem. Blow the snow if you don't have room for banks, or drifting will be a problem. Pushing snow with a bucket assures banks...
  44. J

    Determining how badly my barn has settled/heaved

    The ground has its own small amount of heat, which is why my ground source heat pump works so well. The buried insulation prevents the cold from going down into the ground, which will slightly keep itself less cold already. Normally, the snow would insulate the ground, but inside the building...
  45. J

    John Deere 750 Transmission Parts

    I had a JD 650, excellent tractor! 'Lost it in a fire, or I'd still have it! On behalf of you dad, inquire with a machine shop of having the required gears made. I have machined gears before, where I could not purchase what I needed. It won't be cheap (neither ar new JD parts anyway!), but it's...
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    Determining how badly my barn has settled/heaved

    "Been there, done that. The floor heaved because you're in a part of the world where it freezes, and snows. I know it doesn't freeze deep where you are, but any is enough to heave - here's why... The buried 6x6's aren't being pushed up from being frozen under, the frozen ground is gripping...
  47. J

    Factory front tires on 1025R

    I thought about the tube option, and my dealer had a tube, but as the sidewall has already ruptured on both tires, the prospect of having a tube aneurysm sticking out through a split in the sidewall does not appeal to my sense of doing things properly! The 6plys are being mounted this aft, and...
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    Factory front tires on 1025R

    So I've measured, and done the math: The Carlilse Versa Trufs on my 1025R measure 19 1/4" diameter when inflated to 22 PSI. That results in a circumference of 60.5". An 18" diameter tire has a mathematical circumference of 56.5". So the tires on my tractor have a 4" larger circumference that the...
  49. J

    Factory front tires on 1025R

    The "too big" tire on top of the new ones is the Versa Turf removed from my 1025R which is failing. The versa turf seems to be about the most useless thing when paired with a loader!
  50. J

    Factory front tires on 1025R

    Well... The plot thickens... My local tire dealer ordered replacement 6 ply, 18x8.50-10 tires for me. It didn't work, they're wrong: Same nomenclature.... We agreed that my tire is inflated, and the new one's not, but the diameter is not going to increase 3" when that 6 ply is inflated on...
  51. J

    Factory front tires on 1025R

    Thanks everyone, yeah... I have a call in to the dealer about this. The owner sold me the previous 650 in the early 90's, and knew that the 1025R was to be the replacement for the much appreciated 650, when it was lost in the fire. I guess I felt pressure to "move fast" as this was during Covid...
  52. J

    Factory front tires on 1025R

    The tires are: Carlisle Versa Turf 18x8.50R10 4 ply, and are made in China. There are a whole bunch of other various numbers around the sidewall, but aside from what I take to be an equivalent metric size, nothing else I recognize. There is not speed nor capacity value. The sidewalls are...
  53. J

    Factory front tires on 1025R

    "But, a 1025R is not the same as a JD 650. It's a more mechanized, glorified wheelbarrow, not much more." Yeah, I know, but it was the easiest replacement I could find in a hurry. The only thing more sad than dropping my JD650 into the dumpster bin with the excavator after the fire, was...
  54. J

    Factory front tires on 1025R

    So a bit of a rant, my JD 1025R is not quite two years old from brand new, with a factory loader on it. 240 hours total time. Yes, I used the loader, that's what I bought it for! Both front tire sidewalls are trashed, one burst. The John Deere dealer wants CDN$340 per tire! Why would I spend...
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    Best Nut or thread locking devices

    Gee, I didn't think I was ranting, this is a part of my work, and I lock wire regularly. Yes, I also use much more specialized locking and single use aviation fasteners, though consider them outside the scope of a discussion about lockwashers on a tractor forum. Suffice it to say that I don't...
  56. J

    Best Nut or thread locking devices

    Interesting video, but I'm not quite sold. Firstly, if having the nut stay done up is important, use quality fasteners and washers! If you use cheap fasteners, they'll just stretch/flatten out, and any proper torque will be lost. Then, find the prescribed torque for the nut & bolt assembly...
  57. J

    Any suggestions on a camera?

    I've always had excellent Canon SLR's - slim back in the day, and digital now. I've always been happy. But, as wisely said, it's the camera you have with you when you need to take the photo, which you will appreciate most. The DSLR doesn't see much action these days, it's the little Canon...
  58. J

    Anyone had a lumbar fusion?

    'Been there, had that, L4, 5 & 6 are pinned together. Those, and metal in both legs, and shoulder. The result of being ejected through an airplane windshield. Doc said I'd never notice the fusion of my spine, and he was right. Some nerve fussing as a result of the broken L5, and a bit of spinal...
  59. J

    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    It was -20F here (central Ontario) when I was snowblowing yesterday morning. A little crisp, and very refreshing! It is much nicer blowing that cold, dry snow, than wet snow at 35F!
  60. J

    Torque Wrench Suggestions

    Fair enough, but at least it's specified. For the aircraft fasteners I work with, I have never seen a "wet" torque spec. I presume that what the "wet" is is pretty closely specified, as different liquids [lubricants] can have a large effect on the torque to bolt tension ratio.
  61. J

    Torque Wrench Suggestions

    Well.... Proper torquing technique does state that the torque is to be measured on nut and bolts with clean, dry threads. If you're thinking to use a torque wrench on lubricated or dirty [worn] threads, don't bother, it'll not be of any use. Let's recall that the whole purpose of applying the...
  62. J

    Rant: Modern household appliances are of poorer quality

    On the obverse, my parents bought the house in 1964, with a Hotpoint fridge which was built in new in 1959. I sold the house two years ago after my mom's passing - the fridge was still working. I know for certain that it had worked all those years without ever having been pulled out for maintenance!
  63. J

    Rant: Modern household appliances are of poorer quality

    My washer & dryer (Sears) are 30+ years old, and going strong. I will repair, with no intention to ever replace. My daughter gave us a GE fridge/freezer for our garage, when they replaced theirs with new. This one is about ten years old. I had to reverse the door swing - should be no problem...
  64. J

    Flail mower shear bolt — 12.9?

    The other thing to consider is that if you use a very hard bolt, let alone it maybe not shearing as soon as it should, if/when it does shear, it may do local damage to the holes in the coupling, which will be much more expensive to replace than some shear bolts. Use low strength bolts first, and...
  65. J

    Snow removal accident

    You'd be surprised, I was. I broke 19 bones, and was off my feet for three months. I lost 50 pounds during that time, and I had not started out overweight. The nurses and doctors were excellent, encouraging, and optimistic within reason. It has taken a few years, and I have well exceeded their...
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    I retired after 28 years as a volunteer firefighter. It was trucks and firefighters I knew well who turned up at 5AM to extinguish my airplane hangar and workshop. I lost the building, a very nice airplane I'd owned for 34 years, a tracked ATV, and two other tractors. The insurance company was...
  67. J


    Yes, the hood has to open all the way, and roll of the top of the curved tracks. Pay particular attention to the wire bundle which moves with the hood as it rolls up the tracks. I had to repair it several times, as the wire insulation was damaged by being pinched. Ultimately, I missed something...
  68. J

    Snow removal accident

    'Been there, had that. It's rather upsetting to wake up to an unfamiliar ceiling, see doctors, nurses and family looking at you, and see a number of metal rings and bars around your leg. The first words I remember hearing were: "wiggle your toes". They drill 1/4" holes right through your leg...
  69. J

    Snow removal accident

    Yes, this! Let alone the benefits in preventing the machine from accidentally moving, it saves strain on the hydraulics, and most importantly, prevents accidents with an unattended machine. I once drove past a construction site after hours, noticing that the parked backhoe still had the hoe in...
  70. J

    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    I picked up a Cessna once to fly it home from central Quebec, it was -41 ('same in either scale). As a volunteer firefighter, I've done an afternoon of ice water rescue training when the warm of the day was -13F (your suit freezes when you climb out of the water!), 'been out in the zodiac boat...
  71. J

    FELs and digging

    Front end loader is designed to load, which suggests that the load is already loose. A back hoe is a hoe, which is a digging implement. If you can "load" loose earth away from where you don't want it to be, that's loading, go for it. It is wise to approach digging with a front end loader with...
  72. J

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    I think about this topic when it comes up form time to time. As the big storm was forecast (and happened!!) I pulled out my Honda 5KW for a test run. I bought it used 30 years ago, and ran it extensively building my house back then. From time to time since, but not so much. I think the gasoline...
  73. J

    750 with a hole in the cylinder

    Yup, those are excellent engines. Fix what needs fixing, and run it, don't change it for something else. I ran a used 650 for 25 years and 1800 hours with zero engine problems. I've run a used JD15 excavator for 22 years, and 2000 hours. I thought I'd had an overheat problem once, and took the...
  74. J

    How do you keep birds out of your sheds?

    I had some success using old CD's. Drill a hole at the periphery, and tie a string. Hang them about a foot down from the ceiling, so they will spin in moving air. The moving beams of reflected light seem to annoy the birds. That worked better for me than plastic owls, and is extremely low cost.
  75. J

    Metal Thickness?

    A retired friend of mine, who is a highly experienced operator of anything yellow was clearing for his new two car garage. I offered him my mini-ex (JD15), which I have lent him before. He declined my offer, saying that his neighbour offered him the use of a tow behind backhoe. After using it...
  76. J

    Metal Thickness?

    BxB301, Of course, you will do what is right for you, which, is as it should be. Some of us write here simply out of a goodwill sense of caution. Yes, I built my own house, aircraft hangar, and workshop, as well as a lot of equipment over the decades. I have also owned a mini excavator since...
  77. J

    Metal Thickness?

    Yeah... I have to agree with this... If you enjoy tinkering for its own sake, then by all means, but designing and building your own excavator is not a way to save money. Of course, you can build something which will work, but, for how long? And how well? Very experienced equipment...
  78. J

    ROPS modification

    One reason: Why would a manufacturer want to spend engineering time, and then accept more liability, for a modification, when "NO" is cost and liability free for them? I spend my working life acting on behalf of the government authority, evaluating and approving mechanical modifications to the...
  79. J

    ROPS modification

    Bear in mind that a design consideration of a ROPS will be head strike. Avoid attaching anything (including by bolting) which introduces any feature which you would not want to hit your head on (sharp corners on brackets). I'm not saying not to bolt stuff on, just think about your head hitting...
  80. J

    Surprise 1023e owner looking for advice.

    I had a JD650 with a front mount blower for 25 years and loved it (lost it in a fire), but, that tractor was only practical with a front blower, the 1025 is different. Having the hydrostatic transmission means that you can run at the optimum speed in either direction. The manual transmission of...
  81. J

    Repairable? Or scrap?

    Aluminum can be fatigue cracked when bent beyond its "yield" (which that certainly is). Unless the rim manufacturer gives you criteria by which damaged can be assessed as repairable, it is scrap. If the rim is repaired by bending, it should be liquid penetrant inspected for cracks before being...
  82. J

    Lifting safe - Ballast Box needed?

    The one benefit of a back hoe as ballast is that if you really get yourself mired in, you can grab a bucket load, and stretch it way out, then the front end gets really light, while you try to wiggle yourself out of the mess you drove yourself into . But, on the whole, I agree, for compact...
  83. J

    Lifting safe - Ballast Box needed?

    If ballast/balance are in doubt, this is important, if it's a 2WD tractor, it will spin before being a hazard going backward. But if you're in 4WD and back up too quickly, that can tip the balance. I like the idea you're going to use ballast. As I get old, I find myself pausing and thinking a...
  84. J

    JD 790 4 wh dr question

    Both front wheels are driven through a front differential - it cannot be locked. As long as they have equal traction, they will pull equally. If one has no traction, it will spin free, and the other will not drive. In this case, your two options are to restore traction to the free front wheel...
  85. J

    If you could spend a couple hours with anyone, dead or living, who would it be? (Keep it clean guys)

    What a thought provoking question... 'Only one person...? For me, Astronaut John Young, he'd have to have the best experiences to relate; naval flying, and four different space programs, as well as overseeing the engineering of many space systems. Fascinating!
  86. J

    Male Square Head Pipe Plug with starting to round off - What to do?

    You can purchase "bolt extractor" sockets or wrenches. They have internal helical grooves which taper in to grab a broken off bolt. The right size one should grab what's left of the pipe plug square. If all else fails, drill down the very middle carefully to as large a drill diameter as you can...
  87. J

    Would it be possible to convert a lawn mower into a lawn "tractor"

    I agree with those who say such a modification would not be good use of your time and money. If you want to make art - make art, but don't expect the art to do work. If you want to do work, buy or rebuild a machine designed to do that work, or equivalent in forces/loads and strains. My first...
  88. J

    PTO gear pump question

    I had removed the bolt on PTO shroud on my JD650, for similar reasons. Then, in my capacity as a volunteer firefighter, we were paged out to a "severed hand" call. Well, it wasn't severed, it was just pulled off in pieces, right past the wrist. He had a winter mit on, touched PTO shaft end that...
  89. J

    PTO gear pump question

    Firstly, good job reading the manual! I have just re read the JD Power Beyond Kit Installation Instructions which accompanied the parts (all bought new with my 1025R new from the same JD dealer) and there is no mention whatever of any operating limitation for that hydraulic circuit. However...
  90. J

    This little ring coming out of the cylinder

    My opinion is halfway between the two preceding: Use a wood or plastic block, and give it a tap with a hammer. If it moves in really easily, it may have been ready to pop/drop out - tap it in more. If a light tap has no affect on it, and it's not leaking, leave it be, and keep a good eye on it...
  91. J

    John Deere 650 (1983) - Hydraulic Stop Valve is seized

    I bought a 650 used in 1989, that valve was seized. I had the tractor until last year (lost in a fire), and never managed to free it up, despite efforts with penetrating oil, and heat. I finally broke it off trying to hard, and that was that. The speed of lowering the rockshaft is controlled...
  92. J

    PTO gear pump question

    Thanks for the thoughts... My plan is going to need refinement. I notice that there's a safety shroud around the PTO shaft, which is going to entirely prevent installing the PTO gear pump I'm thinking of. It folds up, but not enough to clear the pump. And, I like safety shrouds, so it'll stay...
  93. J

    PTO gear pump question

    I've been doing lots of reading here, while I consider my design for a loader mounted brush cutter. Someone wisely mentions that running a hydraulic cutter on the third function valve of the tractor hydraulics could result in power/speed variations with loader operation - good point! Thanks...
  94. J

    What did I do wrong drilling these holes?

    As said, Too high drill RPM was your first problem, then dulling the drills, then overheating them, then work hardening the holes, then only a fresh start from the other side, as you did, or a carbide drill are going to complete the hole. Drill at a silly slow RPM, with cutting oil, and it will...
  95. J

    very hot -battery cable

    Whatever it is - fix it! Last summer, my JD X740 was parked in my airplane hangar, along with all my other toys. Whatever the fault with the X740 was, it spontaneously ignited at 4AM, and burned down everything. Don't "tolerate" electrical faults!
  96. J

    Small towable graders?

    I was given [most] of a 1920 Adams horse drawn grader (no horses). It had been a four wheel arrangement, but the front wheel assembly was missing. Perfect! I installed a pivoting three point hitch bar there, and hook it to the three point hitch arms. That allows me very precise height adjustment...
  97. J

    Removing a Subframe from a FEL. Issues?

    I support the thought that if the sub frame is in the way of ground features, you're driving your tractor over ground for which it is not intended. If you're tip toe delicate doing this, just to get from A to B that's one thing a little not ideal. If you're skidding out logs while traversing...
  98. J

    How to bleed hydraulics on front end loader?

    As said, free falling or floating may have let air suck in. Operate the loader and bucket slowly to the full limit of travel slowly. When the full travel is reached (particularly bucket dump) hold the valve until you hear the hydraulic system load up, and the cylinders strain a little. The time...
  99. J

    John Deere 950 light grinding into gear

    I had a JD 650 for 25 years, and it was the same way. Not as advanced a transmission as my VW Golf! Certainly check the clutch freeplay, and transmission fluid level, but otherwise just go easy when shifting. The light grinding isn't really doing any meaningful damage, it's just annoying for...
  100. J

    What Do You Do For Exercise?

    I ride my bicycle (entirely me powered). It's an excellent Brompton folding bike, which I leave in the back of the car. If I'm out, and have time, I go for a five mile ride. Though this summer, I've been building my new workshop (53' x 23') by myself. 'Lost 15 pounds so far!, and building is super!
  101. J

    Why are replacement parts so incredibly expensive?

    The turn signal lens of my JD1025 was broken (while my wife was cutting grass, she admitted it.). While buying a drive belt for a mower, which the JD dealer had in stock, I inquired about ordering a replacement lens. A few computer strokes later, and the parts guy said "I have one in stock"...
  102. J

    Why are replacement parts so incredibly expensive?

    The parts used to manufacture the original whole item do not require estimating how many extra should be stocked - they count for what they build, and no more. They do not require stocking, perhaps for decades (with no return on storage costs until sale). They do not require being listed in...
  103. J

    front mount snow blower

    When I bought my JD650 in the '90's, it came with an original chassis front mount blower. It worked great, but was a big job to change over to the loader in the summer - lots of frame unbolting and bolting. I modified the blower to fit the loader in place of the bucket. With some fiddling, it...
  104. J

    Hydrostatic quirk or total nonsense?

    To remind one's self about the relationship of positive displacement pump RPM/flow/pressure use your pressure washer: Remove the spray tip, and start it up. Flow water, it'll flow, but certainly not spray. increase RPM, it'll flow more, but still not spray. Reinstall the spray tip, and you'll...
  105. J

    Hydrostatic quirk or total nonsense?

    Bear in mind that the "capacity" and lift ability are not always the same for a loader (bucket or forks). The geometry of the various angles of loader arms, bucket/forks position, and hydraulic cylinders means that there will be different lift ability based upon all of these angles, where the...
  106. J

    Thinking about purchasing a mini Excavator for the farm Part 2

    Also agreed, don't plan to rent it out. I live within my means to buy what I need, own it, take care of it, and share it only with my most very trusted friends. If you would think to allow another person to use your equipment, it would be because you know them so well, you truly trust them. In...
  107. J

    Ran out of diesel, need bleeding procedure

    Well, depending upon the model tractor/engine, you may be looking for several bleeding screws. I have found them on the upper casting of the fuel filter on Yanmar diesels. Open them, and allow the bubbles to flow out. If the fuel filter bowl is transparent, you'll see it fill back up. Run the...
  108. J

    Critique what went wrong.

    I had a 26" diameter maple fall in my forest. I cut it into 9 foot lengths. It's now a very nice table on my patio. The very first stage of that project several years ago was realizing that my mini excavator could not possibly lift it to load it on a trailer, and it was too heavy to skid back a...
  109. J

    Excavator v. Skid Steer for Hobby Farmer?

    A mini excavator does not "handle" stuff well, but for It's as good as you can get. Particularly for removing stumps, nothing can match it. If you can't pull it out, you can take your time, and dig it out. I bought a used John Deere 15 mini ex in 1998, and have put more than 3000 hours on it...
  110. J

    Loader hydraulic line--need quick help

    Yes, that most likely needs tightening. Before you do it, review safety around pressurized hydraulic lines, high pressure oil hitting you can cause miserable injury. The manual for your tractor will provide safety measures.
  111. J

    Chainsaw touched power line - guy died

    During training as a firefighter many decades back, a trainier from the local electric utility gave us a seminar on safety near wires. Included in this was a video, in which many actual deaths were captured (by news crews, I expect) which certainly did not make it to the public. It was...
  112. J

    Touch up paint

    I too have had very good success with original JD rattle cans, and even brush painting from cans (though, yes, spraying would yield better yet results). Here, in Canada, "Tremclad" brand paint is available in John Deere green (though not the yellow). It's about one third the price of the genuine...
  113. J

    Replacment alternator

    Just before you spend the money on a new alternator, be certain that the entire alternator circuit is working. That was the problem on my JD, which I found after I spent the money for a new regulator. For my experience, the wiring harness seems to be about the most trouble prone parts of...
  114. J

    Safety doesn't care if your forgetful

    Thanks cdaigle430 for the reminder, Probably all of us have made an omission like that, and a reminder is always a good idea - thanks. From a bad experience I had a few years ago, (nothing to do with farm machinery) I suggest a medical examination. Though the injuries I sustained did not...
  115. J

    Why no hydrostatic transmissions on larger tractors?

    I opine that the larger power, the more difficult it is to get the engine out through an HST to the wheels. I had a 14HP JD650, manual transmission. It had lots of umpf (for a small tractor), you could certainty stall it pushing or pulling too hard. I replaced it with a 25HP JD1025R. It does not...
  116. J

    Getting hay balers ready

    For my experience as a 27 year rural volunteer firefighter, it seems to me that getting a round bailer ready should include installing one good sized fire extinguisher on the bailer, a second on the tractor, and most importantly, assuring that you could uncouple the bailer from the tractor...
  117. J

    Can anyone link me to a definition of a "firm whack"?

    This was a topic of discussion soon after the 911 attacks, where we discussed amending the standards for cockpit doors. It was required that the doors be modified to be impenetrable by terrorists, but still accessible by rescue teams, should the pilots actually simply need to be rescued out of a...
  118. J

    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    "It's amazing what you can do when you don't know what you can't do."
  119. J

    What's wrong with Canadians?

    Maple Syrup tastes pretty good when it comes from sap you tapped in your own forest. Then one of the trees blows down in a big windstorm, and becomes (after some hauling, milling, gluing, routering and finishing), a harvest table! When I milled the log, I found one of my tapping holes!
  120. J

    What TV did you watch as a kid?

    The Thunderbirds Saturday morning, FBI Friday evening, Ironside, Perry Mason, and later in life, WKRP in Cincinnati! And some other shows, which were okay too....
  121. J

    BTW, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?

    7500 hours in 80 general aviation types since 1976. It is both my hobby, and more now, how I pay for my real hobby - tractor, UTV and excavator! I look forward to the day when tractor, UTV and excavator are my primary hobby, and flying is a happy memory - not quite there yet... Not to minimize...
  122. J

    Would You Loan It Out?

    My "no" along with everyone else's. And I'll add one thought, for those who are compelled to loan out such equipment (like you just cannot say no to a family member type situation). Replace the correct shear bolt with a brass bolt of the same size (you can buy at Home Depot). Any kind of abuse...
  123. J

    John Deere 750 value

    I owned a 650 for 25 years and loved it. If your 750 (4WD?) were sitting in my driveway, I'd give you $5000 easy, more if it were in good shape. $7500 is a good starting point, and maybe be negotiated down a bit, if you agree that the condition isn't perfect. Tires and cylinder seals are not a...
  124. J

    Suggestions for light weight pallet forks

    I have the quick attach pallet forks for my JD1025R, and I'm very happy with them. One little trick for lifting the occasional "just a little too heavy" load (and making sure you use ballast) is to consider taking the forks off the frame to save the weight of the forks themselves, if you can...
  125. J

    Battery powered chainsaw

    I had a Black and Decker 18V cordless - Meh... Chain speed too slow, snagged. My son n law bought a 12" Stihl, it worked okay, but unusually small chain. I bought a Husqvarna 14", and I'm very happy with it. I have yet to run the battery flat in light use. Among the many things I like, if it's...
  126. J

    DIY forks

    Be careful with home made forks, you can put loads into the bucket for which it was not designed. Two risks: Worst, the attachment breaks unexpectedly, and drops your load and maybe recoils the loader/tractor. Or, you just bend the bucket. I have the proper JD dealer purchased forks for my...
  127. J

    Axel Seal Leak

    I have changed such a seal on my 4WD John Deere. It was not too difficult. I would not waste effort with "little fixes", you'll spend more time later fusing over it, than wishing you'd replaced the seal in the first place.
  128. J

    Advice On How To Straighten Gearbox. Deck Mounting Point Bent Slightly.

    Yup, don't pull on the gearbox! Remove it. It may be a fight to return the deck, it has stretched now, and won't want to sit flat ever again. You might hammer it closer, and sure, do that. Do it cold, heating it will not help you enough to be worth it, 'cause it's never going to be perfect...
  129. J

    Flail Mowers

    I've had both behind an 18HP tractor. They both did what they were supposed to, but the rotary mower ended up being better suited to my needs. One thing to consider if you're starting and stopping often, depending upon the type of transmission your tractor and PTO have, they may be a delayed...
  130. J

    Kioti Broken in Half

    In defense of the tractor, it was being winched by the crane, and the crane jerked it, which broke it.
  131. J

    Broken hose, lift stuck in air

    For my similar experience with fire trucks, it requires hydraulic pressure to be applied to lower the boom, so if you have a loss of pressure, it doesn't drop the boom uncontrollably - the boom must be powered down, even though it would settle by gravity. This is an extra valve in the boom...
  132. J

    Bucket forks

    This. I have a 1025R with the correct quick attach forks, and am very happy with them. And.... If you compromise with clamp on bucket forks, you have to deduct the weight of the bucket [you're still lifting] from the load the forks can lift.
  133. J

    Cool Or Creepy Things Found In The Bush Or On Your Property

    While out for a walk yesterday, I happened across a deflated helium balloon. Not terribly unusual, but it is the twelfth I have found on my 100 aces in the last 30 years. One of the first I found bore a promotional message from a radio station in Toledo, Ohio, 300 miles southwest of here!
  134. J

    New Tractor: Three Point Hitch Came Apart (see pictures)

    Fair enough. A trouble free, very low cost solution is to forgo the adjustable lift link, and replace it with a second fixed link if you don't need to adjust the angle of the three point accessory. Sure, the turnbuckle is a simple, low cost solution to the possible need to adjust the angle, it's...
  135. J

    New Tractor: Three Point Hitch Came Apart (see pictures)

    All turnbuckles work the same way, and all are vulnerable to coming undone if not locked. It is very low operator burden to check that they're suitably locked, as compared to a potentially complex and expensive mechanism to lock them. I have often found that complex and expensive locking...
  136. J

    New Tractor: Three Point Hitch Came Apart (see pictures)

    This topic has a combination of dealer prep, and operator check, in this case, they were both missed. Low criticality, but a message none the less. Yes, the dealer should have checked the three point lift arm turnbuckle, and it's a worthwhile operator check too. There are many fasteners which...
  137. J

    John Deere 855 Loader??

    I bought the 60A loader for my JD650 brand new 25 years ago. It was an okay loader, but could have been better. It was no rigid to the chassis of the tractor, as it was removable. The fit of the columns into the receiver pockets was sloppy enough that the whole loader would wiggle. The columns...
  138. J

    i fell bad, dislocated LEFT shoulder ... completely immobilized, probably months

    Yeah, appreciate your good health, whatever it is! If you're reading here, you have at least some! I spent some time in hospital after an accident 4 1/2 years ago. Though I felt pretty bad with the injuries I'd suffered, I know there were other patients in there with more serious medical...
  139. J

    Rear facing snow blower question

    John Deere, converted from front mount, to rear three point for new JD tractor. It works excellently. It has skid shoes, and I have adjusted them so the cutting edge of the blower is 1" off the driveway.
  140. J

    Snowblower problem

    Shearing snowblower shearbolts is how you get a low cost lesson in what you should not be trying to do with it! As said, the fact that you sheared, does not mean the two sheared halves dropped out - it's a winter works IQ test! Snowblower gearboxes are at least expensive to repair, at worst, not...
  141. J

    Why does my John Deere X739 Flash a Yellow Exclamation Mark?

    My diesel X740 would shut off the PTO when it overheated, self protection, I expect.
  142. J

    2520 Power Beyond

    For my JD650 back in the day, no power beyond kit was offered. I designed my own, and it "worked"*. When I found the incompatibility, I was able to correct it with a valve change. *I had intended to use the power beyond to run a three point log splitter, so I used a log splitter valve. It worked...
  143. J

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    It's nice when you can do that! In Reykjavik Iceland, most of the city's streets are heated. I have a photo somewhere, but can't find it. There are lots on line showing this. I doubt that they ever clear snow in the city!
  144. J

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    Perfect! Surfing the web in your warm cab, while you blow snow!
  145. J

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Can you install the three point mounted generator on the tractor to recharge the car?
  146. J

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    Alaska is great, I've been a few times, even in winter! An advantage of a 3 point blower is that if you need to move a pile, you can blow off the top at the high lift setting first, then take a second, and maybe third run at it. A hydrostatic transmission makes all the difference, as you can...
  147. J

    How far and high can I throw snow?

    With a decent blower, and full engine speed, expect to throw snow 15-20 feet up, and 30-40 feet away at best. Slush will not go as far. If you've blown slush, may sure to run the blower dry, shut off the engine, then clean out the blower, so it does not freeze up for next time. I used to make...
  148. J

    Price vs Quality for PTO Driven Snowblowers

    I have been very happy with Bercomac. I find a variation of snowblower quality to be the gauge of metal used in construction, and quality of driveline parts. It's worth spending the extra for quality, to not have to drive a failed snowblower back down a half cleared driveway to fix it in the...
  149. J

    Questions about building a gateway entry arch thing

    If you are planting large poles in a part of the country where the ground could freeze for weeks on end (more than just a few frosts), bury at least 2" thick foam insulation tight around the poles, to about two feet radius out. Bury it 2"-3" below ground at the post, sloping away so any water...
  150. J

    Buddy seat help

    And our free societies allow us to do this with private equipment - 'doesn't make it a good idea. Yes, I'm critical of this idea, unless the second seat is an approved installation. I say this as a person who approves seat installations in airplanes as a part of my living, and, as a retired...
  151. J

    Buddy seat help

    In the last two years, two youngsters in my township (9000 people) have gone under tractors for not being safely seated in the operator's seat. One lost his life, the other his legs. I worry that both operators thought it was safe up to the moment that they realied that it was horribly unsafe. I...
  152. J

    Can someone explain to me why supersonic business flight didn't work out?

    For supersonic flight, sadly, yes. I too work in aviation development, and own an airplane. I have a love for aviation, and appreciation for those who innovate. However, with my work with several climate research agencies (who are using airplanes to record the effects of climate change), I know...
  153. J

    Need to change input/output shaft direction

    The blower fan should probably be turning more like 1000-1200RPM if the fan diameter is around 16", which is common for small ones. Only less than 1000 RPM if the fan is bigger than 20" diameter. Durst are a gearbox manufacturer, but what you're looking for is odd. The gearbox must have an idler...
  154. J

    Need John deere 755 mfwd front gears

    Generally for this type of application, I would say yes, unless the service manual says not to. Make sure that the older one is free of any damage or pitting. When the front axle is off the ground, the wheels spin very nicely through the drive train, so you can feel how the gears are meshing.
  155. J

    Need John deere 755 mfwd front gears

    There are two sets of miter gears, upper and lower. Most likely the lower ones damaged if they picked up chunks of broken bearing. There's a vertical driveshaft in each of the steering parts of the "axle" assembly. I would have both left and right driveshafts, and their gears (one at each end)...
  156. J

    Need John deere 755 mfwd front gears

    Hello Need Advice, I had a JD650 for 25 years, and loved it. Lost it in a fire. I had one front axle side apart once to change leaking seals so I have an idea about what's going on in there. I also know that machines that old are poorly supported by JD for new parts. If the gears are "ruined"...
  157. J

    This is my last post on TBN

    What does it matter? Are gun and land ownership topics relevant topics for a forum on tractors? I'm entirely willing to have a pleasant discussion with people on a topic in which we share an interest, without judging them, or defeating the discussion, because we have differing feelings on...
  158. J

    Should the community make the rules?

    Is entirely fair, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and their sense of "on the centerline" or not... If these two posters feel that the theme of the forum has drifted away from their ideal centerline, that's fair. But maybe that drift is toward a greater number of member's preferred...
  159. J

    Should the community make the rules?

    Well, censorship is based upon a particular society's standards. This forum is its own micro society, whose members seem content with the present format, so it sounds like surprise is unnecessary, it's the system working as intended!
  160. J

    Should the community make the rules?

    Hmmm.... I would meet all that, other than the citizenship part, I'm not sure how that's a factor. And, as a moderator of an international pilot forum, I do so as a 45 year pilot, 35 year airplane owner, and aerodrome owner. But... The pilot forum also has non pilot moderators, people with...
  161. J

    Should the community make the rules?

    Yes, but our society pays the cop to take the time to issue the ticket, and if needed, attend court to defend it. So you received a detailed description of the offense, which costs society's money in the cop's time, and you receive your day in court, should you wish, which costs even more of...
  162. J

    Should the community make the rules?

    I see a number of posts here proposing/requesting that moderators "explain" or "notify" deletions. It's not practical. As a moderator elsewhere, I'll delete a few non compliant posts most days (and probably miss more). I am already doing moderation for free, so I'm not interested in preparing a...
  163. J

    Mid mount grader blade ??

    I built a mid mount blade for my MF14 garden tractor. It worked so well, that a local contractor hired me to grade several commercial parking lots he was to finish. I used it for twenty years, and still have it, though the tractor had to be retired. The only reason I have not built a new mid...
  164. J

    Should the community make the rules?

    I am a member of several different on line forums, which I have chosen based upon their primary theme. I am not a member of any group discussing politics or anything related to covid. I enjoy the forums I have chosen exactly to get away from those realities in life for a while. Someone...
  165. J

    This is my last post on TBN

    Internet forums, and the "fit" of any given person, are kinda like those "venn diagrams", where hopefully you fit in that little triangle in the middle of all three circles - except that the circles move around. So what might have been a fit when you began, or even you fit, but were only in two...
  166. J

    Need to change input/output shaft direction

    I agree with the observations above. Even though you have two bearings, they are really only acting as one, under tremendous loads (including side loads, harmonic loads from the chain, and alternating drive loads as the drive train is torque loaded). If the housing had not broken, the bearing...
  167. J

    Starting a tractor in extreme cold temperatures

    Yes, let the engine heat up and stabilize at a warmer temperature for longer. I'll preheat mine for a day before running it, and if in doubt, I just leave ot plugged in until next time. Though I hate to waste electricity, it's still less costly than replacing a starter motor!
  168. J

    Forum moderation

    I appreciate moderation. I'm very happy to participate in a group where someone cares to keep the posts if not on topic, at least between the lines of good taste. Sure, not everyone agrees all the time, I can respect that, we agree to disagree sometimes. If I wanted to debate politics, I'd look...
  169. J

    Must Tractor ROPS Be So High?

    That's the reason. I found that the pins could be removed, and the top half stored safely out of my doorway's way! Though mine folds, it absolutely would not have fit with the snowblower chute...
  170. J

    It involved a .......

    Nope, and I wouldn't want to hear the details anyway :cry:
  171. J

    Can someone explain to me why supersonic business flight didn't work out?

    Aside from one crash, the Concorde had a great safety record. The cost of that safe transport was incredible, when compared to any other means of transport. Fuel cost, and the very frequent need for engine overhaul - they worked great, but not for long! More basically, air drag increases as a...
  172. J

    It involved a .......

    Very sadly the son passed away from the injuries.
  173. J

    DPF Regeneration driving me crazy...

    My diesel VW Golf regenerates, it smells like a tire fire. Honestly the first time, at a Home Depot parking lot, when it was new, I thought I had burned off the alternator belt! So, once I understood, okay, I can live with it - except that the car goes in the garage every night. I pulled in in...
  174. J

    It involved a .......

    The local news told us a few days ago about a five year old being airlifted to hospital from the helipad in our town. Now I hear that is was the son of a friend, and "it involved a snowblower". I know nothing more than that about the cause of the accident, and I don't want to! As a 28 year...
  175. J

    Creating a property map

    I pasted a pdf of the Google Earth image of my property into the drawing software I use (Dassault DraftSight). From that, I can "trace" all my paths (5 miles of them) over the pdf photo as a layer, and it turned out pretty well. From that, I took the local county map and copied on the contour lines.
  176. J

    Busted Snow Blower Driveshaft

    The broken U joint center cross should not be repaired. Neither should the yokes. Welding a new yoke on the driveshaft is okay - so whole new U joint, reuse your driveshaft.
  177. J

    Kioti Broken in Half

    Well.... It's not that simple - for any structure. My dad, who was not an Engineer did teach me when I was a kid: "Them that bends don't break", and to a point, its a good philosophy. So I spend a lot of time investigating how things bend under load. As long as it bends back after the load is...
  178. J

    Floor Options For Pole Barn (Not Concrete)

    Yes, I agree with those saying to put in a proper concrete floor first. You will never be happy if you don't. I built an airplane hangar, and could not afford the concrete floor at the time. It worked, but was never a good outcome. The only thing I did right for the floor. Was to dig out a bowl...
  179. J

    Help. My mom made a huge mistake on FB

    Hey Eddie, I hope this works out well for your family, it's great that your mom has your caring help. I have nothing to add to the good foregoing advice, other than my voice of empathy. I've pretty well given up on Facebook, and am now much more discerning as to which websites I visit at all...
  180. J

    Kioti Broken in Half

    Maybe, I don't know. It just sounds from your reply that you think no one who is posting has experience with tractors, and structural design, yet you don't know who's posting.... A tractor was broken, I don't know what caused that tractor so be damaged, nor its design and limitations....
  181. J

    Kioti Broken in Half

    I'm only a 30 year tractor/loader/excavator owner, so I can always learn more, what can you offer? I enjoy learning about structural testing and safety margins, I test and certify airplane designs for a living....
  182. J

    Clearing snow (3 kilometer long wood trail)

    Talk to Bercomac about a snowblower, and a quick attached blade for the front, if quick attach is an option for your loader, and the loader manufacturer offers a blade. I was not so enthusiastic, until I bought one. I'm very happy, plow forward, then blow backward if you need to. I clear an 800...
  183. J

    Kioti Broken in Half

    When I work in Germany, I have the pleasure of occasionally operating a small articulated loader about the size of my JD 1025R. It had four equal sized wheels, and is obviously designed as a loader first. It has really well thoughout controls, all work is done one hand on the wheel, the other on...
  184. J

    3-Point Log Splitters?

    The three point splitter I made acts vertically with the "anvil" so to speak resting on the ground, or up on a cut log if I want. The reason being that if I need to split a log so large that I cannot lift it, I can walk it into position. I have split 28" diameter maple in it, It took a few...
  185. J

    3-Point Log Splitters?

    I built my own, and am very happy with it. There are certainly choices for purchase. Before buying, consider the hydraulic hook up. If you're using the third function valve, that's fine, but know that you won't have the detent return feature, you'll have to lever it to split, and to retract...
  186. J

    Hydraulic connector problems

    Honestly, those couplings are not very expensive. Sometimes it's just less frustrating to replace with new, that troubleshoot a very low cost part!
  187. J

    Pushing A Tractor To It's Limits

    For my time outside the comfy western world, I've seen people doing things at work, which the highly litigious comfy western world would not tolerate. That's why what we buy here in North America is well covered with warning stickers, and will stop if your butt comes off the seat. Somebody won a...
  188. J

    Hydraulic connector problems

    On the tractor side, if the engine is running, and the valve is leaking a little - though unlikely. Remember that the nipples of both the male and female couplings must be free to depress, just the male only won't do it. But, as mentioned, operating the valve both ways a few times with the...
  189. J

    Hydraulic connector problems

    The nipple, be it a ball or a pin type projecting from the male coupler must push far enough in that it is flush with the male coupler end. Similarly, the female will have a ball or pin down inside, which also goes flush with the bottom of the hole. When the couplers are connected as designed...
  190. J

    Hydraulic connector problems

    If you can press the nipple of the male connector in on both lines (a little oil should escape), that accessory is ready for connection. Make sure, as you've mentioned, that you relieve the tractor side of the hydraulic circuit too. Make sure that the engine is not running when you do this, and...
  191. J

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Okay, while were admitting towing, When my 1977 VW Rabbit wouldn't start in mid town Toronto, My mom drove down in her Dodge, and rope towed me 50 miles to my VW dealer for repairs. The tow included two major expressways. It was a cold winter day, and I did not think about the fact that I had no...
  192. J

    35 mm slides converted to digital format

    I used a copier by "IT" (Innovative Technology), it copied negatives and slides, and did a super job. I had tried to photograph them with a macro lens on a digital camera, but go poor results. The film in the frame was not entirely flat, so part of the image was not in focus - depth of field was...
  193. J

    Bad alternator? (4110)

    Every time I've had alternator problems, what I've really had was wiring harness problems. In each case, once I found the fault in the wiring, the alternator worked as it should. Yes, some alternators have an external regulator. I've heard, though have never proven, that welding on the tractor...
  194. J

    Snow removal combo needs help

    As long as your tractor is a hydrostatic transmission, I like blade on the front, and three point blower on the back. Rear blowers were less desirable with manual transmission, but the hydrostat lets you make the most of it. With the blade on the front, you plow quickly, and pile up snow as you...
  195. J

    frozen clutch

    Is the budget money, or time? As the saying goes, "if you think doing it right is expensive, try the cost of an accident!". I've done it both ways. After the accident, and 100 nights in hospital for it, doing it right seemed less costly on the whole - my time considered. I have rebuilt and...
  196. J

    frozen clutch

    Okay, but with the clutch seized? Regardless, do good quality work, within your budget. If you're low on money, that's understandable, but not a reason to do unsafe or unwise things...
  197. J

    frozen clutch

    Fair enough, but your grandpa would not be so proud if you hurt yourself, or further damage the tractor using unsafe techniques to halfa$$ a repair. Your grandpa will be proud of you for a safe and proper effort more than the outcome of a really not correctly fixed tractor!
  198. J

    Pushing A Tractor To It's Limits

    It's call the normalization of deviance, and it's bad. It's bad to think that something is okay to do, because it worked last time, or someone else is seen to be getting away with it. Sure, I've seen those videos too, and just think to myself that I would never want my peers seeing a video of me...
  199. J

    Insurance for tractors.

    My tractor insurance was an additional $40 per year (with my excavator being another $40 a year on top of that) as listed on my homeowner's policy. They were listed for a specified value. It was extremely wisely spent money when my shop burned last summer. It sure hurts to be picking up the...
  200. J

    frozen clutch

    This. If the tractor has been sitting for ten years, and for that period, either not considered worth the effort to keep running, or properly preserved, it'll need more than just clutch work! There is no point in following potentially unsafe or damaging home made tricks to sidestep the need for...